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The Scandal in Bohemia (Penguin Readers, Level 3)
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The Scandal in Bohemia (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes #1)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  50,238 ratings  ·  385 reviews

Holmes is hired by the King of Bohemia to recover blackmail evidence, held by the woman whom the king once promised to marry, but abandoned for a woman of noble birth.

One Voice Recordings produces faithful, unabridged and scintillating productions of the largest selection of Sherlock Holmes stories currently available anywhere, all characters rendered by renowned stage an

Kindle Edition
Published (first published 1891)
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Opening line: “To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex.”

Well this was a surprise; the classics and especially mysteries are not my usual fare but due to my recent obsession with the BBC series Sherlock (How yummy is Benedict Cumberbatch) and then watching Downey and Jude Law in the movie Game Of Shadows I realized that I had never actually read any of Conan Doyle’s stories
Huda Aweys
أعجبنى ذلك العنصر الأنثوي الذى اضافه السير كونان دويل الى مغامرته هذه المرة :) ، فقد اضفى هذا العنصر بعد انسانى .. عاطفى جديد على شخصية هولمز ! جعلتنا نعدل قليلا من زاوية نظرنا اليه كآلة للبحث و التحليل و التحقيق لا غير ! ، و لا اكذبكم خبرا ، كان ذلك مدعى لسرورى ، أن تنتصر احدى بنات جنسي على هولمز المشهور ، فنحن ايضا لا نعدم الذكاء و الحيلة و لا تنقصنا المقدرة على التفكير المنطقي .. التحليلي .. العلمى
و امثال ايرين في التفكير و الحيلة هم حقا من يستحقون الحصول على لقب
فالمرأة هي كيان جم
Jason Koivu
Holmes done over by a bird?! Certainly the man is not at his tip-top form and neither is this story, but it's a good one, perhaps for its contemporary pathos. Holmes for once seems fallible, almost human. Not only does he slip up, he also falls for a woman. No, it's not Doyle's best bit of writing, but for the sake of posterity, it might be the best thing he ever did for his Sherlock Holmes series.
Sarah ( Paris )
تبقى دائما مغامرة شيرلوك هولمز وجون واتسون مع ايرين آدلر استثنائية ..
ممتعة وجميلة جداً ..وتتجلى فيها عبقرية السير آرثر كونان دويل ..
وهي من الروايات المفضلة لدي من سلسلة شيرلوك ..
التي أعيد قراءة بعض رواياتها حالياُ وأخرى أقرؤها للمرة الأولى ..
A scandal in Bohemia is a short yet entertaining adventure of no other than the greatest sleuth of fiction history, Sherlock Holmes.In this case, Holmes is once again accompanied by his Boswell, partner and trusted friend, Dr. John Watson. But this time, Dr. Watson is already married to Mary Morstan allowing changes to their "flatmate" relationship in Baker street. They were approached by an anonymous masked client who turns out to be Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, the great Duke of ...more
Though Sherlock Holmes looked upon women only with the eyes of pathology, there was one who proved superior to his cunning and remains carved in his memory. It was the beautiful, bewitching, clever, and daring Irene Adler.

She was the love object for many men, among them the King of Bohemia who promised her ten years ago that he would one day offer his hand in marriage. Now, with the public announcement of his marriage to the daughter of the King of Sweden just three days away, the King fears th
Ashrakat Deyab
YES!! And my new favorite character is... Irene Adler! Which is a surprise since I hated her in the series. But yes, FINALLY, someone's able to beat Sherlock Holmes and it's a woman! Go go feminists! xD And can I just say that it is such a great thing that a story like this was written in a time when women still didn't have their full rights? So, Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle, you have my respect. Plus, this specific story was mostly comic relief so it was a very light and enjoyable read.

Favorite quote
Amira Mahmoud
مهما كنت رجل ذو حنكة وذكاء , ومهما كنت تمتلك قدرات تحليلية واستنتاجية خارقة يكفى وجود امرأة لتفسد جميع خططك شديدة الدهاء ;)
كيدهن عظيم يا سادة ^_^
A Scandal in Bohemia by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an interesting book to read. It was one that I assigned for my summer reading book group on Sherlock Holmes. I chose it because it was one of those stories what gets remade into TV and movie versions of Sherlock Holmes. So I thought I’d read up on the original version. I was half surprised and half completely not at the lack of romantic tension in it. I always thought it would be weird if Sherlock had a romantic attachment to someone, but it is b ...more
تغلب ذكاء إمرأة على خطط شيرلوك هولمز
Jim morphy
Sherlock is back on the BBC, and this Holmes-nut is very happy about that. For that reason, I’m not missing the opportunity to have a Sherlock tale as the first of 366 books I’m going to highlight this year.

Tonight’s show will be a modern reworking of A Scandal in Bohemia, first published in The Strand in 1891. This story is much-loved by Sherlockians, and Doyle himself (rather precisely) ranked it as his fifth favourite Holmes story.

