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Japanese edition of Scarlett. Scarlett Flynn is not adjusting to her parents' divorce, causing lots of trouble at school and at home. Her mother had enough and sent her to her father to live in a remote Irish town. Infuriated at the move, she isolates herself and spends time at the lake (lough) where she meets a gypsy boy and his horse. She eventually transforms into a lov...more
Paperback, 222 pages
Published 2006 by Puffin Books
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Twelve year old Scarlett is not a fan of her new life. Before her parents split up she had a normal life. A stay at home dad who loved spending time with her. A happy social life full of friends and sleepovers.

Now she lives with her mom in a flat in London. Her dad lives in Ireland with his new wife and stepdaughter. Scarlett is unhappy and angry. She has the school record to prove it, five schools in two years. Her mom has had enough; Scarlett's last chance is to move to rural Ireland with her...more
Imi Godwin
Another book from the kind folks at National Blind Children's Society. Scarlett is a story about a girl who is a bit of a trouble maker. She has been expelled from five schools in two years and she only lasted four months at Greenhall Academy. Now Mum's had enough, the suitcases are packed and Scarlett is shoved onto a plane to go and live with her Dad who - as far as Scarlett is concerned- is a waste of oxygen. As if this isn't enough, she has a new stepsister to ignore and her evil stepmum who...more
Scarlett is about a girl named Scarlet whose been kicked out of many schools in just one semester. Her mom couldn't handle her so she sents Scarlett to her relatives and eventually back to her mother, because they couldn't handle her either. Once school started again, Scarlett yet again, got kicked out so her mother took drastic actions and sent her to her fathers. Her parents have been divorced and her father cheated on her mother so she hated him and she thought her mother did too, but obviou...more
I thought Scarlett was AMAZING. Scarlett kind of reminded me of myself, only at a higher level of anger. I thought her dad was really horrible and out of order. I would have went crazy being in the middle of nowhere! My favourite character was Scarlett because she was quite funny and cool. I felt a connection to the book because I have to go to Ireland every year to see my cousins which and I love and hate at the same time. Buts thats a different story...
It almost made me cry, because of the unf...more
The Styling Librarian
Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy – Realistic Fiction, 5th grade and up – I wasn’t expecting to tear up over another book, thought this one would be light fun, silly me. Touching book about a girl who shuts down and goes “dark” after her parents get a divorce. In two years she is kicked out of five schools and when her mom sends her away to her dad’s home, she goes through the rejection and anger phases in a brilliant, upsetting way. I especially loved the celebration of time settling into Ireland, beau...more
Me and my sister fell in love with Cathy Cassidy for a period of time and bought a few of her books. I love all her book titles as they are super cute and sometimes scrumptious.

This is my favourite book by Cathy. It's about a young girl called Scarlet. She has to move to her dads house after being kicked out of the shool near her mums. Her dad has a new girlfriend and a child. Her dads girlfriends daughter is intrigued by scarlet and her nose ring. It's a very exciting and touching story line in...more
I've just discovered this author for upper primary girls. This is the 2nd novel of hers I've read. Again she's come up with loveable, believable characters that you can really feel for. I particularly like how she has her characters come to see and understand their families (warts and all) -- none of them are perfect but just trying to get by.

