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Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition
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Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition

2.99 of 5 stars 2.99  ·  rating details  ·  271 ratings  ·  66 reviews
'Pride and Prejudice' is one of the most popular novels of all time. In this naughty updating of the classic, readers can peek behind the closed doors of Pemberley's master bedroom.
Paperback, 479 pages
Published January 14th 2011 by Adams Media Corporation (first published December 18th 2010)
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Enhanced review at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....

Austen purists be damned. Sex in an Austen novel may sound sacrilegious but if you are reading the Wild and Wanton edition I am willing to bet you are interested in imagining Darcy in a little less than a soaking white shirt. Well that or you just want a good laugh. Personally, I stand with the latter. Darcy has never struck my fancy. Still, I figured this couldn't be any worse than the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies books. Once again,
Group read with the CiMH crowd! So looking forward to this!
This did take me a bit to get into. I am certain it is a function of my lazy reading level as well as the story.

The MCs characters are well developed. The banter is great, the drama and dialogue captivating. I just couldnot help loving Elizabeth, her personality or rather her willingness to display her character is refreshing given the time.

Mr Darcy is that tall snarky broodinf type i just love...hard exterior but all mush inside.

This v
Feb 16, 2011 Stephanie rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of Mr. Collins
I'd like nothing better than to see Elizabeth and Darcy get wild and wanton. The problem is, they simply can't do that until the end of the book, and in the meantime, you have to suffer through the wild wantonness of the secondary characters...characters like Lydia and (*shudder*) Mr. Collins.

Yes, I said MR. COLLINS. If you are determined to see Elizabeth and Darcy all wild (and wanton) skip to the end of the book and spare yourself the agony. (I may need therapy.)

Warning: I shouldn't have to s
*Ja'Mecha* ~Dhevious~
It was a book.... the end
Molly Harper
I know, I know. It's almost blasphemy to put sex scenes in Jane Austen.... but I couldn't help myself! I wanted to see Elizabeth and Darcy get it on, in a appropriately polite way. It was like a really hot car accident. I couldn't look away.

The author basically added notes into the original text, which were in bold. It was a little distracting at first, but you get used to it. And the insights and extra scenes were nicely done. Overall, it was like a hot little walk on the seedy side of the Mast
If you are familiar with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice then you might like Pride and Prejudice The Wild and Wanton Edition. I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen and of Jane Austen sequels and variations. When I came across this book it immediately grabbed my attention. Darcy and Elizabeth wild and wanton together? Yes please! Michelle Pillow does not stray far from the beloved story. There are a few changes but they are not unwelcome. I like how the author gives us more of an insight into what the ...more

One of my secret vices is Pride and Prejudice adaptations. I've been a fan ever since I read Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary and realized that she based that book upon the BBC mini series Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. So I went and got that version of the mini-series and have been hooked every since. It's a sickness. And if there is anyone out here who has not seen the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version, I think there is something serious wrong with you and th
Exceedingly tedious challenge
I won’t lie, this was tough for me. really tough.
Am I glad I tackled this fierce classic? Absolutely.
It was in fact my first time, and I assumed the wild & wanton version would aid in my successful completion, but honestly I found the bold sections distracting (which I certainly didn’t need any more of those) and I skimmed over them to focus on the meat of the story.
Jane my dear if it was your goal to confusion me, mission accomplished.
I found I had to pay close
It was kind of fun actually. I didn't know what to expect. Honestly I thought she was rewriting it smutty. Instead she left the original story intact in its entirety (which won points with me since this is a favorite of mine) and added in some thoughts, sex filled scenes and more lurid background/history. The sex scenes were awesome the rest was meh. Not bad, but not enhancing to me really. But it was fun. Go Elizabeth! Get your Darcy on!!
Must admit to half-heartedly reading this book due to formatting. I don't object to spicing up Ms. Austen's work, but I did object to the genius that decided to put almost all new parts in bold. Gee, why didn't they just add post-it flags screaming "SEE, I'M WHAT'S NEW AND DIFFERENT HERE WHILE OTHERWISE COPYING SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK"!! Totally distracting.
It's hard for me to rate this 2 stars because so much of it is the original P&P text. I would say that much of the additional text was unnecessary (Mr. Collins and Charlotte? No thanks.), but I am sure there must have been a quota or minimum amount that had to be added to the story. The end of the story was entertaining, but the beginning interludes concerning Lydia, Mr. Collins and Charlotte were less captivating.

It was all very tame, I've read racier scenes from other P&P authors, such
Mary Unger
It seems a bit like sacrilege, putting sex into Jane Austen's novels. Not that it didn't play out like that in her mind, but this seemed to go a bit into the extreme. I found it a bit hard to swallow (sorry for the that Lydia could sneak off from the ball to have illicit sex in a darkened alleyway or Darcy and Elizabeth getting down with it in the bushes and absolutely no one being the wiser. But I guess that's the soft-core porn edition. Silly me. I like the classics the way they ...more
Wow! I am so pleased with this book! Ms. Pillow stayed true to the romance of the original work. I thought it would be smuttier, but was almost relieved it wasn't. I enjoyed the 'Wild and Wanton Edition' so much I called a friend of mine (who is adamantly opposed to authors re-writing novels she loves. When I kept repeating how Ms. Pillow stuck with the heart of Jane Austen's original work, while adding vignettes of sex and wantonness, my friend said she would definitely buy it and read it on he ...more
In the case of Jane Austen, it's better to leave things to the imagination. My first issue with this book was how it was organized. All the new text was bolded, which took me out of the story, also would notice when she would add a sentence here or there which didn't add anything to the story. And, I'm no prude, but in the end, I don't want to read about Darcy pleasuring himself several times with thought of Elizabeth, and the author turned the character of Lydia from a frivolous girl to a whore ...more
Deborah Hughes
I thought this was wonderful. It was cleverly done, the author stayed true to Austen's writing style. I have no problem with older works being updated with the times and I thought this was done tastefully. It was not overdone. In my own dreams, I add details a lot juicier! But, this was wonderful and I hope she does more like it!
With the tag of 'The Wild and Wanton Edition' I was naturally expecting wild and wanton. I got a copy of the original with the author's additions in bold. (Although I think a couple of mistakes were made in bolding and not bolding).

