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The Zombie Chasers (The Zombie Chasers #1)
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The Zombie Chasers (The Zombie Chasers #1)

3.83 of 5 stars 3.83  ·  rating details  ·  492 ratings  ·  84 reviews
Zombie Attack!

When brain-gobbling zombies invade, a sleepover at Zack Clarke's house quickly turns into a Level-3 creep-over. The undead have infested the streets, filling the air with deathly moans and the stench of rotting flesh.

Meet the Zombie Chasers:

Zack: His house is a wreck, his sister's a zombie, and he's stolen his mom's Volvo. He's totally going to be grounded if
Paperback, 224 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by HarperCollins (first published May 18th 2010)
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Apr 28, 2015 Carmen rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No One
Recommended to Carmen by: Book Store
It's unusual for me to DNF a book, but this was such a horrible combination of mean-spirited and boring that I couldn't stand to waste any more time on it.

I liked the opening sentence, though.

Dusk settled over the neighborhood. The humid air was thick as pulp.
I suffered through this one because my 9 year old seemed to enjoy it so much. Personally I thought it was written for a higher reading level then the interest level would be. Then the book ended on a cliff hanger and my daughter can't wait for me to read the second one with her. Don't know if I will suffer through the second book for her or not ... but sometimes I can't help but torture myself a little for my daughters happiness.
With the zombie phenomenon only gaining in popularity, I picked this book up to see a take on it for children. While I was deeply amused at parts and liked the pace and the illustrations, I found it to be a little inappropriate for its intended age range. Not because of the gooey grossness, but in some of the pop culture references and vague sexual content. Even beyond that, though, my rating ultimately came from the ending making the whole novel seem more like an anti-fast food and pro-vegan di ...more
Ms. Yingling
Students often fail to listen to announcements, but put "zombie apocalypse" on, and 25 boys will come asking for the book! I was very leery of this book for middle schoolers, because the illustrations make it look as if it falls on the elementary side of the Pilkey Line, but it doesn't. My boys want scary zombie books like Z or The Enemy, and have to be convinced to stick with The Vampire's Photograph, but this will work. Zack, Rice and Madison are having a nice birthday celebration when things ...more
Arsh M
I am currently reading The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer. I'm at the part were Zack and Madison are in the kitchen and they hear some creepy noises coming from the bedroom and are scared. I think the author does a good job of putting a lot of details and making the book interesting because each time I read it I can't get my eyes of the book.I think me and Zack have somethings in common like we both get bothered by our sister and her friends and we both like comics.My favorite character is Zack ...more
My 2nd graders bit off more than they could chew with this book. They insisted we buy it and read it together. We got about half-way through and they were over it. The zombies in it were mildly scary, but I think it was more the pre-teen mean girls and middle school humor my boys didn't like. They didn't get it and I was glad. Maybe we'll try this one again a few years from now, but probably not. It didn't have much literary merit.
Doe E.
I generally do not write reviews for children's books, but this book gives off such a layer of irritation that I want to respond to it. Yes, an 8 year old is fully capable of reading this. Would I want my 8 year old reading this? No. The issues brought up in the book are not something a young child should have to comprehend. A 12 year could handle this, but the actual reading level is so far below a 12 year old, that there really is no good audience for this particular book. (It states that it i ...more
Zack, Madison, Rice, and Greg wants to go to the tucson Tucson Air force Base, but there is to many zombies to reach there on time and also zacks sister turned into a zombie and he doesn't wanna leave her behind, so they found out that Madison is the medicine after Greg bit her, then they continued their journey trying to escape the zombies.
Ethan W.
Book Review #1
The action-horror book, The Zombie Chasers, is written by John Kloepfer. The story focuses on 3 kids who must overcome their differences to survive a zombie attack. They must work together--one adventure after another--to find a solution to the zombie takeover before they get eaten. The book has a really dark and creepy side yet funny and suspenseful. Also, I can relate to the characters because they act just like me, goofy and scared. The book has many exciting adventures and mak
This is a young readers book I read to my daughter. In the same vein as Captain Underpants and it's ilk, it has a lot to endear itself to pre-teens, including lots of middle school bathroom humour. As far as a zombie book, it has lots of them. In fact, apparently the entire world has turned to zombies. And Kloepfer goes into great detail describing the pus, blood, boils, slime, gore, and muck that make zombies zombies. For a kids book about zombies I thought it was great; just enough scare to ma ...more
J. Flores
Overall, this is a pretty fun little zombie-adventure for kids. If you're purchasing it for a child, keep in mind that as a zombie-adventure, it gets pretty violent and gross (which I think is pretty awesome! Kids love violence! Whatever makes them read, man).