The plotlines are never totally predictable, yet the two books have enough similarity in situation that readers looking for a 'series' feel will be perfec...more
A feisty, somewhat spoiled teen-ager struggles with her parents divorce and continually gets kicked out of a variety of schools. Mom is at wits end and sends her to live with dad. Scarlett struggles adapting to life in a a remote Irish community and falls into her usual rebelliousness until she meets someone who slowly changes her attitude and her life. Teens and some pre-teens can relate the Scarlett's feelings of hopelessness, loss, insecurity, etc. It's a great lesson in letting go and moving...more
In this compelling novel by Cathy Cassidy, young Scarlett explores a world of bitter school expulsion, gothic makeup and clothing, and 12-year old divorced parents angst.
After Scarlett blew her 'last chance,' she is sent to live in Ireland with her father and the family he replaced hers with.
Despite first hatred of Clare and Holly, Scarlett begins to inch closer, with the patient eye of Kian.
This book was the best!!! I'm a total reading fanatic and loved this book. She makes a great adjustment to her new family. It was sooo sad when she left Clare, Holly and Hazel. Hazel the new premature baby. She sounded so cute. It was so scary when Clare fell off the ladder I thought that she was going to be really hurt and the baby would be hurt too.
This book is so sweet! However, it is also really sad...i don't really like the beginning, so if u read the beginning and don't like it, just keep reading the middle and end are so sweet and sad.
I hadn't read this book in years if I'll be honest because I grew out of it but that was before we were tasked to read our first favourite book for a little English project ( so that we could reconnect and see why we loved it etc etc). It happens but from what I can remember it was a great book for me as a little kid and I even kind of enjoyed it as a teenager as something easy that was light and something that didn't have have a death!

From 9 year old me perspective it was amazing because it had...more
i loved this book so much!!!
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Twelve-year-old Scarlett is acting out because of her parent’s divorce, and has been for the past two years. She gets a piercing, gets kicked out of five schools, and is generally being a brat. Her mother’s at her wit ends and ships Scarlett off to Ireland to live with her father as her last resort.

Scarlett is probably one of the most melodramatic characters I’ve read about recently. Her tongue piercing and awful behavior give off the illusion that she’s a complete bad *ss, and her nine-year-old...more
Wild girl Scarlett can't settle down. She has been expelled from 5 different schools in 2 years, so her mother tellls her to give Greenhall Academy a try. When Scarlett gets expelled from that school, her mum gets fed up with Scarlett and sends her off to Ireland to live with her Dad, who left them when Scarlett was 9 for another woman, and Clare and Holly, her step-mum and step-sister, and there is also a new baby on the way. Scarlett makes up her mind: to misbehave so that her Dad would get ti...more
Sydney Wirebaugh
I really liked this book. It was a book that made you think about who you are. In this book Scarlett learns that she needs to change some things that are going on right now in her life. In two months she gets kicked out of 4 different schools. She gets her tongue pierced and tried to pierce her younger stepsister's nose. But she failed and pierced her lip! So her dad and stepmom got really mad. They sent her to school at their small village. She walks out and then they decide to home school her....more
Maggie Fouberg
I really liked this book by Cathy Cassidy. She is a really great authour and really describes everything in great detail such as how the people look, how the setting looks, how the characters talk and their emotions. I really like books like that and want to read more books by this author. She has also written "Indigo Blue" and "Dizzy". I have read Indigo Blue but I haven't read Dizzy, we don't have that book in our library.
This book really made you think, Scarlett is a little bit of a Juvinia...more
Scarlett is on the 2011 Rebecca Caudil list. This book is about Scarlett a 12 year old girl who always gets in trouble in schools. She had already been kicked out of 4 schools. Her parents got divorsed when she was really little and since then things just always went wrong. She started a food fight, dyed her hair red, smoked, and hit a teacher. But when her mom finally gets fed up with her she gets sent to her dads house in Ireland. Her dad had gotten remarried(to clare) and has a step-daughter(...more
Rylee Trapp
I enjoyed reading Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy. The book was delightful and fun. The book starts out with Scarlett who is once again in trouble. She has had a troubled life ever since her father walked out on her and her mother when she was in third grade. But this time Scarlett isn’t just going to get sent to another relative who can just send her to another who will eventually send her back to her mother. Her mother has lost her patience and is now sending her to her father’s in Ireland. Scarlett...more
2011 Rebecca Caudill nominee—Scarlett’s world fell apart when she was 10 and her father left her mother for another woman. Her mother was furious and spends long, long hours at work both to comfort herself and to provide for Scarlett. Scarlett, in reaction to her mother’s anger and her own, has had no contact with her dad for 2 years. She has also been expelled from 4 schools for bad behavior. As a last, last resort, Scarlett’s mom sends her from London to the boonies of Ireland live with her da...more
Allison Parker
In Scarlett we meet a girl who just got kicked out of her last London school. Scarlett’s got the quite the rebellious streak. She gets into fights, wears forbidden clothes, and even pierced her tongue behind her mother’s back. She sees the world very differently ever since her father left and started a new family far away from her. Her mother, desperate for peace, decides that Scarlett has only one chance left: she must try living with her father in Ireland. Scarlett is furious. She hates her da...more
Bridget R. Wilson
Scarlett has attended 5 schools in 2 years. It all started when her dad left. Her life was ruined, so Scarlett took revenge the only way she could: she rebelled. She has ketchup red hair, a tongue piercing, and wears lots of eye make-up. Her mad at the world attitude lands her in the one place she never wanted to be--Ireland with her dad and his new family. She doesn't fit in her either. She's so angry. At her mum. At her dad. And at herself.

