Forbidden Magic (Magic, #1)
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Forbidden Magic (Magic #1)

3.72 of 5 stars 3.72  ·  rating details  ·  1,741 ratings  ·  96 reviews
Cheyenne McCray's paranormal romances seduce with an award-winning combination of heat and fantasy. Now, she weaves the first tale in an enthralling new series sizzling with dark magic and dangerous desires. Prepare to be spellbound by Forbidden Magic...

D'Anu witch Silver Ashcroft knows she walks a perilous line by practicing gray magic. But it's the only way to protect he
Paperback, 440 pages
Published November 29th 2005 by St. Martin's Paperbacks (first published November 1st 2005)
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Ugh. Bad grammar, cheesy character names, and the witchcraft in the book comes off as a blend of Dungeons & Dragons (firing Magic Missle!) and New Agey nonsense. I swear, the next time a witch in a book swears "by the Goddess!" I'm going to choke a bitch.

I couldn't even finish this one. Urgh.
Barks & Bites
Hmmm, my first impression of this book is that it is way too convoluted and overly busy. It feels almost as if it's #2 in a series but I know it's not and thus I'm having a heck of time forcing myself to focus on all of the "otherworld", "underworld" and earthbound goings-on. There are way too many characters and plot machinations here and my brain is full.

A group of beings have summoned the evilest of evil beings from their underground prison. The Fomarri (sp?) are sea dwelling, stinky creature...more
Anzu The Great Destroyer
Forbidden Magic is another book that will end up in the trash. Or cut into little tiny pieces. Or a pillow for a homeless person.

Why? Good question my friend. Forbidden Magic is similar to playing a RPG game on beginner mode. Everything is just too easy.

Kid: Hey look mom! *wiggles fingers* I just opened a black hole that’s going to eat the planet and kill us all!
Mom: Great work dear. Now come on in, dinner’s getting cold.

In the next moment she ran her hand down in the air before her face, draw
Jan 03, 2009 Steff rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Paranirmal Romance Readers
It Should be Forbidden to Miss this Magical Read

Silver Ashcroft is a D’Anu Witch and sworn only to use white magic, but Silver’s sensibilities run a little more on the grey side. She has been using grey magic to fight a powerful coven of witches using human sacrifice to power their magic. Now, that same coven has called forth an ancient and powerful enemy. Silver will need to use grey magic to summon the only warriors known to have defeated them, the Tuatha D’Danann. However, there is a problem....more
Jane (PS)
This book had a very promising start and at about 50 pages in, I was looking forward to a 4 star read. Slowly though, the extensive non-essential (padded?) descriptions started to bore me. And then, the demons (who had been given a bit of their own storyline - not an aspect that I was overly interested in) started to get really sexual. This was NOT interesting to me at ALL! The 'demon' sex throughout the story became more extreme and pretty debased. It was full on BDSM. Now I have nothing agains...more
The story begins with an interesting premise. Silver Ashcroft is a D’Anu Witch practising grey magic in the San Francisco coven, a coven sworn to use only white magic. When underworld demons Fomorii appear in the city, summoned by Darkwolf, leader of the Balorite warlock clan, an ancient battle of good vs evil ensues.

The Formorii attack Silver's coven taking many of them prisoner & Silver does the forbidden, summoning help from the Tuatha D'Danann, Fae warriors from the Otherworld. Hawk, one...more
Sherie Davis
This is really more 2.5 stars. I couldn't help feeling like the author couldn't decide if she wanted to write an urban fantasy novel or a romance. Nothing wrong with either, but swinging between the two sort of did a disservice to both. I mean the plot was interesting and if it hadn't been interrupted by so much extreme erotic romance would have been enough to hold my interest. (with maybe a little improvement on some of the dialogue and description of magic usage) Or it could have been totally...more
T.J. Michaels
I'd actually started this series with the last book, Dark Magic, and was curious about the rest of the series. This first book kicks it off nicely. Picked up the rest of the series and blew through Seduced by Magic and Shadow Magic. Annoyed that I can't find Wicked Magic in digital/eBook format. Otherwise, this series is awesome!
Simidemon Xiamara
Cheyenne NEVER leaves the Simi hanging!! The Simi DORES her books & her characters & the worlds she transports us to!!
Mel W
Oh my, I'm off to have a cold shower! Very erotic which won't appeal to everyone.

