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Comment je suis devenu stupide
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Comment je suis devenu stupide

3.4 of 5 stars 3.40  ·  rating details  ·  3,482 ratings  ·  311 reviews
L'intelligence ne fait pas le bonheur… Antoine, vingt-cinq ans, cultivé, fin et bardé de diplômes aussi exotiques qu'inutiles en fait l'amère constatation. Loin de le rendre heureux, son sens aigu de l'observation et sa fâcheuse tendance à l'analyse ont fait son malheur. Une bonne dose de stupidité l'aiderait sans aucun doute à davantage "participer à la vie". Notre doux-d...more
Broché, Douzième tirage, 218 pages
Published January 12th 2009 by Le Dilettante (first published 2000)
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although based on an interesting idea and quite well reasoned, the book seems overrated; except for antoine all the other characters lack personality. the last chapter is almost annoying, due to the artificial feeling and the beginning of the love story. the naivety and the simplicity of the 2 characters is so exaggerated so that everything becomes unnatural.

desi bazata pe o idee interesanta si argumentata destul de bine, cartulia mi se pare cam overrated; cu exceptia lui antoine, personaje...more
Jan 02, 2008 Kurt rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Any non-cynic with an hour to kill.
Are you morose? Does your intelligence get in the way of your happiness? Then move along, this book is not for you.

Draw an equilateral triangle. Label each vertex: "Candide", by Voltaire; "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", by Douglas Adams; "Venus on the Half-Shell", by Kilgore Trout.

Now plot a point in the middle of the triangle, but a little off-center, somewhere between Hitchhiker's Guide and Half-Shell. That is where this novel wants to be, in pattern and poise, but is not.

If you want a...more
Tariq Alferis
"لقد كتِب في سِفر الجامعة أنٌ {من يُزيد علمه ،يُزيد ألمه"

قصة شاب حاد الذكاء ، مثقف ، ثقافته كانت سبب في تعاسته ، مل الحياة الرتيبة ، تعب من كثرة الأفكار أثناء نومه ..بدل من الآحلام العادية ،مثل حلم انه يشاهد حفلة غنائية لفرقة مشهورة او لمشاهدة ديربي كبير في ملعب كورة ..كان كل تفكيره في فهم المصطلحات المعقدة ، وحتي دراسته كانت في مجال يعتبره الناس العادين شئ غبي .
لديه اصدقاء من نفسه نوعيته كل يوم يكون نقاش علي الافكار والحوار عن ديكارت واندريه جيد ولخ ..
كان اول قرر ليه ..انه يصبح سكيرا …لكنه لم
انطوان ... شاب، 25 سنة، ذكي، مثقف، حائز على عدة شهادات، حاصل على لقب (قارئ العام) لأربع سنوات متتالية... لكنه بنفس الوقت محبط، تعيس في حياته، والسبب في ذلك هو عقله ... عقله هو ما ينغص حياته، فهو يفكر كثيراً ولا يستطيع منع نفسه من التفكير، ولا يستطيع كذلك التوقف عن التحليل ومحاولة فهم الأمور من حوله... هذا الإفراط في التفكير والسعي الدائم للفهم لم يجلب له شيء إلا التعاسة والانعزال عن الناس، فهو غير قادر على الاندماج معهم ... لم يكن عقله يتيح له أي راحة... كان يمنعه من النوم بتساؤلاته المستمرة، وي...more
Jul 13, 2007 Kir rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with IQ under 70
a pseudo-intellectual is tormented by his intelligence and goes on a mission to "become stupid" by doing "normal" things like being a "millionaire stockbroker". written at the fifth grade level, it reads like something i would write when i'm drunk, and in the end of the book, the guy falls in love. t'duh.

at least i've read something that wasn't a blog. maybe now that i've warmed up my page-turning hands, i'll try and finish infinite jest for the final time.
I'm thinking about instituting a new book-reading rule next year: stop reading books as soon as they uninterest me. Were that it was that new year, because this piece of shit would have been a good book to start stopping with.

