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Lost Empire
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Lost Empire (Fargo Adventure #2)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  3,549 ratings  ·  281 reviews
Husband and wife team Sam and Remi Fargo return in this extraordinary new adventure following their "New York Times" bestselling debut, "Spartan Gold."
ebook, 0 pages
Published August 1st 2010 by Berkley Books
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Some of the reviews that I have read I honestly find amusing.... people have stated that this is unrealistic, the Fargos don't act like typical couple that are in their 30's, one reader complained that he spent the entire novel wondering what the Fargos looked like, and also that Clive Cussler is a racist due to how he portrayed the "evil" people in this book.
Well, it's an action adventure book about a couple who are treasure hunters. I don't see the problem with this at all... do you read th...more
I listened to this an audio book, it isn't the kind of book I'd read, I don't think, it's more like a movie I might watch if I want to turn my brain off. This book actually is pretty much an equivalent of an average hollywood action adventure flick. It's number 2 in a series, but it works as a stand alone. Sam and Remi Fargo are cardboard cutout action stars, gorgeous, supersmart, crafty, uber rich globetrotting adventurers/treasure hunters. The stumble upon a discovery that may rewrite the enti...more
Andreea Daia
There are quite a few issues I see with this novel, but overall, The Lost Empire is a serious improvement compared with Spartan Gold, the first book in this series. I'm torn apart between giving it credit for the changes in good or penalizing it for the remaining issues.

The good:
1) The kind of details that abounded in Spartan Gold (see my review) are gone and most of the remaining details are relevant or at least interesting. Since this was the most irritating issue that I found with the previou...more
Read this one for love . . . My husband thought I'd enjoy the storyline and setting. And, I did -- the "historical" mystery was fun. But the writing!

The portrayals of the characters were cartoonish and ugly. The Fargos are completely unbelievable as a wealthy couple in their mid-30s. Their depth of skill and experience definitely makes them older, and Cussler never establishes any plausible motivation for them getting involved in so much violence in pursuit of the bell. The African and Mexican...more
Following their introduction in the novel Spartan Gold, this is the second Clive Cussler book featuring husband and wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo.

In this adventure Sam and Remi stumble upon an ancient relic from a long-lost Confederate ship whilst scuba diving in Tanzania. This is the catalyst for a secret that could even bring down Mexico's ruling party. A secret that is worth killing for.

The Fargos are pursued ruthlessly through Tanzania, Zanzibar, the rainforests of Madagascar...more
Morris Graham
When Sam and Remy Fargo, famous treasure hunters, find a ship's bell off the coast of Tanzania, Africa, they embark on a quest to unravel a 150 year old mystery. The story travels across the world involving Mexican politics, the Aztec empire, a post civil war union spy, and seven caves in Indonesia with teasure both real and archaological. The author is absolutely amazing in his details of skin diving, flying both a helicopter and plane, operating boats, his grasp of foreign places and cultures,...more
Michael Shore
I guess i am slowly losing it for Cussler's books. So many different verisons of Cussler and it seems to have watered down the brand, at least for me. I liked the book but it was just ok. Too many times i found myself skimming as the words just didnt seem as if i needed to read them. And the truth is, i didn't. Same formula as most of his books and if i hadnt read about 30 or more of them over the past 35 years, i might have liked this one.

The other side of the coin is that i have found many mor...more
Sam and Remi Fargo are vacationing off the eastern coast of Africa when they discover something that may prove that the Aztecs originated over in that direction. A Mexican Aztec-centered political party wants this evidence first, and so they send a hitman after the Fargos.

This is very much an action book. There are long fight sequences, and I was unsure exactly what the Fargos wanted to do (document a nineteenth-century adventurer's life? find the bell? find the ship? send Aztec historical rese...more
Poorly edited (i.e. discussing the Fibonacci sequence seen in the journal BEFORE actually finding it in the journal), with idiotic plotting (o.k., we know the bad guys are going to follow us, should we hire some muscle or maybe bring a gun or two? Nah, let's just go by ourselves), and know-it-all heroes (Hey, I just remembered, I took a single class about Aztec culture way back in college! Now we can read Aztec glyphs and discuss esoteric details of Aztec history like we're experts!)

