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El Devorador de Almas (Crónicas De La Prehistoria,  #3)
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El Devorador de Almas (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #3)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  6,319 ratings  ·  209 reviews
Torak has survived the summer and his heart-stopping adventure in the Seal Islands. He and Wolf are together again. But their reunion is all too short-lived. As mid winter approaches Torak learns the worst from the White Fox clan - Wolf has been snatched. In a desperate bid to rescue him, Torak and Renn must brave the frozen wilderness of the Far North. They tread a deadly ...more
Published December 31st 1999 by UNKNOWN
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"Soul Eater" is the third book in "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness", but there will be six books in all.

The story continues to follow Renn and Torak in their pursuit of the Soul Eaters, who have captured wolf; Torak's canine companion and ‘pack brother’. Wolf is to be used in a series of sacrifices to protect the Soul Eaters from the demons they are to unleash into the world.

Torak and Renn pursue the Soul Eaters and try to prevent the evil they wish to release. Torak is a spirit walker and is abl
Erwin Adriansyah
*Pertama kali dipost di thread Pembahasan Berbagai Novel di forum Role Playing Cyber Novel Video Games Indonesia tanggal 30 April 2008*


Sejak petualangan dalan kisah Wolf Brother dan terror dalam Spirit Walker, persahabatan antara Torak dan Serigala kian erat.

Saat berburu di musim dingin, Serigala diculik. Demi menyelamatkan saudara sekawannya, Torak dan Renn mengejar hingga ke Utara Jauh, daerah di mana salju tidak pernah mencair. Di sana, para Pemangsa Arwah telah merencanakan tindakan
I read this one so quickly that I didn’t even have time to put it on my currently reading list before I began Outcast.

The first thing I have to say is Michelle Paver (so far) seems to be naming her books very precisely. It’s simple yet very apt plus it mimics the subtle intensity of the action and the prose in this book. Another very subtle event is the developing relationship between Torak and Renn as they try to navigate their growing friendship.

Renn’s characterization is so cool. She's beco
I knew Michelle Paver wouldn’t let me down. Soul Eater was a fantastic book! My favourite book in the series so far!

I love the characters even more as the series goes on. Paver knew what she was doing and she does it well. I seriously feel bad for Torak. Bad things just keep happening to him. Why can’t he be at peace just for a little longer? Wolf being kidnapped is one of the worst things that could have happened to him. I love his dedication to find Wolf but it also blinded him which caused h
"We keep our dead with us till spring, said Akoomik, to save them from the foxes. And to stop them feeling left out, Tanugeak added comfortably. They like chatting just as much as we do. When you see a star travelling very fast, that's one of them setting off to visit their friends."

Fantastic! Paver is brilliant with words, she takes us into Torak's world again and keeps us hooked with every detail and description. Torak and Renn set off on yet another journey only this time they take on the fri
'Soul Eater' takes us to the Far North as Torak and Renn venture to save Wolf. They go where not many people dare to enter, and therefore our heroes are alone for most of the book. However, it didn't tire me out. This also means that there's only Torak, Renn and Wolf to stand against Soul Eaters and a whole horde of demons. Their outstanding courage really astounded me. We got to see Torak spirit walk deliberately, and the process is not as harmless and pleasant as I thought it to be. And the fa ...more
this only gets a 3 from me. a big step down from the first two books. torak seems to become stupider the more this series progresses. i think that's one of the major weaknesses of this series, that michelle put too much emphasis on trying to be realistic but ended up with torak, who's pretty sound when he's not on another of his 'ONLY I CAN SAVE THE WORLD. NO-ONE ELSE CAN GET THEMSELVES BEATEN UP AND CAPTURED AND THEN RELY ON MY FRIENDS TO HELP ME. YOU KNOW, THE SAME FRIENDS I KEEP GIVING WORLD- ...more
Oh no, Wolf is taken to the far north by soul eaters. Torak and Renn chase after him and it is a scary and dangerous trip. Most of this book is either traveling through the cold and ice or hiding and bumbling around a dark, dirty, spooky cave.

I didn't like this book as much as the other 2 books. It is much darker and not as much action.

