Ice Station (Shane Schofield, #1)
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Ice Station (Shane Schofield #1)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  12,812 ratings  ·  626 reviews
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Hardcover: 390 pages
Publisher: St Martins Pr (September 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312205511
ISBN-13: 978-0312205515
Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds
Hardcover, 390 pages
Published September 27th 1999 by St Martin's Press (first published 1998)
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Why read a book called Ice Station, are you having flashbacks to the days of Alistair MacLean and those commando ops that thrilled with the killing of lousy Krauts, except this one is by Matthew Reilly some wanking Aussie young'un with Coke-bottle specs, an older and more reedy version of Mr. Peabody's Sherman with a shoeblack pomade, it's a nice sleek white and promises cheap merc entertainment so why not, it's not like you have thousands of award-winning, globally-lauded, literature-defining a...more
Dirk Grobbelaar
Killer Whales? Seriously? Even in a society desensitized by the escapades of James Bond, this kind of thing seems rather excessive in an action thriller, although I must say the scenes in question were pretty scary in a “Jaws” kind of way. Oh, and of course, giant seals. Par for the course in this kind of fiction, eh?

The book’s pacing is frenetic, which helps, since all the “not so good” bits flash by so fast that you almost don’t realise they’re even present. Just how over the top is this book...more
I started reading this book! And then...

I put it down!

And then -

- I. Picked. It. Back. Up.


Just to see how it ended!


I couldn't actually finish the book. Gave up on page 500. The beginning was great, but things rapidly dissolved into stupidity. This calls for more than suspension of disbelief. Maybe a pre-frontal lobotomy. Or maybe a time machine. I could travel back in time and give this book to my 14-year-old self, who would probably enjoy it. Though a pre-frontal lobotomy might still b...more
This is perhaps the single most ridiculously over-the-top book I've ever read. This is a story in which the author has modern special forces armed with magneto-grappling-hooks and crossbows. Crossbows! Seriously?

The cool thing about (early) Tom Clancy was that it was so plausible. The earnest, macho tone of Clancy's stories fit the grim Cold War setting really well. Now you have a generation of writers writing in that same earnest, macho tone about people having high-speed hovercraft battles, s...more
Whispers from the Pirate's Ghost Whisper
Okay, where do I start? "There be Whales in there sir!"

Actually, there are whales, but that's not important right now. Shane Schofeild has worse luck than that guy who played James Bond in between Sean Conery and Roger More (Her Majesty's Secret Service). His best line of the movie was "How come this doesn't happen to those other guys?"

Shane Schofield, alias "Scarecrow," has a tough job. Go rescue some hot babe scientists in one of the remotest parts of the world. He and his team of Marine spec...more
Henry Avila
Antarctica,Wilkes Ice Station, two U.S. scientists surface in an ice cave, 3000 feet below sea level,their last moments breathing.Other divers are sent and are never heard from again.The American Marines arrive, amist rumors of an alien spaceship found.Lieutenant Shane Schofield Recon Unit Commander,(nickname Scarecrow)has one great attribute.He never gives up.Schofield will need all that determination to survive.Technological supremecy is the big prize and no one has any friends.With a dozen me...more
Lisa (Harmonybites)
Oct 09, 2011 Lisa (Harmonybites) rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No One
Recommended to Lisa (Harmonybites) by: The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Ultimate Reading List
I think to enjoy this I would have needed to unhook my higher brain functions first. Of course, that might have made reading impossible. If you look at the reviews for the book, the word used the most, even in the positive reviews, is "over the top." It's as if Reilly took every single cliche to ever grace a Steven Segal film then shook it up and poured.

This is primarily set in and around an American Ice Station in Antarctica. One of the harshest, most fascinating settings on earth, and Reilly,...more
This was without a doubt a crazy, insane, action packed, shout out loud, blood curdling, bullet ridden thrill ride! Blood and guts galore and definitely not for someone unable or unwilling to suspend disbelief. It really did feel like I was watching a summer action flick. I knew this going in and I got everything I expected and more.

