07 Ghost, Volume 01
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07 Ghost, Volume 01 (07-Ghost #1)

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Nach der erfolgreichen Abschlussprüfung an der Militärakademie von Barsburg wartet auf Teito Klein eine strahlende Karriere in der Armee. Doch durch Zufall erfährt Teito von seiner Vergangenheit: Er ist Überlebender einer alten Königsfamilie und für Teito beginnt eine verzweifelte Flucht quer durch das Land. Er stößt auf die geheimnisvollen Spuren der Seven Ghost, die das...more
Paperback, 208 pages
Published July 5th 2010 by Egmont Manga & Anime (first published November 25th 2005)
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Meghan Myers
This review contains no spoilers.
The first volume will be really confusing and seem random. Later volumes still jump around a bit, but not nearly as much.
Plot: I liked it. There are a few really big events that are built up by lots of smaller events that help keep you engaged. The blend of science fiction and alternate-universe fiction is very well executed and unique! I think the religion in it (nuns, gods, the church, etc.) kind of sets up a background for the plot and are not extremely import...more
Actually, this has been a re-reading of this series...it occurred to me that when I recently bought volume 3, it had been so long since volume 1 came out that I couldn't remember much about it at all! This is another fantasy series with eternal combat between angels and demons...but the "angels" are more like grim reapers (seriously, with black robes and scythes) and the demons (Kor) have wings. Like a lot of manga, you're thrown into the story quickly...since the creators never really know if t...more
I absolutely adore this story, it is incredible, imaginative, beautiful and just overly awesome! Teito is a great main character, his mysterious past and future, his great personality and strange! The love he three ghosts you meet in the beginning and love them all? Ayanami is freakng awesome, sexy and smart! Everything is awesome and I wait every month for a new chapter, no matter how short, to arrive so that I can enjoy every moment in his fantastic adventure manga experience. <3
The moment I started reading through this manga, I started foreshadowing every possibility and every angle. However, my mind started shutting down, because of all the brain work and it started to make me hate reading the manga. So I started reading it without over-analyzing too much of the details, haha. It was a great manga overall.

If anything, I was greatly displeased with the first volume (which I believe is chapter 1-5). When I first read it, I thought I was reading a one shot, because of th...more
Mayank Agarwal
It's very enjoyable with its amazing plot's and super cool characters although the art and fast pace sometimes gets confusing and you don't know whats actually happening.

The Characters - Many super cool and bad ass characters. Could have done with more girls. The artist made most of its male characters cute, more roughness on them would have been better.

The Plot - Lots and lots of intrigue. Loved the ending with the many twist thrown in. The whole manga is very fast paced with very few pages wa...more
Very interesting. There's action and betrayal, tested friendships and an interesting mythology created here.
Teito Klein was a slave boy bought into the army and has been attending the academy for the imperial army. After he passes the final exams here overhears a conversation that awakens dark memories and startling realizations.
Teito has just completed his final exam at the military academy when he overhears some information about the Ragg Kingdom. Since he has over heard this information he is taken into custody but he escapes with a little help from his friend (his only friend) Mikage. After he escapes he crashes and is saved by the members of the church.

Overall this was a good way to start a series. There is a lot of information given to readers but the information is not whole it comes in pieces so there will be a...more
Clarissa Munoz
I love all kinds of manga and love going into all the different genre. This book was quite different than what I have read and watch over the years. It has some comedy in unusual places. Some action mixed in with silliness at some point. An interesting story plot that I haven't read through. Over all I really liked it. It about a boy who is being trained at a military solider. Lots of fights happen and he runs away while his best friend distracts them. He ends up at a church where his life story...more
The story centers on Teito Klein, a young man with a mysterious past that he can not remember. He has been sponsored to the elite military academy and is close to graduating. However, he doesn’t fit in, being a former slave in the Ragg Kingdom which was destroyed. He’s an excellent student and is fairly content, especially with his good friend Mikage at his side.

Unfortunately for Teito he overhears so devious military plans that he shouldn’t and it began chipping away at his mental blocks, offer...more
Nicola Mansfield
Reason for Reading: Sounded like an interesting new series for me to start.

The first books in manga series are often hard for me to review. So much is going on, so many characters to meet and you have to figure out what is going on as you're dropped right into the situation. I got a fairly good handle on this manga and am certainly going to continue. I've been wanting to try a manga with a "priest" setting but, as a Catholic, wasn't too sure whether I'd be offended or not. So far, on the whole,...more
*This review is for all the volumes!*No spoilers.

