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Gemini Bites
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Gemini Bites

3.55 of 5 stars 3.55  ·  rating details  ·  521 ratings  ·  91 reviews
One of the strangest (and funniest) love triangles ever to hit YA fiction, when a pair of twins (one boy, one girl) both fall for the boy who moves in with them…who may or may not be a vampire.

Judy and Kyle Renneker are sixteen-year-old fraternal twins in a rambling family of nine. They have a prickly history with each other and are, at least from Judy's perspective, const
Hardcover, 240 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Scholastic Press (first published February 24th 2011)
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Overall, a cute, funny, not-so-serious story about two siblings fighting for a mysterious guy who might have supernatural abilities. Here's a quote I liked:

"I stared out at the dark orange field surrounding us, and my heart was in my ears now, whump, whump, whump, and I had this totally moronic sequence of thoughts: Something gay is about to happen here. This spot will forevermore be the place where you had your first gay encounter. People will live here one day, in a nice big house, and never k
The only problem I had with this book is that there are too many people. There are seven Renneker siblings, too many to easily keep track of, especially when they don’t add anything to the story. Trisha, as the youngest at four, does not add much to the story. Dexter and Tommy seem almost interchangeable as the older brothers, and Dawn and Suzie are both younger sisters, again nearly interchangeable. But it is because they don’t add much to the story that it is easy to ignore them. Especially as ...more
Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

I've rewritten this review a dozen times and only been able to keep that one word--brilliant. Ryan is a genius writing from both a male and a female perspective as the twins navigate the murky emotional waters of high school relationships. The characters, whether they are featured or merely secondary, are richly realized and read as absolutely authentic and endearingly flawed. (Including, thank all the gods, some gay characters (plural!) who are neither distressed
"In our family, competition is the rule. It has to be.

If dinner is pork chops and there are nine pork chops on the serving plate, one of them, according to physics, is the smallest - but it isn't the smallest kid who gets it; it's the slowest. On Christmas Day, it isn't the most well-behaved kid who gets the best presents; it's the one who's been the loudest about what he or she wants in the months leading up to the holiday. And Monster was the worst of all - especially when it came to competing
Novel Novice
t was the copy on the back of the ARC for Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan that initially convinced me this was a book I wanted to read:

Boy? Girl? Vampire?

Gay? Straight? Twisexual?

Prepare to be seduced.

But what I found inside these pages was less about whether or not mysterious loner Garrett was really a vampire — and more about the relationship between a brother and sister during their tumultuous teenage years. And this is a very good thing.

Because as much as I love a good vampire story (and I r
It's about time for a YA book about a bisexual vampire who sets out to seduce a pair of twins. This book is just outlandish, but in a very pleasant, arch and knowing way. I will admit to loving the satirical beginning more than the tidy YA-style ending, but some crazy great stuff happens at the end as well. Plus, they all go to Colonial Williamsburg.
This book was fantastic. Couldn't stop reading it!!! Of course, I dreaded reading Judy's POV but as the book progressed she really grew into a character that's actually likable. I love Kyle! He's was a very charismatic character and I was always anxious to dread his chapter. The only problem I have with the book was the title. "Gemini Bites". I get bites was for Garret pretending to be a vampire(not much vampire in the book), and gemini is for twins, but this book has only like one sentence to d ...more
May 09, 2015 Stacey rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: ya
A story written from two different point of views should give you a chance to see two characters. Except in the case of this book the character Kyle is the main character and Judy (his twin) who gets half the chapters is flat. She's just mean, does selfish things and we never see any human side to her when we are in her chapters. I don't care how mean someone is they have reasons, or at least compassion if only for themselves. Instead the whole reason is only explained in one paragraph near the ...more
Daneil Newcomb
When I started the book I wasn't sure I'd finish it. The story gets better as you read, but it's definitely not on my "must reads" suggestion list. It's a fast and flirty read with enjoyable dialogue. Though the characters are somewhat lacking in dimension, I enjoy the blatant talk of sex.

The best part of this novel are the parents, imho, who are incredibly supportive and respectful of their children's growth and privacy.