The original story sees the King
A scandal in Bohemia is the first short Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Concerning his employment by the King of the eponymous nation and subsequent entanglement with The Woman.

Honestly, and perhaps it's because I've seen the subject matter dealt with twice in the two modern re-tellings (both Cumberbatch and Downey jr), it was a rather underwhelming (ah-ha) affair. I was expecting a clash of wits, a cunning plan, some escalating action. Anything really, but it was a bit of a misfire as far as the
“A Scandal in Bohemia” was the first of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories. In this story Holmes is visited by a man who introduces himself as Count Von Kramm, but Holmes deduces that he is actually the Grand Duke of Cassel-Falstein; Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein. The King admits to Sherlock’s findings and takes of his mask. He needed Holmes to help him track down Irene Adler, who he once had a relationship with, and get back a photograph she has which could destroy his throne an ...more
Deep Dev
The most justifying words towards Sherlock Holmes' genius are written in this tale. And the passage goes. . .

“When I hear you give your reasons,” I remarked(Dr Watson), ”the things always appears to me to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled until you explain your process. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours.”

As always it is a delight to read these timeless and age-proof tales, however, this
Carson Pyle
When the book first starts, the narrator, which is Dr. Watson passes by Sherlocks apartment, he thinks “what the heck, i'll go and talk to my old friend Sherlock”. He then knocks on the door and Sherlock answers, they talk a little bit, Dr. Watson tells Sherlock that he was married, they talk a little bit about marriage, the Sherlock notices something on his shoes, he also finds out the Dr. Watson is having an affair, Watson denys and they go upon their business. There all-of-a-sudden a knock is ...more
دایرة‌المعارف* (داستان‌های پلیسی)،(شرلوک هولمز) را ((بزرگ‌ترین کارآگاه در عرصه‌ی ادبیات)) و ((احتمالاً مشهورترین مخلوق ادبی همه‌ی اعصار)) می‌خواند و مقاله مفصلی را به توصیف او و طرز کارش اختصاص داده است
اولین ظهور (شرلوک هولمز) در رمان (اتود در قرمز لاکی) صورت می‌گیرد و در رمان (نشانه‌ی چهار) برای دومین ظاهر می‌شود
اولین داستان کوتاهی که کارآگاه معروف ما در آن ظاهر می‌شود، داستانی‌ست به نام(رسوایی در کشور بوهم) که این داستان در مجله‌ی استرند به همراهی تصاویری که نقاشان مجله‌ی (سیدنی پجت) می‌کشیدند
حسام عادل
اللقاء الوحيد لنا مع ميس (إيرين إيدلر) الماكرة,المرأة التى تفوقت على
(هولمز)العظيم نفسه.

فى البداية توفرت لي نسخة معدّلة ومختصرة لتلك القصة,وكونها مختصرة فكان طبيعياً أن تتآكل أحداثها وحواراتها حتى النخاع,وتصير قصة مهترئة سخيفة ومحبطة,ولهذا أعطيتها تقييماً منخفضاً للغاية.
لكن حين قرأت النسخة الأصلية أثارت دهشتي وإعجابي جداً,فالقصة فعلاً ممتعة وشيقة,أحداثها مكتملة وسلسة ومرتبة,وشعرت نوعاً أن الأمور عادت لنصابها الصحيح,إنه (هولمز) يا سادة فكيف تكون له قصة سخيفة هكذا؟.

أعترف فقط أنني مازالت أتعجب كيف
Noha El-Shami
فضيحة في بوهيميا عبارة عن اللغز الأول في سلسلة ألغاز ومغامرات قصيرة متتالية لشيرلوك هولمز

في نوع من التجديد قررت أن أسمعه كأوديو بوك بدلا من قرأته، بعد (16) دقيقة تكونت لدى صورة هولامية غير واضحة المعالم بالكامل عما يواجهه هولمز

مبدهاش بقى








مالهاش حل

فتحت الريفيوز

قرأت بعض الريفيوز

بيتكلموا عن دهاء إمرأة

فين الدهاء

إيه اللى حصل؟

خدت أجازة

رجعت لها تاني

مافيش فايدة

شفت الفيلم

فهمت اللعبة

عايزة اقرأها تاني

انجليزية السير آرثر كونان دويل مميته


Seldom =
Really enjoyed this. I pictured Irene Adler and Sherlock as played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the wonderful Sherlock television show!
Roberto Mattos
If you enjoy mystery stories and Sherlock Holmes in particular, you will love this short story. The plot is quite interesting: While the currently married Dr. Watson is paying Holmes a visit, a visitor arrives, introducing himself as Count Von Kramm, an agent for a wealthy client. However, Holmes quickly deduces that he is in fact Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein and the hereditary King of Bohemia. Realizing Holmes has seen through his guise, the King adm ...more
Originally posted on The Canon! {}

I finally started watching BBC's Sherlock and fell in love. Sherlock has always been one of my favorites, but the new show has completely revamped my love for the detective. A Scandal in Bohemia was a fun, hilarious ride to meet "the woman" who could outwit Sherlock Holmes.

