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Treachery in Death (In Death, #32)
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Treachery in Death (In Death #32)

4.41 of 5 stars 4.41  ·  rating details  ·  16,397 ratings  ·  932 reviews
Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a brutal, senseless crime — an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. And for the first time, Peabody is primary detective on the case, which means she has to get used to a new level of authority and responsibility. Good thing she learned the ropes from a master lik ...more
Audio CD, Unabridged, 14 pages
Published February 2011 by Brilliance Audio
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Having read and pretty much loved all the books in the In Death series, I'm no longer able to be rational and unbiased when it comes to them. At this point, I think of them as one very, very, very long book that's released in installments and, as a whole, the book is fan-tas-tic.

I want to be Eve, marry Roarke, spar with Summerset, work with Peabody, be friends with Mavis, brainstorm with Feeney, be overwhelmed by McNab's wardrobe and, just for fun, kick some serious ass!

TREACHERY IN DEATH is the 32nd book in the In Death series. Naturally there are books that I prefer over others, but overall I love the series and find that Nora Roberts AKA J.D. Robb does an awesome job mixing it up and making it still seem fresh. I know there are other readers who do not feel the same way as I do and I respectfully disagree with them. I think they’re bummed because Eve and Roarke aren’t umm . . . banging each other 24/7 like they did when they first got together. I actually li
In Death is one of the two series with m/f (sub)plot that I'm still reading. The fact that I read the other one only to find out what happens to the gay couple and that I've given up on the rest almost two decades ago is saying something about this series. The appeal is in the futuristic setting, competent police procedural/mystery plots and, of course, kick-ass heroine.

Treachery in Death is a better, more coherent book that the previous one. Here we see Eve cleaning out her own house and she do
Angela James
I always love this series but I particularly loved this installment. I loved the change of mystery and the interpersonal byplay we got to see, as well as a peek into Eve's emotional and psychological growth. This book made me happy!
I find books that have dirty cops in them fascinating. I think the reason why is that I find those dirty cops so offensive, as most of them are on the job for the right reasons and do a hard job. So when this book dealt with dirty cops I knew it would be a great job. There is nothing that Eve hates more than someone who bastardizes what she holds holy.

What I found so much fun about this book is the crime was clear and spelled out early on in the book. So most of the book was Eve and crew workin
Venus Blancia
I finished reading last night and I was like asking all questions why people can’t all be passionate and be their best in what they are doing. I went to my answers and cried first to understanding the nature of evil that maybe I will never fathom because no matter how and why I still don’t know why it still continue to possess every man’s motive to live.

Treachery in Deathgot me rethink my life all together again for this has a very honest and universal theme of crime and battle of wits and power
What a terrific book. I love watching Eve go up against Rene Oberman. Good cop versus bad cop on the simplest level, but this book is about so much more. It's about leadership and command styles and how respect is earned. Peabody gets some meaty moments starting off with her role as Primary in the takedown of the street thugs, then followed quickly by her eye witness shower stall scene. Unlike some InDeaths, this book never drags. All action all the time and very little time is spent navel gazin ...more
Denise ~The Procrastinating Book Diva~

4 ~ 4.5 "Eve Ass Kicking" Stars

Simply put - there is no female cop in Fictionlandia more kick ass than Eve Dallas. Here in Treachery in Death Eve is in her element as she goes after an entire squad of dirty cops with the help of Roarke, Peabody, and the rest of the gang. She's formidable, cunning, and totally hardcore. She's my ultimate girl crush and I loved every minute!! The only reason this fell shy of 5 stars for me is because the final "confrontation" between Eve and "the suspect" wasn't
Silver James
Treachery in Death (In Death, #32) by J.D. Robb My original review has been saved below. It's been four years since I last read this book. My original assessment hasn't changed much. That said, I've currently been reading approximately one In Death book a day in a massive reread of the series. There are little nuances I missed the first time around. The subtle shifts in Eve and Roarke's relationship, his views of cops in general (and what it means that he fell in love with one, and accepts that her cops are good cops) are all layered in so ...more
Naked in a shower in an old, unused gym in the basement of Cop Central, Peabody overhears two cops arguing about their own corruption and conspiracy in murder. One of them is a lieutenant, the daughter of a decorated ex-cop who is a legend and Whitney's predecessor. Knowing that if she is discovered, she is dead, she waits out the tense moments until their argument is over and they are gone. Shaken, she contacts McNabb and Eve to let them know what she has heard. This kicks off an investigation ...more
With this series Robb has started to shift gears from mysteries with a lot of romance to mysteries with some romance. At this point these are really police procedurals with a strong romance component. And I'm happy with that mix.