Favorite quote from the novel:

Then he asked, "How can you be all religious
Jenni Frencham
Judy and Kyle are twins in the middle of a nine-member family. They have been at each other's throats for years, in spite of Judy's recent supposed "conversion" to Christianity. Then their parents decide to take in one of Judy's and Kyle's classmates, Garret, whose family is moving one month before school gets out. Garret is a strange boy; he wears nothing but black, changes out his bedroom light bulbs for red ones, and refers to the rest of the family as "mortals." With both Judy and Kyle crush ...more
Review originally posted on The Book Smugglers: HERE

Judy and Kyle are 16 year-old fraternal twins in a noisy family of nine. They have a bumpy relationship ever since their parents had a trial separation years ago and are always competing against each other, trying to best the other while they go about their lives. Kyle has recently come out to his family and close friends and is the self-proclaimed biggest exaggerator in the history of the universe and will tell you that his sister is a Monster
The first chapter started out with Kyle's POV. And I liked him. He was a fun quirky character and I was enjoying him. Then the next chapter was about his twin sister, Judy. I loathed everything about her. And not in a fun-to-hate sort of way, either. There was nothing about the writing to make me be on her side one little bit. Not even Kyle's chapters could get the taste out of my mouth.

I wanted to know more about Garrett, but sadly we didn't get any chapters devoted to him, and he was the most
Eli Arnold
Gemini Bites is a unique YA GLBTQ book. Each chapter rotates between our two main characters--twins who haven't gotten a long since a temporary separation of their parents six years before the story begins. Kyle and Judy, our twin narrators, are two of seven children, and Patrick Ryan's book blends large-family dynamics, a teen's burgeoning sexuality and a love triangle based on sibling competition and the object of the affection's own insecurities. Lacking in this novel is the all-to-often fami ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for

While it's not certain if Garret is gay or straight - or even bi - Kyle is out and pretty much proud of who he is. He's never dated anyone, but had some experience with guys, and his best friend happens to be gay, as well. Kyle is pretty amusing, as he's a huge exaggerator and yet he finds himself starting to become more and more interested in Garret, who swears that he's a vampire. Well, one of their fellow classmates seems to believe it, and he'll
jv poore
Gemini Bites
by Patrick Ryan

Kyle Renneker is experiencing serious growing pains in Gemini Bites. Being a sixteen year old boy, recently out of the closet, is challenging enough. Add to that, a blatantly despicable twin sister and the freak of the school moving into the family home, you have one “mixed up, muddled up, shook up world”.

A relatively intriguing and somewhat promising premise turned into a disappointing read for me. I expect that my opinion will be in the minority. I fully believe th
Meh -- My favorite part of the book is the dual voices...Kyle and Judy Renneker, twins who hate each other at the beginning of the book. They're two of seven children in a chaotic family, and they alternate chapters of the last few weeks of their junior year of high school.

Judy, despite her nasty mouth, is horribly insecure...instead of being herself with a boy she has a crush on, she tries to reinvent herself into a female mirror image. Her current crush is an earnest Christian boy who has bibl
Kira Harp
This book began very well, with the tale of a gay teen boy, Kyle, and his straight twin sister, Judy. Told in alternating first person POV's, the twins deal with crushes, family issues, each other, and the unusual kid who comes to live in the room in their attic, who may or may not be a vampire. Kyle is a likable character with an engaging voice. Judy is a little more shallow and self-centered, and it is harder to sympathize with her. And for the first 5/6 of the book that was the only thing tha ...more
Tim Evanson
Patrick Ryan just gets better and better. This young adult LGBT novel may not have the intricate plot twists of Ryan's Saints of Augustine, but I think it's better written than his last novel, In Mike We Trust. Getting the hang of young adult fiction is difficult because you can't "write down" to teens as if they were stupid. But teens aren't going to be interested in the turgid prose or 100-foot-deep characterization of an adult novel.

Yes, In Mike We Trust was a Lambda Literary Award finalist a
judy & kyle are twins that aren't particularly fond of each other. judy is pretending to be a born-again christian in hopes that her bible study leader will fall for her; kyle spends a lot of time fantasizing about bob dylan. but when hot classmate garret johnson comes to live with their family for the rest of the semester, both twins find themselves in lust with the same guy. who, interestingly enough, claims to be a vampire.

i thought the premise of this book was really funny, but it failed
Sarah Sammis
I read Gemini Bites by Patrick Ryan because I had enjoyed In Mike We Trust. Plus the vampire love triangle parody caught my attention.

