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3.53 of 5 stars 3.53  ·  rating details  ·  737 ratings  ·  94 reviews
Ric Kealey is the charismatic lead singer of uber-successful band, The Voices in my Head - and he died three years ago. Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her London studio. When Ric turns up, shabby and alive, on Caz's roof terrace, she is reluctantly drawn into investigating the murder that led him to fake his own death. A feel good page turner; contemporary fiction w ...more
Paperback, 278 pages
Published August 9th 2010 by Hoxton Press (first published August 2nd 2010)
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Ahh, such a refreshing read! It was brezzey and a true page turner with the reader guessing whodunit, and for the asking price of .99 it was money well spent and more!

Caz Tallis runs her own shop restoring old rocking horses, her life is pretty normal, working and hanging out with her BF, until one morning she stumbles onto a man and his shaggy dog sleeping on her lounge outside. Thinking he’s just a poor soul passing through she doesn’t give him much thought, until he reappears again on her d

Remix by Lexi Revellianis a book which covers several genres. When I started to read, it felt almost like chick lit, but developed into a mystery with romance thrown in for good measure. The main female character, Caz, is a likeable young woman, who restores and makes rocking horses. In fairly improbable circumstances, she meets Ric Kealey, one time member of a rock band. She becomes embroiled in his attempts to clear his name of a murder that he claims he did not commit. The story moves on quic
tfc Parks
The story was great, the pacing fantastic, the oh-so friendly voice- enticing, the characters- superb. I'm glad I started the book as early in the day as I did, otherwise, it would have me up reading all night.

My only hesitation going in was the prospect of reading about the main character's rocking horse restoration career. Within the first scene where Caz talks about her passion for her chosen path, I was fascinated, and felt her enthusiasm and pride for art.

I haven't read a mystery since my
Sunne Manello
I've read a book with a female MC!!!! And it was good!!!

Okay, astonishment expressed - when I started reading it I didn't know that it was f/m, it took me about some time to realize that Caz is a woman. (Yes, I downloaded it for free, probably for my hubby, a while ago and just thought...uh, well, let's read this one).

So color me stunned when the first mentioning of "woman" was made.

On the other hand, the fact that I didn't realize it while reading made me like the book even more, Caz is not the
It’s not often that I get so firmly grabbed by a book right from the very beginning, but that’s exactly what happened when I picked up Remix. Of course, it helps that the lightness of style makes it absurdly easy to read and before you know it you’re half way through and refusing to put it down!

The characters are all great, especially Caz Tallis, who feels particularly real and I found myself believing in the ex-teacher who restores and makes rocking horses for a living. There’s a little bit of
Jaidis Shaw
Remix by Lexi Revellian is a pleasant read filled with mystery and romance. We meet the lead female in the story, Caz, who is somewhat surprised when she finds a rock star sleeping on her property. Normally this wouldn't be something to write about, be we soon realize that the rock star happens to be wanted for murder and fakes his own death to avoid going to prison. Caz soon finds herself in the midst of several twists as she helps Ric the rock star try to discover the truth and prove his innoc ...more
K.J. Kron
If you're looking for a fun book and to escape life for awhile, I strongly recommend this one. Cass, a person who makes rocking horses, finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. She trusts her gut and at times prves herself to be quite strong as she stands up to Phil. The characters for the most part are round and there are a few twists to keep your interest. I loved it and found myself enjoying more than a Janet Evonovich novel - but that's probably because I've read about 13 of the Step ...more
I got this book as a free download on the Kindle store. The premise was interesting enough. In this story, a rocking horse restorer, Caz Tallis, ends up harboring Ric Kealy, a rock star who faked his death after being accused of a murder that he may or may not have committed. Kealy ends up enlisting Tallis to help him solve the murder mystery.

The great thing about this book is that, although the premise is a little far fetched, the reader never really has to take it too seriously. This was a lig
Book Binge
This is a novel that is an "import" from the UK and which has been on their best-seller list for some time. It is really a composite novel--a murder mystery as well as a romance novel. It is filled with colorful characters that give this novel a wonderful liveliness and which keep the reader interested from start to finish.