In actuality, I've been quitting books for years: I just don't write reviews for them because I usually stop reading them by the first or second page, and who am I to judge if a book might not get better as it goes on? But this book, this "book" I knew I was going to hate b...more
The book was strictly ok, nowhere near as silly as the end of Werber's Fourmis series. I dunno, there's a sort of cliché snobbery in this book (well, what else do you expect from such a title) that got on my nerves. Oooh, so the protagonist decides he wants to be stupid and so he goes to eat at McDonalds... puh-leeze... I mean I'm down with intellectual snobbery and all that, but that's just pandering.
Jared Busch
Mar 20, 2007 Jared Busch rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: eh
Shelves: ihatethesebooks
one of the best concepts ever... intelligent guy decides the reason he's miserable is because he's TOO intelligent, so decides to become stupid. HOWEVER, much like the shitty films of M. Night Shyamalan, it fails to live up to the brilliance of its premise. I wish I could tell you specific reasons why I ended up flinging it at the wall, but I've shut it out to make way for more useful things in my brain.
abandoned on account of it's annoying to read.
As pompous and elitist as it seems to me upon reflection, identifying with Antoine was very easy. It seems that the world is made up of people who really don't consider their lives or the world at large. I have never gotten to the point Antoine did, however. I've never considered intelligence to be a curse. Granted, I'm not nearly as enlightened, but, all the same, I cringe at the thought of leaving unnecessary lights on. I hate the fact that I drive everywhere I go. I agonize over the products...more
علاء صديق
راوية تهكمية وممتعة بدرجة كبيرة. الفكرة ذكية، يستطيع أن يتحدث عن أفكار عميقة كغربة الإنسان في العصر المادي والتنميط السائد للأفراد في ظل ثقافة الإستهلاك بأسلوب ساخر ومحبب. الجزء الأول أمتع من الأخير خاصة منفستو تعليل رغبته في أن يصبح غبياً. ربما كان بامكان الجزء الأخير أن يكون أكثر إمتاعا وللحبكة أن تكون أقوى. عموماً الكتاب ممتع وصغير ويذكرك بأجواء أفلام وودي آلن بسخريته الكبيرة من المجتمع المادي.
محمود حسني

عندما يفسد الكاتب فكرته العبقرية بسرده المستفز العبثي ..
Granadian Knight
الرواية قمة في السخرية لثقافة المجتمع ولما يسمى "الرأي العام"
تريد أن تعيش ب"سعادة"؟ حسناََ. يقترح عليك أنطوان (مثقف تعيس بسبب ثقافته) أن تدمن الكحوليات و أن لم يجد ذلك نفعا أو لم تنجح المحاولة فعليك بالإنتحار. قد تفشل في ذلك أيضا. إذاََ, فعليك بالإنغماس في تيار المجتمع الجارف. كل أغذية دسمة رخيصة كالتي في مطاعم مكدونالدس. أرتد ثيابا أنيقة سرعان ما تصبح مثار سخرية في العام الموالي. شاهد برامج التلفاز و خاصة تلك التي تسمى برامج الواقع. إشتر أشياءا كثيرة أنت في غنىََ عنها. غص في عالم الرأسمالية و ك...more
اسم الرواية مغر جدا ، وفكرتها عبقرية ..
تقوم على أساس الحكمة القائلة : من يعرف أكثر يحزن أكثر .
لكن السرد جاء سيئا ، والتفاصيل جاءت مملة وغير مفيدة
إذ ركز الكاتب على أشياء لا تخدم الفكرة .. وأهمل ما كان ينبغي عليه عرضه في هذه الرواية ..
في نظري .. أغلب أجزاء الرواية مجرد ثرثرة .
تحكي الرواية عن شاب ذكي أعياه ذكاؤه فقرر أن يصبح غبيا ..
يشرب الكحول لكي يصبح سكيرا ، لكنه لا يفلح .. ثم يقرر الانتحار ، لكنه يفشل !
يذهب لطبيب ، فيمنحه أقراصا مهدئة تجنبه كثرة التفكير ..
بعد ذلك يقرر أن يصبح سمسارا بمساعدة صديق...more
Haifa Busamra
لدينا هنا بوشلاخ فرنسي، يسخر من مجتمعه بفكرة عمل ذكية بطله يريد أن يصبح غبيا.
رواية خفيفة وساخرة تقلب مفاهيم الحياة الراهنة رأسا على عقب حسب وجهة نظر الكاتب الحانق على ترهات مجتمعه.
ياه! ما أكثر الأغبياء إذاً حسب مفهوم المؤلف!
أحببت النهاية التي يعزى فيها كل شخص محبط, كبطل الرواية، بأن هناك في الدنيا من خلق لأجله.
فعش حياتك كيفما هي وابق متمسكا بالأمل.
يمكن إنهاء قراءة الرواية في جلسة واحدة.
How I Became Stupid...I read this book. Not a good book. Maybe I should've drank wine while it read or worn a beret. I am afraid to post this because what if the fact that I didn't understand it reflects on my infinte depths of my stupidity as an undereducated American, unable to contemplate any thing that is not tangible or realated to beer commercials or sports metaphors. Naaahh!
"Modern Day Candide" my butt. Keep dreaming Martin Page.
A hideous reading!

We have a main character utterly anguished by his so called intelligence - never and nowhere properly described. And some fucked up issue ('Oh! My intelligence hurts so much!')to be solved with incredibly stupid solutions.

The choices he makes to become stupid are so idiotic and trivial, it's impossible to believe that a decent (not necessarily very intelligent) human being might see some logic in them.

Any hope for this writing to be somewhat cleaner is knocked out by cliches...more

Este libro es una pequeña joya. Es una novela corta sobre un muchacho, Antoine, que es demasiado inteligente, lo que le provoca ser consciente de todo lo que va mal en el mundo y le impide ser feliz. Decide, tras intentar otras cosas (convertirse en alcohólico, suicidarse), convertirse en un estúpido, para no ser consciente de todo lo malo que le rodea y ser al fin feliz.