Although it's a short book, there's a lot going on. In all honesty, there's probably too much going on. First there is the long time rivalry between fraternal twins Judy and Kyle Renneker. In the last few years Judy's taunting has turned cruel. Kyle has recently come out to his parents and best (and also gay) friend. Judy, meanwhile is pretending to find religion
Matt Mead Teen Programming Specialist
Judy and Kyle are twins... they also sort of hate each other. Kyle has just come out, Judy has just been "born-again" (but only to impress a guy). The book is told from both teens' perspectives in alternating chapters. Throughout the course of the book we are introduced to a number of very likable and well written characters including the rest of Kyle and Judy's siblings and their friends. Most interesting is the character of Garret Johnson. Garret and his family are moving, but since the school ...more
My review on The Crimson Review of Children's & YA Literature:

Sixteen-year-old twins Kyle and Judy Renner are both attracted to the same student, Garrett, who claims he’s a vampire. Is he? Who is he really attracted to – Judy… or Kyle?! Alternating between the twin’s points of view, the book is wittingly written and has moments of heartfelt understanding for both protagonists. Kyle’s story is stronger and more fleshed out; unfortunately, Judy’s character development is lacking and the reader
This book failed for me. If it had been entirely from Kyle's perspective I think it could have been better but the dual narrative didn't work for me, especially since Judy sounded not only like a terrible cliche but an awful person and her sudden turn around at the end was way too abrupt for someone who was so awful before. Second the ending was one of those lets tie everything up in a pretty bow in the very last chapter endings. I rated this two stars though because it wasn't terrible. It just ...more
Saleena Davidson
Finally we have Gemini Bites.....I ate this book up like a chocolate cake! Ryan sets up the premise of these two twin siblings who absolutely hate each other, and then in the middle of the rivalry is a boy......and they both are intrigued and seduced by he a vampire as he claims? Is he into boys or girls? Using Garret as a catalyst, Ryan takes us on a ride and the reader won't know up from down until the end..........loved it!
Stacey Conrad
Kyle and Judy, seventeen-year-old fraternal twins, tell two sides of the story of the last month of junior year, when Garret, who claims to be a vampire, moves in their house to finish the school year after his parents move for a job. Both Kyle and Judy have a crush on Garret, who will he chose, and is he really a vampire?

I was tempted to skip Judy’s chapters, because she was not a likeable character at the beginning of the book. Kyle calls her “Monster” and it fits. I was glad I didn’t skip the
Judy and Kyle are twins with a very competitive relationship. They also come from a huge family (7 children), so things get even more complicated when their parents decide to take in another kid for a few months. Garrett is a very mysterious person who seems to manipulate both of the twins and their recent life-style revelations for his own ends. Kyle has just come out to his family while Judy is pretending to be born-again in an effort to get a boyfriend.

Although written in alternating chapters
16-year-old twins Judy (angry, vindictive, and faking a born-again conversion to attend bible study with the boy she has a crush on) and Kyle (milder, gay, out to his family, the object of Judy's hatred) narrate alternating chapters in this tale of siblings beginning to come of age. Garrett Johnson, a goth boy who claims to be a vampire, is to live with the family of 9 for a month before joining his parents who have moved out of state. Kyle has a crush on Garrett; Judy, who flails about in pursu ...more
This book is told in alternating chapters by Judy & Kyle Renneker. They are fraternal twins in high school. Kyle has announced to his family that he is gay. Judy has started carrying around a bible and going to a bible study once a week. Neither of these things makes much of an impact in their family. They are 2 of 7 kids and their parents go with the flow. They both have issues and they work through their issues during the course of the story. This book covers the end of their junior year w ...more
In this delightfully bizarre take on the paranormal love triangle, warring fraternal twins Judy and Kyle both begin to fall for their odd goth house guest who may be a vampire. Sexual tension builds and sparks fly as the born again Christian sister and Bob Dylan obsessed brother via for the attention of the mysterious Garret. Simultaneously irreverent and earnest, this slim novel tackles the many and varied ways in which teens try to create and discover their identities. Refreshingly, Kyle seems ...more
Jul 20, 2014 Bek added it
Shelves: dnf
Bizarro premise with the potential to be amusing, but I didn't make it past the first two chapters - no interest in the gay boy who waltzes out of the closet with a flamboyant (and I quote) "wah-lah", nor his stereotypically catty twin sister. Done and done.
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P.E. Ryan also writes as Patrick Ryan.

Patrick Ryan was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Florida. His work has appeared in the Yale Review, the Iowa Review, One Story, and other journals. He lives in New York City.
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