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Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School
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Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School (Ike LaRue)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  5,569 ratings  ·  228 reviews
A beguiling dog laments his fate at obedience school through a series of hilarious letters home--by the best-selling illustrator of HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY GOOD NIGHT?

When Ike Larue is "imprisoned" at the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy, he tries everything to get sent home--weepy letters to his owner, even illness. In reality, Brotweiler is more like camp than prison, but sti
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 2003 by Scholastic Press
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Lisa Vegan
This book could have been incredibly hilarious, and while for me it didn’t quite make it to that level, I thought it was really cute and funny. The illustrations are great: in color for reality and the alternate scenes, as told by Ike the dog, are in black & white. I love the words that are part of the pictures, and especially loved the chart diagnosis on Ike’s infirmary bed. Anybody who knows and loves dogs will recognize some doggy behaviors and thought processes here, even though Ike is h ...more
Pat (Get Kids to Read) Tierney
Teague, Mark. Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School. New York: Scholastic, 2002.
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Dear Mrs. Larue Letters from Obedience school is an amusing picture book that is told from the perspective of a dog named Ike. Ike has been getting in trouble lately and sent to Obedience school. Ike writes letters to his master expressing his concern that he didn't understand that she did not want him to eat her chicken pie or chase the neighbor
Lisa  Skripps
Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School, by Mark Teague, is a playful story about Ike, a misunderstood puppy. Ike was sent to the Brotweiler Canine Academy by his owner Mrs. LaRue. Ike writes letter after letter to Mrs. LaRue explaining the horrific treatment he is receiving at the academy. However, the intricate illustrations suggest otherwise. For example, when Ike writes about being sent to solitary confinement in a cell, there is a picture of him a nice woman giving all of the dogs tr ...more
(NS) Laura Jackson
Ike is a rambunctious dog that has been sent away, by his owner, to obedience school. Ike finds himself at the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy because of his bad behavior at home. Ike wants nothing more than to go back home to his owner Mrs. LaRue. So he decides to begin writing letters to his owner describing his experiences at the obedience school. As Ike writes his letters, he stretches the truth, in describing how horrible his experiences are at the Canine Academy. But because of the wonderfu ...more
Megan Cureton
I thought this book was awesome. From the illustrations to the story itself, this book never disappointed me. This book was about a dog named Ike that is at obedience school and writes letters back home to his owner, Mrs. LaRue. My favorite letter was when he sent one home on October 8, talking about how he is stuck in his tiny cell rather than being outside at the park. When in the illustration, he was really outside running around with the other dogs in the park. I also like the part when Ike ...more
Nicole Fiene
Dear Mrs. LaRue is a fun tale that tells of a dog named Ike who has been sent away to doggie obedience school by his owner, Mrs. LaRue for assisting in tearing her camel’s hair coat amongst other things. To make his owner feel guilty about sending him away, Ike writes Mrs. LaRue letters everyday telling of his daily trials. However, Ike is a very dramatic dog, and the stories he tells Mrs. LaRue in his letters are not always exactly accurate. Ike tweaks his experience at doggie obedience school ...more
Maddie Watson
"Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School" by Mark Teague is so cleverly written. Here is a the story of a doggy named Ike. Ike means well but he needs some proper training so his owner sends him to boarding doggy obedience school, and Ike is not happy about it. Every day he writes Mrs. LaRue telling her all of the horrible things that are happening at what he claims to be a prison-like obedience school. When in actuality the obedience school looks like a great and fun time for dogs, reall ...more
Victoria Hawkins
In the book Dear Mrs. LaRue Letters from Obedience School by Mark Teague, expresses the illusion of how things are in an individuals mind compared to how they are in reality. A dog gets sent to to a doggy behavior school to improve his behaviors. Throughout the story a dog named Ike writes letters to his owner bout how bad the school is. While Ike is writing his letters to his owner, he is trying to convince her to come get him immediately In the end of the book wen he gets home there is a comin ...more
Courtney Ennis
This children’s book was a clever one. It was about a dog who was sent to the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy for being a bad dog back at home. While in the academy, he sends a bunch of letters to his owner Mrs. Larue. In the letters he talks about how bad it is there and wishes he was never a bad dog. He begs for his owner to read the letters and come get him because he is so miserable. One day he writes a letter to Mrs. LaRue and tells her that he is going to escape. He doesn’t know where he is ...more
Mallory Clawson
“Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School” is an award winner, written and illustrated by Mark Teague. It is a fun book about a dog, named Ike. Ike has been sent to obedience school by his owner, Mrs. LaRue and hates it. He acts as though it is jail, although it more of a camp. Ike tries everything to get himself sent home from obedience school. This funny story is told through letters and great pictures!

“Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School” is a great picture book for the upper
This is a fun book in which a wire fox terrier, Ike La Rue, is sent to obedience school after ruining Mrs. La Rue's coat. Ike writes letters home detailing the horrible conditions at the school. Color pictures juxtapose reality with Ike's melodramatic descriptions.

This can be used to introduce and have children practice letter writing, as well as comparing and contrasting Ike's fiction with his reality. Primary students as well as secondary students can benefit from this book.
Elizabeth Byers
This book was about an adorable dog who was sent to obedience school by his owner because he ate a whole chicken pot pie that she had made. The little dog does not want to be in obedience school so he writes letters to his owner Mrs. LaRue telling her how awful the school is, how they torture him and it is cold and no one is nice. However, these are all lies and the school is actually really nice and he is treated almost like royalty. The dog just does not want her to know that because he wants ...more
Bailey Scales
I personally enjoyed reading Dear Mrs. LaRue. I found it to be humorous, silly, and engaging. It is from a dog named Ike's point of view as he writes his owner letters from his obedience school. From this book students would be able to learn the sentimental value of sending letters, how to write a letter, what a heading, closing, and signatures look like. It would fall under a composition lesson. This book is refreshing in it's use of pictures and colors. There are several black and white pictur ...more
Elizabeth Walker
"Dear Mrs. LaRue Letters from Obedience School" Ike LaRue is a miss behaving dog that gets sent to obedience school. Ike is very unhappy at obedience school and eventually escapes, making one wonder what will happen to Ike next. I rated this book a four out of five stars because I found it unique along with a cute story line. It is unique because the picture book is written as a series of letters Ike is sending to Mrs. LaRue. The book also has detailed picture of what Ike is thinking and doing. ...more
Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School begins w/ a clever premise: Ike, Mrs. LaRue's dog, has been mischievous, so Mrs. LaRue sends him to obedience school. While there, Ike writes many letters defending himself (think: apologia in terms of rhetorical technique), but his fate seems sealed.

I love the news stories that frame Ike's predicament and the ideas in his many letters. However, Ike's voice doesn't ring true to dog-speak in my mind. I just can't hear a dog in the letters.

Still, I'
Reading Grade Level: 2

I LOVED this book! It's a very funny story written as a collection of letters from a dog, Ike, to his owner from doggie obedience school. However, Ike's letters may not quite be truthful (as his owner says, he's quite "melodramatic") and both his version and the real version are told across the pages by contrasting black and white with color illustrations. 7 year old L and I had some great discussions about writing letters, imagination, fiction vs non-fiction, and there are
So the real reason I picked up this book was because LaRue is my boyfriend's last name. However, I ended up loving the story and thought most of it was really funny. One thing that I liked about this book was that the story was either told through letters or newspaper stories. This would be a great book to use if you were teaching your students how to write letters, or if you were looking at newspapers in your classroom as well. I thought some of the pictures that went along with the letters wer ...more
Sarah Rourke
Personal Reaction: I enjoyed reading this book. It was amusing and an easy read! I think kids will enjoy this silly book as well.

