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Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate
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Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate

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Have Christians become so preoccupied with major sins that we have lost sight of our need to deal with more subtle sins? Navigator author Jerry Bridges addresses the acceptable sins that we tend to tolerate in ourselves, including pride and anger. He goes to the heart of the matter, exploring our feelings of shame and grief and opening a new door to God s forgiveness and g ...more
ebook, 192 pages
Published February 27th 2014 by NavPress Publishing Group (first published August 21st 2007)
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This book is excellent! Our youth group is going through it and I am continuing to be convicted by the chapters. Mr. Bridges talks about the sins the we often don't look at and brush aside because "they don't seem as bad as this or that". The sins that the book covers are Ungodliness, Unthankfulness, Anxiety, Frustration, Discontentment, Pride, Selfishness, Lack of Self-Control, Impatience, Irritability, Anger, The Weeds of Anger, Jugdmentalism, Envy, Jealousy, and other related sins (such as co ...more
I could not but help thinking in reading this book that the world would be a much better place if it were to be read more widely and taken seriously. Jerry Bridges deals here with respectable sins, those which are common even among evangelicals and not considered serious matters if considered sins at all today. He shows that respectable sins are still an affront to God, and must be dealt with. He does so in a serious and searching way that nevertheless I did not find oppressive. I have heard it ...more
Someone at church had this book and I asked her what the title could possibly mean. She smiled and said that the author believed that there are any number of sins which we deem respectable in our modern life. I am curious to see if I suffer from them all or not. I doubt I wil be disappointed.

Indeed I was not disappointed when I sat down to read this book. It did take quite a bit longer and I just noticed that I had not completed my review. The primary reason for that is that I read the book in p
My mom had recommended this book some time ago, but it took me a while to pick it up. And it took me a while to get into it...the first six chapters are about sin's malignancy, remedy, and the Holy Spirit's power in dealing with sin. I read them quickly, thinking, "yeah, yeah, I already know this." But when I got to the seventh chapter, on ungodliness, I was hooked. Bridges is spot-on in saying that Christians tolerate these sins, even making excuses for them, rather than dealing with them. I th ...more
Jared Totten
Jerry Bridges wrote one of the best books I've ever read on Christian sanctification in Pursuit of Holiness. But if Pursuit of Holiness is Sanctification 101, then Respectable Sins is Sanctification 301. While the former book focused on the broader subject of sanctification and dealt with the more common besetting sins, the latter focuses on the more subtle sins that often go unaddressed.

Before dealing with specific areas of sin, the opening chapters of Respectable Sins set the necessary foundat
Phil Dunn
Called 'Respectable Sins', the aim of the book is to confront the sins that we as Christians all too readily tolerate. But before getting into the nitty-gritty of various 'respectable sins', Bridges spends no less than five whole chapters putting a gospel framework in place. His advice, "always address your sin in the context of the gospel." Nice.

Then its down to business. Ungodliness, anxiety and frustration, discontentment, unthankfulness, pride, selfishness, anger are just a few of the sins
Respectable Sins is one of those fine books that deserves to be read every year. Not simply for the way it is written, but because we (meaning I!) are in danger of forgetting the important truths about which it speaks. So many times, I am tempted to act like the Pharisee condemning the culture around me for its flagrant sins and congratulating myself on my righteousness. While I may never admit these thoughts to myself, I can practice them. This book dishes out a healthy, proper dose of humility ...more
This book was such a blessing to read. It was very convicting I really enjoyed it and found it very profitable.
This book is centered around an interesting and useful premise: that there are ubiquitous areas of sin in every Christian's life which have become so commonplace as to seem normal and acceptable. Author Jerry Bridges scores quite a few points along the way, and Christians of every stripe should find much value between these covers. However, Bridges states early and often that he is writing to a "conservative evangelical" audience, and this is precisely where he is likely to lose many readers, si ...more
Warning: If you have no desire to identify, expose and root out sin in your life, then this book is not for you.