La novela es divertidísima. Tiene puntos surrealistas que me arrancaron carcajadas. Por ejemplo, uno de los amigos de Antoine

(view spoiler)...more
daniel chiaretti
Nada é mais francês do que a obra “Como me tornei um estúpido”, de Martin Page. O livro, que se tornou um cult dos anos 2000, narra a história de Antoine, um jovem cuja inteligência excessiva o faz sofrer demais com o mundo. Assim, após tentar, em vão, o alcoolismo e o suicídio, Antoine resolve se tornar estúpido.
O mote parece sedutor, mas é um truque: Antoine não se insurge contra sua hipersensibilidade intelectual diante das injustiças do mundo. Se insurge contra o fato de suas habilidades, co...more
Alexandru Bîtcă
Cum m-am hotărât să NU devin prost

Martin Page cu romanul său 'M-am hotărât să devin prost', m-a convins să vreau opusul... dacă nu e prea târziu și dacă se poate.
Antoine, eroul principal, se simte un inadaptat social și are în chinuri 'groaznice' de atâta inteligență. El nu mai vrea să gândească mereu, să analizeze, să caute soluții etc.; asta e o activitate care-l face să se simtă bătrân. Soluția i se pare simplă - să devină prost. Prostul e prezentat ca o persoană cu un job stabil, cu perspect...more
Safaa A. Ihmaed
هذا كتابٌ يجعلُ من يراكَ و أنت تقرؤه يشكُّ في كونكَ مجنوناً , لا أنكر أنّي لم أكن قادرةً على منعِ ملامحي من التقلُّبِ مع تقلبات أنطوان في كتابهْ , في الشقِّ الأول من الكتاب حينَ كان أنطوان الشاب الذكيَّ جدَّاً ليس بالمفهوم المتعارف عليه للذكاء , بل بمفهوم الذكاء اللامنهجي الفضولي المتحمّس و الذي يسبب لكَ قلقاً و اضطراباً في النوم و في الوجبات الغذائيَّة , الذكاء الذي يجعلكَ عبارةً عن سؤالٍ في هيئةِ إنسانْ , لماذا و كيف و متى و إلى أين
في هذا الشقِّ من الكتاب كنت سعيدةً جداً أرسمُ على وجهي ابتسام...more
Aug 28, 2008 Ben rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Ben by: Sorry, sister Naomi
This book made me dislike the French. It was just terrible. And unpleasant to read. Though, the character Aas was so cool, he should have his book with actual dialogue from him instead of saying something like, "Aas told me I was a jerk in a haiku." I want the haiku instead.
I enjoyed the book very much, especially in the first part were the ways he decides is going to commit suicide are hillarious. I didn't like the end very seemed rushed and to sudden.
Luke Goldstein
With a title like this gracing the front cover, you might get the impression that this is a tale of wrong choices, longing for the good ole’ days and trying to figure out how it all got away.

You’d be mostly wrong…mostly.

How I Became Stupid is a tale about Antoine, who feels forever burdened by his astounding intelligence and natural curiosity about the world he inhabits. The weight of his knowledge is stifling and he longs to become one of the drooling, ignorant masses he sees around him every d...more
A thoughtful, sarcastic, sad, hilarious, disturbing, lovely little book.
Antoine decides to stop thinking and heed Flaubert's injunction: To be stupid, selfish and healthy are the three requirements to be happy, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
To be happy, he will strip himself of his social conscience, his thoughtful sensitivity, his few friends, even "his precious and individual limited editions", books painfully reconstituted, page by page.
Further to buck his crippling awareness an...more
More like a 2.9

While I read the book, my feelings for it were up and down. I read a passage that made we want to give the book rating of 5. Then something else made me want to give the book a 2. later I would read something else that made we want to rate the book a 4. It went on like this until the last word of the book. I wonder how much of the the meaning of the book was lost in translation. Although it should not be much since French is a Romantic language and English is built off the back of...more
I don't know if the main character is pseudo-intellectual or actually intellectual, either way he feels out of place in society and existential depression. He comes to the conclusion that he needs to be stupider to be happy, which is such a stupid decision that I think he's well on his way. From there the plot just kind of lumbers around as he gets a bunch of people's opinions and tries different things until he meets a girl similar to him and they nerd out together. Really that's the most posit...more
A brief, pithy novel about a young French intellectual with a dead-end degree and a dead-end job who decides he'd be happier if he was less intelligent, and sets about trying to make it happen. Eventually it descends into broad antimaterialist satire, and I think it could have benefited from a savvy editor, but nonetheless, I recommend it unreservedly to anyone reading this.

Money quote: "Alcoholics are pitied, they are cared for, they are thought of in medical terms, humanely. But no one thinks...more
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French writer Martin Page is the author of the bestselling novel, How I Became Stupid, which won the Euroregional schools’ literature prize, an award given by Belgian, Dutch and German students. His novels have been translated in a dozen languages. He also writes for children (I am an earthquake, Conversation with a chocolate cake…).
He is a recipient of the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship. He...more
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