Sidenote, many of the jokes in this book reference pop-culture from the 80's and many children will not get them. I guess the 80's jokes are meant to entertain parents, which is fine, but kids reading this on their own are often going to be
It was so good! Zack's sister's friends were having a sleepover. Then they all had too run for their lives. Luckily, Zack's friend, Rice, knew lots about how to defeat zombies.
Rafael Noris
O livro de Kloepfer é muito divertido, clichê, nojento e retrata bem o universo das crianças e adolescentes. Com uma linguagem bem fluída e diversas ilustrações bacanudas de Steve Wolfhard, consegui ler suas mais de 200 páginas em 2 dias.

A única coisa que me irritou no livro é que a história não tem final. Eu comecei a ler sabendo que ele possui continuações, mas esperava que tivesse um gancho ao menos para fechar essa primeira parte.


Resenha completa no blog do Coisas Horrorosas.
Matthew Collier
I read this because a student recommended it. Pretty enjoyable little kid's book.
Andrew Tran30291
This book was actually pretty amusing and funny. It was awesome with some action in too. This book seems like it is part of a cool series so I will continue to read the books in this series until it stops. This book is a very good book to read to pass time, but with a thrill instead of just being bored and doing something trying to amuse you. It is an awesome book about zombies. It is not just a bit suspenseful but it is has some humor in it also. You should read this book if you like to laugh a ...more
Dawn Teresa
Originally posted on ReadLove

All Zack wanted to do was finish the final slice of leftover birthday cake in the fridge. But life suddenly gets dangerous, and more than cake is at stake. His older sister is having a sleepover, and the girls have decided to kick off their night by taping Zack to a chair, giving him a makeover, filming the torture session, and threatening to upload it to YouTube. As if that’s not frightening enough, what started as a struggle to escape the clutches of Zoe and Comp
review for work:

Humor, zombies, and a Boggle (pug-beagle mix) feature prominently in this first book of an ultra-contemporary series. The action-movie plot revolves around three middle school students who have managed to avoid turning into zombies, all three of whom are fairly two-dimensional characters. There’s our hero, the Wimpy Kid-esque Zack, his chubby, geeky friend Rice for comic relief, and Madison, a petulant, vegan Mean Girl. Plus Madison’s Boggle puppy, Twinkles. Who becomes—oh yes—a
Admittedly, I picked this up because of the chapter opener illustrations which made me giggle out loud (Chapter 5 is the best one!). The text and illustrations complement each other. The Zombie Chasers is laugh out loud funny when you read it and see the accompanying images.

