Froggy Gets Dressed
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Froggy Gets Dressed (Froggy)

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Rambunctious Froggy hops out into the snow for a winter frolic but is called back by his mother to put on some necessary articles of clothing.
Paperback, 32 pages
Published July 15th 2010 by Penguin Group (USA) (first published October 1st 1992)
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Elayna Gilbert
Froggy looks outside his window! Snow Snow he said "I want to play in the snow!!". His mother told him to go back to bed and that frogs were suppose to sleep all winter until the snow is melted. But he didn't care what momma had to say. He puts on his socks, pulled on his boots, put on his hat, tied on his scarf, tugged on his mittens and flopped outside into the snow. But froggy forgot to put something on... He forgot his pants he was so excited. So he went back inside and started the process a...more
Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London, illustrated by [author; Frank Remkiewicz] is one of the funniest of the Froggy series. Waking up during winter, Froggy wants to get dressed and play with his friends, although his mother tells him it's too cold. Every time Froggy gets outside, his mother calls "Frrrooggyy!" to remind him of something he forgot to wear. Froggy hops back into the house, gets undressed, redresses with the missing article of clothing, then hops back outside. After his mother c...more
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
This is a great vocab book that uses a lot of repetition - I remember from when I was little that repetition in picture books is far from boring! It's hard reading it as an adult though. Still, Froggy is quite a cute character who keeps forgetting to put on various items of clothing and has to go back inside, take it all off and start again - until he's too tired to continue and goes back to sleep, which makes his mother smile. ;)

It's also a good book for teaching kids what they need to wear to...more
Anna Summers
In the book, Froggy Gets Dressed, Froggy attempts to get dressed in warm winter clothes so he can go out and have fun in the snow. Each time Froggy steps out into the snow, his mother calls him back because he has forgotten an article of clothing. By the time, Froggy has remembered every article of clothing; he is too tired to play. I love all of the Froggy books, and this is no exception. This book is best suitable for very young children (ages 2-7). Children of this age would enjoy the humor i...more
Will's review last night: this was a really boring story. All he did was get dressed! I like the baseball one much better." Every series has a bomb....guess this one is it.
The first thing I noticed about this book was how it had horizontal orientation. The reason that it had horizontal orientation is because the pictures were mostly landscapes. The images in this book were also a great example of full bleed and double full bleed images.
I thought this book had an excellent theme. I believed that the main theme was that your mother always knows best. I decided this was the theme because at the beginning of the book the frogs mother told him that frogs don't go out...more
I know I've read this before. It's the only Froggy book I have read, so I wouldn't forget it. Perhaps I read it in my Children's lit class in grad school and forgot to record it in my notes. Thus, they didn't get transferred here to GoodReads.

I know now that Froggy is one of my nephew's favorites. The pictures are cute and I'm sure preschoolers will enjoy it. And I think the children like the concept of a little kid like them learning to do things and go places on their own. I think this one wi...more
Title: Froggy Get Dressed
Author: Jonathan London
Genre: Children’s
Challenges: PB & J Challenge, 101 Books in 1001 Days Challenge, What an Animal II, Read and Review Challenge 2010, Read Your Own Books 2010, TBR Challenge 2010, Reading From My Shelves Project 2010, Young Readers Reading Challenge 2010, 100 + Reading Challenge,

Rating: 4/5
No. of Pages: 32
Published: 1999

Back Cover: Froggy pulls on his boots – Zup! Puts on his hat – zat! Ties on his scarf – Zwit! Tugs on his mitten – Zum! But w...more
Ashley Bell
The book, Froggy gets dresses, by Jonathan London, is a cute story about a little frog who wanted to play in the snow but isn't supposed to since frogs hibernate in the winter. But Froggy jumps out of bed and gets dresses then goes out to play in the snow anyways. As soon as he gets out in the snow his mother calls him back and asks him if he forgot to put something on. Which he did, so he has to go back inside and take all his clothes off to put on the one article of clothing then he gets all d...more
Kristen Thompson
This is one of my favorite books and has been since I was a child. The main character is a little frog named "Froggy". He wakes up while it is still snowing outside (when frogs are not supposed to be out and about) and wants to play in the snow! His Mom tells him it is too cold but he decides he wants to go anyway. He keeps forgetting certain articles of clothing that he needs to put on every time he goes outside. Each time his Mom calls him back in and he has to take off his outfit and put it o...more
Rachel Kenney
Grade/interest level: Primary
Reading level: 300 Lexile
Genre: Picture Book
Main Characters: Froggy, Mother
Setting: Winter
POV: Narrator

