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Jacinto's Remnant
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Jacinto's Remnant (Gears of War #2)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  1,207 ratings  ·  57 reviews
Based on the blockbuster Xbox game, this is the stunning story of the men and women who stood between a planet and total destruction-and now have to face the consequences of theiractions.
After a brutal fifteen-year war for survival, the Coalition of Ordered Governments is forced to destroy mankind's last city in a final bid to stop the Locust Horde. As the survivorsflee J
ebook, 352 pages
Published July 28th 2009 by Random House Publishing Group (first published January 1st 2009)
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Review from Badelynge
Jacinto's Remnant is the second book in the Gears of War series following on directly after the events portrayed in Gears of War 2 the popular Xbox 360 game. The humans of Sera have destroyed their last major stronghold Jacinto in a desperate attempt to flood the underground lair of the Locust. The survivors flee in search of a new refuge, hoping that the monsters from below have been all but wiped out. The book documents the Gears and the civilians of Jacinto scouting for a
Jacinto's Remnant (Gears of War)
by Karen Traviss
Del Rey
352 pages
isbn 0345499441

Jacinto's Remnant was a great idea for a book because it was based on the best-selling xbox games, Gears of War 1 and 2. If you've played the video game, then you have a good idea about what the book is about and understand it better than others who have not. The video game had a great storyline and the character developement was great, but this book highlights all the little things and specifically focuses on the
Gears of War Jacinto's Remanant is a sci-fi book based on the hit Xbox games. The story happens in the games and books on the planet Sera, the only known Human planet. The remaining Humans are trying to rebuild after the fourteen year war with the sentient, underground-living creatures dubbed the Locust. It was a war of xenocide. That is where the story begins in this book.
Gears of War Jacinto's Remnant is a fantastic book but a lot of people wouln't get it if they haven't played the games, whic
Aug 18, 2009 Michael is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
I'm currently 3/4 of the way in and let me say it is FANTASTIC for a videogame novel. Both of the Gears books seem to stand above the average novelized form of a videogame. Karen Traviss really knows how to write a damn good sci-fi novel that feels realistic and connects you to the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of the characters. You could honestly read this book with no prior knowledge of the series and feel completely immersed due to Traviss's mastery of character depth.
When I first heard that someone would be writing Gears of War books, I was worried. After all, how could someone possibly capture all the things about the game and the characters I loved?

Karen Traviss has done her work beautifully, creating a world so real, you feel like you could walk out your door and meet any of these characters on the street.

If you're any kind of Gears of War fan, I highly recommend this book.
As before, Ms. Traviss has shown herself to have a great grasp on the characters of Delta Squad. Unlike Aspho Fields, her previous book in this setting, in Jacinto's Remnant she tackled the implications of peace after ninety years of war. A recommended read for GOW fans and lovers of sci-fi militaria.
Chris Peters
I only ended up reading this because my daughter got it in a mystery book box, and she didn't want it. So I took it, not expecting very much. And honestly, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Fairly good characterizations--many of these books based on someone else's characters don't seem to get them right, but Traviss does a pretty good job.

The only real problem is that the book hints and seems to be building up toward some huge, epic event. And it never happens. Time after time, you
Phillip Dimarzo
Though I still love Karen Traviss' Star Wars Republic Commando books I'm not so sure about Gears of War. On the pro side Traviss has a very sure voice and gets under the skin of ordinary soldiers better than anyone else I've ever read. Her characters are three dimensional and very human - intense and conflicted. I love that.

What I can't quite wrap my head around is the world. Obviously it's from an X-Box game so it's not Karen's world (I think I might have liked it better if it had been) and som
Nikki Vanderhoof
I really am loving the entire Gears storyline. I actually began the journey with the game GOW3 so I started out all the way at the end of the story. Just that game was enough to get me so interested in the characters that I had to read the books.

This one definitely didn't have as much action as Aspho Fields did but if you're interested in the character development and just wanting some fill in of the time between the games then you'll get that out of this book.

Humanity is trying to rebuild itsel
Karen Traviss continues the Gear of War storyline with the consequences of their decisions made in the two video game storylines. The first game consequence is the destruction of the major cities to deny the resources from the Locust Horde. How those decisions affected the surviving humans and their personal lives is explained.

The second game consequence is flooding Jacinto to destroy the Horde. This story mainly focuses on building shelter and providing essential services to survive the winter
As a solid gears fan I thought as I've played and love all the games I might as well read the books, I fell in love with the 1st book (Aspho Fields) and my love is carrying on. Karen Traviss is a very good writer in how she has wrote this book, she has done her research on both the military and on Gears of War.

The way she goes back and forth from the past to present is very well written and doesn't leave you confused like some books that do this. I also love how she has made the books that littl
Though I still love Karen Traviss' Star Wars Republic Commando books I'm not so sure about Gears of War. On the pro side Traviss has a very sure voice and gets under the skin of ordinary soldiers better than anyone else I've ever read. Her characters are three dimensional and very human - intense and conflicted. I love that.

What I can't quite wrap my head around is the world. Obviously it's from an X-Box game so it's not Karen's world (I think I might have liked it better if it had been) and som
Jackson Hampton
Jacinto's Remnant is the fantastic sequel to Traviss' Aspho Fields.
This segment of the story follows the decision to fire the Hammer of Dawn, as well as Marcus's fight to protect the Jacinto Survivors.
The part of the book really focuses on Victor Hoffman, and his internal struggles about firing the Hammer. It will kill millions of innocent civilians, and Hoffman doesn't know if he can live with that, seeings how one of those civillians is his wife, Margaret.
The second part of the book follows
Jon Cole
Much like Gears of war, Tome 1 : Aspho Fields, Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant dives both into the "present day" storyline taking place between Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 as well as the prologue storyline taking place around Emergence Day. While not nearly as directly parallel as the two plots in Aspho Fields, Jacinto's Remnant helps flesh out another aspect of the Gears universe - the mood and cultural climate at both times.

