La sangre de los elfos (La Saga de Geralt de Rivia, #3)
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La sangre de los elfos (Saga o Wiedźminie #3)

4.27 of 5 stars 4.27  ·  rating details  ·  8,063 ratings  ·  224 reviews
En verdad os digo que se acerca el tiempo de la espada y el hacha, la época de la tormenta salvaje. Se acerca el Tiempo del Invierno Blanco y de la Luz Blanca. El Tiempo de la Locura y el Tiempo del Odio, el Tiempo del Fin. El mundo morirá entre la escarcha y resucitará de nuevo junto con el nuevo sol. Resucitará de entre la Antigua Sangre, de Hen Ichaer, de la semilla sem...more
Hardcover, 253 pages
Published 2010 by Alamut (first published 1994)
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Mike (the Paladin)
I "feel" (note the use of the word "feel" rather than "think") I should (have) like(ed) this book better. The plot sounds very interesting. The girl Ciri, child of promise and prophecy (yes a common motif in fantasy and folklore) who was promised to the Witcher before she was born. (Evil faeries and so on used to claim that promise). The story of her "education", training, change and all the people around who want to protect or use her.

But I just found the book a sort of yawner. It opens with a...more
I jumped right into this after reading "The Last Wish" expecting something similar in terms of pacing and structure. Instead this picked up a dangling thread from one of the short stories in the previous book and wove an epic fantasy.

I did feel that I needed a map to keep all of the little countries and their relations to each other, and maybe even a diagram with all the rulers and their relations to each other, but the important ones were easy enough to follow.

To me it felt like Ciri was real...more
I loved it like I knew I would. It was well worth the wait, and I can not wait until the next installment. For some reason, my wife and I were possessed by the title and now run around the house doing some ridiculous call and response thing-
Me(from downstairs, yelling black metal voice): "BLOOD OF ELVES"
Her (from upstairs, shrieking black metal voice): "BLLLLLLLLLLOOOOD OF EELLLVVVVEEES"

There are worse reactions a book can inspire.
Vladimir Vasquez
Oct 10, 2011 Vladimir Vasquez rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Vladimir by: Guillermo Moreno
La sangre de los elfos de Andrzej Sapkowski nos muestra un estilo muy distinto al que nos tenía acostumbrados en los libros anteriores, si bien los capítulos continúan siendo un tanto episódicos, la verdad es que la prosa de Sapkowski ha cambiado totalmente en este libro, saltos en el tiempo, diferentes grupos de personaje en un solo capítulo, historias pequeñas que se enhebran en historias mayores, etc.

Curiosamente me da la impresión que en este libro es donde Geralt de Rivia "El Brujo" aparec...more
Jun 30, 2009 Aubrey marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
From "The Guardian":

Gemmell prize for fantasy goes to Polish novel, Blood of Elves

The David Gemmell Legend prize, established in honour of the later author to lend dignity to the fantasy genre, is awarded to Andrzej Sapkowski's bestselling tale of dwarves, elves, gnomes and humans

A book prize that is intended to restore fantasy to its proper place in the literary pantheon has been won by a bestselling Polish author who is little-known in the UK.

Andrzej Sapkowski outsells Stephen King in Poland,...more

After the dark Yellow Eyes, I needed a lighter book and Blood of Elves is just the one; it took me a while and some fast browsing to get into it since Mr. Sapkowski' style (or the translation) is quirky, but then i started fully enjoying it and went back from the beggining as well as starting again Last Wish which thoroughly underwhelmed me on publication last year, probably;y because I did not have patience to get accustomed to it.

The series should be a great one, gotta dust my rusty Spanish s...more
-Ya no más relatos unidos sino una novela.-

Género. Narrativa Fantástica.

Lo que nos cuenta. Ciri, al cuidado de Geralt de Rivia, todavía tiene pesadillas sobre el asedio de Cintra que, además de la destrucción de su monarquía a manos de los nilfgaardianos, ha dejado en el alma profundas cicatrices cuya profundidad tal vez sea todavía mayor de lo que parece. El bardo Jaskier es uno de los que cantan historias sobre Geralt y sus aventuras, siendo testigo de que hay cierta inquietud política entre...more
Being a big fan of the game, it was a pleasure reading the book which inspired it. I had immensely enjoyed The Last Wish by Andrzej so reading this series was inevitable.

The Witcher Saga based on the exploits of Geralt the Witcher is a fascinating world filled in monsters, magic, kings, knights and of course, the Witchers. Based on Slavic mythology the book is very refreshing in terms of plot, despite using common features such as elves, dwarves and magic. What makes it so is the good world bui...more
Jul 17, 2010 Joy rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: fans of fantasy, magic, those who want something refreshing
Recommended to Joy by: Toshi-kun
This was a rather laid back novel full of trouble brewing, wars in the making, and the introduction of Ciri, the Child Surprise, Geralt's and the other witchers' destiny.