Let's get to it.

Sherlock's quirks make his character unforgettable, without a doubt. I loved revisiting Baker Street and watching with Wa
Rao Umar
Even with all the puritanical behavior of Sherlock, even he is not exempt from the chores that we encounter in over life...the power of women.

It began, it moves, it rotates, it unfolds and in the end it leaves us and Sherlock a question! Either we are devastated or gratified. I have been astound after reading this story because I am dubious that Irene Adler as perhaps the only women that he was attracted to but why is it had to be this way? I question myself the same since I read this story.

I didn't expect that it was that short. I guess, I need to read more Sherlock Holmes short stories, anything with Irene Adler on it.

I read this because I watched A Scandal in Belgravia from Sherlock. And I can't decide whether watching A Scandal in Belgravia before reading this 'made it' or 'broke' this book for me. It's the same when I was reading A Study in Scarlet, in which I already have this preset picture of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson looking like RDJ and Jude Law, respectively. The t
 Gigi Ann
Sherlock Holmes is hired by the King of Bohemia to recover blackmail evidence, held by THE woman, Irene Adler, an actress, whom the king once promised to marry, but abandoned for a woman of noble birth.

Irene has a picture of herself and the King together, which the King would like Sherlock to recover for him before his upcoming marriage. The King is afraid it will cause a scandal if Irene decides to go public with the picture.

This is a very easy story to follow, no murders or anything of the s
Hats off to Irene Adler! She certainly outwitted the greatest detectives of that era.

Holmes is now on the favorable shelf, his deductions are quite fascinating to read! I agree with Watson he makes the reasoning so simple as to make you think that it should have the been the most obvious thing in the world.

Perfect reading for a rainy day!
Raquel Soares
I really really like this short book.It was so diferent form what I was expected.I normally don't like mestyrie books,I really love series like C.S.I, Castle,criminal minds...but mysterie books never convinced me,until now. One problem with the mysterie books for me was I never care enough about the charcters to want to read about who kill them for so long,in Sherlock holmes that is not a problem since they are short stories.This book is fun, light and super clever.Sherlock Holmes is sarcatsic a ...more
خيري عبد الظاهر
انا بحب شخصية شيرلوك هولمز, وبالذات بعد ما اتفرجت علي المسلسل, وده اللي خلاني نويت اقرأ كل رواياته, والرواية دي كانت البداية, بصراحة القصة مشوقة جدا وممتعه وفيها بعض الإفادة بالذات طريقة هولمز ف الإستنتاج تحفة بجد,
أعتقد ان الإطراء ده يستحقه الكاتب مش شخصية هولمز :D
Temple Dog
What a sheer delight.

This is my Third read in the Sherlock Holmes series, I must confess it is the merriest of the three.

It does not possess the intrigue and nuisance that is The Hounds of Baskerville with its multi-layered plot nor the laborious subplot of A Study in Scarlet.

Scandal in Bohemia is just plain fun.

Watson's narration is almost tickle worthy if there is such a thing. He's clearly enamored with Holmes and Holmes relishes the admiration.

For those, who like myself are 'addicted' to
Probably one of the rare occurrences when Holmes was outwitted by another mortal. This superior being, or 'THE WOMAN' left Holmes awestruck and visibly shaken. Never again would Holmes doubt the dexterity of the opposite sex!
Mahyar Ebrahimi
عالی ترین داستانهای کوتاه ماجراهای هولمز و واتسن اولین آنهاست که در این مجموعه و همچنین برق نقره ای به چاپ رسیده اند. داستهانهایی مثل: انجمن موسرخ ها، یاقوت کبود و...

ترجمه درخشان کریم امامی را از دست نباید داد.
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Arthur Conan Doyle was born the third of ten siblings on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father, Charles Altamont Doyle, was born in England of Irish descent, and his mother, born Mary Foley, was Irish. They were married in 1855.

Although he is now referred to as "Conan Doyle", the origin of this compound surname (if that is how he meant it to be understood) is uncertain. His baptism record
More about Arthur Conan Doyle...
A Study in Scarlet  (Sherlock Holmes, #1) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes, #3) The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes, #5) The Complete Sherlock Holmes The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume II

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“By the way, Doctor, I shall want your cooperation.'
'I shall be delighted.'
'You don't mind breaking the law?'
'Not in the least.'
'Nor running a chance of arrest?'
'Not in a good cause.'
'Oh, the cause is excellent!'
'Then I am your man.'
'I was sure that I might rely on you.”
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