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Books of Blood : Volume Two (Books of Blood, #2)
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Books of Blood : Volume Two (Books of Blood #2)

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  6,398 ratings  ·  90 reviews
To a surgeon, cutting into the human body is an art. Muscle and flesh are his canvas, the scalpel his tool. He studies the composition of the organs -- their balance and form -- the structure of the bones and network of blood vessels. He makes his incision, cutting, slicing with loving care. — Clive Barker is another type of surgeon. — He understands the human body too. He ...more
Paperback, 193 pages
Published August 1986 by Berkley Books (first published 1984)
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From the opening slice of his second viscera-dripping Book o’ Blood, Clive Barker carves into the mind of the reader an apt description of the primary theme explored in this collection:
There is no delight the equal of dread. If it were possible to sit, invisible, between two people on any train, in any waiting room or office, the conversation overheard would time and again circle on that subject. Certainly the debate might appear to be about something entirely different; the state of the natio
Bark's Book Nonsense
I read Dread ages ago in its graphic art format and really can’t remember much about it besides the fact that it made my skin crawl a little.

Stephen Grace is a university student who catches the eye of a teacher named Quaid. Stephen is afraid of public speaking but Quaid instructs him not only to give voice to his fears but to analyze them. Quaid is fascinated with dread in all its facets and revels in learning more about it.

I have to admit this short story took some work getting into. Sev

People were lambs and sheep, all looking for shepherds. Of course these shepherds were fictions... All that existed, in the darkness outside the sheep-fold were the fears that fixed on the innocent mutton: waiting, patient as stone, for their moment.

For a moment, glancing over his shoulder at the mouth that opened under him, he thought he saw monsters stirring below him. Ridiculous, loony things, crudely drawn, dark on dark. Vile graffiti leered up from his childhood and uncurled their cl
Бранимир Събев
1. Ужас - спомних си романа "Маска" на Дийн Кунц. Трима студенти, два болни мозъка и една брадва. Коктейл, който може да има непредсказуем ефект...
2. Адска надпревара - много добро, напомни ми малко по стил на Геймън. Дошло е време за адска напревара! Дошло е време да се надбягваш с дявола! Кой ще победи, кой ще сте спечели! Залогът е целия свят, а правила липсват.
3. Джаклин Ес - последна воля и завещание - ето нещо малко кинговско. Джаклин е жена, която увлича мъжете покрай себе си и ги върти к

Баркър е наистина майстор на ужаса. Показа го и в първия том. И ни кани на второто си демонично представление, състоящо се от 5 кошмарни акта, от 5 ужасяващи разказа. Ето ги и тях:

"Ужас" - Страхът! Това е разказ за онова най-важно първично чувство, биологически зададено от природата, което направлява живота, оцеляването и поведението на по-сложните организми. Точно това привлича млад мъж, който се опитва да извлече, анализира и направлява страха, използвай
The first story was Dread. I quite liked this one. It begins with a student and teacher, Quaid and Cheryl, discussing emotions like fear and dread. When Cheryl says she can’t feel fear, Quaid manages to prove her wrong. This part is shown as Quaid’s guest, Steve, is browsing through Quaid’s collection of photographs. In this part of the story, Quaid recollects how he imprisoned Cheryl with only a piece of steak to eat. (She’s a vegetarian.) The way Clive Barker describes this is very effective. ...more
Back in 1984, Clive Barker made his name within the deeply competitive world of horror with the publication of the first three volumes of the macabre short stories 'The Books Of Blood'. Written in his spare time, he admits that he was not expecting them to sell really at all, let alone predict the public response that followed. The release exploded within the horror literature genre, hailing Barker as an exciting and imaginative new comer. Stephen King, already known as a master in the genre, we ...more
Rowan MacBean
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David Agranoff
Saw this on the shelf at the library and decided to re-read this classic. Barker was the master of Horror short stories in the eighties and all the stories hold up very well. Dread the opening story is probably the most well-known from this volume. It is remembered with good reason, it is a powerful story that in many ways predates and proves the wrongs of the excessive trend of torture porn in horror. It was also recently made into an OK movie.

