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The Miser
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The Miser

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  5,103 ratings  ·  128 reviews
The aging but vital Harpagon is hoarding every centime he can get his hands on, making sure that his two children, the virginal Elise and the dandy Cleante, live under his iron will. To complicate matters, Elise has fallen in love with the handsome Valere, who masquerades as a servant in the household, despite his noble birth, and, worse yet, Cleante and Harpagon are both ...more
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Published January 1st 2010 by MobileReference (first published 1668)
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the miser a French comedy by Molière ....
Harpagon the protagonist, who spends most of his time guarding his money and searching for ways to reduce or avoid paying household expenses. At the end of the play, he is more concerned with his money than he is with the welfare of his children.
Cléante Son of Harpagon. He loves Marianne, the young woman he saved from drowning and to his bad luck his father wishes to marry,Élise Daughter of Harpagon and beloved of Valère. Against her wishes, Harpagon hop
Huda Aweys
Where a lot of synth and exaggeration but nice
Tatiana Vila
Bon, qu'est-ce que je peux vous dire...c'est un c'est Moliere, un des plus grands dramaturges francais, et cette oeuvre ne decoit pas...
Loafers Of London
Sans doute l'une des plus belles comédies de Molière!
Moi ce qui me plait surtout c'est le fait que notre attitude par rapport a l'argent n'a pas tellement changé! Déjà le personnage du vieillard laid et repoussant est poussé a l'extreme du ridicule quand on considère qu'il préfère enterrer ses dix mille écus d'or plutôt que de les partager avec ses enfants... Lorsqu'on ajoute cela a ses désirs d'épouser la jolie Mariane, on ne peut s’empêcher de rigoler et de sympathiser avec Harpagon (et avec
Lara Buljan
Having already read Plaut's Aulularia and Skup by Marin Držić, I thought this would be the same thing only with different names. (Guess the topic of avarice and scantiness were quite popular in the past.) Concerning the plot, my assesment wasn't far from the truth, but I was kind of surprised. But in spite of knowing the whole plot, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. It was a very fast read and the quality of this piece is undeniable. Moliere is a playwright extraordinaire, and this particular play ...more
Ahmad Sharabiani
عنوان: خسیس؛ اثر: مولیر؛ مترجم: محمدعلی جمالزاده؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، بنگاه ترجمه و نشر کتاب، 1336، در 171 ص؛ فروست: انتشارات بنگاه ترجمه و نشر کتاب شماره 47
The aging but vital Harpagon is hoarding every centime he can get his hands on, making sure that his two children, the virginal Elise and the dandy Cleante, live under his iron will. To complicate matters, Elise has fallen in love with the handsome Valere, who masquerades as a servant in the household, despite his noble birth, and, worse yet,
Vendea Eclee
Jedna z krasavic v povinné četbě. Opět jsem se u Harpagona skvěle pobavila. Mistr Moliére má prostě styl :)
Ahmed El  Wakeel
البخل والشح أصبحا متهتكا من كثرة التصوير والإتيان بهم فى الأفلام وفى صفحات الأدب , لم أر نموذج مختلف عن البخيل الذى أعرفه , أحسست أنى كنت أتابع فيلم هندى ردئ مستهلك , أو فيلم عربى من أفلام إسماعيل ياسين شديدة السذاجه , لم تضف لى جديد من حيث الفكره والعمق اللازم , ولكنها - المسرحية أقصد - إستحقت العلامه الكامله فى الحوار و بناء الأشخاص , وردود أفعالهم , والألفاظ , وأختلف مع موليير كثيرا فى نهاية المسرحية .. حيث يرغب كل من يقرأ المسرحية أن يوقع على البطل - البخيل - أقصى صور الإنتقام جراء بخله وتقت ...more
How many of us have encountered someone very well off financially and yet cheaper than dirt? I've met my fair share of these people and it is with this type, the miser, that Molière is concerned in this work. I pictured the typical pop culture depiction of Dickens' Ebeneezer Scrooge when reading the story about the ever so miserly Harpagon, a man who cares more about his écus, which he never spends, than his family or anything else in the world, for that matter. Harpagon is undoubtedly a caricat ...more
A very nice comedy that I enjoyed. Moliere was using a lot the models from his contemporary society, slightly exaggerated, to create vivid comedy plays. It is likely that the same people that inspired him to create those plays were also amused when they saw them on stage.
The reason I rated it 4 was because it is not as good as "The middle class gentleman".
My copy of this book is in Romanian.
Mucho drama y un final tan imaginativo y simpático que te deja con un buen sabor de boca, me fascinó.
Primera obra que leo de Molière, me ha dejado con ganas de más.
Adoré a Valerio.
Na početku knjige nisam znao da odnosi između Anselmea, Mariane i Valerea u tom trenu nepoznati. Knjiga obrađuje tematiku Plautove Aulularije (Držić - Skup). Zaplet je vrlo zanimljiv, a najviše mi se svidio dijalog između Harpagona i Valerea u kojemu prvi govori o građi škrinjice, a drugi o kćeri prvoga što čini izvrstan komični efekt.
-tous pour rire-
Toutes les fonctions du comique sont mises en oeuvre ici : le comique de mots, de situation, le comique de caractère, de gestes, et cette apparence de déshumanisation qui est le fait d'Harpagon ne sert qu'à corriger nos moeurs de certains excès par le rire.
Le theme pour le francais cette annee parait etre les avares et leurs moeurs. Harpagon is a much more enjoyable miser than the Pere Grandet. C'est la premiere fois que Moliere, cet espece de crouton sec, ma fait rire.
Obra de teatro cómica del renacimiento. Muy entretenida y exagerada en la roñosería del avaro que es lo que se pretendía caricaturizar. Un enredo familiar muy divertido.
had to read along with the english version to make sure i caught the nuances of the original, everyone should make some effort to read it!
A satiric play which is laughing at strict customs of the past... and the love for money, of course. Extremely funny.
I'm a sucker for this one, read it like 5 times and still counting. I usually lose this book and then find it again once a year and read it right away. Then I lose it again. But in short: The Mother of the soapiest soap operas.

