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Las dos espadas (Reinos Olvidados: Las Espadas del Cazador, #3)
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Las dos espadas (Hunter's Blades #3)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  9,748 ratings  ·  76 reviews
As The Two Swords begins, newly ressurected dwarven King Bruenor Bruenor Battlehammer and his subjects are sealed in Mithral Hall. Beyond their gate lies the slavering orc army of King Obould Many Arrows, who schemes beyond the mere death of dwarves and seeks to establish an honest-to-Gruumsh kingdom--the Kingdom of Dark Arrows--at the foot of Mithral Hall. Meanwhile, the ...more
Hardcover, Primera Edición, 348 pages
Published 2005 by Timun Mas (first published 2004)
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Dale Pearl
I'm a huge fan of Drizzt. The problem that I am having is that I want to continue reading about this drow elf but the author is ever increasingly making him a weak character. Drizzt has never really defeated any large bosses, it always comes at the hands of his companions. Drizzt never finds real love... I suppose because he is always conflicted. Drizzt is never the real hero in any of the stories, it always turns out to be a side kick.Another thing about Salvatore's writings that is starting to ...more
Terry Costantini
I have to admit I am annoyed. It is one thing to be constantly bombarded with trilogies in this series, but at least they would end in a somewhat satisfying way. My guilty pleasure I would often remark. This one built and built, and was building to something great - then fizzled into ... nothing. The end of this book did more to set up the next books than to end this one! I simply hate when characters make obviously stupid choices, and this ending doesn't even make sense! **SPOILERS** Why would ...more
Much has been said of R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels in the last few years, and most of it is negative. are Drizzt and his friends seemingly invulnerable? Yes. Has Salvatore failed to introduce much in the way of interesting new characters? Yes. Are his books generally getting repetitive? Yes. Are they boring?...well, no.

Most of the fantasy I read is in the Forgotten Realms world. Take that as you will, but Salvatore still wipes the floor with the majority as the Realms writers. Usuall
Would you believe that I actually rooted for the orcs? I would've liked the book so much more if it had been just about the dwarves against the orcs. I loved Obould's rise to power, his vision. And I loved reading about the dwarves, how they all united against the enemy and how they kicked major butt with the help of Nanfoodle the gnome and Pikel the "doo-da". Those parts were awesome, the back and forth between the two armies. The rest though...

The only characters who actually went forward and
Hunter's Blade serisinin de son kitabini bitirmis oldum. Drizzt tüm arkadaşlarının öldüğünü düşünerek avcı olarak savaşına devam etmekte ve orc kralı Obould'a saldırmayi düşünmektedir. Hikaye 370 sayfa boyunca az dialog ve bol,gezintiyle devam,ediyor sonu yine yeni bir seriye referans vererek sonlamnakta.

Son seriler içinde en çok beğendiğim serilerden biri oldu. Drizzt in kendisi ve dış dünya olan ilişkilerini okuyoruz.

Belki ilk defa orclar basrollerde kisi olarak karşımıza çıkıyorlar ve frost g
I had such high hopes after book two that three would end on a great upswing. Sadly book three did anything but upswing. Hell it really didnt even finish. When 40% of your book is staging for a fight outside your base and 55% is chasing a pegasus and only 5% is an attempt to cobble an ending together you seriously have failed as a writer. The ending of this book was pathetic nothing came together no threats were eliminated. To say comic book deaths were involved all around doesnt do justice to h ...more
*****WARNING-Minor Spoilers*****

The Two Swords ends RA Salvador's The Hunter's Blades trilogy. The book picks up where the previous one left off and continues the saga of Drizzt Do'urdon and friends. Sadly I found this book the weakest of the trilogy. Salvador usually does a good job of keeping his writing within the realms of possibility of the actual Dungeons and Dragons game. This book (and really the trilogy in general) strain that to the breaking point. While the Orc King is certainly a wor
The best Drizzt book in quite a while. The previous two books in The Hunter's Blades Trilogy are pretty good, but they have their share of filler. The Two Swords does not. It keeps things interesting from beginning to end, and even throws in some unexpected plot twists.
The end is a bit anti-climactic, but it sets the stage for further adventures.
Before this trilogy came out, I thought Drizzt's character was pretty much fully developed, and he had nowhere else to go. Oh sure, he could chop up m
Branwen *Blaidd Drwg*
"To be an elf is to celebrate life. To be an elf is to revel in the moments, in the sunrise and the sunset, in the sudden and brief episodes of love and adventure, in the hours of companionship. It is, most of all, to never be paralyzed by your fears of a future that no one can foretell, even if predictions lead you to the seemingly obvious, and often disparaging, conclusions. I know now, and so I am free of the bonds of the future. I know that every moment is to be treasured to be enjoyed, to b ...more
This book is about an orc king named Obould and his kinsmen sending waves of assaults against Bruenor king of Mithral Hall and leader of the Battle hammer clan in an attempt to capture it and kill king bruenor and his folks, and just after Obould lost to Bruenor so he began to reassemble his for another assault but returns defeated after the swarming of dwarfs attacking his forces and the latter's allies from all directions. Aside from the conflict between the orcs and the dwarfs attention was f ...more
David Williams
The dwarves of Mithril Hall are still besieged. Somehow their king Bruenor Battlehammer has returned from them. All thought that he had gone to the halls of his fathers even though the clerics had kept his body going. Somehow Regis had been able to reach inside and pull him out again. Now Bruenor is leading the dwarves once again. Reinforcements are on their way. The orc horde of Obould still holds strong. Obould is now believed to be possessed with the powers of the orcish god. Meanwhile outsid ...more
Dylan Moreau
Time-1 hour
Drizzt and Inovindel are out in the wilderness after Tathriel died trying to find ways to lower Obauld's minions moral. They are also trying to find a way to rescue Sunrise-a Pegasus- from Obauld. Obauld gives the pegasus to Gerti- the leader of the frost giants- who then travels back to her home with most of her frost giants. Meanwhile Delly, Wulfgar's wife gets fed up with living with a bunch of dwarves in a cave that she decides to leave. Before she leaves she stops at Catti-Brei's
Eric Class
The Two Swords closes up the Hunter's Blade trilogy in Drizzit's ongoing adventure. In this finale, Drizzit is still overcome with anger as more of his friends end up falling around him and he is powerless to stop it. He knows that one man can't end a war, but is determined to at least kill the person responsible for starting it. He does not care how much stronger this opponent is. In the end, however, he must find a friend, or he will die along with the rest of the people dragged into the confl ...more
Steven Cole
Concluding the Hunter's Blades Trilogy, "The Two Swords," leads pretty much where you would expect it to go. Salvatore's writing is good; and he spins a good yarn, but the stories of Drizzt Do'Urden have very much become a soap opera. Aside from some interstitial passages about "what it means to be an elf", there's very little here beyond the basic plot.