For those who haven't read the prequel:

In "The Last Wish", there's a story where Geralt was invitied to an event by Queen Calanthe, the Lioness of Cintra and he was asked to disguise himself. The cunning witcher knew at once there's something afoot until there's a commotion, a knight who refuses to reveal his face, (turns out it...more
I didn't like this book by Sapkowski as much as the previous one, but that was a collection of short stories rather than a proper novel like this one. I guess I was in the mood to read stories about Geralt (the witcher)'s encounters with strange and dangerous mythical beings, but instead I ended up reading a serious novel about politics and war, intrigue and destiny. Didn't help that it had an open ending (apparently it's part of a series), and that I continuously had the distinct feeling there...more
Sapkowski nie zawodzi. Po przeczytaniu dwóch tomów jednego dnia mogę to z ręką na sercu powiedzieć. Nie ma co, poprzedni tom był bardziej emocjonujący, ale Krew Elfów tylko minimalnie strąca wysoko ustawioną poprzeczkę.
Czytałam wszystkie tomy przygód Geralta dziesięć lat temu i dziś pochłaniają mnie takim samym ogniem. Przyznam, że były fragmenty, które odznaczały się brakiem wartkiej akcji, ale cieszę się, że takie przerwy w książce istnieją - dzięki nim czytanie nie jest tak emocjonalnie obci...more
Couldn't finish this ... got about half way through before i couldn't bring myself to pick it up again.

Reads like one of the 90's TSR D&D novels - generic setting, races and sterotypes directly out of the "Players Handbook".

The kind of book that puts me off fantasy.
Ihsan Duzgun
Geralt, the title character, is a 'Witcher' - one of a semi-secret society of monster-killing specialists. Already born as mutants (a word bandied around anachronistically throughout the book), Witchers are then trained and chemically altered to become killing machines. All hopped-up on primitive combat drugs and armed with meteoric swords, Witchers travel the world killing nasty beasties. Preferably for money.

Although Witchers are scrupulously neutral in matters of politics, Geralt has broken t...more
-Ya no más relatos unidos sino una novela.-

Género. Narrativa Fantástica.

Lo que nos cuenta. Ciri, al cuidado de Geralt de Rivia, todavía tiene pesadillas sobre el asedio de Cintra que, además de la destrucción de su monarquía a manos de los nilfgaardianos, ha dejado en el alma profundas cicatrices cuya profundidad tal vez sea todavía mayor de lo que parece. El bardo Jaskier es uno de los que cantan historias sobre Geralt y sus aventuras, siendo testigo de que hay cierta inquietud política entre...more
Lana Axe
I've just finished re-reading this book, and I still enjoy it very much. It focuses less on Geralt than "The Last Wish", and is written in an entirely different way. This is not a short story collection. It is a single novel that focuses on a young girl named Ciri who is a ward to the witcher Geralt. She is a fascinating character, and I look forward to reading more about her in future novels. In this story, we are presented with more of Geralt's history, including his love/hate relationship wit...more
First volume of Witchman saga. Witchmen are members of secret society and earn their living by killing monsters. Candidates for witchmen are trained in martial arts and their bodies are changed deeply by magical liquids to prepare them to fight with monsters. Many candidates die during it - if the candidate survives, he becomes infertile, sometimes an albino and often his face is deformed.

Geralt of Rivia takes care of Ciri, the Litlle Lion of Cintra. He discovers that she is the Source - the pe...more

I wanted sooooo much to give this book a 5 star review. I love the characters and I love the world, but I kept asking myself, "When are they going to stop setting everything up and jump into the story?" Then, after all the characters had been introduced and the plot was ready to take off... the book ended. Seriously, the whole thing felt like a novel-length prologue. I will definitely read the other ones when they are translated, but I honestly wish I had waited until then to read this one...more
Peccato per la (non) fine, perché il libro fin lì meriterebbe molto più.
Mi piace come scrive Sapkowski, mi piace il taglio a metà strada tra l'ironico e il serio e le considerazione profonde venate di ironia. Mi piace Geralt, Ciri e la loro relazione con Yennefer (e Triss, e tutti gli altri).
Ma "Il sangue degli elfi" non è un libro, è il primo capitolo di un libro.
Premesse, sviluppo e apoteosi, conclusione. Di norma sono questi i passi di un romanzo. "Il sangue degli elfi" arriva forse a metà...more
Matej Svec
One of the best fantasy books I've read in my life for couple of reasons:
A/ it has darn good characters which are not just unique (no fantasy cliches), but believable, adult and rich in inner life.
B/ the story is complicated, very well constructed and most importantly the narratory and drama is just breath taking
C/ the world in which it is situated is a nasty middle age place, no place for Eragon pussies, darn harsh nasty place, where strong devour the weak, not for typical cliche reasons of go...more
Jim Mcclanahan
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Szymon Szweda
Cóż można powiedzieć? Było mi wiadome z poprzednich czytań, że Sapek jest raczej mistrzem krótkich form i troszkę się to potwierdza. Od razu trzeba napomknąć, że mam słabą pamięć i choć sagę czytałem jak wychodziło to pamiętam tylko strzępki wydarzeń, więc traktuje to jak pierwsze czytanie.

