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Soft Power: The Means To Success In World Politics
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Soft Power: The Means To Success In World Politics

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  595 ratings  ·  46 reviews
Joseph Nye coined the term "soft power" in the late 1980s. It is now used frequently—and often incorrectly—by political leaders, editorial writers, and academics around the world. So what is soft power? Soft power lies in the ability to attract and persuade. Whereas hard power—the ability to coerce—grows out of a country's military or economic might, soft power arises from ...more
Paperback, 208 pages
Published April 27th 2005 by PublicAffairs (first published 2004)
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Ahmad Al-Maaini
(نُشر هذا العرض في ملحق شرفات في جريدة عمان بتاريخ 17 مارس 2010)

أن تكون قويًا دون دبّابات!

لا بد أنك سمعتَ يومًا من أشخاصٍ أنّ الغربَ يحاول تدمير هوياتنا وقِيَمنا وديننا بما يصدّره لنا من "فجور وفساد"، أو سمعتَ المثقفين وهم يتحدثون عن الغزو الثقافي الغربي بنظرية المؤامرة وما إلى ذلك، إلا أننا نادرًا ما نجد من يحاول تحليل هذه الإطروحات وفق نموذج تفسيري إو إطار نظري واضح وموضوعي نفهم به الأمر كله في سياقه التاريخي والسياسي، إلى أن ظهر لنا (جوزيف س. ناي) بمصطلح "القوة الناعمة" عام 1990. وفي هذا المق
Juwon Kang
This book was a must-read for poli-sci majors. In the book, Prof. Nye identifies different types of "power." He then argues each can/should be used accordingly/wisely. I feel Korean policy makers could benefit from reading this book too. Sometimes, "soft power" is not "soft" at all.
bayan aljuhani
الكتاب وضح مصطلح مهم تزامن مع الإضراب الذي حصل في موقف الشعوب والدول من امريكا بعد حرب العراق
وبما أن الكاتب سياسي أمريكي فقد كان متحيز في آراءه لأمريكا ولكن في المقابل نعرف من خلاله الدور الذي لعبته أمريكا لتكوين قوتها صورتها في كثير من المواقف الدولية بدون سلاح
Abderrahman Najjar
كتاب جميل يعطي فكرة عن اللعبة السياسية و حسابات الولايات المتحدة فيما يتعلق بنشر ثقافتها و طرق نشر قبولها في دول العالم دون استخدام قوة السلاح
Raed Almutairi
تطبيق عملي وذكي لقانون الجذب في عالم السياسة الدولية
I'm not really sure this concept requires a whole book...
Reema Al-Medaires
Soft Power.

This is a very well researched book, but putting in mind that it is indeed outdated, the only thing about it that is truly beneficial is in regards to "Past Experiences", what happened before and how it can be avoided in the future.

Statistics & Polls were featured constantly which always good. People need to understand from where these views come from and how is it possible to approach them with Soft Power tools.

In terms of theory:

- Soft power is an "Attractive Power".
- It is s
Jake Keyel
I wasn't impressed by Nye's arguments. Leaving aside the fact that the book is a little out of date six years after it was written and two years after George W. Bush left office, I don't agree with Nye's apparent strong support for U.S. hegemony on the world stage. I was hoping for a more balanced and practical look at soft power and how it could be beneficial in contexts other than for the United State's desire to be the big man on the block. Nye does argue for increased cooperation and support ...more
bayan aljuhani
كتاب جيد لفهم معنى القوة الناعمة ، وكيف يمكن الإستفادة منها لتحقيق أهداف دولية سياسية أو إقتصادية ، الكاتب تحدث عن وضع امريكا وكيف اختلت قوتها الناعمة بعد حرب العراق وإنخفاض مستوى المؤيدين لسياستها وذكر في نهاية الكتاب بعض الحلول التي تعيد هذه القوة .
من الكتاب
"ليس من الذكاء الإنتقاص من القوة الناعمة باعتبارها مجرد مسألة صورة ، وعلاقات،عامة وشعبية مؤقته زائلة . هي شكل من أشكال القوة ووسيلة للحصول على النتائج المرغوبة"
الكاتب يظهر الشرق الأوسط كأي نظرة أمريكية له بأنه موطن الإرهابيين والتخلف .. وذك
An interesting book, and the theory of "soft power" is somewhat being increasingly looked into by policy makers since "hard power", which Nye describes as military force and economic sanctions, has failed in recent years. The author believes that the US should express its power through its culture---and use that as a tool in US foreign policy. Of course, this is a good step forward from military force, but the underlying presumptions of superiority that plague American foreign policy are not bei ...more
an interesting idea but awfully vague. he spends a lot of time talking about examples but without concrete detail, or much in the way of practical applicability. seems like an essay that ate too many words.
Arief Rosadi
Sebenarnnya pemikiran Joseph Nye tentang soft power bagus.
Hanya saja pemikiran dan gaya bahasanya tidak berubah, hanya itu-itu saja, kurang kreativitas.
Secara sederhana dia memaparkan teori dan propoposi lalu ditambahkan dengan fakta atau peristiwa empiris. Hal tersebut memudahkan orang awam untuk mengerti pemahaman-nya Nye.
Namun disisi lain, secara akademis, menurut saya teori dan proposisi-nya hanya itu-itu saja. Misalnya di halaman X terdapat kalimat A, maka kalimat A tersebut terulang kemba
This is a simple (yet important) concept, that I felt required a 10 page journal article, as opposed to a 100+ page book. The book does provide a good, comprehensive understanding of the concept of "soft power". Unfortunately, I find that many people in the national security world equate soft power with anything that is non-military (diplomacy, trade policy, etc.). This is not right. Soft power isn't diplomacy. It is the ability of a country to persuade foreign citizens and governments to do som ...more
Cody Paris
Refered to his ideas often in lectures and discussions...finally sat down and read thr book last week!
This may have been a compelling read when it came out, if only because its message -- that the "soft power" of cultural influence matters as much or more than the "hard power" of military force -- was anathema to the Bush administration. If that thesis seems hard to believe, then Nye will do a good job of convincing you. If, however, that thesis seems obvious (as it does to me), then there's little to learn here, though his argument is rigorous and provides good ammunition for others, like mysel ...more
A very easy reading on world politics. However, it depicts part of the power story in world politics, which is maintaing powerful for current existing powers. It does not really cover how powerless states could succeed in world politics through adopting soft power. I absolutely agree that American democracy and pop culture play crucial roles in spreading American power. Nevertheless, I think American democracy and pop culture could have not gone so far without the U.S. dollars or grand military ...more
Maram .
القوة الناعمة : "القدرة على الحصول على ما تريد عن طريق الجاذبية بدلا من الإرغام أو دفع الأموال"
بإختصار .. جعل الآخرين يريدون ما تريد .