The concept of homeschooling gives Scarlett another ch...more
Bitter and uncooperative after her dad left the family to marry another woman, Scarlett turns into an angry 12-year-old. Her mom is fed up after she has once again been kicked out of another school. That's when Scarlett is sent to live with her father in Ireland. She is determined to hate her new step-family, but finds a kind of unconditional acceptance and love that she is not accustomed to. That and the fact that she's met a mysterious, dark-haired boy named Kian who quietly draws out the best...more
Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy
Scarlett is about a girl who used to have a perfect life until her dad left her and her mother to go to Ireland with his new wife.Scarlett gets into lots of trouble, gets kicked out of schools (five of them in two years, dyes her hair, and even pierces her tounge. Her mom finally had enough and sends her off with her dad in Ireland. Scarlett hasent seen her dad in two years and never wants to see him again.
When she gets to Ireland, she has to live in a really small tow...more
3.75 Here's a case-study in misleading book-jacket art; a lot of girls are going to be drawn by the pink glitter and bows on the jacket only to be somewhat disappointed by the general lack of fashion chatter after this tongue-piercing 12-year old is expelled from the fifth school she's attended in two years. Instead, Scarlett mainly accessorizes with rage. I found it a bit hard to blame her; even as a pacifist, I was seized by a deep-seated desire to slap Scarlett's mother. The bildungsroman plo...more
Watermelon Daisy
Scarlet was actually a great middle-grade book, but I’m giving it a 2 as a personal rating.

I can see myself giving it five stars at a younger age, but it’s only a two-star now that I’m beyond those kinds of book. However, I have full reason to believe it’s the perfect chick-lit/coming-of-the-age book for middle school girls. It has the whole aspect of a “bad girl” who’s trying to keep herself from getting out of trouble. Scarlet is actually a breath of fresh air in comparison to other characters...more
A light read about 12-year-old Scarlett and her struggle to cope with her parent’s divorce. Scarlett has been kicked out of several London schools, so her mother decides to ship her off to rural Ireland to live with her father and his new family. Scarlett’s anger is raw, and while she believes this experience to be the worst possible punishment, it turns out to provide some healing. The surroundings of her new home turn out to be a bit magical with Lough Choill’s wishing tree nearby and the appe...more
Scarlett is not your average middle school girl, black nails, red hair definitely coats for trouble. She has been expelled out of a ton of schools and her mom is on the last strand. After being expelled from yet another school her mom, in frustration, sends her to live with her dad who walked out on them both creating a new family. Somewhere in Ireland she meets the person that is going to help her get through these thought times. But, some day when she needs the person most, there gone. How wil...more
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I was born in 1962 in Coventry (scarily ancient, I know). I wrote my first picture book for my little brother when I was eight or nine. I loved making comics, too - pages and pages of picture stories, features and competitions.

I went to Art College in Liverpool, then got a job as fiction editor on the fab and legendary Jackie magazine.

I have worked as agony aunt on Shout magazine and also as an ar...more
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