La Mano del Destino
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La Mano del Destino (Triple Threat #2)

3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  721 ratings  ·  115 reviews
Cuando Jim Fate, presentador de un popular programa radial conservador de entrevistas, muere en el estudio, el Club de la Triple Amenaza se enfrenta a un misterio en el cual lo que esta en juego es personal.
"La mano del destino" empieza con un sospechoso ataque terrorista, cuando el vociferante presentador de un programa radial de entrevistas, Jim Fate, es asesinado por un...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Grupo Nelson (first published February 22nd 2010)
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Jean Oram
A vocal radio host is killed in studio, leaving three heroines to find the killer. Jim Fate spent his hours on air bringing his listeners to a froth with his extreme views and uncanny ability to poke his finger right into the middle of a hot spot, no matter which topic. Loved and hated, the list of suspects includes half his hometown city of Portland, Oregon. It’s up to Cassidy (TV crime reporter), Nicole (FBI agent), and Allison (Federal Prosecutor) to get through the suspect list while dealing...more
I started this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. What a thriller! In the times that we are living in, when terrorist plots using biochemicals are a very real threat, where left and right wing extremists exist and cause harm, the events in this book are not too hard to imagine happening.

The book is fast paced, action packed, not one boring moment where you want to put it down and go find something else to do for a bit. The 3 friends in the book, Cassidy, Allison, and Nic are believable an...more
Elii Vela
Feb 03, 2011 Elii Vela rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: All, Fans of CSI, Bones, Law & Order
Como el resumen dice mucho sobre la historia, me saltaré esa parte e iré directo al grano :) ME ENCANTÓ! Soy fanática de los programas de detectives: CSI NY, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, Bones, La Ley y el Orden (menos del Mentalista que me aburre a más no poder), así que una vez que tuve en mis manos el libro, no pude hacer menos que leerlo. Reconozco que lo abrí por curiosidad, pero me enganchó desde la primera página, sobre todo por que sus capítulos son cortos, la historia fluye con rapidez, au...more
Lis Wiehl & April Henry have done it again! "Hand of Fate" is a fast-paced murder mystery that will grab you from the beginning and hold you right up to the end. We find Cassidy, Nicole, and Allison (the Triple Threat Club) once again working together to solve a case. Jim Fate is a radio talk show host who does his best to stir up controversial conversations, thereby boosting his popularity and show ratings. He is murdered in a possible Sarin gas attack. There are many suspects but only one...more
Jim Fate is the name and face of his radio show, “The Hand of Fate”. Jim’s favorite past time is attacking the government and reading his threat mail on his radio show. He picks out the best ones and reads them on the air in what he likes to call his “Nut of the Day”. It seems that Jim might have taken things a bit too far this time. A package arrives and inside it is a canister of poisonous gas and Jim quickly dies.

FBI Special Agent, Nicole Hedges; Crime reporter, Cassidy Shaw and Federal Pros...more
A friend introduced me to the site BookSneeze, which offers free books to those who are willing to write reviews of the offered works. Turns out my first assignment was a crime thriller. Though not my usual preferred genera, I found Hand of Fate to be gripping from beginning to end.

This who-done-it begins with the murder of a controversial talk show host in his own broadcast studio room. The author takes three friends on a roller coaster ride of suspicion, fear, secrecy, and paranoia. First ther...more
When Jim Fate, a controversial talk show host, opens a package that contains poison, his death puts his town into a panic. As citizens fear a terrorist attack, Allison, Cassidy, and Nicole work together to find the person or group responsible for the death of Fate, who had made many enemies with his brash opinions. Will they find the person responsible before their own lives are in danger?

While the mystery aspect of the novel was interesting and fast-paced, my favorite part of the book was the c...more
Sid Frost
I purchased the CD edition of the book, read by Pam Turlow, for a long automobile trip and enjoyed it so much I bought the first in the series when I got back.

Hand of Fate is the second book in the Triple Threat series, so named because of the three main characters, Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor, Nicole Hedges, an FBI special agent, and Cassidy Shaw, a TV crime reporter. These three are friends and have a history of being in college together.

The story begins with the murder of a radio t...more
Pat W. Kirk
When Jim Fate, the talk show host with the hot running mouth gets murdered during his show, listeners and crew think terrorists might have sent the deadly poison. As people fall in the street, it seems to prove it. But as Allison and Nic work the case, that becomes only one possibility. They realize that they would have less trouble looking for people who like him.

