Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin, #4)
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Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin #4)

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  11,047 ratings  ·  556 reviews
I’d rather face a dozen lethal assassins any night than deal with something as tricky, convoluted, and fragile as my feelings.

But here I am. Gin Blanco, the semi-retired assassin known as the Spider. Hovering outside sexy businessman Owen Grayson’s front door like a nervous teenage girl. One thing I like about Owen: he doesn’t shy away from my past—or my present. And right...more
Paperback, 357 pages
Published April 26th 2011 by Pocket
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Tangle Threads is the fourth book in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. She has created a no holds barred heroine with Gin Blanco, a former assassin called the Spider who wants revenge against the woman who destroyed her entire world when she was barely a teenager. Gin is consumed by revenge to take down Mab Monroe, a powerful, psychotic woman who lives for terrorizing those who are weak. Mab is known as a fire elemental, while Gin has all the elements at her disposal, but prefers to ke...more
Not quite as good as its predecessors

Coming off the high from Venom, I had a lot of high hopes for Tangled Threads, Book 4 of the Elemental Assassin series. Unfortunately, it comes up a little short for me.

Unlike the prior novels, where it kicks off with high action, this book definitely has a slower pace. After taking care of Elliott Slater, Gin has sent Mab Monroe a message (as the Spider of course), and Mab's listening. She recruits another assassin, a damn good assassin, to come in and deal...more
The long arc is interesting, action packed, progresses quickly and engenders compassion regarding some of the characters. The romance makes nice in-roads and Gin makes some strides dealing with her personal issues concerning being close to people and worthiness. There is some movement with the situation with her sister.

There was about 17 chapters devoted to just bringing the reader up to speed with the backstory and world building. Perhaps I'd be more kind about this if I hadn't read this series...more
Mandi Schreiner
Favorite Quote: “Who the hell are you?”
I gave him a cold, hard smile. “The bitch who’s here to kill you.”

The Elemental Assassin series hooked me with the first sentence in the first book, Spider’s Bite:

My name is Gin, and I kill people.

And I am happy to say, now that we are on to book four, this series is only getting better in my opinion. Much of its appeal is the heroine Gin. I’ve gone on about her in previous reviews but I just can’t help myself. The combination of Gin being a calm, patient,...more
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*SPOILERS* This book was very fragmented compared to the others in the series. The last quarter of the book finally comes to life, but for me, the repetition was so overdone that the book never really took off. I saw it through to the end, but that had more to do with the merit of the previous books than this one. I admit to liking where she went with some of the relationships in the book but unfortunately, that was it. The main strength of this series has been the cool elemental powers JE endow...more
The casting:

PS!!! My main cast for Gin, in my head, is really Jennifer Garner/Elektra. Reason for using Crystal Reed/Allison Argent is because of all the awesome gifs of her that fits perfect for these series :P

I like this series. I've read 4 books in 4 days, so that should say something itself. The storyline is good, and it keeps the reader interested.
“Keep the change, Gin," McCallister said in a smarmy, mocking voice. "Consider it an early Christmas present."
"Aw," I drawled. "A whopping thirt
*Squee!* Oh yes! Another installment of this great series! And since I know not everyone is caught up to this point or are just starting the series... I will TRY to spoil nothing. Oh, that is going to be so hard, but despite the sage words of Yoda (do or do not, there is no try) I will still try. *checks for miniature green aliens* At least I won't spoil anything that isn't in the blurb above... so at least be warned that far. ;)

In this book like the others, there is a seemingly impossible task...more
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Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines)
How disappointing!! I don't usually do this, but I'm going to have to pull out a half star. Tangled Threads deserves more of a 2.5 as opposed to a solid 3 star rating.

Before I dive into my complaints (which I will try to keep to a minimum), I want to point out what I enjoyed about the story. I was pleased with the ending. I'm glad a certain secret is finally revealed along with the backstory regarding Fletcher's involvement. I thought Finn's potential relationship was a cute idea. There were sev...more
If I haven’t said it enough already, I’ll say it again, I love Gin Blanco, the bad-ass, sassy, sexy, cocky and smart heroine. And all the other supporting characters are consistent and never disappoints. In fact, their family is constantly growing. First there was just Gin, Fin, Jo-jo and Sophia… then comes Roslyn and Xander, then Owen, after this series, there might be 3 more added to their growing family. When I say family, it doesn’t mean by blood of course, except for Bria, Gin’s long lost s...more
Dear author, I already know that Gin is an assassin, the Spider, has scars on her hands, etc. I do not need constant reiterations of these facts, nor that she has stone and ice magic. Really. It's annoying, and the reader is not stupid enough to forget such a basic premise, especially this being the fourth book of the series.

