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In Fire Forged (Worlds of Honor, #5)
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In Fire Forged (Worlds of Honor #5)

3.98  ·  Rating Details ·  1,734 Ratings  ·  55 Reviews
Honor Harrington is arguably the most popular character in modern science fiction, but there are many other stories in the Honorverse besides those in which she has the central role. This fifth volume in the popular Worlds of Honor series explores some of those stories with the help of such top writers as best-selling author Jane LIndskjold, New York Times best-selling aut ...more
Hardcover, 316 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Baen (first published 2011)
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Rachel Hyland
Feb 23, 2011 Rachel Hyland rated it really liked it
David Weber is increasingly an author who seems absolutely incapable of concision. When given the brief to write a short story, it is pretty much destined to over-run the nominal word limit for such things; and even then, his short stories inevitably become larger novels (see: The Excalibur Alternative and Out of the Dark). In this case, In Fire Forged was perhaps intended as another collaborative short story anthology in which his popular and long-lasting Honor Harrington series could be extend ...more
Kathy Davie
Jul 07, 2011 Kathy Davie rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, military, action
With four short stories, In Fire Forged is fifth in the anthology series, Worlds of Honor, and a spinoff from the Honor Harrington military science-fiction series. I wanted to make this a 3.5, but that wouldn't be fair to the other three good stories in this anthology just because I'm unthrilled with Presby's contribution.

"Ruthless" (follows from Worlds of Honor 4: "Promised Land")
"An Act of War" (Honor Harrington, 9.5)
"Let's Dance" (Honor Harrington, 3.5; Nimitz doesn't have his skinsui
Aug 10, 2014 John rated it liked it
Three Honorverse short stories and some technical material.

1) Ruthless by Jane Lindskold, a sequel to Promised Land from The Service of the Sword. An enjoyable story about Michael Winton and Judith of Masada and the deepening of their characters and relationship. Well done. 4/5.

2) An Act of War by Timothy Zahn, a sequel to With One Stone from The Service of the Sword. A nifty story featuring Charles again, and shenanigans around his slippery dealing. 4/5.

3) Let's Dance by David Weber. The longes
Faith Hunter
Apr 29, 2011 Faith Hunter rated it liked it
Three long shorts or short novelas. The story by David Weber was grand. the other two by other writers, were okay.
Jan 26, 2011 Leisuresuitlarry rated it really liked it
Shelves: 101-in-2011
There is no such thing as a bad honor Harrington book, even if they're short stories.
Douglas Owen
Oct 21, 2016 Douglas Owen rated it really liked it
Not really one book, but several stories told in the same universe, just like all the others.
This is a short anthology as opposed to Service of the Sword (#4) but it has 2 superb stories, both sequels of stories in volume 4 and a HH story by the author that depends on your familiarity with the Honorverse for degree of enjoyment - for someone who read all Honroverse so far and participated in interminable discussions on forums about it, the story is good with its moments, but more of a filler than anything new; for a less experienced Honorverse reader the story may be a good introduction ...more
Lizabeth Tucker
In Fire Forged edited by David Weber

Worlds of Honor 5

A collection of stories and articles set in the Honor Harrington universe. Started out well with the first two stories, then fell flat with the rest of the book. 3.5 out of 5 simply due to Lindskold and Zahn.

“Ruthless” by Jane Lindskold
While speaking to a woman from Human Services outside her apartment, Judith Newland’s daughter disappears. The child is being used as leverage against Prince Michael Winston. Lindskold gives us a look at one
Steven Lee
The fifth book in the Worlds of Honor series consists of four short stories.

"Ruthless" Then Crown Prince Michael Winton in his service in the Royal Manitocoran Navy and Judith Newland, shortly after her escaping Masadan captivity. Agents kidnap Ruth; Michael and his best friend and fellow serviceman go on a wild goose chase. I did not enjoy this story. It is emotionally overwrought, the plot/conspiracy at the heart of it is not particularly interesting. It does not expand the universe in a mean
Mar 03, 2014 Jim rated it really liked it

Welcome to the Honorverse. The New York Times Best-Selling Series Continues.

3.8 Million Honor Harrington Books in Print

Over 7 Million David Weber Books in Print

18 New York Times Best Sellers from Baen Plus Five More from Tor.

Honor Harrington is arguably the most popular character in modern science fiction, but there are many other stories in the Honorverse besides those in which she has the central role. This fifth volume in the popular Worlds of Honor series explores some of those sto

***Dave Hill
Oct 07, 2013 ***Dave Hill rated it liked it
Shelves: text
This is another set of short stories set in Weber's Honorverse, and, as such things often are, they are a mixed bag.