The hero was awesome and indestructible and just when you think he's not going to make it (besides the fact that there's a Shane Schofield #2!) he comes up with som...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
This book was incredible. It was literally like watching the most awesome action movie you've ever seen. Each chapter ends with a crazy cliffhanger. But the glue that held this book together was its hero, Shane Schofield. This guy is awesome. He is so endearing to me, he could be a romance novel hero. If you want a book with a thrill a minute, a great hero, and lots of blood and guts, read this book.
Anne  (Booklady) Molinarolo
4.5 Stars

Wow! Matthew Reilly knows how to write a thriller that kept my heart pounding to the very end! Yes, there are a couple improbable plot twists, but Reilly makes you believe all of them. His characters are wonderful: Scarecrow, Gant, Mother, Book, et al are remarkable and memorable. Wendy was simply adorable. An adorable character in a military thriller? Yup, you just love this little fur ball. She’s as brave as the leathernecks who respond to an SOS call to the American Wilkes Ice Statio...more
Conor Lyons
This book was the type where you can honest not put it down, i found my self on numerous occasions racing this book for hours on end. Written by a former student of St Aloysius, this book was very exciting and always a had a sudden twist around the corner. For the first 100 pages there was action, but as i continued into the later stages of the book it was non stop action, which for many people might be a bit overwhelming but personally i loved it. The characters such as Scofield was excellent h...more
Atención James Bonds, Ethan Hunts, Chuck Norrises, Rambos y MacGyvers ha llegado el nuevo héroe: Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield!!! sois todos unas abuelitas a su lado, ja!
Qué bien lo he pasado leyendo este libro, adrenalina a tope, acción en cada párrafo, apenas he tenido tiempo para respirar. Que la acción es rocambolesca, descabellada, increíble, imposible y poco realista?? pues tal vez sí, pero está tan bien contado y explicado que yo no he parado un segundo en pensar si los hechos se sostenían...more
Mark Hebwood
Part 2 in a four-book review of Matthew Reilly's novels

Contest -> Ice Station -> Temple -> Seven Ancient Wonders

<= Contest

... found an engaging read again! I liked the story - a simple mystery about an alien artefact found lodged thousands of feet underneath the Antarctic ice shelf. There is an excellent turn half way through (which I will not reveal) that keeps the plot believable, and the novel more tight as a thriller. It is - for a lesser part - well written and Matthew keeps i...more
Riju Ganguly
People talking fondly about the writers of the golden era Science Fiction (1940-s & 1950-s) often state that their single biggest skill was to make people willfully suspend disbelief. If you are looking for something in the similar vein, this is THE book for you. It has everything: alien artifact being "discovered" buried under the ice in Antarctica, mysterious & shockingly violent death of the discoverers with very little to know about what is/are killing them, an overt mission to retri...more
Jill Smith
Ice Station is a fast, often breath taking and action filled story. Just when I found myself believing I could tell where the tale would lead, another dramatic twist would leap out and grab me by the throat. It is a very hard book to put down.

The characters are layers and their loyalties and allegiances demonstrate the nature of the military beast. The masculine undertones of the good guys fighting the bad guys, Cowboy and Indian style is muddled when some of the good guys show their hands as me...more
Six stars out of five I think. My favourite Matthew Reilly novel and my first. I highly recommend it. The pace just never stops. People die in the sentence they're introduced. There's killer whales, mutant radioactive seals and Reilly disses Australians.

Bloody good.
Patrick Gibson
I hesitate to put this on the library shelf after struggling to finish another one of the author’s witless action yarns ‘Seven Deadly Wonders.’ But my favorite flea market bookshop had a shitload of Reilly’s books and while admiring the artistic style with which they were stacked like iambic columns (I know, there is no such thing—but if there is Doric then why not Iambic? In my world there would certainly be a few) I had a wild hair thought, ‘maybe they all aren’t as bad as I think.’ And damn,...more
Jason Sta. Maria
A great debut for Shane Schofield. It was an amazing read! Shane Schofield's character was unique and full of luck, hehe! He should say "Give me a break Matt Reilly!" I really agree that those secret military organizations do exist. But I was so confused about the behavior of those Antarctic Killer Whales! This is the very second time that I've heard/read about Killer Whales attack (after watching Orca The Killer Whale), kill and eat Humans, its kinda weird! Now I want to read the Manga version...more
Lieutenant Shane ("Scarecrow") Schofield, leading a crack team of U.S. Marines is rushed to an ice station in Antartica to secure the station's discovery of what may be an extraterrestrial spaceship. However, French special forces and then British SAS troops attack to secure this prize. Meanwhile, there are traitors everywhere, also working against Schofield and his team's efforts. This is truly pulp fiction, where belief has to be suspended. Schofield and a small pup seal named Wendy are the hi...more
Man, talk about junk. Not only does it use ignorance to pretend to be Sci-fi, it's HORRIBLY written. In one memorable chapter beginning, he starts three of four consecutive paragraphs with the name "Holmes", and the only reason it's not all four is because the second par of the four starts "George Holmes".

