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You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible Of Bodyweight Exercises For Men And Women
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You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible Of Bodyweight Exercises For Men And Women

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  1,803 ratings  ·  151 reviews
From an elite Special Operations physical trainer, an ingeniously simple, rapid-results, do-anywhere program for getting into amazing shape

For men and women of all athletic abilities!

As the demand for Special Operations military forces has grown over the last decade, elite trainer Mark Lauren has been at the front lines of preparing nearly one thousand soldiers, gettin
Kindle Edition
Published (first published 2010)
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This book,is, as the name suggests a book describing body weight exercises, and a program to use them to improve ones physical fitness. Many of the exercises actually use some equipment, but they are items one might easily find around the house; books, broom sticks, and other miscellany.

The book starts off with what is a lot of non-sense, disparaging weight training as "non-functional"-- which explains why it made me strong enough to do most of the advanced exercises in the book. While there ar
Joe Green
I really want to give this book 5-stars, because I think it's probably the most accessible bodyweight calisthenics book out there, but there's a few minor shortcomings that I just can't get over.

The good: There's enough information in here to keep a lot of people busy for a long time... without having to dish out a whole lot of dough for gym memberships or home equipment. For my money, this book also has the best, most accessible, easiest to incorporate bw calisthenic workout routines that I've
This is a great book on body weight exercises. Perhaps the only body weight exercise book a person would ever need. The author provides over 100 exercises (not including variations) and four methods for controlling the intensity of each exercise. This makes the book applicable to every level of fitness, from beginner to advanced. Very basic nutrition and motivation strategies are also provided, as well as some personal history of the author which is quite motivational itself.

The only thing I did
Diego Petrucci
Direi che è un manuale che rasenta la perfezione, ha tutto: una parte dove spiega perché allenarsi, una dove si sofferma sull'alimentazione, una che parla dei vari tipi di allenamento (ripetizioni ad alta intensità, bassa, endurance, strenght, ecc.), una dove illustra con parecchie immagini i vari esercizi, e una dove stila un programma da seguire in dieci settimane.

Gli esercizi, come fa capire il titolo, sono tutti basati sul bodyweight: non richiedono strumenti esterni, solo il peso del corpo.
Bible of bodyweight exercises is right: this book is full of functional movements that you can string together to make one hell of a workout. All of them can be done right in your own home or in your backyard - you don't need a gym or lots of equipment. The few times he does suggest a prop, he shows a household item (phone book, a bottle, or a broom stick). Lauren shares 125 movements (with countless variations possible) to add to your fitness arsenal. The real attraction is that these things ca ...more
My husband has been enthusiastic about Mark's program for a while now, and I finally got excited about it when we found the app designed to accompany the book. I'm in less then 10 workouts and can feel significant changes in my body and metabolism. The results I'm having are backing up his claims that monotonous aerobic workouts are not efficient for improving your physical appearance or burning lots of calories. I was trying to maintaining fitness by running on a treadmill, but wondering how I ...more
Good read. Straight forward and I like the soft sell. Lauren would prefer it if you would see things his way but if you choose to be an idiot he's not going to let it ruin his life. I should only read books on fitness written by men. There's no section on how awesome I am and my inner potential. Dudes writing books on fitness don't spend a lot of time on ego-stroking and self-esteem fluffing. I like that.

As the title suggest, Lauren advocates a strength/body building work out that relies on dyna
The exercises here are practically comprehensive and a lot harder than you might think. The program is outstanding, the book is decent, and the author's view of fitness is right on. I definitely recommend it.
Íris Santos
I've been a strength trainee for almost 6 months now. Before that I was a couch-potato of the worst kind. I work from 8 to 6 in an office (and eventually get up to go take care of something) and when I get home I sit on the couch and watch TV and scroll through Facebook. Until then only my fingers moved in any way.
Then I got a gym membership. I won't lie: I hated the first time, I dreaded the next couple times until I got used to it.
But that gym was unorganized and unsafe: some machines were hal
This book was on amazon's recommended item list, when I ordered a pull up bar. For me personally, a 30 minutes/day, 4-5 days/week home gym routine is more realistic and achievable than a gym membership.