Little white lies. Guilty pleasures. Errors in judgment. These are just a few examples of how the language of modern-day society softens and trivializes the seriousness of sin. When was the last time you heard someone said they fornicated? No, instead they say they "slept with" someone; now doesn't that sound nice and cozy? Saying that two people are "having an affair" sounds so much m
Joel Stanton
The title of this book first caught my attention. “Respectable Sins?” I thought, “I have to read this!” This was the first book by the author Dr. Jerry Bridges that has come across my desk, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, I can now confidently assert that this book is a fantastic read for the Christian man or woman! First off, this book passed with flying colors my two basic litmus tests for any Christian book that I read:

1) Does the author possess and write from a worldview tha
Marie Friesen
In Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate, Jerry Bridges gently focuses our attention on widespread sins in the church. Not only are they common, but they also go unchecked. [return][return]1) Bridges confession[return][return]Before expanding on these sins, though, he makes a confession to his readers: He s not perfect, he has committed many of these sins over the years and he doesn t pretend to be any better or holier than the rest of us.[return][return]He makes this confession rig ...more
Joshua Ray
"Every sin we commit, regardless of how insignificant it seems to us, is an assault on His infinite glory." (p. 137)

Jerry Bridges turns his attention to sins that just don't seem "that bad." Either they are accepted as normal by the Church or the culture...or both. But in a careful and gentle way he goes down the list (that includes anxiety, selfishness, unthankfulness, ungodliness, and more) and helps the reader both diagnose themselves (what are the symptoms of this particular sin?) and take p
Ouch. Be sure not to skip the first chapters which outline a theology of the gospel and sanctification which you will need firmly intact as each successive chapter exposes the darkness that is hiding in the nooks and crannies of your heart. Unless you are convinced of your identity in Christ and positional holiness, the "acceptable sins" that you find yourself guilty of will crush you under their weight after reading this book. Having said that, you probably need this book. I did.
Very convicting. Have to be in the right frame of mind to read this one. But EXCELLENT. There is a sect of Christians out there that bemoan the moral depravity of our culture all the while neglecting their own internal sins that grieve the heart of God just as much! If we could only see our own sins of the heart in light of Scripture, I believe we would be a FAR more compassionate and gracious people. We would understand God's grace on a whole new level. We would be like Isaiah in Isaiah 6 when ...more
The book drew me not only because of its relevant material, but also because it is the most gorgeous cover I think I've ever seen. I just needed it on my shelf.

My relationship with this book is interesting because I've always disliked Mr. Bridges' writing style. It's methodical, careful, bordering on repetitive, not flashy at all. As a writing teacher, I've even been a little dismissive of it.

One day I started reading the book after a family member had confronted me about pride in my life the ni
Even though short, it packs a big punch. Definitely worth every penny. Christians have no trouble identifying sins in others, especially big ones, like murder or abortion. However, Jerry Bridges is quick to point out that we often act on "respectable" sin impulses, even as we pray for the "sinful" world around us.

Would you say that anxiety is a sin? I hadn't thought of it that way until a talk by one of our pastors a few months ago. When he cited this book, I immediately requested it from my lib
Michael Vincent
Nothing really profound here, but the best book I've read recently to help a person grow spiritually. This would have been an extremely hard book to write, as it is never easy to talk about sins, especially sins of the heart. Every serious Christian should consider reading this book to help evaluate your own heart. Bridges delves into areas we don't like to talk about, but need to deal with in the church. He gives enough illustrations from his own life, but as usual, he expresses himself with hu ...more
Luke D
Extremely helpful, humbling and challenging. Jerry Bridges writes in a wonderfully humble way, lovingly bringing to light the sins we accept as "normal," and applying the glorious truth of the gospel to them.