Jane Lindskold provides "Ruthless," a mildly entertaining tale of the relationship between Judith of Masada and Manticoran Prince Michael Winton, as tested by kidnappers of Judith's child. The individual characters are interesting enough, but the action feels forced and relationship doesn't seem to have much chemistry.

Timothy Zahn gives us "An Act of War," a caper story amidst the
Mayank Agarwal
Jun 15, 2014 Mayank Agarwal rated it liked it
Actually only has three stories so it’s the smallest of the anthologies and a good one at that. Just skip the last 10% of the book which is the fourth useless technical gibberish.

1. Ruthless by Jane Lindskold
Sequel to Promised Land and as I am reading Honorverse book’s in chronological order I was looking forward to reading more on Micheal and Judith. The plot, action and romance seem forced. Just hate the way they show the inability of Royal’s to do anything against their enemy. I have noticed
Mar 14, 2012 Nick rated it really liked it
Shelves: science-fiction
I have mixed feelings about authors sharing their universes with other writers. The results can be good, or they can be awful, depending on how well the additional authors get into the spirit of the fictional universe. One of my favorite writers wrote a really dreadful novel in such a situation, because his version of the reality was so jarringly different from the apparent intent of the original author.
In this case, though, additional authors Timothy Zahn and Jane Lindskold both turned in nice
Barb in Maryland
Feb 16, 2011 Barb in Maryland rated it liked it
Shelves: sf-f-goodies
Nice set of short stories from Zahn and Lindskold and a novella from Weber. Plus, for all the weapons-geeks out there, a little piece on ship's armor.
Lindskold's story features the Queen's brother, Prince Michael and Judith, the Masadan refugee, and a dastardly plot involving her daughter, Ruth. It was a nice way to fill in the blanks in these continuing characters' lives. We know from the beginning who the bad guys are, so the action of the story involves our main characters figuring out who du
Sep 15, 2013 Colleen rated it liked it
At this point almost all the Worlds of Honor stories continue to spin out narratives branching off in directions begun in previous Worlds of Honor volumes. For some of these it's a good thing (Prince Michael's courtship, eg.) for others, I wasn't too enamored with the characters even the first time round (con-man tries to burn the Peeps... again.) The Honor-as-a-younger-officer story was the longest and was solid.

But none of these, unlike previous Worlds of Honor books (I'm looking at you, World
Oct 22, 2012 David rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Three good stories plus a learned treatise on the design of modern starship Armor.

Ruthless by Jane Lindskold; An adventure in the lives of Judith and Michael Winton a couple of years after Judith's escape from Masada. A light story.

An Act of War by Timothy Zahn; This is a new scheme from Charles, first seen in "With One Stone" in The Service of the Sword. Selling dodgy gear to the PRH etc.

"Let's Dance" by David Weber; Honor has an adventure in the Silesian Confederacy involving the usual suspect
Feb 07, 2011 Annette rated it it was ok
Shelves: sci-fi
Fairly weak. The Linskold offering, another chapter in the Michael Winton / Judith tale, lacked drama and suspense for all that it involved a child kidnapping. The reasoning behind that kidnapping was even harder to swallow, as was the end. Timothy Zahn's "An Act of War" was the strongest in the anthology - it did keep you guessing! - but it wasn't IMHO as good as his earlier story introducing the character of "Charles" the mysterious Solarian arms dealer to the Peeps. Weber's "Let's Dance" (set ...more
Bob Rust
Jul 04, 2016 Bob Rust rated it it was amazing
"Ruthless" by Jane Lindskold, a sequel to her previous short story ("Promised Land" from The Service of the Sword), involving the Royal scion Michael Winton and Judith of Masada.
"An Act of War" by Timothy Zahn, is a sequel to his previous short story ("With One Stone" from The Service of the Sword). It features "Charles", a slippery, conniving, elusive, less than totally honest dealer in black-market technology.
"Let's Dance" by David Weber, is the longest story. It covers the Casimir raid prior
Jun 11, 2011 Bruce rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction
This book contains a novella by Weber, two short stories by other authors and a 'article' on Starship Armor Design which I assume was written by Weber. The novella "Let's Dance" has a young Honor Harrington commanding a destroyer and getting involved in a diplomatic incident. It's a good story and is somewhat of a back story. "Ruthless" by Jane Linkskold is an exciting read though starting somewhat slow it rapidly gains your attention. Manticorean(sic) Queen Elizabeth's only brother is the main ...more
Jul 01, 2011 Caleb rated it it was ok
Not a bad colection of stories but not great either. Ruthless and An Act of War are continuations of short stories in other Honorverse anthologies. Let's Dance is an Honor Harrington short which happens about 1 T-year before the start of On Basalisk Station. None of them stood out as anything special and the one space battle was really short.
I wish David Weber would just knuckle under and finish the series rather than publish a whole bunch of anthologies. They're OK but not even close to a subs
Apr 19, 2012 Sue rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2012-reads
A series of short stories from the Honorverse.
'Ruthless' gives us another view of Prince Michael and Judith, a follow on from 'Promised Land', and 20 or so years before we read Ruths story in Crown of Slaves. I enjoyed the story, and would like a few glimpses into their lives.
Act of War is a scam artist at play in the Peoples Republic.
Lets Dance unites Honor and the Audabon Ballroom early in her career.
There is also 'An Introduction to Modern Starship Armor Design', I haven't tackled this yet, a
Dec 13, 2012 Calisto rated it really liked it
Shelves: space-opera
Jane Lindskold's Ruthless (3)
It's more about Michael and Judith before they start a relationship. It's nice, but kinda bland imo in terms of action and burgeoning romance.