Having said that, though, it is fun. Our heroes continue to have adventures, and continue to look worriedly at significant threats to their hom
3.5 stars. A rather disappointing ending to the Hunter's Blades Trilogy in and of itself, but I guess if you look at the entire run of Drizzt books as one long series then it does a great job of setting up things to come.
Ridiculously good trilogy with a middling ending. (Sorry but I like things wrapped up nicely in my novels.) Glad to see old friends reunited but who's going to kill all these orcs? Got the feeling I must've been sucked into a Drizzt Do'Urden series, not that that's the worst thing in the world.
This felt like Salvatore waas trying something new out (Drizzt seperated from the group), a disctinct improvement on the previous whinging book however. Looking forward to the Orc King after i've read the Sellswords.
Erik Hansen
I'm new to Salvatore's fantasy work, in large part because of the blasphemy he committed in the Star Wars universe. But time heals all wounds (I'm not mad anymore R.A.), and I felt the need to take a break from constant sci-fi.

Overall I enjoyed the Hunter's Blades trilogy quite a bit, and it has compelled me to check out more of Salvatore's work. I felt the ending was kind of weak, more of a copp out really. The characters were at times inconsistent, but mostly felt a little power rolled for my
So far, I loved all of R.A. Salvatore's books. This book, in particular reintroduces past themes (Drizzt's inner battles with his conscience in killing the Ellifain) while throwing in new hints of what is to come.

Orcs grow and battle Dwarfs, elves, and humans. There are explosions and lots of great fights and beautiful winged horses (yay). I wish Salvatore would have concentrated a bit less on Wulfgar's issues. Personally, I am done with his whining. He loves Cattie-Brie, he doesn't...then he l
james collins
Great read

this book consists of the typical salvatore awesomeness! I have always been a huge fan of his writing and recommend all of his books.
There was much to love about the earlier 2 books and this one - the well written action, fast pacing, and creative storytelling. It seems to go back to the time of the first two trilogies. There's one thing about the Drizzt stories is that there appears to be a reluctance to kill off main characters - they go through a horrible situation, but later on get patched up and return unscathed. Perhaps it makes business sense to keep them around? Much has been explored in this book, hinting at future p ...more
Stacey Martin
haiku plot

Tired of stinky caves
Obould comes to slay and play
On the drow's worst day

Another good read by salvatore
Popcorn D&D goodness as usual. And also as usual with Salvotore's Forgotten Realms yarns don't come in looking for surprises. I don't think WotC will let him do anything too drastic with these characters. And this trilogy basically ends with a vague resolution that added to the disappointment. But the characters and Salvatore's way with combat and lore keep you locked in tight.

After so many of these Drizzt & Company books over the years you'd think I'd be tired of these characters. But
I wasn't as impressed with this book as the first two of the trilogy. Also don't know how I feel about the trilogy ending on a cliffhanger, but still was a pretty good read.
Interesting dilemma: traveling alone vs. traveling accompanied.
If things don't change, I can't read another one of these books.
By this time, at least 2 of the group should be dead. I cannot be 'in the moment' with the story because I know that there will be no permanent trauma or drastic change so that these books can keep being pumped out. As much as I loved the original trilogy and many of the other books, having a book start with a problem, spend the entire book with said problem, finally find a fix then not finish it and instead go back to original prob
Rodrigo Hinojosa
I liked this book a lot. Like the two previous books the tone is quite different than the rest of the saga. The book is much more serious. I really enjoyed it.
Back to good ol' Orc Smashing !
I really wasn't into this one like the previous two. I don't think it was the book. I think it was me. Oh my!, once Khazid'hea made it's appearance, it really took off for me! My heart was broken by Khazid'hea's actions to Delly. :( I was cheering Drizzt on, to win his fight against Obould. I don't think Obould got a fair fight, but that's what happens when Lolth is involved. Chaos. I am so glad this war is over. I needed the closure. With the foundations of Dark Arrows established, I'm looking ...more
I really wasn't into this one like the previous two. I don't think it was the book. I think it was me. Oh my!, once Khazid'hea made it's appearance, it really took off for me! My heart was broken by Khazid'hea's actions to Delly. :( I was cheering Drizzt on, to win his fight against Obould. I don't think Obould got a fair fight, but that's what happens when Lolth is involved. Chaos. I am so glad this war is over. I needed the closure. With the foundations of Dark Arrows established, I'm looking ...more
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As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors, R.A. Salvatore enjoys an ever-expanding and tremendously loyal following. His books regularly appear on The New York Times best-seller lists and have sold more than 10,000,000 copies. Salvatore’s most recent original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy (October 2004) debuted at # 1 on The Wall Street Journal best- ...more
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