That said, the book wasn't bad. At times I paused during my reading and went, "That's... a bit melodramatic, yeah?" and "...Just a little cheesy, that." But overall, it was...more
Paranormal Haven
4.5 Stars

Gin Blanco, a.k.a the Spider, isn't the only skillful assassin in town. Elek­tra LaFleur has been hired by Mab Monroe to use her lethal electrical elemental magic to kill the Spider. As if her motivation to save her own life wasn't enough to take her out, LaFleur has added Gin's younger sister Bria Coolidge to her hit list. Gin will do whatever it takes to keep her sister alive but what would happen if the good detective learns that her sister she thought dead is still alive and is the...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
As I would have hoped at the close of VENOM, the Elemental Assassin series really hits it’s stride with TANGLED THREADS. Containing the best of the action sequences, bad-assery and romance from previous books, it also sets the stage for what promises to be the ultimate life-or-death confrontation of Gin’s career.

While readers new to the series may not initially understand how a former assassin is “the good guy”, they won’t have a hard time figuring things out. Gin is consistently surrounded by...more
Jen (Red Hot Books)
After spending the last 17 years in the shadows, Gin is now putting her work as an assassin in the spotlight. Her plan: to start unraveling the organization of crime-boss Mab Monroe... one death at a time. Gin is killing Mab's minions and leaving her own personal symbol behind. And Mab is getting mighty pissed off about it. So much so, she has hired another big name assassin, Elektra, to take her out, once and for all. Of course, Mab doesn't know that "the Spider" is really Gin Blanco.

Elektra w...more
Carmel (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

I’ve been barreling through this series like a woman on a mission. I know that I say this in every review that I write for Jennifer Estep’s books but it really is worth repeating: these books are the bomb! The writing is out-of-this-world outstanding, Lauren Fortgang’s narration is mesmerizing and the characters… Oh. My. God! I ♥ Gin, Owen, Finn, Sophia & Jo-Jo! In this installment we have the showdown to end all showdowns; I’m talking assassin vs. assassin. I mean no...more
✽ Sharon is an emotional book junkie ✽
Having come off her last battle, Gin is determined to make things harder for her nemesis, Mab Monroe. Turns out Mab is wanting the same thing and has hired another assassin, Elektra, to kill Gin...and the Spider. Unfortunately, innocent people are getting stuck in the middle and Gin's "family" has gotten larger causing her to take things slower.

I really enjoyed how things are developing in Gin's life even though they are getting much more complicated. With each battle, Gin learns more and more...more
I'm not going to write a long review, but I will say a few things.

*I love Finnegan Fane--he's a great friend to Gin.
*I like how selfless Gin is and always tries to save the people who've been hurt no matter if she is thrown to the crossfire thanks to her actions while saving others
*Thank god that Donovan Cane decided to leave this sorry-a town because Owen Grayson is the one for Gin, I can feel it. It's incredible how every touch and caressing word by him shows how much he cares. How he came to...more
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Erika  Badass
First half rating ~ 2 stars
Second half rating ~ 4 stars

Part of what I enjoy about this series is the cut throat, no remorse killing style of Gin (I'm not exactly sure what that says about me as a person, but whatever, I like the books)

I also really enjoy the elemental magic usage. It's cool and different.

I enjoy the political and mob enterprise.

I really love Owen <3

I like all the characters, and there interesting powers and lives.

What made this book only two stars in the beginning was the co...more
My keeper shelf

I am a huge fan of this series; every book seems to get better and better. I think what makes it special for me is the amazing characters, they are so well written that I am completely emotional involved in them.