Oh dear, oh dear... I think I have not been so emotionally compromised (lol) since... x/1999 manga (and those were my early teenage years so I was quite weak-hearted when it came to guys being hurt all the time!).

Anyway, first to write a word or two about the story:
(taken from Wiki because I am too lazy to write one)
"Teito Klein is a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, a type of s...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mangaka: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara

Series Status: Continuing

Classification: Shojo. It seems more like a shonen, but the magazine something runs in is the main determiner of a manga’s demographic target. This ran in Monthly Comic Zero Sum, which is directed towards female readers.

What it’s About: Apparently there’s this kid named Teito Klein who’s studying in this military academy for people who have a special ability called Zaiphon. He used to be a slave, and he doesn’t really remember any...more
Sarah Ash
Every once in a while, a manga series comes along which stands out from the crowd. ‘07-Ghost’ by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara is one of those rare beasts that grabs the heart and mind from the very first pages and carries the reader along at breakneck speed.

‘07-Ghost’ tells the story of orphan Teito Klein who is a promising cadet at the elite Barsburg Empire Military Academy where the students are preparing for their final examination. Ostracized by his peers (he was a slave before he entere...more
I spent two years pursuing this one license, I wanted it that much. When the publisher finally said yes, I almost passed out in the meeting. Shortly after we started production, we found out it was going to be an anime series, which only made licensing it all the sweeter for us. We went all the way for this series, from a fifty-foot banner at Anime Expo to a fancy .com flash site to show off the beautiful color art. And then the economy tanked. It was the little engine that could even while book...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kinda got lost at times while trying to follow the story but having watched the anime, my memory filled in the rest. I'm still new to reading manga so once I've read more, things will make more sense. Loved how action packed it is compared to the others I've read. Got stuck straight into volume 2 once I'd finished.
Dialogue did no justice for moving the story along, in fact it was just confusion on top of horrible drawn and hard to follow action. The bad guys and the good guys, aside from the main character, looked the same visually. Probably won't continue with this series.
This manga is amazing. The art work is beautiful. The action and suspense are laced together with humor. The characters are believable for the most part, but there are times that they are exaggerated for the purpose of humor or to illustrate a point. Teito and Frau come together in a crazy whirl wind and circumstances are such that they stay together. Their adventure of trying to move from dislike into a working relationship built on trust. The boy Teito is the embodiment of fear when he begins...more
Beth Chandler
Nov 06, 2009 Beth Chandler rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Beth by: Go! Comi catalog
This has a lot of elements I like: a teenage boy with a mysterious past, magic, a kind religious group (with secrets), fairly well-rounded characters.

The art is a bit sloppy (it was hard to tell whether one of our hero's extremities was a foot or a hand) and the action sequences are often so sketchily or confusingly drawn it's hard to tell what's going on.

Worth reading, though it's no Chrono Crusade in either art or storyline. Recommend to manga fans who liked Chrono Crusade; Black Sun, Silver M...more
I found this manga really interesting, but i found that the anime which is based on the first 4 volumes has more detail than the manga.. I found this strange. Watching the anime caused me to want to read the manga again because the first time i had only read the first 5 volumes I think the others hadn't come out yet.

I won't go into details about the plot because i might confuse other readers, I believe it better for them to read it on their own. Believe me anyone who likes manga with comedy, dra...more
This is like 3 times busier than it really needed it to be. S_S I love worldbuilding just as much as the next girl but you don't need to cram three tons of it into the first volume. I'm going to stick with it though, I feel like this is the kind of adolescent pacing issue that'll smooth itself out further into the series. 3 stars
This is definitely intriguing, although the cast is a bit overwhelming and I don't feel like I really know what's going on. But somehow - I couldn't even say why, because there have been plenty of other cases where it was the same and I didn't want to read more. But in this case I do, so, um, I will. More when I know more :)
The story got better towards the end of the manga, but for the most part it was all over the place and the art wasn't very good in my opinion, which made it confusing to read and kind of hard to follow what was happening... I am undecided on whether or not I should try reading the next one.

The artist deserves an award for the number of foreshortened poses that are in this series.
Deviant Geek
Very good manga. Captivating in every page. The plot is very interesting it makes u want to keep on reading. It's a bit confusing but I guess that's natural since the plot has so much to give on the first volume.
Talk about being dropped straight into the action. There is still a lot of questions I have and wish I knew the back story just a tiny bit more, but ti was worth the read. And I will continue the serious
Pluses: Good art, interesting concept for storyline with ghosts, Frau is a good character.
Minuses: Fake gay, unappealing main character, impossible to understand fight scenes, cliched villains.
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