Before I go any further, I want to make two points clear.
1) If you say you don't want to have a body like his, you are probably lying. You won't get a body like his if you just follow his program. Why? That's for marketing. However, if you follow his program (or other similar ones), you will impr
Excellent fitness book written by a Special Operations military trainer based on the principle that form follows function. He defines fitness as the degree to which a person possesses muscular endurance, strength, power, balance, flexibility, coordination, speed, and CV endurance. His premise is that the best way to change your overall health - and your physique - is to focus on the development of these 8 components of fitness. He argues that your body changes in order to give you the required s ...more
Atila Iamarino
Gostei muito do livro. O conteúdo sobre nutrição e afins é bom, segue princípios corretos, embora falte embasamento científico. Faz um par perfeito com o aplicativo de ipad, que tenho seguido e tem dado bons resultados (esperei para poder fazer a resenha).

O livro e o aplicativo têm diferentes tipos de programa, para iniciantes à quem consegue fazer flexões plantando bananeira (!). É importante ler o livro antes de usar o aplicativo, inclusive para entender a ordem e dinâmica dos exercícios. O ap
Menaka Sankaralingam
Coming from Mark Lauren, a certified Military Physical Training Specialist, Special Operations Combat Controller, triathlete, and champion Thai boxer, one starts reading the book with the wonder whether it is possible to shape up and stay fit without ever entering a gym.
Mark starts with an interesting incident in his life – a 9-week military training program, the subsequent selection process where he failed by 2 Sit Ups and eventually repeating the whole program – which lead him to become a trai
I picked up this book based on internet recommendations for a good bodyweight training book. I was interested in this type of strength training, since I knew that I wasn't going to religiously go to the gym and winter was coming so I couldn't walk at night or early in the morning, but I understand that consistency is necessary to actually get in shape. I was going to hold-off my review until I finished the 10 week beginner program, but I'm very impressed with the results so far 6 weeks in. This ...more

Besitze dieses Buch nun schon länger und blättere nur ab und zu mal durch. Es ist in Ordnung... Für jemanden der gerade ins Training einsteigt bestimmt auf jeden Fall eine große Hilfe! Aber nicht wirklich empfehlenswert für jemanden der bereits Erfahrungen im Gebiet Fitness gesammelt hat.

Nach dem man es durch die elendige Einleitung geschafft hat (mal ehrlich, mehr Eigenlob geht nicht. Das ging mir tierisch auf die Nerven!) war das Buch recht aufschlussreich, wie gesagt für einen Anfänger wohl e
Seems reasonable. Now to put it into practice and see if it works.

Note: I've now tried the first day exercise for wussies (Basic Level) and am sore, so that's good. The only problem I have is that I wish he gave more alternatives for people who don't have the proper set-up. Let Me Ins, for example, you're supposed to do while hanging on a door handle. I have two doors with handles: one is in the bathroom, which is small, so there's no room to do the exercise, and the other's in the bedroom and t
Петър Стойков
Именно затова за тренировки и хранене трябва да се следват съветите на хора, които не само са успели да направят красиво тяло (все пак то е доказателство, че методите им работят), но и имат съответната научна подготовка по въпроса...

Прочети цялото ревю:
You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren is a guide to creating fitness workouts of any intensity using your own body weight as resistance. Lauren trains Special Ops teams, who at times must rely on their own fitness to survive - unlike celebrities or bodybuilders, who exercise to impress. The exercises are categorized by muscle groups and by movements. Each exercise is illustrated with photographs, and variations are included for increasing intensity level. Sample multi-week exercise programs are in ...more
Jenn S
It is a little odd to me that the author seems to want the reader to do no cardio, but his point is you lose fat faster with more muscle than with cardio. He takes it a little far. I have followed his beginner progam, and I gotta say, I'm impressed. I have been able to adapt exercises to my lame shoulders, and after not playing basketball for years, I went and played for 2.5 hours one day and was only slightly sore the next day. That wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been following his program ...more
A bit of a deviation from my usual reading matter, and not something I would ever pick up and read based on its cover.

Despite its claim to be "for men and women", this book is quite clearly aimed at men (and heterosexual men at that). Still, it (eventually) presents an abundance of exercises with plenty of variations to make them more or less challenging, and several ongoing "programs" to help those of us who have no idea what we're doing get into some kind of routine and stick to it.