This is a book about a young frog that wakes up to see it is snowing outside. He decides to go outside and play in the snow. However, he quickly gets called back by his mother to put on different articles of clothing. He forgets his mittens, pants, hat, coat, etc. and must come back home, get undressed and redressed then returns back outside. The book is quite si...more
Zequoia Hyche
Wonderful story which helps promote knowledge on what kinds of clothing to wear during the seasons. In Froggy's case, it was winter and he needed to make sure that he had all of his necessary clothes on to be ready to play in the snow. I think this is a story that will engage students in learning not only what Froggy needs to wear before going outside, but also what they should probably wear when it is cold outside for them. Brings awareness to new words and new thoughts about what should be wor...more
One of my favorite books on how to dress warm (or not if you are Froggy and keep forgetting to put on clothes). I used this book in storytime and the kids loved calling Froggy's name when his mom was calling to tell him he forgot to put something on. This is a classic that will always be loved especially around the winter time.
Stephanie Davis
I am a big fan of the the Froggy books, and this book is no exception. Actually, this is probably my favorite Froggy book. I like how the author uses onomatopoeia when Froggy is taking his clothes on and off. I feel that it makes the story more interesting. I also like how Froggy is supposed to be sleeping through the winter but all he wants to do is play in the snow.

*Froggy is supposed to be sleeping through winter, but he wakes up and wants to play outside. Froggy keeps forgetting to put on c...more
Froggy is a classic character, with reason. Silly froggy is so excited to get outside to play in the snow that he simply cannot remember all of his clothes. His mother repeatedly calls, "Frrooooooogggyyyyyy!" to remind him of the articles of clothing he's forgotten.

I loved reading this book aloud at storytime. While the younger ones didn't really react, some of my older kids thought it was HILARIOUS that Froggy forgot his underwear. I also made this into a flannel board story for my Clothes sto...more
Mandy Couch
I really enjoyed reading this book. It helps children identify with seasons, how to dress appropriately and independancy. I loved the way the frog was so ambitious to get outside and play and decided to get herself ready. It also helps the child potentially see that its okay to do for yourself and still receive advice and guidance from your parent or caregiver.

Learning Experience:
I would give the children cut out children along with clothes that they could dress the child with. We would have chi...more
Brad Boyd
Froggy Gets Dressed is a children's picture book presented in a landscape layout. When you open the book, you learn that the landscape layout is appropriate for the story because each page has just that, a landscape that covers both pages. The first thing I noticed about the book was its use of onomatopoeia. When the story describes how the main character puts his clothes on, every article of clothing has its own unique sound, i.e. "zoop," "zup," "zat," "zwit," and "zum." The second thing I noti...more
Froggy wakes in the winter and wants to play in the snow. He gets dressed (with sound effects) and heads out. He is called back in a few times by his mom yelling "Froggy!" Each time he forgot to put on an item of clothing. So in he goes, gets undressed, and back dressed (with sound effects). The last time he gets called in, the mom tells him he forgot his underwear! This provides such a laugh for the child readers!! Froggy goes in but is too tired to get undressed and redressed. He is off to bed...more
Fritzi Barrera
I loved this book! It was so funny how Froggy kept forgetting to put something on so he kept going in the house and couldn't even get a chance to play in the snow. His mother kept calling him every time he forgot something. The very last thing he forgot to put on was his underwear. His mother yelled it out and Froggy got so embarrassed. He went back in the house to put on his underwear then started putting everything back again but he gets so tired that he just finishes with half of his clothing...more
Christine Ridout
A hilarious and wonderful book about Froggy who wants to play in the snow even though frogs are supposed to be hibernating. So, Froggy pulls on mittens, hat, scarf and boots and goes outside. Mom calls to him: “FRRROOGGYY! Did you forget to put something on?” His pants. Froggy goes back inside, takes everything off and puts on his pants, then puts everything back on again. This goes on and on with different items of clothing until poor Froggy is so exhausted he doesn’t want to play in the snow a...more
Christina Bergstrom
This book is written by Jonathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz. This book is a staple in the classroom that I work in. I always enjoy reading this book to the children I work with. I have also read it with my 7-year-old son when he has come in to visit after school and he sees it out. This is a very cute book with illustrations that correspond with the story. That is very important the way that this story is laid out. This book is one that a typical child (I work with severe and pro...more
Miss Meg
A classic, and the only Froggy book I've ever used in story time for some reason. Kids hang on the story of Froggy getting dressed to play in the snow, each time forgetting to put on an article of winter clothing. By the time Froggy's mother tells Froggy he's forgotten his underwear, the audience is in stitches! Make sure to ham up Froggy's mother's voice, and Froggy's exasperated "Whaaaaaat?"
My son checked this out from the public library. This is on his summer reading list heading into first grade. The book was in the kitchen as I waited for my chicken to cook. I picked it up and had a read.