The inside book flap (library copy) lists author Lis Wiehl as “former federal prosecutor.” Allison also has that job. The police and...more
Mike (the Paladin)
This is the second in the "Triple Threat" series by Lis Wiehl. It's the 4th novel by Ms. Wiehl I've read. I didn't stay quite as interested in this one as I did it's "predecessor".

This time we do get (another) good and interesting idea for the plot. We open up with what looks like a chemical terrorist attack. As we proceed through the book we also get more involved in the personal life and problems of our 3 protagonists. This edged toward and tottered on the edge of what I generally call "soap...more
Suspense Magazine
In an exciting and much anticipated return, Wiehl and Henry once again captivate readers with the continuation of The Triple Threat Club in the “Hand of Fate”. Instantly riveting, the action begins with the dramatic and unexpected death of Jim Fate, a nationally syndicated and brash on-air personality. With glaring similarities to real life shock jock, Howard Stern and controversial Fox News personality, Bill O’Reilly, it is not surprising to find the suspect list staggering. Wading through this...more
Mark Soone
I recently finished Face of Betrayal, and found it quite enjoyable. This prompted me to seek out the next book in the series The Hand Of fate. I found this book enjoyable, but not quite as gripping as the first book.

Very nice character development. This is one of the most engaging things about a series, that you get to connect and almost know the charaters. I did feel that the one thing this book excelled at was the continued development of the characters. After the first book Allison was really...more
Published 2010 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
This is the second in the Triple Threat Series by Lis Wiehl.

While I'm not a fan of crime fiction, I did find this book entertaining and enjoyable, though certainly not a mind blowing sure-to-be-a-classic book.

The story line was well conceived, from an author who has worked in the field of talk media, with some of the biggest names in radio and TV broadcasting (if the reviews from her famous friends are any indication).

The investigation was intriguing, thou...more
Sara Strand
What a great book. Normally- I don't know that I would pick this one up if I were out browsing for books. It's part of a series but what's fantastic is that you don't need to read the one that comes before it. It stands on its own.
It's the story of a popular radio talk show host, Jim Fate, who was killed in the studio by a mysterious and poisonous gas. The murder came on the heels of threats and scares of sarin gas and put the city of Portland into a panic. In the aftermath it follows three wome...more
This is a great pleasant read. A great cozy. I found it rather simple , but did look forward to reading it daily. Small, but not heavy christian element for those that do not care for the heavy christian theme. I like both styles. I will read more if I can get them free or about .99. I usually will not pay much for an author I have not tried yet. Good enough to read, but do not like to pay for a book unless 2nd hand or cheap kindle if I would not want to keep and read again. Coming from the view...more
Vicki Gooding
This book gets it's name from this intensive mostly conservative radio talk show host, that stands up for the underdog but tends to offend many. His name is Jim Fate with the program Hand of Fate who is murdered by opening a package with poisonous gas inside. The three main characters are best friends. Allison Pierce who is the Federal Prosecutor. Nicole Hedges who it appears works with Allison professionally a bit more often. She is a Special FBI Agent. And last, but by no means least Cassidy S...more
Siobhan Parker
Lis Wiehl's second mystery/thriller holds its own, but it still isn't quite as good as the original. Despite that, anyone who liked Face of Betrayal will probably also enjoy Hand of Fate.
Ginger Price
Love these ladies!

After reading Face of Betrayal, I was anxious for more from these 3 ladies. This was a great "who done it" - thinking the murder was solved half way thru the book! Cassidy courageously shared her experiences being in an abusive relationship. Allison & Marshall were anticipating the arrival of their baby. Niki faced her little girl's father, and was finally able to share the circumstances surrounding her birth. I enjoy a friendship with two women whom I have known a long tim...more
Jim Fate is a local and well-known radio personality. Well-known maybe for the wrong reasons, Jim Fate doesn’t exactly keep his opinions to him self. Courting controversy on a daily basis, there’s not a topic Jim is afraid to discuss, much to the annoyance of some of his listeners.

But Jim’s mouth has finally gotten him into a situation he won’t be able to talk himself out of. A mysterious package arrives at the studio, containing deadly gas that triggers panic across the city and the death of Ji...more
"Hand of Fate" is the second novel in this well-written, fast-paced detective mystery/suspense series. The novel is perfectly understandable without reading the first novel in the series, but it will probably still be more enjoyable if you start with the first book, "The Face of Betrayal."