Shin Chen
This is a highly action packed book by Matthew Reilly that is the beginning to one of his series. It talks about a team of US Marines sent to help scientists in an ice station in Antarctica when all hell breaks loose on the island. This is a great book for people who like lots of action, adventure or thrillers.
first of all, thanks to my friend for her recommendation..indeed, she was talking a lot of good stuff about this book and i had to stop her from saying anything further cause she almost give the spoiler!finished this book in one and a half day, i've totally fallen in love with Scarecrow!!lolXD
Jane Stewart
Too many scenes were interrupted which made me mad, reduced my enjoyment.

U.S. researchers in Antarctica discover something buried in an ice cave. They believe it is an alien spaceship. Divers were killed while looking at it. They don’t know why. They send out a distress signal. Other countries hear the call and want the spaceship. So they send military groups to fight for it. Lieutenant Schofield is the first to arrive with a group of marines. His goal is to protect the researchers a...more
Sarah (Workaday Reads)
This is a military action story set in Antarctica. It’s a long story, full of twists and reveals, so it’s hard to talk about much of it without spoilers.

The main character Shane Schofield, aka “Scarecrow”, is a youngish Marine leader who specializes in high risk situations. He’s a cool, slightly mysterious character, and a lot of his history remains underexplained in the story. He’s a competent leader, and while a bit aloof, he’s quite respectable. Most of the other characters are underdeveloped...more
Rory Eggleston
Okay, first things first: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. Not that there's much plot to give away.

Well, I saw this book on the library shelf the other day and picked it up. I'd been feeling like some brainless action for a few days, and this seemed to fit the bill, so I happily sat down and started reading. And, at first, it was great stuff. Not in any cerebral sense, of course, but entertaining enough. I mean, come on: Antarctic research stations, mysterious metal things buried in 400 million year...more
Charlie Head
All I can say is... damn... that was some action-packed book!! Literally!!!! Bring out the guns and explosives and clever tactics and blow this joint up!!! Let's add in a little girl and a cute seal too just to make this interesting.

Killer whales, spaceships, massive radiation-mutated man-eating elephant seals, submarines, turncoat traitors and every other awesome element that you could possibly DREAM of is most likely stuffed into this package.

Just... damn... the first hundred pages were just B...more
I learned many things from this book, namely various types of handgrenades and their yields, about the true nature of killer whales, about the horrible unstability of real estate on Antartica and (my fav) how to evade and disble opponents hunting for me with night-vision googles on.

Nope it wasn't the most prolific book I've ever read, but it was damn near the most action-packed. Now a self-professed lover of Matt Reilly and his 'nothing is impossible' scenarios, I have come to embrass Shane "Sc...more
The first in the series about Marine Lieutenant Shane M. Schofield, call-sign Scarecrow. I read Scarecrow a few months ago and loved it from the start, so I was curious as to what the start of the series was like.

Let me tell you, it was as good as the third book in the series. It pulls the reader in and it doesn't spit him/her out until the very end. Engrossing, gripping, action-packed, sometimes you'll even need some suspension of disbelief, let me tell you, but I absolutely enjoyed the ride.

3.5 STARS I honestly don't remember when I read this book, but I did read it; or, rather, I listened to the audiobook. All I really recall about the novel is that it was action packed and there were killer (I think) whales in it. The action was more than a bit overdone though - to the point that it grew tiresome after awhile. Still, an OK read. Or, listen. :p
Jack Kirby and the X-man
Jan 06, 2009 Jack Kirby and the X-man rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teenage Boys who aren't keen on reading
An action-packed rollercoaster ride. You'll certainly need to turn off your sense of disbelief to enjoy this one.

I felt that Matthew Reilly as an Australian author is continuing the grand Australian tradition of cultural cringe. I'm happy for him to make the US the hero and the French and Brits the enemy. But constant little reminders of Australia through the book made me feel the author would dearly have loved to be able to make the Australians the stars of the show. I suppose the main practic...more
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