The (co)-au
A few caveats before I say anything about this book: I am not a fitness guy. I'm not in great shape and I don't exercise daily. But I have gone through a number of periods where I've managed to go from rather poor shape to pretty decent shape through a bit of hard work (okay, sometimes a lot more than a "bit"). I've tried a good number of approaches and found some I like and a lot that I don't like.

Having said all that, my one long time consistent preference has been for simplicity and lack of
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It was written by a guy who served in the military conditioning special forces candidates and I tend to enjoy stories about time in the military. I also enjoyed the straightforward style and the clear descriptions of dozens of exercises you can do to strengthen your body without equipment. Each description included variations you can use to make the exercise easier, harder, or just different for a change of pace. They also describe which muscles are used by each ...more
Ramón Pérez
Si quieres ponerte a hacer ejercicio y no quieres ir a un gym (cosa que no te recomiendo), compra este libro. Mark Lauren presenta 125 ejercicios con tu propio cuerpo que puedes hacer en casa sin equipo, con diferentes niveles de dificultad, y te proporciona programas estructurados para que puedas ir progresando.

El libro está escrito en un estilo sencillo, llano, directo y, para variar, carente del rollo vendedor de coches usados que impera en este mercado. Tiene una gran cantidad de fotografías
Rob and Liz
I read this book before coming to the US to learn more strength training workouts that I could do while I was traveling. The books is horribly written but the exercise concepts are decent and the bodyweight exercises that he describes are very unique. It's amazing how much of a workout I can now get without any equipment other than the tables, chairs and doors that exist in a normal room.

All was well in good until I tried to do some of these exercises at Mom and Dad O'Leary's house in Ipswich. W
Theo Karner
Well set out with a good level of introductory information in the first few chapters. I particularly liked the information on 'what is fitness' and the four different ways you can vary most bodyweight exercises to increase or decrease difficulty. The majority of the book outlines many exercises with some pictures, explanatory text and assessment of difficulty and muscles targeted. This is all tied together with some program's in the back that can be followed, the program's are interesting in tha ...more
Shawn Mccarthy
Pre-read impression:
Picked this up for ideas to supplement my barbell-based routine, for when I can't get to the gym, and to help my wife with ideas to do at home & gym. From a quick skim, everything here is already online... but now it's also on my bookshelf with lots of pictures.

It's pretty darn good. Lots of beginner introduction - diet, motivation, dispelling myths. About 100 exercises with pictures and descriptions and instructions for scaling them to increase / decrease diff
Jeff Van Campen
I'm two weeks in to this book, so I can't speak to the overall results.

Nevertheless, this seems very much like the strength training plan I was looking for. It involves no extra equipment, means I don't need a gym membership and fits nicely into my already busy life.

I should make clear that I'm not looking to get buff, though apparently you can do that with Mark Lauren's plan. I run and swim, and wanted to ensure I was spending some time working on my overall strength so I can improve at both of
I became familiar with 'You Are Your Own Gym" via its app. I've recently decided to stop my gym membership for a variety of reasons, and decided this would be a good alternative. Being already familiar with the app I understand the concepts and the exercises. Still, it was good to have them in a book format with a relatively logical structure.

Lauren goes over various aspects: diet, training myths, why do bodyweight exercises, etc. Interesting reading, but if you're relatively fit you'll probabl
Mario García
If you liked old martial arts illustrated manuals, you'll love this one!

Not precisely a self-help book for the insecure, Mark Lauren presents us with some guides to practice strength oriented functional exercises, intended for consumer profit and not for the gym type posers who have the volume (thanks to drugs) but not the strength, functional muscle response and flexibility to kill a policeman with just two fingers.

Really, I can swear I learned a new martial arts discipline by reading this one.
Dr. Pete Meyers
While I found some of the initial advice and anti-aerobic tone a bit over-the-top, Mark Lauren's book is well worth the price tag just for the illustrated glossary of bodyweight exercises. He's really good at showing progressions and adding ways to up the difficulty level. When I started doing bodyweight exercises, I was afraid I'd plateau/bore quickly, but that was 3+ years ago now, and I can see doing this forever.
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