Cussler's or...more
Clive Cussler! By his standards, this is run of the mill: ancient treasure, archaeological mystery, ridiculous bad guys running countries, occasionally absurd dialogue, good guys and ladies who always come through in the clutch. The Fargo books are not quite at the level of the early Dirk Pitt books, but they are still entertaining. Cussler also dispenses of the sex in these books. The protagonists in these books don't even have a Nick-and-Nora relationship full of double entendres and witty dia...more
I enjoyed this read - like the lack of gore and foul language, but I did get a little lost and still have no idea what the heck the deal was with the Aztecs and the Mexican president and why he had his knickers in a bunch to keep some information a secret - which it still is to me, as I have no idea what the secret was about the Aztecs that was such a big deal. I may have skimmed over that part. Overall, fun adventure.
I enjoyed this adventure in the Cussler - Fargo series. I'd even go so far as to say better than the 1st book, 'Spartan Gold', but like most of Cussler's co-authored books of the last ten years... a bit under-whelming.

This one has a storyline that centers on Aztec culture, and where the Aztec people originated from. Unlike the first book, the action seemed more real in that their were consequences including death that can be attributed directly to Sam and Remi. But there was also the obligatory...more
El misterio del libro me ha gustado mucho y me ha tenido bastante enganchado pero el como esta escrito y la pareja protagonista y sus conversaciones no me han gustado nada.
This book was fun, after you suspended your belief, of course. It was all the more fun to read because I have been to Tanzania and Zanzibar. I stayed at the Moevenpick Royal Hotel in Dar es Salaam and even ate at L'Oliveta, where Remi and Sam had their meal while staying at the hotel. I lived in Stonetown, Zanzibar for a month and traveled up to Kendwa Beach for some nice vacation time. So the scenes, at least from the beginning of the book, were familiar and brought back lovely memories.

What de...more
Greer Andjanetta
A typical CC adventure story featuring the super-rich Fargo husband and wife team searching for historical artifacts in Zanzibar and Indonesia which supposedly originated in Mexico. The Mexican president is trying to stop the discovery of these objects and sends his personal assassin to kill the Fargos, as he has killed several tourists previously who happened upon one of the ancient Mexican objects. The story is made more interesting than the usual unbelieveable escapades of CC's characters by...more
"Lost Empire" was a solid effort, although its my least favorite of the 3 Cussler books I've read so far.
The main duo, Sam and Remi Fargo, are good characters, likable and (reasonably) realistic. Cussler has a good tone, and his action is good as well.
I find all the boating/nautical terms too technical for me, and was frequently lost in those moments. Also, the solving of the diary's codes, which were of course key plot points, were not written clearly and were often confusing on how exactly the...more
I always like Cussler's books. The Fargos are a man and wife team of divers, archeologists and treasure hunters. The have been diving off Tanzania when they find an old ships bell. Before they can get it tothe surface, they are approached by a government patrol boat and questioned. Have they found anything? What are they doing there? They see someone who stayed behind in the patrol boat and seems to be coaching the soldiers but isn't one of them so they are very careful with their answers. Comin...more
Jorgen Schäfer
Clive Cussler's Lost Empire starts out with the millionaire treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo having a simple vacation in Tanzania. On a normal diving trip, they find an old artifact. Suddenly, special forces and a rich person in the background find great interest in them and their discovery. Sam and Remi are intrigued.

This, like other books by Clive Cussler I read before, is a prototypical adventure book for the boy in an adult. Treasure hunting, exotic places, five star hotels, underground c...more
Remi and Sam Fargo, explorers and treasure hunters extraordinaire, are the modern literary married equivalent of Indiana Jones meets McMillan and Wife. They are very likable characters, intelligent, witty, gracious, courageous, generous, and over-the-top capable on many levels. As are their lab-support team: Selma, Pete, and Wendy. Yes, their adventures in the face of grave danger require some suspension of belief on the behalf of the reader, but it's easily accomplished through Cussler's strong...more
Robin Carter
This review is from: Lost Empire (Fargo Adventure 2) (Hardcover)
I don't know about other cussler fans but I feel that the man is starting to lose his way a little?
Maybe its too much reliance on co-writers, maybe its too many new main characters.

Main characters are what make a book, Dirk Pitt and Al are people, people he has developed over many years and many books, they have grown, over the years others have been added Cabrillo and his cadre of adventurers have grown into a mature band of heroes...more
Paige Turner
Sam and Remi Fargo, a husband and wife treasure-hunting team who travel to exotic locales around the globe; unravelling ancient mysteries, unearthing long-lost treasures, finding themselves in sticky situations at every turn...