Review originally posted at Books to Brighten your Mood

Forbidden Magic was an utter disappointment for me I'm afraid... I have seen the mixed reviews on Goodreads, but still I thought that I should give it a try. After all, the premise sounded more than intriguing and Cheyenne McCray is a big name out there.

So, I picked it up, only to be quite certain from the very first chapters that I wouldn't like it. I just had that feeling and I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn't be able to ge...more
It took me three years to finally get to this book, and it's pretty much what I expected. The only thing that was surprising is that it was more erotica really than romance, so a warning for people that care about that. There are three points of view in this; the typical female and male romance leads, and a creature resembling a demon whose importance is practically nonexistent. The two leads fall in love right away, after the male character spurns his past love in favor of the woman he just met...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I got this based on Amazon's recommendation, and the Paganism slant to the story. I did not enjoy it. The story could have been interesting, but there was WAY too much sex. I could have dealt with the amount of sex, too, but it was crudely rendered. I'm not one that goes for the flowery phrases you sometimes see like "manroot" (no lie - my sister-in-law saw that term in a book she was reading :snicker:), but I also don't care for the "p" word for females and the "c" word for males ALL the time....more
I honestly can't remember why I bought this book. Perhaps it was the hero - the idea of a winged, elf-like hero did appeal to me, but I just couldn't get in to it. I don't like paranormal romances with celtic-mystical/wicca/new-age elements very much (partially because these elements are usually mangled, partially because they just don't interest me as much as other sub-genres, and that stopped me becoming entangled in the plot. Every time someone said 'so mote it be' or spouted an incantation i...more
Molto probabilmente non entrerà mai fra la classifica dei miei preferiti ma alla fine non è propriamente da scartare questo libro.
E' il primo libro della Serie Magic, una serie unicamente per adulti e, francamente, secondo me non adatta nemmeno ai minori di 18 anni.
Purtroppo però oggi in tiv passano di tutto, non so quanto possa essere 'logico'...

La trama è abbastanza originale, un po' confusa in alcuni punti, ma se non altro cerca di essere originale. Come ho detto è il primo di una saga, cred...more
Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten)
I think it is just Cheyenne McCay, or maybe it is the sexy value of the books. Whatever the case may be really really loved this book! It took me ages to read because so much was going on this month. So, don’t think I was bored or anything. The characters all did it for me and the most I have read of witches have been from the Kresley Cole books. I loved the magic element that was in this book. The witches were more than just witches, they had real, honestly power. They oozed it, and it made th...more
#1 Magic (UF) series

Silver Ashcroft is a powerful D'Anu witch in the San Francisco coven. When previously banished evil Fomorii Underworld demons appear in the city, all hell threatens to break loose. The bloodthirsty demons practice the strongest black magic.

Silver's coven practices only white magic, while Silver struggles without her coven's knowledge with her attraction to gray magic. She is convinced that only gray magic can drive the demons back to the Underworld, which puts her in conflict...more
Cheyenne McCray takes us to a whole new world in her paranormal romance series. Take urban fantasy and mesh it up with paranormal romance and a hint of eroticism and romanticism. Silver Ashcroft is a good witch who abides by the Wiccan ways. She's been the chosen one to lead the fight against evil. Estranged from her father and her sister gone missing, she's been taught not to use grey or black magic. But this is a force to be reckoned with. There's an eclectic ray of fantasy creatures here of g...more
Give This Book a Chance, it is Unjustly Underrated!,

Wow, what a complete night/day difference from the first book I tried by Cheyenne McCray, Demons Not Included. Since the majority of reviews for Forbidden Magic were negative, I didn't think I was going to like this book but I actually loved it! Before you let someone's review (including my review) influence your own opinion, I recommend seeing their other reviews to make sure you share similar interest in books first. Silver Ashcroft is a whi...more
Okey, allora. 3 stelline stiracchiate e anche un pò regalate. Mi aspettavo un pochino di più, da questo romanzo. Mi spiego: conoscevo già la McCray ma solo per i suoi romanzi in ebook, contemporanei semplici anche se decisamente erotici che si fanno leggere molto bene. Con questo romanzo la McCray è passata dal formato elettronico a quello cartaceo, aumentando quindi anche il possibile pubblico.
Il fatto che questo, quindi, sia un primo 'vero' romanzo si sente parecchio soprattutto nella consist...more
(2.5 stars) The main character Silver is an underdog which I always like. She's got power but not a whole lot of moral support. She's a "grey" witch that belongs to a white coven. Her coven gets kidnapped by demons and it's up to her to stop them. Enter Hawk - a warrior from another world sent to help her defeat the darkness.