Timothy Zahn's An Act of War (2)
I kinda missed the whole point of this story. Are we supposed to figure out how the con-man knows Honor? IDK, I don't care.

David Weber's Let's Dance (4)
This is the reason this is getting an overall 4 stars. I loved the Ballroom and want more short stories about them. The fact that Honor is in it
This is a good set of three short works (one is at least a novella) which provide a little more insight and background information to the main stories in the series. Honor meets the Audubon Ballroom, we learn a little more about Queen Elizabeth's brother, and get a backstory about interaction between agents from the Solarian League, the Andermani Empire, and the People's Republic of Haven.

Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit, though it's not my absolute favorite set of stories. It does require a kn
James Saunders
Oct 07, 2014 James Saunders rated it really liked it
"In Fire Forged", the short novel "Let's Dance" (David Weber doesn't know to write a short story for which I am glad) is one of his best. When I was young I really enjoyed reading and rereading the Hornblower series and the Honor Harrington is the space opera version. The way I judge a book is this- if it makes the hair on the back of my neck rise it is a good book. The words about the form and structure as well as comments on the plot are so much garbage. If it makes the hair rise on the back o ...more
Another interesting collection, plus an expansive section on the Modern Starship Armor Design, with illustrations.

One note: According to the Stories Listed by Internal Chronology section on Wikipedia, the story "An Act of War" is listed as coming right after Ashes of Victory. The story, however, actually takes place early on in the book while Honor is convalescing.
Jul 22, 2011 Bill rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Following the Honor Harrington stories in chronological order:

9. Ruthless by Jane Lindskold is the sequel to Promised Land in The Service of the Sword. This story is actually a back story for a later Honorverse novel, Crown of Slaves.

10. Let's Dance by David Weber (Honor Harrington's first command) is the prequel to On Basilisk Station.

29. An Act of War by Timothy Zahn is in the same time frame as Ashes of Victory. (Haven tries to use a salvaged Manticorian cruiser for mischief in the Andermani
In Fire Forged contains three short stories and one non-fiction piece on starship armor. One story deals with Prince Michael's relationship with Judith Newland and her daughter Ruth. The second tale is one of espionage, double-dealing and hoodwinking of Haven by Solly agents of unknown origin. The last one reveals the details on how Honor Harrington got on Mesa's and Manpower's radar as a problem to be eliminated. In all a decent collection of entertaining tales that fill in a few cracks in the ...more
David Broussard
Jan 30, 2012 David Broussard rated it liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, military
First off, I am not a fan of Short Stories for the most part.

The 5th book of Short Stories in the Honorverse is about like the prior ones. Some stories are pretty good "Ruthless" by Jane Lindskold is the best of the three, and Timothy Zahn's "An Act of War" would have been better as a longer novella or novel because it just lacked depth. Weber's "Let's Dance" was one of the better Honor stories that he has written of late because she is still a flawed person and hasn't become the embodiment of p
Nicole Luiken
Feb 13, 2012 Nicole Luiken rated it liked it
Shelves: sfantasy
I enjoyed Jane Lindskold's novella "Ruthless" despite the very bad pun. It was nice to see Prince Michael and Judith again. Similarly the Honor Harrington novella "Let's Dance!" was fun to read--fun to watch Honor stomp on evil pirates. But I am officially giving up on the middle novella "Act of War" as I do not care what happens to the main character or whether or not he's a spy or a con man. I'm also skipping the tech manual at the end. Not my cuppa tea.
Dec 22, 2010 Richard rated it liked it
Shelves: science-fiction
Not the place to begin with what is now called the Honorverse, since the stories mostly provide backstory for threads in the main sequence novels, and sequels for stories in previous novels (simultaneously for two of them, which isn't a bad trick). For those familiar with the series, though, a good read.I particularly liked Harrington's first encounter with the Audubon Ballroom. My cousin (an engineering student) liked the section on starship armor, but I dropped out halfway through.
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David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.

Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre. He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.

One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name
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