An anomaly about the relic Sam finds off the coast of Tanzania sets them off chasing a mystery - but unbeknownst to them, a much more powerful force is engaged in the same chase.

Through Tanzania and Zanzibar, into the rainforests of Madagascar, and across the Indian Ocean...more
Chris Lytle
It's so hard not to like Cussler's Sam & Remi Fargo. In their sophomore outing, the historical mystery is without doubt complex and detailed, but perhaps more focused then their debut adventure. Having already establishing the MO of this durable and resourceful couple, more attention is paid to putting the pieces of this intricate puzzle together - a plot driven by a lost ship's bell, a Civil War spy and a greedy politician Of course that requires an assortment of exotic locales - worthy of...more
Synopsis: Adventurers Sam and Remi Fargo stumble across an old bell while vacationing in Zanzibar. They soon discover that it was part of the Civil War battleship Shenandoah, which had been sold to Zanzibar's sultan and then disappeared. Unfortunately, someone else wants that bell bad enough to kill the Fargos for it, and Sam and Remi's journey to find its secrets and save it will take them all over the planet.

Review: What a surprise! I had never read a Clive Cussler novel before, but this one w...more
Teo Hoppe
If you are looking for a Dirk Pitt-type of adventure and dialogue or a stunning tale about the Oregon, you'll be deeply disappointed in Lost Empire. If you are open to a book that contains some fascinating speculation about history and some intriguing puzzle clues, Lost Empire will be a good source of fun. The book's main problem comes from the living characters not quite coming to life. One of the non-living characters, Winston Blaylock, is quite vividly portrayed. It's a good piece of writing...more
Fun mystery/thriller that is clean and not gory. About a married couple that are actually faithful and devoted to each other. Published 2010, this is the second of the series. I'm glad I read this one first because now that I'm reading the first book in the series (Spartan Gold) I realize the couples relationship in #2 Lost Empire is better developed,more smart and classy. The couple reminds me of "Undercover Blues" and the relationship between Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid, which I found ref...more
Mary Ann
Cussler is mentoring another author. I especially enjoy the way history becomes part of the present and forms the story. I've found it enjoyable for Mr. Cussler to make a cameo appearance in many of his books. Listening to this on CD has divert my thoughts away from the pain in my broken femur, and plan to follow this one with another Fargo adventure.
Vidya Ananthanarayanan
I'm a fan of Cussler and have always enjoyed the Dirk Pitt series. This one, featuring the husband-wife team of Sam and Remi Fargo, who are treasure hunters, just doesn't measure up to Pitt and team.

This is the second book in the series - I have not read the first one yet - but plot line was rather predictable. Sam and Remi still seem to be coming into their own as well, so it may take a few more books int he series to flesh them out.

That said, I did enjoy the attention to detail, especially wit...more
I absolutely love Clive Cussler books! Derring-do with a good batch of realistic history thrown in. The characters are believable, and sympathetic and the history, geography - heck every part of the book - is well researched. If you held a gun to my head I would have a hard time deciding which of his adventurers was my favorite, although I lean towards Juan Castillo, since I too am an amputee. However, the couple in this book are great too. They remind me of my late husband and myself - he, a ge...more
Have been a long time Clive Cussler fan, but this one fell short. First time reading something that he has done with another author and not sure I will be quick to read another joint project of his. It wasn't bad, but felt it lacked detail at times and was choppy. Also, didn't really feel like I connected to the Fargos. There are some good qualities to the book though, just not Clive's best work.
I enjoyed this action packed adventure story. I like the main characters, Sam and Remi, created by the author. They are good people. This one got me interested in the history of the Aztecs so I suspect I'll be reading some nonfiction on that subject. You won't enjoy this unless you can suspend belief and go on a scary romp through jungles hunting treasure while being chased by bad guys.
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Cussler began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero, Dirk Pitt, in 1973. His first non-fiction, The Sea Hunters, was released in 1996. The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State University of New York, considered The Sea Hunters in lieu of a Ph.D. thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in May, 1997. It was the first time...more
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“While like most men, Sam prided himself on being equipped with a supernatural internal compass that kept him from ever being lost, he'd also learned to concede those rare times when that compass seemed to be temporary disrepair.” 5 likes
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