Rock band, especially the highly popular ones, have made a significant impact on contemporary culture. Their lives and activities take up whole sections of even legitimate pub
Vulpecula Borealis
I wasn't expecting much from this book after having bought the 49 pence ebook for my kindle. Only a few page clicks in I began to realise that prices can be deceptive. The price of this book is actually a very smart marketing ploy by the author to get her work read, so people will realise she is a more than decent author and will look out for more of her books. I've already googled the author's blog, her page on good reads, and read about her other works. I guess the marketing ploy is working :- ...more
This is a book I had seen while browsing the kindle store and had bypassed as the synopsis didn't really grab me. However I started seeing some great comments in the Amazon forums so I thought I'd give it a try. And I'm so glad I did. This is a wonderful book!

Caz runs a business making and restoring rocking horses and lives above her work space. She discovers scruffy Joe and his dog sleeping on her roof terrace, once she's got over the shock and despite doubting herself lends him money and helps
I think it says a lot for a writer when I pick up a novel to read and then can’t put it down again. Many times the female lead in a romance will be someone too “out of here,” and not at all a person I can relate to. I want to see real people with real lives, someone I could imagine exchanging places with for a few hours. Caz Tallis fits this bill nicely. She makes an excellent main character, smart, pretty, friendly and curious. But most important, at least for me, she’s normal, very easy for me ...more
Katherine L.
Despite harboring a supposedly-dead rock musician, Caz continues to refurbish rocking horses in Lexi Revellion’s Remix. The theme sets the book’s weave when Ric sells one of the rocking horses before he involves Caz in his schemes to redeem himself from a murder charge. A former art student, she impersonates a journalist, delving into the lives of the musicians surviving their band break-up and the lawyer who holds Ric’s millions.

I was caught immediately into the rhythm of this. Caz isn’t the ty
I paid 49p for this for Kindle on one of my cheap sprees. I’m glad I did as it was very entertaining. When you’ve paid so little for a book, you don’t really have any expectations, so it’s nice when it’s actually still enjoyable :)

Caz has a workshop (where she restores rocking-horses) and flat in trendy Hoxton in London, and one day she finds a man and his dog sleeping on her garden furniture. He’s not your average hobo, being quite charismatic and cute (which always helps in these things), but
Stephen Gallup
It's a treat to read an entertaining book and know the author must have had as much fun writing it as you're having as the consumer. That was my impression with Remix.

Caz, the narrator in this offbeat whodunnit, wanders out onto the balcony of her London flat early one morning to find a strange man sleeping there. Naturally, she's indignant and orders him to leave, which he's prepared to do--but before going he dials up his not-insignificant charm. Before she fully grasps what has happened, she
Pauline Ross
You never quite know what you will get when you buy a cheap ebook - it could be anything from a total turd to an unexpected gem. This is definitely in the gem category. It's probably best categorised as a murder mystery romance, where the mystery is of the bumbling amateur sleuth variety, and the romance is a gentle, realistic affair rather than chiselled cheekbones and lust on page 3 and steamy sex by the end of the second chapter.

The plot burbles along nicely, without too many credulity-stretc
A very fine novel that has made its way "across the Pond" from the UK where is has been a best seller. It is beautifully written and is quite compelling--a murder mystery all wrapped up in a love story. A rock star is dead for three years when he shows up on Caz's balcony sofa, having "crashed" there with his scruffy and hungry dog. Accused of murder when he disappeared, Ric Kealy has now "returned" after his fake death in order to claim his fortune which has curiously disappeared and in the hop ...more
Remix is a nice contemporary/suspense/romance that although has a touch of the improbable is still an enjoying read. For those that like romance with steamy scenes, this book is not for you. There is attraction, but the intimate details are implied. For those that like a good "who-dun-it", this book may appeal to you as the main male character, Ric, is accused of murder. The whole purpose is to find out who really killed Bryan Orr, a member of the rock band Ric use to be the lead singer for.

J.A. Clement
I don't really do 5 stars because it seems over the top, but in this case I did dither over it for some minutes before caving; my only criticisms are very minor really.

This is the story of Caz Tallis, who makes a meagre living restoring rocking horses. She finds a man and dog asleep on her sofa and, reacting with more courtesy than you'd expect in such a situation, finds herself befriended by a legendary rock star back from the dead - and that's before the action really kicks off!

The characters
At 0.99 cents this is a MAJOR bargain. Awesome read-
One of the best mysteries I've read this year.

This is a total five star mystery that had me reminiscing about Sookie Stackhouse's early days. It was paced right with interesting characters and a believable set up. As a romance I had to give it four stars. I wish I had been asked to review it as a mystery. That's the gold in this story.