(view spoiler)
Setelah melewati petualangan yang nayris merenggutnya nyawanya di wilayah kekuasaan Klan Anjing Laut, Torak dan Serigala kembali ke Klan Gagak dengan banyak hal baru. Mengetahui kebenaran memang terkadang seperti menelan pil pahit. Awalnya tak mudah bagi Torak untuk mempercayai semua hal yang dibenarkan oleh Fin- Keddin, pemimpin Klan Gagak, namun ia akhirnya sadar bawa tak mungkin menghindar. Garis nasibnya telah ditentukan. Walau hal itu berarti berhadapan dengan sekumpulan Pemangsa Arwah.

Candy Wood
Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so far is a model for how a series ought to work. Like the first two books, this one has a plot that is complete in itself while still building on the earlier books and setting up problems for the next ones. Right away, Wolf is captured by people who turn out to be Soul Eaters, as Torak’s father was before he realized their evil intent, so Torak and Renn set out to find and rescue him. The journey leads them to the Far North, where many chal ...more
Whilst out hunting with Renn, somebody snatches Wolf, and takes him to the Far North. Torak cannot abandon his pack brother, so they follow through unknown territory, but can they make it in time to save Wolf?

Again, another fantastic addition to the series. I'm really enjoying these books, you can tell the amount of research the author has done because it's so realistically detailed for that time. The stories have started to get darker in tone as Torak and Renn get closer to fighting the Soul Ea
Mar 09, 2015 Diego rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 1
Shelves: michelle-paver
5 estrellas, extraordinario.

La tercera aventura de esta emocionante y prehistórica saga. Torak y Renn se enfrentan esta vez a los mismísimos devoradores de alma. Con solo 13 veranos en su cuerpo, ambos se embarcan en una expedición que los llevara por el lejano norte, donde habitan osos de hielo, zorros albinos y un viento muy frío. Esta tercera entrega ha sido tan emocionante como la anterior, no hay necesidad de estar mirando las páginas solo con el avanzar de la historia basta. La autora tien
Review of: Soul Eater
By: Michelle Paver
After Wolf is captured by the Soul-Eaters, Torak and Renn must travel north. To the base of the Soul-Eaters. But it's going to be hard, as they encounter many other problems on the way, one that threatens to derail their plan, and maybe even kill them. And above all: If they do get to Wolf, will he even remember Torak? Or will the Soul-Eaters have done something unspeakable to him? The answer to both questions: I don't care.
This book had a completely unre
Marianne Brouwer
Weer een heel spannend verhaal, waarin Torak en Renn terecht komen bij de Inuït op hun zoektocht naar Wolf die ontvoerd is. Michelle Paver beschrijft hierin ook weer op gedetailleerde wijze de gebruiken van deze stam, dat vind ik een sterk punt tot nu toe in de reeks.
Wolf is ontvoerd door de zieleters, die 9 jagers willen offeren, ijsbeer, otter, arend, veelwraat, vos, uil, wolf, lynx en de mens en met hun bloed de poort naar de andere wereld willen openen.
Het speelt zich af in een diepe grot w
Madison Straatman
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
persahabatan & keberanian, kurang lebih itulah yg menggambarkan kisah Torak di seri ketiga novel ini.
tanpa ragu2 dia berani berusaha menyelamatkan sahabatnya, serigala, yg diculik para "pemakan arwah" untuk dikorbankan.
begitu juga dengan Renn, yg selalu setia kawan terhadap torak. membantu & menemani setiap petulangan torak.
saya terkesan cara Michele Paver menulis kisah petualangan torak ini. di Soul Eater, kita dibawa menjelajah ke padang salju, pegunungan es & sungai2 beku. tamp
Serigala diculik! Torak dan Ren segera memutuskan untuk mencarinya tanpa pulan terlebih untuk meminta bantuan. Di tengah perjalanan mereka baru tahu jika para pemakan arwah-lah yang telah membawa serigala untuk dijadikan korban.

Para pemakan arwah ingin menguasai setan agar mereka bisa menguasai kawasan hutan. Setelah mendapatkan serigala kembali akankah Torak pergi begitu saja atau tetap melawan para pemakan arwah?