Jak na razie akcja dopiero sie zawiązuje, pionki rozstawiają się na szachownicy, ale widać, że wszystko do czegoś zmierza, autor ma jakiś plan i wydaje się, że wie jak wprowadzić go w życie. Cóż począć - lecim...more
Ah, cóżF za niesamowity wstęp do Sagi... mamy tu trening w Kaer Morhen, podstawy magii, Wielką Politykę, wielkie spiski, knowania czarodziejów, wojny na tle rasowym, Wielką Tajemnicę... aż dziwne, że Sapkowskiemu na niecałych 300 stronach udało się zmieścić więcej fabuły niż wielu współczesnym autorom fantasy nie udaje się w 3 tysiącstronnicowych tomiszczach... mimo że to kolejne moje czytanie Sagi czuję się równie radosny jak za pierwszym razem!
Michal Osiak
This is the first book in The Witcher's Saga. To me is the second best. Sapkowski writes it with flair, with great respect for his characters and the plot. The characters are very real, well constructed and you get to care about them as the story goes on. The plot is quite complicated and it takes good bit of focus not to get lost, but it is also very involving and rewarding. I highly reccomend this book
A fine sequel to the Last Wish, Young Ciri is an engaging character and I find myself rooting for her to complete her studies and become an Enchantress AND a Witcher. And of course, Geralt is a deliciously loose cannon throughout, the sort of agent of chaos every mediaeval empire needs (not that the setting of the Last Wish and The Blood of Elves IS as mediaeval as it appears at first glance.
While this book is clearly a prologue for the rest of the series, it was very well written. It combined different styles of writing to make an interesting and effective blend that spices the story up. You really should read Last Wish first to get a baseline on the world, the major characters and their relationships, which are further developed and reinforced in this work.
Matteo Pellegrini
Il regno di Cintra è caduto. Dopo quattro giorni d'assedio, le truppe di Nilfgaard irrompono nel castello e massacrano l'intera famiglia reale. La principessa Ciri è l'unica che riesce a fuggire ma, all'improvviso, un cavaliere nemico le si para davanti e avanza minaccioso, brandendo un pugnale insanguinato... Ciri non ricorda cosa sia successo. Sa solo che ora è sana e salva, protetta dalla spada di Geralt di Rivia e dalle possenti mura di Kaer Morhen, la fortezza in cui si addestrano i giovan...more
I find this novel difficult to rate. It was a quick, easy and relatively entertaining read, but I didn't come away feeling that I'd gained much else from it. Whilst it does offer a more detailed set up of the geographical and political landscape of 'Witcherland', which did prove intriguing at times, the story still felt rather jumbled and flat. Maybe I should just be more patient and wait to see how things unfold in the following books, but the whole novel felt like an excessively long prologue,...more
Not a bad book but not exceptional. I liked "The Last Wish" a lot more. The main character (Gerald) seemed very high and mighty and the level of arrogance is frankly astounding. He seems to look down on everybody he meets. I did not get this impression from him in the previous book I read in this series. What made a good story where the other characters. The bond between Ciri and Yennefer was what kept me reading this book until the end.

All and all not a lot of things happen in this book. It jus...more
It's a shame that these books are hard to find(I had to ask the bookstore to order a copy for me), as Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy world is dark and rich. I can't wait until book 2 is translated for America, as I am curious to the future of the series main character, Geralt of Rivia aka The Witcher.
Linda Margaret
This author is really good, if a bit morally ambiguous (which is something that I like). Only some of his series are out in English, which irritates me. I want the rest. I want to say he is a bit of a Polish Tolkein, but the comparison seems unfair. He is different and unique.
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Andrzej Sapkowski, born June 21, 1948 in Łódź, is a Polish fantasy writer. Sapkowski studied economics, and before turning to writing, he had worked as a senior sales representative for a foreign trade company. His first short story, The Witcher (Wiedźmin), was published in Fantastyka, Poland's leading fantasy literary magazine, in 1986 and was enormously successful both with readers and critics....more
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