Cazz Tallis woke up to find a stranger sleeping on her chaise lounge outside. The stranger happened to be Ric K
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Added 8 January 2015 - AudioBook Review

AudioBook Review:
Stars: Overall 4 Narration 4 Stars 4

I own a copy of this title that I purchased close to release: how could I not with a rock-star returning from the dead to infiltrate the life of a woman who restores rocking horses for a living? It was clever when I read it, and still holds up to the initial promise: full of the insecurities we all have but hide, an omnipre
This is the second book by Lexi Revellian that I have read, the first being Ice Diaries. I really enjoyed her writing style in the first book - a light, quick read with good pace and level of detail. This was also the case in this book.

Remix was I suppose a cozy mystery for want of a better genre to put it in. It is told from the first person perspective of Caz, a woman living in London who restores rocking horses. Caz encounters a what appears to be a homeless guy on her roof terrace couch, who
The initially implausible situation -- a young woman meets a man and his dog whom she finds camped out on her rooftop terrace and invites them in for breakfast -- is somehow made quite believable. The author accomplishes this magical feat by giving us a narrator/protagonist who is real, likable, interesting and layered. The pacing works and the writing never gets in its own way. While there's certainly a chick-lit quality to this -- Caz is single, young, attractive and has more than one characte ...more
I love this authors books! They are always interesting and exciting! I do not usually write reviews but I do feel that more people should read Lexi Revellian or they are seriously missing out on some awesome books!
K.A. Jordan
A woman who restores rocking horses finds a man and a dog on her balcony.

That hook worked for me. I've followed this book around for a couple of years. I watched Lexi work on it - but never read all of it. I waited until it was on sale for the Nook.

The characters are well-rounded 'Joe' is arrogant enough for a musician and human enough to be lovable. Otherwise I'd want Cas to dump him. (Rockers make terrible boyfriends.) I liked Cas and loved her rocking horses.

I just wish I could see her hors

I started this book with absolutely no idea what it was about. I bought it on a whim and forgot about it until I noticed it sitting on my Kindle when I was looking for something to read. The first part of the book is very engaging. I could hardly put it down. Caz is a lovely character who is drawn well and eminently likable. The writing is excellent. Overall it's an easy, fun read.

This brings me to the book's one and only drawback. The plot is obvious. I didn't find the mystery at all mysterious

Simon Royle
There was something very refreshing about this book. It might have been the trusting nature of Cas, the female protagonist, or it could simply have been the direct friendly style of the writing, but either way it was fun. It got a good belly laugh out of me before Chapter three had ended and I literally read it without putting it down.

I liked the characters, they had depth to them, even the bit players. None were 'perfect', they were all flawed, the villains suitably more so than the good guys
T.A. Munroe
This is the story of Caz Tallis who wakes up one morning to find a dead rock star sleeping on her rooftop patio. Caz restores rocking horses (what and original and charming occupation!) when she's not helping Ric discover who killed his friend and bandmate.

This is the second British book along this line I've read recently, but it was really enjoyable. Having spent just a few months in England 35 years ago, it's still hard to get enough of it.

The author does a great job, it seems, with the detail
Everett Peacock
In this day of thousands of free books, distractions beyond count and in the middle of writing another of my own books, I found myself getting drawn back to this story.

I started it knowing it would be a choppy reading experience, what with all the things I had going on. That alone could easily kill a lesser story. And, it did kill a few. But REMIX continued its initial promise of FUN, ADVENTURE and that lovable British version of English (yes, I'm American).

I've already downloaded the sample to
Tess Harding
Read this initially because it was cheap and I was looking for a quick read. Wasn't sure I was going to like it and a little dubious, but the more I read the more the characters grew on me, in spite of them being slightly obvious. The plot is fairly standard, but the writing is clean and concise, and the additional of rocking horses really made it stand out. I would recommend to anyone looking for a light mystery romance in a modern style. Set in London and the south east of England, and the aut ...more
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Remix is my third novel; it's the story of Caz Tallis, who is startled one quiet Sunday morning to find a stranger asleep on her roof terrace...

I enjoy reading intelligent, pacey books with humour, and that's what I try to write. I believe it's a crime to bore the reader.

My day job (using my real name, Lexi Dick) is designing and making jewellery and silver; I've made pieces for Lady Thatcher,
More about Lexi Revellian...
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