In this outing Eve is thinking she'll have some downtime after the uncomplicated case she and Peabody worked on concludes. Peabody, who was primary on the case, is happy with how things went but because of an altercation with a perp, decides to get some workout time in.
Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
Treachery ranks in the top 5 of the In Death series for me. The identity of the villain/s is known very early on in this one, & the case quickly becomes personal to Eve. I really enjoyed watching as Eve methodically builds her case to take them down. She is always good but this one is special - like sitting through a command performance by a world-class orchestra. As always, the character interaction is superb with appearances by several of my favorites of the series. The teamwork is showcas ...more
What a great book - right up there with my all time favourites in the ID series. Nothing I love to hate more than a wrong cop - add in a whole squad of wrong cops and that makes one hellava story.

Kick-ass Eve earns her name with a flourish in this book. She has so much to be proud of with her own squad and with her partner!

Love the girl fight at the end - great book, must read for all!

Onto NY2D!
In the series of so many books there have to be some better and some not so good books. And even though I enjoy all the series, I have to admit that some books were a bit boring and cliché. However, Treachery in Death is one of the better ones, the one with something new and less common.

First, Eve is not looking for a killer. From the very beginning we know who was the murderer or at least who is responsible for the death. The whole book is about proving it. And although it doesn't seem to be re
Sammy☆Smitten With Book Heroes☆彡
Treachery in Death was like a breath of fresh air :) I wasn't a big fan of the last two books in the series, but I absolutely loved this book! Treachery in Death is about Eve and her squad trying to take down a dirty police squad at Central. Peabody overhears the dirty squad's lieutenant and a detective discussing murder and their business of stealing confiscated narcotics to sell/distribute. Peabody tells Eve about what she heard, so Eve and the gang try to come up with a plan to make the arres ...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
Rating: 4.0 stars
Genre: Murder, Mystery, Romance

Treachery in Death by J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts) is the thirty-second novel in the In Death series featuring our main character Lieutenant Eve Dallas. (There are actually more but they are considered to be novellas.) The year is 2060 and summer in NYC is hot and humid with no end in sight. Murder doesn’t take a break just because it is hot outside; neither do the murder cops who are responsible for bringing justice to the killers. This i
Beth Allen
Treachery In Death is the thirty second novel in this series written by Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb.

Robb writes these books almost as fast as I can read them.

When I learn that a new "In Death" story has been published, I acquire the book asap, drop everything else I'm reading, and devour the new offering.

I've just got to see what the characters are up to, and this latest story does not disappoint.

In this latest offering, Eve Dallas investigates dirty cops with the help of her team--Peabody, McNab,
The latest in the "In Death" series and, for me, one of the strongest. I'm amazed that a series can run this long and just get better and better instead of running out of steam. This story had Eve's partner, Detective Peabody, overhearing a conversation between two dirty cops. The plot becomes how to take them down. It doesn't sugarcoat the implications of this, which I liked. It made it feel more real. Robb has also brought back or reintroduced previous characters and given them a spin that ma ...more
Eve and company go against dirty cops in this part of their story, and they have their work cut out for them.

Corrupt cops go against everything Eve stands for, so for her this case is personal. Being extra careful and thorough, they build a solid case and bring the whole corrupt operation to justice.

I really enjoyed that one, from the various relationships which have evolved, to the puzzle that our heroes had to solve and the steps they took to make sure they dismantled the whole operation. Also
Really disturbed by the fact that most reviewers thought this was one of her best books! I had read some of the earlier ones years ago and thought they were okay/good. One of my book clubs chose her for an other this month so picked this one up at the library. Didn't feel like it was a mystery, romance or even a procedural. We know what the crime is instantly, who did it and why - the rest of the book is spent determining how Eve is going to catch her. The dialogue was painful for me. I was inte ...more
Lieutenant Eve Dallas faces one of her ugliest cases when she goes up against another officer who is just about her antithesis; the privileged daughter of a well-respected commander, she's nonetheless a dirty cop using the badge for her own ends. The focus here was more on the case than Eve's personal life, but there's enough interaction with her husband and friends to add spice and some sweetness to the story, and I really felt the love in quiet moments between Eve and Roarke. Robb's tart writi ...more
Kirsten *Dogs Welcome - People Tolerated"
Wow! This was the most unique, suspense-filled, complex of all the "In Death" novels. I found it very hard to put down the mp3 player while listening through it.