Purposes: Read aloud for enjoyment.
-Read this book aloud to K-3rd grade students. Students will enjoy how the dog portrays a lot of human traits. He writes postcards to his owner, trying to win her affection back.
-The words are mostly in postcard form, and the illustrations are the main part of the story. This story is humorous and will keep students engaged.
Courtney Gregory
Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obedience School is written by Mark Teague. This book is about a dog who gets sent to obedience school by his owner Mrs. LaRue. The dog writes Mrs. LaRue letters from school to tell her how horrible his school is. He compares the school to a prison and alters his fun activities to torturous ones. The book is written through a series of letters, but the whole story is mainly told through the pictures. Although the dog writes about how horrible it is, the pictures dep ...more
Cute little story that would be a great lesson on perspective and persuasive word choice.
I think that this book is very funny and the dog thinks that this school is very bad.
Megan Reichmann
The first time I came into contact with this book was when I was in fourth grade when my teacher read it to my class. I am now in college and it still is one of my favorite picture books. Every time I read it it cracks me up. This book is about Ike the dog who is sent to Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy because of his previous bad behavior. While he is there he sends letters to his 'person' named Mrs. LaRue. This book is a perfect example of dramatic irony. In his letters he describes how horrible ...more
Amy Fustin
This book is one of my favorites because of the contrasting stories that occur throughout. Ike LaRue is a a dog that was sent to obedience school by his beloved owner. Throughout the book he writes her a series of letters describing the terrible conditions he endures. However, by looking at the pictures that convey reality, Ike's experiences are nothing short of luxurious! This contrasting perspective could be a great way to begin a unit about perspective and comparing and contrasting with stude ...more
Genre: fiction, picture book
Topic: obedience school, the life of Ike
Theme: Exaggeration, imagination
Illustrations: The illustrations are combined black and white images and colored images. Each page shows a black and white imaginary scene, the scene written about in the letter. Each page also contains a full color image of reality in the story. For example, one letter refers to the wardens of obedience school. The black and white image shows the dog being dragged into jail by officers. The color
Sarah Herranen
I faintly remember this book from my childhood, however, after re-reading it, I have come to enjoy the great humor that is presented. This book was written in a creative fashion, from the dog, Ike's point of view. He tells of the torture he is enduring at the dog academy that his owner had sent him to. However that is not the case at all! He is being well treated and taken care of. He has obient school where they learn to sit, stay, and roll over. Ike writes to Mrs. LaRue everyday about the "hor ...more
When I came across this book, I knew I had to read it. A dog writing letters home from dog obedience school? How can this not be an enjoyable book? Poor, misunderstood Ike has been sent off to the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy by his harried owner Mrs. Gertrude R. LaRue. Ike does what any dog would do in such a situation; he tries to make his owner feel so guilty about putting him there that she will come and get him. He does have a point of sorts, as the straw that broke the camel's (or, in th ...more
Tyley Hunter
This is a truly magnificent picture book about a dog who is sent to obedience school and writes letters home to his owner about how terrible it is, however the school for dogs is actually quite nice. Throughout the story Ike describes about the horrors of the school and how bad they are treating him and the other dogs, while the whole time wondering why he was sent to the horrible place. Mark Teague creates a wonderful book as the illustrations add so much more to the text. I enjoyed how the tex ...more
Summary: Dear Mrs. LaRue collects a series of guilt-inducing letters sent home by the cat-chasing, chicken-pie-eating Ike to his "cruel" owner Mrs. LaRue, whom he hopes will come to her senses and spring him from obedience school. Desperate to come home, Ike shows great enthusiasm for stretching the truth about his treatment at Brotweiler Canine Academy. He uses his letters to describe the place and the people that work there. The reader is able to see Ike stretching the truth, and what is reall ...more
Teague, M. (2002). Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School. New York: Scholastic Press.


Appetizer: Ike LaRue, a dog, has been sentenced to go to obedience school for two months after proving to be a bit of a trouble maker at home. Ike shares his worst daydreams about what is happening at the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy to Mrs. LaRue through the letters he writes home. Growing frustrated with his situation and Mrs. LaRue's refusal to help, Ike decides to attempt a daring escape
CH_Emily Scholnik
I chose this book even though it wasn't an award winner. I think it should have been! Written and Illustrated by Mark Teague. Perfect for grades 1st through 4th. I would use this book in combination with teaching persuasive writing and friendly letters. When I read it to my class, they were howling with laughter. So much so, I had to stop reading until they calmed down! Poor Ike the dog is sent to Obedience School by his owner Mrs. LaRue after doing normal bad dog things like eating food off the ...more
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Mark Teague has delighted young readers with more than 20 picture books, and he has written many of them himself, including the popular Pigsty, Baby Tamer, and One Halloween Night. He is also the illustrator of Cynthia Rylant's beloved Poppleton series for beginning readers and the best-selling books by Jane Yolen, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon.

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