Buku ketiga dari Chronicles of Ancient Darkness masih seru sama seperti dua buku s
Bailey Mckellips
I really like the book "Soul Eaters" by Michelle Paver. When you hear the title, you think the book would be about eating souls. It's no where near that. This book is about a young native american boy named Torak who is from the Wolf Clan. He has a wolf for a "pack-brother." When wolf mysteriously disappears, Torak gets worried. He goes in search of Wolf with his friend Renn, A girl from the Raven Clan. They eventually find Wolf but he's in trouble and it is very dangerous to try to rescue him. ...more
My daughter had four of the six books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series out from the library at the same time, rushing through one after another. I've been trying to catch up with her, so when I finished Spirit Walker (book 2), I picked up Outcast, thinking it was book 3.

As I read, I had a feeling that something was missing, that Paver was making references to things I didn't remember, but I thought maybe she was just changing up the formula a bit, keeping the reader in suspense and
Taylor Watford
This book was incredible. I felt like I was a character inside of this book the whole time. The plot was always changing and was unpredictable with lots of suspense. Every chapter ended in a cliff hanger. The urge to read on was unstoppable. I wish there's more stars otherwise I would mark this book a 10 out of 10. I hope you will have the chance to read this amazing series.
There are quite a few students at my school who LOVE this series. I like it a lot, although I never get that "must read the next book RIGHT NOW" feeling. I definitely plan to read them all, but I enjoy spreading them out and visiting this world in-between a lot of other worlds.

As for this specific book in the series, I quite enjoyed it. This time Torak and Renn must journey to the frozen land of the Far North to save Wolf who has been captured by Soul Eaters. Torak and Renn learn a lot about the
Lars Guthrie
I've been giving glowing reviews to the "Ranger's Apprentice" series by John Flanagan here, but this series by Paver is just as good. Placed in prehistory, it also provokes thought as to how far we may really have "advanced," and gives great insight and perspective on the natural world that our ancestors occupied and that we still find around us, if we care to notice (and protect). Paver's notes on her research at the end of each book are fascinating. Beyond those benefits, the series is chock f ...more
this book had its climax at the end of the middle. the rest of it was sort of tacked on as extra so that was weird. you know i love these books but i couldnt really get into this one as much. i just thought it was very simple. like wolf is taken so torak goes looking for him. we know its the soul eaters but like, why did they need WOLf wolf? why not a random wolf? because the fact that they wanted torak to come out was never discussed by the soul eaters. the end is sad though, with the tattoo :/ ...more
Heart stopping and heart wrenching but brilliant and beautiful. I love the way these books are written. The way Paver writes as Wolf is astonishingly clever. live them.
Kiky Kartini
suka bgt. penuh dengan teknik survival di alam liar 6000 tahun yg lalu. membaca buku ini rasanya seperti dejavu.

mungkin dulu, di kehidupan saya sebelumnya. hahahaaa...
MP certainly has a unique and endearing style to her writings and she brings her work to life in the pages.

I listened to the series on audiobook and i enjoyed all of them. I would recommend listening to them, if you have only read the book.
This book was as good as the others until it came to the end. Where there was some nonsense. The first 2.9 books are all leading up to Torack defeating the soul eaters. And then when he has his chance to destroy these mass murdering individuals, he instead decide to let them go so that there can be another three books. I feel that this author is good enough to have not put Torack in the position of certain victory and extending the series in another less frustrating way. I will now read the wiki ...more
Erica Hudson
I registered a book at!
I like these books a lot. I love the relationship between Torak and Wolf, and I'm becoming more and more fond of Renn too. I love the old world this story is set in and it gives so much to the story. The plot in this one was great and it seemed they would resolve the big problem when I'd only gotten half way through and I had no idea where Paver was going with the story, but I really really liked it. It's action packed and fast paced which makes it difficult to put it down, and I finished this i ...more
I`ve read this book and was a bit surprised by the author.
She started the story with vague start where the journey kicked-off with capture of Wolf by other soul eaters.
TO be honest, at the beginning of this, I didn`t feel the engagement as a reader.
It was as if I was tied to read the book by a thin thread.
But as i was reading it, and starting to grasp the plot. The misunderstanding between Torak and Renn were all being told here.
It was actually more interesting to see the depth of relationship
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Michelle Paver was born in Central Africa, but came to England as a child. After gaining a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University, she became a partner in a City law firm, but eventually gave that up to write full-time.

The hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series arose from Michelle's lifelong passion for animals, anthropology and the distant past - as as well as an encounter
More about Michelle Paver...

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It was unclear which she considered worse: threatening them or her bow.”
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