The premise of a squad of dirty cops that Eve, Peabody, & Co have to take down was unique. This wasn't so much a murder mystery as a police procedural. Albeit set in the future with plenty of romantic suspense. This was one of the most enjoyable with a large ensemble cast and thoroughly reprehensible villains. It's wonderful that J.
I've been a fan of the audio books of this series as Susan Ericksen is one of the best narrators around in my opinion. She really brings all the regular characters in the series alive for me. Roarke's lilt, Peabody's quips, McNab's geeky voice, Mira's calm. They are really distinctive and makes it a real pleasure to listen to.
There is not much mystery in this book as Eve already knows who the bad guys are. But this is still a very good addition to the series.
Super Duper Read!!! Great characters and personalities, suspense, emotions, humor, teamwork, respect, some steaminess, tough decisions, fast-paced, and a magolicously iced ending. Another great book for the shelf. Keeps getting better and better. Still ready for the next. I'm going in...low and to the right Yay! Totally Enjoy!
Booklover, Indianapolis
(Nov) I remain amazed by the writing of J.D. Robb. Not only does she churn out In Death books on a regular basis (usually 2 per year I think), but she still manages to draw me in and make me smile. I realize there are a lot of readers who find the stories are starting to feel recycled, similar plots are showing up, etc. But once again I bless my faulty memory - when these books resemble earlier plots, I just don't recognize or remember most of the earlier storylines, so for me they remain fresh ...more
Nikinnia Smith garcia
This series just keeps getting better. I freaking love Eve as a character. In this book she is very pissed off. A group of crooked cops are overheard by Peabody speaking about a murdered informant. Peabody is scared and naked in a shower stall while Renee Oberman and Detective Garnett are speaking. If you know Eve then you know not to f*** with the people she cares about.
Eve starts her investigation and makes Lt. Oberman's life a living hell. I love how Rourke is becoming more of an honorary co
Laine (librarianscanreadtoo)
Laine ( Review:

Eve Dallas has done exemplary work as a Lieutenant in the New York City Police and Security. She has been true to her badge and she expects nothing less from her own team.

When Peabody came to work for Dallas, she learned quite a bit and has shown that she too has uphold her badge honorably. So when a new case arrived Dallas knew that she could trust in Peabody to get the job done. As Peabody gets ready to track down the punks who killed a shop own
Jodi Hufendick
I love the "In Death" books. I think that Robb has done a great job of creating a realistic futuristic society in which both the technology and the sociological changes are believable. I see things on the news regularly that make me think, "we might be headed in that direction". This particular book was not as well rounded as the earlier books. It wasn't that the main plot was not developed or that she misses things, because she doesn't. It was more that the sub-plot did not live up to the bar s ...more
Okay, so I had the book bought and read within a 24-hour period. Fans of J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) will certainly understand. It’s astonishing to me that this is the 33rd novel featuring Eve Dallas and the gang, and the series is just a strong and entertaining as it has always been. Of course, there have been some books that are better than others in the series. This was definitely one of those books. The relationships between the characters take a back seat to the investigation here, as Eve ...more
This series has bring me back time and time again. Treachery In Death is the 32nd book in this series and while you could read any of them stand alone or from any point really, I highly recommend that if you have not started the series to start and the beginning and really learn who the characters in this story really are. They have grown and changed a ton since book one. It always amazes me that J.D. Robb can make me feel like I am visiting old friends when I pick up an In Death book. I think t ...more
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J.D. Robb writes police procedurals set in the near future.

Naked in Death is the first book in what was initially meant to be trilogy about Eve Dallas, a NY police lieutenant with a dark past. In that first book she meets the mysterious Roarke, who is a suspect in the case. By the time the third book in that initial trilogy was in stores readers clamored for more.

Twenty years later, Devoted in Dea
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