"Therefore, when we sin, when we violate the law of God in any way, be it ever so small in our eyes, we rebel against the sovereign authority and transcendent majesty of God. To put it bluntly, our sin is an assault on the majesty and sovereign rule of God. It is indeed cosmic treason." (
Nathanael Gentilhomme
Good book that reveals every day 'acceptable sins' in our lives, and reminds us, through Scripture, many things we do/say every day are actually sin. Helpful to remind us just how short we fall every day from living a life free from sin.
In this book the author takes a look at sins the average person tends to overlook because of those sin's commonality. Some of the more recognizable sins are gossip, envy and anger, but he also covers such sins as anxiety, resentment and discontentment. I liked how Mr. Bridges sometimes used examples from his own life to illustrate the struggles a person can have confronting these sins. (I could relate to the anxiety about air travel though my own problem is just about getting on plane whereas he ...more
As a Christian, I found this book convicting and painfully personal.

As a longterm churchgoer, I found the beginning basic and general. So if you are fairly familiar with the Bible's stance on morality, absolutes, and the authority of Scripture (and like me, find it hard to read the first few chapters), skip to chapter 7 where the "sins" begin. This is where Bridges starts to point at the acceptable sins with which we are comfortable. This is where the heart tests begin.

I would also recommend re
This is an excellent book. Bridges teaches ways to deal with and overcome the subtle sin in our lives which we have for so long chosen to tolerate. It is a real motivator for spiritual growth.
Josiah DeGraaf
Convicting book that revealed the depth of my own sin and caused me to repent and resolve to more rigorously seek to drive them out of my life, through the Spirit's help. Bridges drives right to the issues of the different sins he works through as he shows us our constant need for greater sanctification through the Spirit because of the continual presence of sin in our lives. I chose to focus on two or three sins that convicted me the most, but I know there are other "respectable sins" that he m ...more
I had a discussion today with a friend about reading other people's reviews and I said I like to read the reviews of people who didn't like the book as opposed to people who did. I neither really liked or disliked this book and find it helpful to read negative reviews to try and figure out exactly why I didn't like a book or in this case was ho hum about it.

Some reviews said you can skip the first seven chapters as that was all gospel related and the other chapters were all about the respectable
David Holford
Exposing our not-so-secret sins

Personal holiness is a key theme for Jerry Bridges and in this book he deals with some of the sins that we don't mind displaying because we just don't think they are that bad, sometimes to the extent that we don't even think of them as sin.

I think this book is very important for Christians today, particularly in the Industrialized West. It's not that Christians from less developed countries don't share these sins, but rather that Bridges addresses them in ways that
Kevin Bessey
"Respectable Sins" was an eye-opening and thought provoking read on the sins that we tend to overlook and justify. I went through this book with a Bible Study group at work, which really enriched the subject matter. It was beneficial to hear from other people and the areas that they either struggle with or identify with compared to my own.

In summary, the book covers sins ranging from the deeply rooted ungodliness, pride, and un-thankfulness, to the ones we probably see more often, such as anger,
I received this book as a review copy from the publisher. I liked that "Respectable Sins" frequently referred to Scripture. It also pointed the reader to God for help. I appreciated that the author stressed the character and sovereignty of God while still (implied by his statements) acknowledging the role of free will. This was a good book in that it stressed the seriousness of all sin ("small" and "large") and it pointed out that wrong attitudes are serious, too.

Since the sins listed on the bac
Jerry Bridges is a very thought-provoking author, for sure. His books are also very Biblical. Bridges, in his books, usually gives us a glimpse into his own soul, thus exposing his own foibles and sins to us. He comes across as genuine in his faith.
Respectable Sins is no exception to this.
Bridges reminds us that we are right to oppose immorality.
The problem, however, is that we tolerate things in our hearts and lives that are equally as damaging as immorality.
We have sins that are respectable. O
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JERRY BRIDGES is an author and conference speaker. His most popular book, The Pursuit of Holiness, has sold over one million copies. Jerry has been on the staff of The Navigators for over fifty years, and currently serves in the Collegiate Mission where he is involved primarily in staff development, but also serves as a speaker resource to the campus ministries.
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“The sin of worldliness is a preoccupation with the things of this temporal life. It's accepting and going along with the views and practices of society around us without discerning if they are biblical. I believe that the key to our tendencies toward worldliness lies primarily in the two words "going along". We simply go along with the values and practices of society.” 6 likes
“Anxiety is a sin also because it is a lack of acceptance of God’s providence in our lives.” 2 likes
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