Karen Traviss manages to convey this sense through the events in
Matt Cash
Taking place during the sinking of Jacinto, this novels continues the story arc began in Gears of War 2, with the CoG now taking refuge all over the country and seeking a new home. Traviss again brings the scarred population of Sera to life, focusing on the relationships between the Gears, Stranded, the isolated population of Vectes, and the remnants people of Gorasyna, former enemies of the CoG. Flashback sequences give the account of the decision, and immediate aftermath, of the Hammer of Dawn ...more
I love Gears of War. The story, the characters, all of it so with the books I expect more in depth exploration. I loved the first one of the series but this one well, it s okay. Set after the flooding of Jacinto, I expect the book to discuss how the survivors lived and what became of them not a back and forth between prior to hammer of dawn strikes and the aftermath of the flooding. If you want to discuss the strikes, then make a prequel book! Don't discuss it in the same book that takes place m ...more
Roberto Ochoa
Creo que estos libros funcionan tan bien, por que la autora hace a los personajes creíbles, uno podría imaginar a cualquiera de ellos en la vida real.
Otra cosa que también funciona muy bien son los detalles, esos pequeños detalles que dicen mucho de los personajes y por obvias razones no vemos en los juegos, aquí se conocen a otro nivel, por ejemplo el duelo de dom por maria aquí es visto no solo desde el punto de vista del personaje, sino también de sus compañeros y de la sociedad en si, por q
THERE IS A TON OF ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more
What a read! Whether or not you are familiar with the games these books a are well worth the read. This is the 2nd in Karen Traviss' part of this universe and it is just as good as the first. It may even be better in some ways. There isn't nearly the focus on the "Grubs" and the intense battles that the Gears have them but, more focus on the human element. It was really fascinating delving into the characters more, including some of the poulation on this world as characters themselves. If you lo ...more
Wes Devauld
The book, like the others in the series parallels two stories in two different time periods. This book, I found to not have as climatic of plot as the others; the future timeline is really just toddling along, and I imagine that the historical timeline was supposed to be the building story. Unfortunately, because the events happened in the past, you already know how it all plays out before the historical tale reaches those points.

You can tell that the author is setting up for the next book in th
Daniel Black
Karen Traviss humanizes the Gears characters and world, and her work suggests she's very excited to be a part of it. Her characters fit the universe without being caged by the videogame representation.

Traviss expends a lot of energy telling the reader what the characters are thinking. He expends significant energy trying to convince the reader of some of the characters attributes. This repeatedly breaks immersion, and makes the narrative feel choppy.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but it could've be
Scott Vout
I was not able to finish this book. Not sure why i lost interest. I read book one and just could not put it down. I raved about it in my review.

This one bored me to distraction. A lot of living in the past. I am sure Traviss did this to fill out the characters but i found it boring this time.

Maybe i have just lost interest in the story, not sure, but i just could not get into it.

I rated it a 3 because i did not want to trash it, if you play the video games and are really into the characters you
liked this better than Aspho Fields (which was the first book in this series, and seemed designed for a hammering payoff that never came. or was perhaps removed).

Jacinto's Remnant also just sort of randomly ended without a clear climax. but it was filled with many more engaging character moments, and repeatedly left me thinking about the bigger picture of the Gears universe. which I'd sum up as : destroying yourself to win.

all in all, i really enjoyed and feel much more excited to keep reading t
Jesus De
this book by karen was extremely well done. the dialogue although profain at times was extremely in detail and well thought out. I also enjoyed to see a change in the idea of the enemy. This book showed that not only had the locust been after delta squad but also a group of savage humans who are strandeds turned raiders. It completely keeps your mind off of the locust for a while untill the explosive ending. supurb.
If you are a fan of the Gears Of War video games, you will enjoy this book as it adds depth/ back-stories to the characters of the game.
Ahmad Badeeb
The book picks up immediately after the ending of the second game. Karen, again, made a fantastic job making that universe more realistic. Superb dialogues contribute well to the characters' building. However, it's mostly all about characters emotions and feeling, without neither enough nor reasonable progress to the main story.
I really liked it, not much more to say. I'm surprised by the depth of character generated by Traviss when most people probably see these guys as hollowmen we get to move around imaginary battlefields. Somehow, this book ... humanizes them.

That, and it makes me want to go back to my Xbox. lol
While I enjoyed the emotional ride throughout the book, I missed the action of the desperate fight. It became more like an urban war--human vs human, which worries me for what they may decide to do in the third installment of the GoW series. I Still recommend this book if you're a fan of the series.
Stephanie Barnard

Love, love, love Gears!!!! Unfortunately found book #2 first....but it's signed by some of the creators...bonus!!!! An amazing read; it gave a lot of depth to characters I loved or knew nothing about. Can't wait to read the rest of them. Almost as much as I can't wait for Gears 4 to come out!!!!!
Mike Thomas
This is the second book in the series, it is as good as the first, not a great deal of alien battles as it goes more into the re-building of society territory, but it is still excellent, due to the authors fantastic characterisation of the main protagonists. A must read series.....
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#1 New York Times best-selling novelist, scriptwriter and comics author Karen Traviss has received critical acclaim for her award-nominated Wess'har series, and her work on Halo, Gears of War, Batman, G.I. Joe, and other major franchises has earned her a broad range of fans. She's best known for military science fiction, but GOING GREY, the first of her new techno-thriller series, is set in the re ...more
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