I've read some objections to the grossness of the text and the lightness of the plot, but honestly, what did you expect from a zombie book? Zombies are inherently violent and gross, and there is only one way to destroy them,
The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer, illustrated by Steve Wolfhard is a graphic novel of sorts for kids age 8-12. Zombies are flooding the quiet Arizona neighborhood while parents are at the school with teachers and Zack is being duct-taped to a chair by his big sister, Zoe, and her girlfriends, Madison, and Ryan. Locked in his room, Zack scrambles for a way out and water to wash off the clown makeup his sister put on his face. As he sneaks out into the kitchen to get the last piece of his his b ...more
Zombie Chasers is a about a boy who on his way home remembers that his sister is having a slumber party. While on his way he hears a moan that distracts him but thinks nothing of it. All of the sudden he finds a bag going over his head and later is astonished to find out his sister was the one that played this prank on him while filming it live and streaming the video on the internet for everyone to see. Later everyone starts making fun of him and making him feel humiliated. He is so tired of hi ...more
The Zombie Chasers is one of my favorite book series. John Kloepfer wrote this book and it is a thriller/ adventure book. This book probably will make you dive deep into the book like it did to me. I mean I literally kept reading overnight to just see what happens in the story! When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, Zach, a normal boy, went out and gathered his team. They went across America with zombies everywhere, and he plans to find a cure...will he get the cure...or be eaten?
Jonna VanWienen
This book delivered on the title- Zombie Chasers. The kids see zombies in the second chapter and are chased the rest of the book. When the city is attacked by Zombies humans are to try to evacuate the city. Madison, Zach and Rice try to evacuate to the Army base. It gets complicated with a near bite. When Madison doesn't become a zombie they feel they have solved the dilemma. This book segues into the next book in the series. It doesn't really end. I can see why boys like this series.
Got this from Goodreads First Reads!

Sometimes I think novels suffer from an overuse of the thesaurus tool. I mean, it's okay to say the word "blood" three times in one paragraph, especially if there's actually blood in the scene. Using other words to describe blood, well, that just clutters up the writing and calls attention to itself.

Other than that, I actually really enjoyed this book, especially the illustrations (although some of them seemed to go completely against the text). Also, I'm not
What a fun book! I was surprised at the writing quality. Some sentences really were rather poetic. I really liked the artwork and how it was worked into the text. I think kids will adore this book. It's funny, gory, goofy, and the artwork is pretty great. I found the characters to be a little flat at times and I was looking for a stronger ending, although it was obviously only the first book in the series. Fun read, though.
J.C. Rice
If you LOVE zombies you'll like it.

However, the characters are unlikeable--incessantly ridiculing each other.

What happens when your sister or best friend becomes a zombie? Joke about it.

Again, to be fair Kloepfer has a real flair for gross zombie descriptions. If that's
your thing you will certainly enjoy it more than I did.
Amanda BeReckonedwith
I love the gross drawings in this book, which are very attentive and relevant to the text, BUT the text is so gross. The zombies in this book are so gooey and gummy, oozing all manner of snot and indescribable nearly solid matter!

I was hoping that the characters would learn some lessons and redeem themselves so that I could recommend this book to reluctant readers who like gross-out books. It didn't happen. Shallow characters, a simple and unsurprising screed against fast food (which I think is
Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
I understand gross humor has an audience. Usually 9 & 10 year old boys. I keep that in mind when I read books like this. I understand that I am not the audience. However, what I do struggle with is that most 2nd to 4th graders do not necessarily read "series" books in order. They pick up a book out of sequence at the library and then they go back and look for another. And this is a series book that needs to be read in order. The "cliff-hanger ending" isn't so much a cliff-hanger ending but j ...more
Tyler Holman
Nov 01, 2014 Tyler Holman rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Kids who like zombies
I thought this book was awesome! This book was about three people who killed some zombies. While this was happening they got annoyed with each other. In the ending, they made it to a safe spot. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes zombie video games and zombie books.
Zack Langston
The Zombie chasers by John Kloepfer is a hilarious story about teenage kids overcoming the zombie apocalypse. Its great humor and references to real life names adds a layer of fun for the readers. In fact, this seems more of a comedy than anything else, despite the grotesque detailing it often uses. Any way this is a great and enjoyable book with lots of suspense from beginning to end.
Little Kid Reaction: The first thing our reader did was check out all the illustrations - the more undead, the better. She abandoned this book about half-way, but then came back to it after reading book 3, Sludgement Day.

Big Kid Reaction: The story paints a very vivid picture that grabs readers' and listeners' attention. The author strikes the upper-elementary funny bone spot on, and we had many "mom, listen to this ..." moments while our daughter read.

Pros: Lots of action and 'yucks' grab reade
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