I liked it, but didn't love it. I like paranormal romance, but this was more "erotica." I don't need that kind of detail when it comes to sex scenes. I wonder if a guy actu...more
I wasn't expecting this world that Cheyenne has created to be as 'dark' as it is. It is like our own world but it seems to be only focusing on all the terrible things that happen. I felt a little overwhelmed by all the different worlds (underworld, otherworld, Earth), if seemed like I was missing vital information and just reading to catch up.
However I liked the hero Hawke, a Tuatha D' Danann warrior that is summoned by the Grey witch Silver. Hawke is a strong man with morals, he will do what he...more
Silver Ashcroft practices gray magic, straddling the line between white and black magic. With a sister who has disappeared, she believes gray magic is the only way to protect the ones she loves from evil, but she must be careful not to stray too far into the black. When Hawk, a winged D'Dannan arrives to warn her of a gathering evil, Silver must use every ounce of her power to defeat the enemies and keep from falling into black magic.

This reminded me of the Dresden files, where a lot of fighting...more
this book was pretty good. i admit i skimmed through some parts. some of the details of the Formorii (the bad guys) were incredibly boring. others were just plain odd. the rather D/s sex scenes slapped in the middle of the taking over the world evil mastermind meetings were just so random and out of place it was laughable. obvious excuse to put some more smut into the story. in parts the writing made me roll my eyes and walk away a bit. "poking her channel" ... really? seriously? oh come on ! a...more
This is the first book in Cheyenne McCrays magic series and if it is any indication to how the rest of the books will be, I will be highly disappointed.

I have a hard time with HEA's that fall in love after being together mere days. Maybe I am a cynic but get real.

The herione in the story leaves much to be desired. I also found parts of the book indulgent and stereotypical.

I know, I know...This genre is full of indulgence and stereotypes, I just wish this book would of went a little beyond that.

Amy Freese
First book I have read by this author, and WOW!! I am hooked, total fan now! Her characters are believable and the emotion really comes across. The story is fairly fast paced, lots of intensity. Anyone that is a fan of witch/ warlock novels will drool over this book!! The spotlight Cheyenne puts on her good/ evil battle mimics much which is true of human nature. She does an amazing job showing how that "line" is not always clear. There is much to feel on both sides of the story. There is intrigu...more
I read this title out of sequence, having picked up Seduced by Magic in 2008 without knowing it was part of a series.

I think this fact alone is what made me read like this book; I already had prior knowledge of the characters and the world that Cheyenne McCray built for them.

While the sex scenes (all of them) were deliciously hot, I never truly fell for Silver or Hawk. Actually, the idea of Darkwolf was a bit more tempting than the idea of Hawk. Go figure.

Forbidden Magic is a light, naughty, qui...more
I really enjoyed this book - I'd give it another half-star if I could. I like the author's take on the various Worlds, from the truly evil to the sublime. I enjoyed the romance that developed slowly throughout, as mutual respect, admiration, and appeciation built as well between the male and female leads. Though I know nothing specific about the next book in the series, I will definitely read it, because there are so many possibilities for directions the "big picture" can take and I am anxious t...more
Silver is a gray witch, even if her coven only condone white magic. She thinks that she has to do whatever is necessary to save the human race. So when the warlocks unleash a very bad breed of demons, she summons Hawk, a descendant of the faes to help her. Of course, they are very attracted to each other!

Very compelling read. I couldn't put this book down. The mix of magic and mythology was well explained and blended. I could do without the multiple orgasm though! Oh and just a warning, some of...more
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"New York Times" and "USA Today" bestselling author Cheyenne McCray is the author of several series, including the new "Lawmen" series which debuted with the book "Hidden Prey."

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Chey has three sons, two dogs, and is an Arizona native who loves the desert and all of...more
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