من الكتب التي ستغير نظرتك لكثير من الأشياء من حولك - خصوصاً سياسات الولايات المتحدة في الشرق الأوسط وفي العالم ككل !-

و كما يقول كولن باول : " لا أستطيع أن أفكر في رصيد لبلدنا أثمن من صداقة قادة عالم المستقبل الذين تلقوا تعليمهم هنا : ذلك أن الطلبة الدوليين يعودون إلى أوطانهم بتقدير أكبر للقيم و المؤسسات الأمريكية "
Hasan Jazaeri
هذا الكتاب هو أول كتاب بالنسبة لي من نوعه ، و لقد استفدت منه الكثير خاصة فيما يتعلق بثلاثة محاور ، السياسة الخارجية ، و السياسة الخارجية الأمريكية ، و مفهوم القوة الناعمة .
أزعجني أن الكتاب كان يفتقد لعنصر الجذب ، كما أزعجني أكثر سوء الطباعة ( و هو الشيء الذي استغربته من دار العبيكان ).
The book is well written and insightful. There is no doubt that an honest reading of this book will confirm in the mind of the reader the importance of enhancing and guarding America's soft power.

If I could offer one drawback of the book: beware of repetition. It appeared to me as though Dr. Nye rehashed many of the same ideas, coated in new garb and backed by new examples or reams of data, in several chapters of the book.
An interesting idea, but it seemed to be - dumbed down? - reduced in complexity for the general audience. Some ideas seem understated, and some almost ignored, and others are repeated endlessly. I had to check to make sure I hadn't accidentally put my bookmark in the wrong place.

I hear now that the author's other books offer a more thorough and nuanced consideration of the idea of soft power, and I may soon turn to those.
Rizal Nova Mujahid
Idenya sangat sederhana. Sekedar memaparkan terma soft power, kenapa dia menjadi sedemikian penting dalam konteks politik kontemporer, dan contoh-contohnya.

Menurut g, cukup dibaca prefacenya aja. Toh maksud dan isi buku itu sudah dirangkum di sana. Tapi, kalo memerlukan detail, kenapa tidak dinikmati sembari mendengarkan One dari Metallica dan menikmati teh hangat di sore hari.

Selamat membaca.
Stephen Starnes
Nye is a friend and one of the true visionaries of the modern world. His insight is worth consideration by all nations and all cultures. The abuse of. Power by the West and by the East causes as much damage as any other action. Today more than ever, the world needs thinkers not "actors". We are at the tipping point of sense or stupidity and Professor Nye is a visionary to listen to
Naif Almasoud
للتأثير على سلوك الاخرين فإنه في العادة تستخدم القوة الصلبة التي تمثلها العسركة غالبا ، في هذا الكتاب يتم التركيز على القوة الناعمة و مدى أهميتها في التأثير وخصوصا أنها تتصف بالتنوع و السهولة إلى حد ما . كتاب ممتع يحوي العديد من الامثلة و الاحصائيات و يقدم وجهة نظر تميل إلى المنطق
really good, but written in the context of the Iraqi War, I do agree with his conclusions, but think he could have expanded on Soft Power, and how we can counter other nation's use of soft power
Keith Johnstone
An essential book for anyone wanting to understand a truly enlightened approach to international relations. If only this was followed by all countries in practice what a culturally rich and interesting world it would be. Needs to be updated post the Obama presidency.
Piotr Pietrzak
Amazing book... which explains in details why Washington still has what it takes to attract others to follow in its footsteps...

by Piotr Pietrzak
Author of the prospects for humanitarian intervention in Syria
I had to read this for a class, but was glad I did. Using current events it clearly outlines the concepts presented and offers a thorough critique of US foreign policy.
Pretty decent book about the concept of soft power and how it shapes our policies and perceptions domestically and abroad. Some very salient points, glad I picked it up.
Really good and interesting concept. The first chapter is worth reading, but the rest of the book comprises relatively redundant applications of the concept.
nothing particularly fantastic about the writing but nye's idea has been highly influential.
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Joseph Samuel Nye, Jr. is an American political scientist and former Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He currently holds the position of University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University where he has been a member of the faculty since 1964. He is also the co-founder, along with Robert Keohane, of the international relations theory neoliberalism ...more
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