To me stories that worked best for me this time wer
Ана Хелс
Когато една книга стане събитие, веднага се усеща – имам чувството, че всеки блогър, чиито писания уважавам, вече си е дал мнението за втория том ужас и карантиийки на Баркър, та съвсем естествено и аз се нареждам на опашката от хайпващи колко точно добър и ужасяващ е този човек всъщност. Новите кървави книги са още по-отчайващи и задълбаващи в личните и съкровени страхове. Има някакъв тих влудяващ ритъм на надстрояване на напрежението, в танц с демони, дяволи и просто нормално извратени човешки ...more
Feb 19, 2010 Aaron rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who need to see how literary horror fiction can be
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Христо Блажев
Продължението на ужаса – “Кървави книги 2″ на Клайв Баркър:


След точно година чакане – той е пак тук! И вторият том на “Кървави книги” носи изтънчената доза хедонистичен ужас, в която човешкото замира, цивилизацията се смъква като изгоряла кожа и отдолу се оголват първичните инстинкти – натегнати, готови да повярват във всичко, защото не знаят откъде може да дойде опасността. За тях спокойствието е някаква коварна измама и всяка ситуация мож
Il secondo Libro di sangue è meno incisivo del precedente e ha perso il lirismo che contraddistingue una certa produzione di Clive Barker. Rimangono gli elementi che l’hanno reso famoso, ovvero l’accanimento sulla carne e la pornografia del sanguinolento e del maciullato. Non mancano descrizioni minuziose di aberrazioni e mostruosità, ma abbonda soprattutto uno splatter grafico che poco lascia all’immaginazione del lettore, proiettandolo nell’universo dilaniato dell’autore. Ambientazioni e situa ...more
S.L. Dixon
This is probably the strangest set of these I've read yet. In a morbidly terrific way, of course.
For me two stories really stuck out above the others, the first was Dread.
It moved along with such a gruesome and wonderful plot, a cast of plausible and realistic characters and a premise built in an underlining truth lingering in just about everyone. It did take a wild left turn in the end, but it really only added to the supreme fun of the story.
The second that really rose beyond the others was J
Mar 27, 2010 holy_fire rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: any who likes his horror bloody
Shelves: 1984, barker-clive, horror
second volume in Barker's short fiction collection which put him on the map...

short plot description: none since each short story covers different ground

my thoughts: As in the first volume Barker covers a wide array of themes, from classics to the far out. I found the tone darker then the first volume (no funny story here) and didn't like the far out stuff quite as much. A solid collection, nothing more but also nothing less.
Like in Vol.1 some stories were ok, but mostly they seemed sort of cheap to me. Captivating like every pageturner, but as I was reading it there was always a feeling that it's too 'fake'. Lots of irrelevant erotic scenes that seemed to have been added on purpose rather then for the sake of the plot. Maybe I'm wrong and it's the feature of Barker's universe: lots of gore and erotic. But it seemed cheap to me nonetheless.
Dreadful story. I got really into it and just when I thought I had the ending figured out, the story went in a completely different direction. Initially, Quaid is the crazy one, obsessed with fear and dread, but, as it turns out, Jason is the one to completely lose it in the end. What is worse than fear and dread, or even death? Quaid finds out as his dreams come true.
Horror doesn't get much better than this. Barker's writing is beautiful and seductive, tickling the brain with gorgeous simile and metaphor before subjecting the reader to some of modern time's(the 1980's are still modern right?) most cringe-worthy exhibitions of horror. What really sets the Books of Blood apart from other horror is the depth provided by its social commentary. The cast of 'Sex, Death, and Starshine' don't meet their fates solely for the purpose of an exercise in descriptive bloo ...more
Tobin Elliott
Five more tales that show a master in the making...though, for me, while there is brilliance here, it feels quite often that Barker's characters are just grist for the mill. Yes, some of it is the limitations of the shorter story format, and it absolutely does not apply in all cases, but in many, the characters just seem...there.

In many of the stories, I didn't necessarily see the motivations for what the main characters ended up doing. It doesn't make the stories bad, but when finishing many of
Kristopher Kelly
Barker is fun, but these stories feel sometimes a bit undercooked. There's usually something worth the trip, though. Best story from the collection is probably "New Murders in the Rue Morgue," even if it does rip off Poe and use an existing story as source material.
Слави Ганев
Страниците на кървавите книги се разрастват. Изглежда доктор Флореску продължава да чете и преписва (при това на български!) ужасите, които съдържа кожата на злощастния Макнийл. За какво говоря ще разберете, ако прочетете първият том на поредицата.