The characters were realistic and interesting, and they struggled with realistic personal troubles even as they worked to solve the case. The world-building about the city and the jobs was excellent. It felt li...more
Hand of Fate is the second book in the Triple Threat series; I really enjoyed the first one so I looked forward to reading the second one. Hand of Fate is quite different to the first book as this one is first and foremost a murder investigation. While this is the second book, you could probably read it without reading the first one as it doesn’t reference it too much.
I found the first few chapters of the book really intriguing and unputdownable. It was really fast paced and action packed. Unfor...more
Peter G.

(The entire review is posted here.)


On page 2, Jim Fate addresses his co-host by her last name (“With all due respect, Hanawa, …”), a classic O’Reilly habit, just in case there ever was any doubt as to Jim O’Fate’s real-life identity.

Shortly thereafter, on the bottom of page 4, the doomed bloviator pulls the red string tab on the fatal package, and for the next five pages he slowly asphyxiates—a process the author chronicles with manifest relish in gruesome detail—until he finally flatlines...more
This is the second book in the Triple Threat series by Lis Wiehl and April Henry and although I've not read the first book Face of Betrayal I still really enjoyed Hand of Fate. The story revolves around the murder of Jim Fate, a controversial radio talk show host. Jim dies when poisonous gas is released into his studio and the whole of downtown Portland is evacuated. Each of the three main characters - FBI Special Agent Nicole, crime reporter Cassidy and Federal Prosecuter Allison - are caught u...more
When radio talk show host, Jim Fate, is murdered with an unknown gas sent to him in a mysterious package, panic ensues. Is this a terrorist attack or an irate fan whose gone to far? It's up to Cassidy Shaw, Nicole Hedges, and Allison Pierce to figure out. They call themselves the Triple Threat and together they plan on figuring out this case. In the days that follow his murder, facts unravel, suspects appear and things take a twist that no one sees. Lis Wiehl composed a thrilling tale of suspens...more
Edwina Cowgill
Hand of Fate is a Triple Threat novel of suspense and intrigue that will keep you biting your fingernails from beginning to end. For those of you who have not read The Face of Betrayal, Ms. Wiehl’s first Triple Threat novel, allow me to introduce you to the members of the Triple Threat Club: Allison Pierce, Federal Prosecutor, Nicole Hedge, FBI Special Agent and Cassidy Shaw, TV Crime Reporter. “The Club was an inside joke, just three friends with connections to law enforcement…who were devoted...more
Julie Graves
When talk radio host Jim Fate is murdered there is no shortage of suspects. Over the years he has made many enemies with his opinions.

Once again The Triple Threat Club are on the case. They must find the killer while also dealing with personal stresses in their life.

FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges is battling her awakening feelings for fellow agent Lief. She is determined to only be friends and never allow a man into her life. Bitter and angry at God she is determined to protect her young daugh...more
Bruce Snell
Book number Two in the Triple Threat series by Lis Wiehl - 3 stars. A local talk radio celebrity, Jim Fate, is murdered with an airborne poison during a break in his radio show. All three of the series prime characters, FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, and Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce swing into action investigating the murder, and seeking a solution to the mystery.

This book is not quite as good as book one in the series. The story seems a bit disjointed with mo...more
Leslie (That Chick That Reads)
You know it’s crazy to read about something that could happen! I mean the book is based on Jim Fate and he has this show called Hand of Fate, where he has a pretty much one handed side view of everything and so he made tons of enemies. Well how do radio host deal with the death threats that they receive? What if they receive something that could ultimately end their lives?

This story line is definitely intriguing and face-paced. The characters are awesome! This book is written in three different...more
I do enjoy this series. This is definitely a woman's series as some of the discussions are ones men would not appreciate. I find it interesting that the heroine women are not strong individual characters. It is only together that they are able to solve the murder of the talk show host. That happens after one of them does a dumb thing. I would rather see stronger women but I can see that the strength of the women comes from the support of the others.
Pretty good story, plus lots of interesting bits of information thrown in along the way. I learned about how radio shows are produced and tidbits about criminal investigation and prosecution, among other things. Unfortunately, the three female protagonists weren't especially likable for me. One woman, Alison (the prosecutor), was okay. But Nicole, the special agent, seemed a simply drawn character, formulaically frigid because - of course! - she had been victimized as a woman. And Cassidy, the T...more
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Lis Wiehl is the author "Face of Betrayal," a New York Times Best Seller.

She has also written "Winning Every Time: How to Use the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of Your Life" and "The 51% Minority: How Women Still Are Not Equal and What You Can Do About It."

In addition to her written work, Wiehl is currently a legal analyst for Fox News. She has been with the network since 2001.

A graduate of...more
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