First and foremost, Gin is the coolest kick ass assassin ever; she’s protective of those she loves but make no mistake she is absolutely lethal. What makes Gin such a fantastic character to me is the vulnerability she displays relationship wise. In Tangled Threads she is...more
Tangled Threads is the gritty, dangerously smart fourth installment in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. This book is an awesome addition to the series. There were a few parts that lagged for me and I admittedly skimmed those chapters, but I would read this novel again. I would read this entire series multiple times. Wouldn't recommend this as a standalone novel, you would be missing out on too much brilliance in the first three novels.

Gin is probably my favorite heroine out of a...more
Dharma Kurlind
Courtesy of Lost Art Audiobook Review, http://literaryurbanfantasyreview.blo...

Ashland, a fictional southern city located in the Appalachian Moun­tains of Tennessee, is a place where trolls, giants, dwarves, and vampires live side-by-side with humans. Among them are elementals, people with control over air, fire, ice, or stone, or sub-powers in between. This city is filled with crooked politicians, crooked cops, desperate gamblers, drug pushers, self-entitled rich, prostitute vampires, a...more
A great addition to the Spider Assassin series.

I love the world Jennifer Estep created, a world where elementals, giants, dwarfs and vampires are living among humans openly. The dynamics, everything about it is great.

A new battle in the war between Gin and Mab is being fought. Mab, as usual, doesn’t fight for herself, she hired an assassin LeFleur, to kill Spider. As a bit of irony, LeFleur is also hired to kill Gin Blanco, a restaurant owner.

Gin is as great as ever, still a bit hesitant to admi...more
3.5 stars Yes we know your an assassin.....yes we know you hate Mab she killed your family. The repeating what I already know had me skipping paragraphs in boredom..... Love Gin hope the next is not half backstory.
Previously Published on my blog: Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

*Contains SPOILERS for the previous books in the series.

After all the trials and tribulations Gin has gone through in Web of Lies and Venom, my favorite “retired” assassin is getting closer and closer to the final showdown against the woman that killed her family. However, before she can finally go after Mab Monroe, Gin needs to deal with a new assassin in town, getting reacquainted with her long lost si...more
Review originally posted at: http://supernaturalsnark.blogspot.com...

The fourth book in the Elemental Assassin series, Tangled Threads is yet another face-paced thrill ride, but where the earlier books focused primarily on the action and the impressive battle skills Gin possesses, this latest installment begins to weave new layers of complexity. This complexity comes in the form of character maturity and emotional growth, a development that lures us deeper into the story just as Gin's...more
Apr 30, 2011 Kt rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: hardcopy
Gin, a retired assassin, and now occasional do-gooder for probono hire, has set her sights on the "queen" of Ashland, Mab Monroe. Mab's more powerful than countless elemental put together and has the path of destruction behind her to prove it. Gin's alter ego, The Spider, has become a thorn in Mab's side, enough so that she has hired the assassin known as Elektra LaFleur. She's got a deadly electrical magic that's more than a match for Gin's stone and ice powers. Meanwhile things are heating up...more
Jennifer (a.k.a The Book Nympho)
It's getting harder and harder not to spoil during these reviews but here I go....

Gin has stepped up her game on the take down Mab Monroe front. She is taking out Mab's men left and right and now Mab has brought in Elektra, an out of town assassin, in hopes of taking out the Spider.

The assassin's name hints at her elemental power, electricity. And Gin gets a few shocks from Elektra. But have no fear, Gin is the still the baddest ass assassin in Ashland. With her ice magic becoming just as strong...more
Well. Gin's declared war on Mab Monroe, and Mab's bringing out the big guns. This one's in the form of another assassin set on Gin's trail, Elektra LaFleur. Gin's all set to let LaFleur hunt and peck around Ashland looking for her, because she has more fun things she'd rather do, like a certain yummy dude. Then she finds out a little girl's been kidnapped. On her way to rescue the little girl, she learns that Mab's next target for LaFleur--after the Spider, of course--is Bria.

Ah, Mab. You don't...more
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Jennifer Estep is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.

Jennifer writes the Elemental Assassin adult urban fantasy series for Pocket. Books in the series are SPIDER'S BITE, WEB OF LIES, VENOM, TANGLED THREADS, SPIDER'S REVENGE, BY A THREAD, and WIDOW'S WEB. THREAD OF DEATH, an e-novella, is also available.

More about Jennifer Estep...
Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1) Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1) Venom (Elemental Assassin, #3) Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy, #2) Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, #2)

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