It's a cute enough book about a young frog who awakes one winter morning and goes out to play. Each time he leaves the house, his mother calls to him that he has forgotten something. He comes back, sheds all his clothes to add what he has forgotten, and then heads out again only to be recalled....more
Kylie Perrine
In this book Froggy wakes up while it is still snowing outside and wants to play in the snow. His Mom tells him it is too cold but he decides he wants to go anyway. He keeps forgetting certain articles of clothing that he needs to put on every time he goes outside. Each time his Mom calls him back in and he has to take off his outfit and put it on again with the article of clothing he forgot. In the end, he gets tired of going back and forth. He comes back inside, tries to re-dress, and falls as...more
This is one of my favorite books and has been since I was a child. My mom actually got this book becuase for the longest time my little brother would lose it if anyone talked about underware. So my mom got a bunch of books with the word in it likethe angry buffalo and captian underpants and this wonderful book. It's about a frog who just wants to go out in play in the snow. He can't seem to get the appropriate clothing on and his mom keeps making him come back inside. And finally she yells out.....more
Jen Zuvella
When I saw the cover for this book, I knew I recognized. I loved this book when I was a little girl, probably because the story line is so funny. The book is short and sweet, but would probably make the children giggle. Not only is it a good picture book, but also it can prepared children for a snow day and what they need to wear. The pictures are the best part; they make the book so much funnier. You can read this book to younger children because of how easy it is to read. I really hope this bo...more
Warnie B.
This was always one of my preschool kids' faves--the story is funny and involves plenty of sound effects and appeals to wide range of ages. It's pretty simple--Froggy wakes up in the middle of winter and decides he wants to play in the snow. He gets some clothes on and goes out, only to be reminded (several times) by his mother that he's forgotten something. Eventually Froggy gets so worn out by getting dressed and undressed that he falls back asleep and never actually gets to play in the snow....more
I love reading the Froggy books to kids - in fact, my "audition" book for my first job working in a library children's department was with a Froggy book. I got the job.

I was excited to see this book in board format - bought it immediately for my own little one. Imagine my disappointment, then, to see that it was exactly the same as the picture book. Publishers, take note! Board books should be truncated down! Get the key points, make the font big, whatever. Don't just shrink the picture book.

I love this book! It is wonderful to read at storytime; however, you have to time it just right. It is not a good repeat book, so you will want to wait for a winter storytime with a lot of kiddos present. They will remember the punch line and steal your thunder if you try to read it again. I can only read this one when certain children are gone because they always spoil the end for the children who have not read it. Sheesh.

*SPOILER* It is great professional development for Alaskan librarians - p...more
The part where his mommy tells him he forgot his u*******r is hilarious. I like that she was cracking herself up. The story teaches children about putting on all their clothes in order and the repetition of sound. I like that it also relates to parents who have to remind their children repeatedly that they have to wear pants when it's snowing outside. There's a delightful balance of humor in this book, that I appreciate. My favorite part was at the end when she smiles as he drifts back to sleep....more
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Jonathan London is the author of several celebrated children's books. His commitment to honoring the wonders of the natural world has been lauded by readers and critics alike. He is the author of more than 70 children's books, many of which are about nature. He's also the author of the popular Froggy series. He lives in Graton, California with his wife and two sons.
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