Most of the additions were a line or two here and there that apparently seemed to be things that the author felt Austen should have included. And as far as the parts that were meant to be wild and wanton... well, not really all that wild or perhaps not even all that
While the concept of this book (and indeed the entire Wild and Wanton series) is hilarious, the execution of this volume (Pride and Prejudice) is so poorly done that I could barely get through it. The writing style was bad enough, and considering how many typos and grammatical errors there were in the modern day text, it wasn't really worth my time. I bought it as a joke gift for a friend, and I think that might be its sole use...if, however, you're looking for a serious execution of parody, ple ...more
Marilyn Belsham
Super disappointing adaptation of my favorite novel. The new bits are in bold which makes it obnoxiously easy to identify and impossible to stay in the flow of the novel when every page you are jarred out of the book by the completely pointless single sentence additions in bold screaming READ THIS!!!! I REALLY DID DO SOME WORK!! IGNORE THE FACT THAT THIS BIT NEITHER ADDS INTEREST OR VALUE, I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING IN ORDER TO GET PAID!!

As for the wanton bits...well they weren't so great. If I'm
I was all set to write a long rantyrant about how bad this book was (writing, editing, the entire concept), but I don't even want to waste any more energy on it. Suffice it to say that I picked it up thinking it might be "so bad, it's good," or a fun and silly read like P&P and Zombies (which at least had some internal logic and clever ideas; the character of Charlotte certainly made a LOT of sense ;-)). But it was just completely pointless. Seriously. There is no point to this existing. The ...more
Michele Bolay
I was all set to write a long rantyrant about how bad this book was (writing, editing, the entire concept), but I don't even want to waste any more energy on it. Suffice it to say that I picked it up thinking it might be "so bad, it's good," or a fun and silly read like P&P and Zombies (which at least had some internal logic and clever ideas; the character of Charlotte certainly made a LOT of sense ;-)). But it was just completely pointless. Seriously. There is no point to this existing. The ...more
Mar 21, 2013 Drucilla rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: b
I swore I wouldn't read this book after the disaster that was Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition. However, I just couldn't let it go. Imagine my surprise when I decided to give it three stars. Perhaps it's just because I like Pride and Prejudice better than Wuthering Heights, but I also think the author works with the story better in this instance. There are actually hardly any really naughty scenes and what is there works with the original story very well (Purists please don't start ...more
I can sum this book up in three words- Mr. Darcy masturbates! I read the original Pride and Prejudice in high school for AP literature and found it very dull. I really like Michelle Pillow's additions to the book.I felt that Jane Austen spent too much time on dialogue. With romance added, the sexual tension between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is easier to feel and I never once wanted to put the book down. This is a book for modern women, a classic turned romance, but not a trashy bodice-ripper.It st ...more
I know I said I wouldn't read another one of these, but I caved. I know, I have no willpower. Anyway, this one wasn't nearly as bad as the others were. It wasn't great, but it was different enough to be mostly readable.
Too much original text from Pride & Prejudice. It was so much that a couple of times I had to ask myself "why am I reading this again?". If I want to read P&P, I would read P&P, not this. It was not executed right; with the bold new text, it was confusing at first and quickly turned in to annoying.
Why was it screaming at me? You're reading a book and suddenly the book started screaming at you for no apparent reason other than to tell you "I'm new here!" ?? The decision to do that bo
Sep 21, 2014 Lizzy rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2014
Somewhat clever, but overall disappointing, especially as it is the "wild and wanton" edition. I should have expected disappointment, however, as the original is practically perfect. This book was too in-between. It was not different enough from the original to ever escape the story as Austin intended it. She certainly wouldn't have approved of the risqué bits simply having been added on to her proper story. If the author had worked the "wild and wanton" parts into the original style better or s ...more
I loved it!! It's very close to the movie, one of my favorite movies by the way.
i'd hoped the saucy edit of my Favorite-Ever Novel would be a notch in the win column for my new foray into romance novels. it was not. it's pride and prejudice with a few awkwardly tone deaf sex scenes wedged in here and there. and since lizzy is a good girl and doesn't get the boy 'til the very end, the major part of the novel shows lydia getting her paris hilton on behind dance halls in the dark of night.

a disappointment. skip this, true fan. or write your own fanfic. pretty much anything wou
I actually haven't read the whole thing, but I think it's safe to say I'm never going to. I think one of the reasons I like Pride and Prejudice is because of its lack of overt sexuality and this book just ruins it. I think it's almost worse because most of the book is the original text Austen wrote, peppered with Pillow's "sexy" asides. It's one thing to write your take on the story but to tarnish the original masterpiece with mediocre smut is just wrong.
This was a free download and I still resent it, for wasting my time. This was so poorly written -- Pillow's "add-ins" are jarring, unimaginative and had me rolling my eyes several times. I couldn't even finish it. In many spots Pillow has amended Austin's text as though the original were too subtle for the reader. I also found the add-ins in some cases to be inconsistent with the period. Overall; don't waste your time on this.
I got this book free as part of a book club...I think i would have prefered the original version of Pride and Prejudice (I have never read Pride and Prejudice nor seen the A&E specials/ movies ect...)..there is something from the additions by Michelle M. Pillow that takes away from the book. I would have probably found the additions more fun if I had taken out a library book with the additions written on the margins.
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