I was quite young when I read this for the first time and I couldn't give a damn for the deeper analyses that a lot of people just had to do. Now, I still don't give a damn because I have nostalgic, hipster feelings for this and the parody is quite obvious. Perfect example
Très drôle ! Les meilleurs quiproquos théâtraux. La meilleure comédie de Molière. A lire !
One should not live to eat, but eat to live.

(It sounds better in French. It's funnier.)
Good play but I expected different end.
Z povinné četby zatím nejlepší.. :oD
Maan Kawas
A very beautiful play, comedy of manners, by the great French playwright Moliere! The play is full of satire against the greedy avaricious misers, represented he by Harpagon, who can be considered as an obsessive greed. To Harpagon, money is more important than his children and their welfare, and he considers money his real treasure and he would not hesitate to accuse his son of stealing his wealth box and having him put into jail. The plot is so dramatic and beautifully constructed, and the eve ...more
Le personnage principal est un vieux homme avare et protagoniste, qui s’appelle Harpagon. Notons que l’adjectif "harpagon" est un synonyme de "avare".
L’intrigue est très complexe et diversifiée entre le mariage d’un vieux homme avec une petite jeune, l’amour secret et sincère de deux amants repoussé par la volonté du père, l’avarie d’un père qui cache ses trésors au lieu d’aider son jeune fils,…
Cette édition présente des annotations et des explications concernant la signification de quelques mot
Harpagon ist ebenso reich wie geizig. Zudem hat er sich in das Mädchen Mariane verguckt, das die Kupplerin Frosine ihm mit der Hoffnung auf Belohnung in den schönsten Farben schildert - alle für ihn wünschenswerten Eigenschaften soll sie haben, zuerst natürlich Sparsamkeit. Dumm nur, daß sein Sohn Cléante sich ebenfalls in Mariane verliebt hat - und hier beruht die Liebe auf Gegenseitigkeit. Aber gegen den Willen der Eltern ist keine Verbindung möglich.
Marianes Bruder Valère hat sich hingegen in
شروق إلهامي
أحداث سريعه متلاحقه بشكل كوميدي رائع، ربما ما أعيب عليها يعود لترجمه النص وليس النص ذاته فقد استخدمت اللغه في بعض الأجزاء بأصعب ما يمكن ان تكون عليه بحيث تجتهد في معرفه المعني والمقصود من بعض الكلمات و العبارات مما يفقدك تتابع الاحداث . كما ان التعريف في بدايه الكتاب بالشخصيات حرق مفاجأه النهاية .

الكتاب لم يأخذ مني سوي يومان ولو كنت متفرغه لكان انتهي في عده ساعات لا أكثر لصغر حجمه و ارتفاع درجه الإمتاع في قراءته.
Mohamad Yoosofi
نمایش‌نامه‌ای طنزآمیز و زیبا است از کلاسیک‌های نمایش‌نامه. ترجمه‌ی جمال‌زاده را هرچند ازلحاظ تکنیک ترجمه بسیار پردخل‌وتصرف و بعضاً نادرست می‌دانند، زبانی خودمانی و زیبا به اثر بخشیده و آن را با فرهنگ ایرانی آشنا و نزدیک ساخته است.
Extraordinary in many ways!
the book was funny and at the same, had a good story! the conversations were close to real nowadays conversations.
But besides Harpagon other characters were a somehow weak in action.
Dhara Mehta
Favorite Quotes.
Each one thinks they are immune to flattery, but no, it works without fail (p5)
A plague if misers and avarice (p11)
It is a sad day when your own children turn traitor and become enemies.
The verb “to give makes him so physically sick that he won’t ever say, “Give your uncle my regards; it’s lend him my regards.”

Moliere’s wit is captured in The Miser. The protagonist is consumed with avarice or satiable desire for wealth. Although the playwright is compared to Shakespeare, I find
Sarah Wael
kk msh hna5talef en moliere da yganen w eno 3eref y5ali el rwaia comedia gdn gdn m3 brdo el hfaz 3l roh wl ha2i2a mn 4er ma tb2a bs lel dhk liha m3ani ktira
harpagon da sha5sia liha ab3ad kbira awi 4er eli baien bs ymkn da el helw fl rwaia en fi hkaya w kessa tania msta5abia tht el dhk wl comedia eli hwa el sema el asasia
kesset ragel mn kotr bo5lo b2a ba5il f masha3ro 3la wlado w mo3anet bento w ebno m3ah kesset mariane eli 3awatfha w sed2aha w tibetha mmkn n2oul sazagtha 4alba 3l kol haga f hya
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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Molière, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. Among Molière's best-known dramas are Le Misanthrope, (The Misanthrope), L'Ecole des femmes (The School for Wives), Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur, (Tartuffe or the Hypocrite), L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge (The Miser), Le Malade ...more
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