Баркър отново показва, че не е просто автор на хорър разкази, а използва тяхната форма доста умело, за да ни казва и по още нещо.

Не крия, че очаквах вторият том с нетърпение. Колибри го забавиха доста, но какво да се прави. Той включва пет разказа:

1. У
Camila Shimada
me gustó mucho mas que el primero. Lo que destaco es que en este volumen hubo de todo, cuentos hablando del tipico infierno y esos demonios (espectaculo infernal) y otros que si bien narraban hechos sobrenaturales, lo presentaban como si fueran peliculas dramaticas y romanticas. Sobre todo el cuento de jaqueline, que era, de forma muy retorcida, una historia de amor. Lo mismo con "las pieles de los padre" en donde lucy describe a los demonios como algo hermoso.

Pero sin duda el premio se lo lleva
- Paura 5/5
Dopo un inizio in cui stavo per mollare un insulto per la lentezza e l'inutilità della lettura, Baker mi ha sconvolto e mi ha fatto affrontare l'ansia di un prigioniero della paura
- La sfida dell'Inferno: 2/5
Mi ha annoiato molto e, sinceramente, non mi ha dato niente, quindi un piccolo Buuh per Barker. Forse il voto è sceso anche in relazione a Paura, che mi aveva sconvolto
- Jacqueline Ess: 4/5
Splatter che più non si può, però, secondo me, tira fuori tematiche molto profonde. So ch
A special book with a lot of history and personal significance for me. It shattered my book world and I never forgot it. I still refer to many of these stories in conversation.
εlﻨբ ツ
ilk kitaptaki hikayelere göre daha güzeldi..
I liked this collection even more than volume one. As in that one, every story here has at least one scene--one very vivid moment--I think I'll always remember--the tension and relief Cameron experiences as he escapes the building in "Hell's Event"; the unforgettably lethal and vicious Jacqueline Ess saying, "I won't break, you know" while mentally forcing Titus to delve; Davidson trying to get back to his car while the thing from the desert gives chase in "The Skins of the Fathers"--and Lucy's ...more
Коста  Сивов
Без абсолютно никакво съмнение, мога да заявя, че Клайв Баркър е един от най-добрите хорър писатели на нашето време. Макар напоследък самият той да е загърбил този жанр за сметка на други, по-печеливши, и заради рисуването, той не пропуска да ни изумява с идеите си, които, гарантирам ви с ръка на сърце, няма да срещнете често из литературните произведения. Както казва преводачът му Иван Атанасов: "Четеш Баркър и се чудиш какво иска да ти каже!" Британецът не е редови писател, надраскал няколко х ...more
A delightful compilation of blood curdling, hair raising stories that will promise to leave it's mark in your mind. I only discovered Clive Barker last year, despite knowing of him for a long time, mainly for him being the guy who wrote the book to the film Hellraiser. After a less than impressive read in Cabal, it somewhat dented expectations I had in Barker being heralded as one of the masters of macabre horror.

That did little to damage my determination to give him another chance, which is wh
L.C. Frey
Geil, geil, geil. Eine Offenbarung. Immer, wenn du denkst, da geht nichts mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein Barker her. Naja, an meinem schelchten Reimversuch merkt man es. Ich bin hin und weg. Die Bücher des Blutes, ein Muss. Und nachdem mir dieses englische original in die gierigen Finger fiel, habe ich mich auf der Stelle aufgemacht, und mir alle 6 besorgt. Und dieses hier noch einmal gelesen.
Einige der besten Shortstories, und Ideen, die für mehrere Leben reichen.
Clive Barker. Sensationell.
My favourite here was the final story, 'New Murders in the Rue Morgue', although I've not read the original Poe story, something I shall have to rectify soon I think. 'Dread' was also very good but a little too depressing for my liking.

Again, not really a bad story amongst them and only just missed out on a 5 star, more because of how fantastic the first volume was rather than because of any failings on the part of this collection. If I were to pick fault, one of the stories seemed a little slo
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Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie (née Revill), a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm. Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department. It ...more
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