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Whisper Kiss (Dragonfire, #5)
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Whisper Kiss (Dragonfire #5)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  1,116 ratings  ·  49 reviews
The national bestselling Dragonfire series continues to heat up...
For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have commanded the four elements and guarded the earth's treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr and the dreaded Slayers is about to begin...
Niall Talbot has volunteered to hunt down and destroy all the remaining shadow dra
ebook, 416 pages
Published August 1st 2010 by Signet Book
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PepperP0t (
And just why shouldn't one of my favorite Pyr's have arguably the best firestorm to date? No reason at all. Naill is way too busy lately. His quest to vanquish the shadow pyr; mentoring Thorolf; business is booming; his home and office have been blown up; oh and his firestorm has started. Rox Kincaid, a local tattoo artist has always tries to pay it forward whenever she can, one of those good deeds led to her meeting irresponsible pyr Thorolf. When she checks to see Thorolf in his new si
WHISPER KISS is Niall’s story and in this we find him on a quest to destroy the shadow dragons, the ones who killed his twim brother and he is determined to see them obliterated. He doesn’t have time for the firestorm that ignites when he meets Rox for the first time. She is someone Niall can love, care for and though he tries to not make her important in his mind, when she is in danger, all his repressed feelings for Rox come out in a flash. The sparks fly in this one when Niall and Rox come to ...more
I really enjoy this series and I liked this one very well better than some of the others. The plot made sense. There was thinking and growing on the part of both the main characters. The dialog is entertaining. The characters were well drawn. He is a very honorable guy but is a bit rigid although he tries hard not to be and she is a free thinker who hides behind her tough image. They are a good match.

The secondary characters were good as always. There were little bits in the POVs of other chara
Paranormal Haven
Niall Talbot is on a mission to destroy the remaining shadow dragons. This becomes even more personal when he finds he must destroy his own twin brother, Phelan. To complicate things even further, a firestorm has begun and it is his own.

Rox is a tattoo artist with a love for dragons and a belief that everyone should get a second chance. Seeing Niall shift from a breathtaking male into a fierce dragon is not what makes Rox want to retreat but rather talk of destined mates and a baby. Neither will
I have yet to read a book in this series I didn't like and this is no exception.

Whisper Kiss is Niall, the eco-tourism guide/dragon shifter and Rox's, the tattoo artist with a huge heart, story. At first glance these two couldn't be more different. Niall is a little conservative and old fashioned, dresses "outdoor GQ" and cares about the environment. Rox is a petite tattoo artist who dresses punk, colors her hair, has a few tattoo's and is into the organic foods lifestyle. At their first meetin
Whisper Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel by Deborah Cooke
Paranormal Romance- Aug. 3, 2010
4 stars

In Whisper Kiss, Deborah Cooke has written the 5th installment in her Dragon Fire series. This book does not disappoint as the fiery passion between a spunky human and stoic and noble dragon shifter fight for their lives and their love. This book although part of a series can easily stand alone.

Rox is a do gooder tattoo artist who has an obsession with dragons. Years ago she met T, a man without direction
Originally reviewed at Book of Secrets

4.5 Stars

Whisper Kiss is the love story of dragon shifter, Niall Talbot and tattoo artist, Roxanne Kincaid. This was the first novel that I have read by Deborah Cooke. What I really liked about this novel was the ease in which I was introduced to past characters and learned some of the back story of the series. Whisper Kiss is the fifth book in the Dragonfire series and I was a bit concerned that I would not know what was going on. But I was pleasantly surpr
This is the fifth book in the Dragonfire series and this time the firestorm is between Niall and Rox.

Niall has way too many things on his plate right now that he doesn't have time for his firestorm. Especially with someone like Rox, a tattoo artist dressed goth-like. However, he can't deny his firestorm and feelings for Rox, who, in turn just wants to have a night of fun. That is until she finds out exactly what the firestorm is and what it entails. She wants no part of it but the firestorm is
Lynda Tatad
I really enjoyed this 5th book in the series! Pyr dragonshifter Niall Talbot has taken on 2 dangerous tasks: to try and rid the world of the Shadow Dragons, created by the Slayer Magnus from deceased Pyr to do his evil bidding; and to help train up Thorolf, a recently discovered Pyr who is 8 centuries old with no knowledge of his abilities, and no discipline whatsoever!

Small opening plot spoilers:

On his way home one evening, he discovers what seems to be a thief trying to get into his apartment,
Lover of Romance
Niall is determined to destroy his twin brother and the rest of the shadow dragons who threaten everything they hold dear. But he is also in charge of training a new Pyr, who even though has lived quite a long time, has no talent whatsoever and has no idea how he has survived so long. But through him meets his firestorm, who already knows about the Pyr. Rox, has forgotten her past and has built a life for herself. She is a tattoo artist, and a very talented one at that. When she meets Niall, the ...more
Deborah Cooke has created a unique and intriguing world of dragons (called the PYR) who live alongside humans in present time. Her writing has grown more assured from her first book to this latest release. The premise of each story is the "firestorm" (an irrestible attraction with some magical side-effects) which occurs when a Pyr meets his destined mate. The firestorm lasts until a boy child is conceived. The stories explore different aspects of that almost involuntary union and the troubles th ...more
Another great couple set against a pretty good story, where the ultimate goal is to destroy the shadow dragons once and for all, and Niall's twin Phelan in particular. What a delightfully creepy addition to the story he makes. On to the main event: Niall and Rox might be the most destined-for-each-other-couple in this series yet, with their personalities, preferences, and interests aligning in a marvelous way. The use of tattoos and art in this particular story give it a good weight, and it's ni ...more
I really love dragons, so I adore all of these books. And I"m a sucker for a love story. these love stories are a little corny, but that's okay.. if you have read up to this book, you will have grasped the main idea.. Dragon man has baggage, Firestorm chick has issues, both work threw issues all the while getting dehidrated because their mouths constantly go dry, then they learn to trust and love eachother, he plants his manly dragon seed, and we move on to the next couple. lol

That's about the
What makes Deborah Cooke one of my favorite authors, is that she isn't afraid to give her female characters a brain. All the heroines are kickass, strong, and thinking women. And they're brave. It's a very nice change from all the brainless morons so many seem to love to write. I could give you a couple lame heroines, but I don't want to sully these books by it.

Rox is a woman that doesn't pull punches, and she sure ain't afraid to kick Niall into shape. Her being a tattoo artist makes her that m
Mandy Beyers
This is definitely a great series - I love the Pyr (dragon shifters determined to protect earth's treasures which include humans rather than from humans as seems to be the case so often. In this book, Niall is on a self-imposed quest to destroy the remaining shadow dragons now that the Shadow Academy is gone, but he finds things turned on their heads when he meets his mate - Roxanne (Rox) is a tattoo artist who wears her punk persona like armor. Niall soon realizes there is much more to her than ...more
I love this series, I know I've said it before, but I can't help it it is so awesome!! This is book #5, usually with a series with so many books it starts to get old or it's the same story all the time, but now so with this one. Each character is unique and distinct from the guys to their mates and even the kids...I loved when litte Garrett was mimicking his dad and breathing mock fire, so cute...also the stories in how they find their mates and the obstacles they have to overcome and the lesson ...more
I finally finished it. I had to take a long break after the hero allowed his mate to plummet towards the ground while he had a discussion and a walk down memory lane with his evil twin. Luckily he swooped down and saved her 12 feet before terminal velocity. She fell for a looong time. This author writes interesting stories with involved ongoing plots. Each book in the series includes all the heroes and heroines not just those with the current romance. The problem is the villains have all the luc ...more
An Odd1
**** "Whisper Kiss" is the fifth Deborah Cooke Dragonfire. Rebellious tattoo artist Rox has always loved dragons, especially now she finds them in real life, particularly conservative Niall, shape-shifting warrior. The firestorm is heat and sparks that rage between dragon-men and their women, until their love is consummated. Shadow dragons are zombies, evilly resurrected corpses who pursue those who loved them in life. Niall must protect and woo Rox while slaying shadow-dragons, including his ow ...more
Barbara ★
I absolutely loved Niall Talbot! He currently has a whole lot on his plate - he's determined to destroy the shadow dragons, he's running a touring agency, he's mentoring another dragon, and his firestorm has started. Niall so doesn't have time to deal with a reluctant mate but Rox Kincaid refuses to be denied even though she doesn't want to be a mate either. Rox has always been fascinated by dragons and is determined to help the Pyr however she can.

I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and look
Elaine Wingert
Wow this book was awesome! Full of Dragon suspense mystery intrigue romance action packed drama twists and turns kept me on the edge throughout. I couldn't put it down. Yes another all nighter reading but definitely worth it. . I Highly recommend.
I loved this book! I've been reading the series (read the first 4 or so in about 2 days)

Niall was a bit arrogant at first, and assuming, but Rox changed him, which was good, I liked him after they got together. Even though it was a little while before they did, becuase Rox had to make some choices, and she did, and it led to them being together.

But I loved this book, and this series, so if you haven't read it, or the new YA series based on these series kids yet, you better go out and read them!
April   ♥"Lover of Stu" ♥
This book is another great edition to this magical series. I love the emotional pull you feel towards the dragon-shifter males and their respective mates. In this story Niall finds his firestorm in the most unexpected of women. Rox, who surprisingly is already aware of dragon shifters and is friends with Thorolf, doesn't want or trust any man in her life. But with the passion of the firestorm between them, she may finally be able to except the love she deserves.
I'm giving this five stars because it's the most fun of all the books. We've got Niall, the rule follower of the bunch...straight laced, organized and focused...assigned to train the newest guy and hunting down the remainder of the zombie-like shadow dragons. Enter Rox, a full out punk tattoo artist who believes in kicking the rules in the ass. I loved Rox, and Niall-their story is a lot of fun, but at the same time it's passionate and touching.
Another good book by Deborah Cooke... :-) This one about Niall and his to-be mate Rox. Good story here and lots of non-stop action. I thouroughly enjoy these books and the chemistry between the two main characters...and all of the former Pyr are also here and there throughout the book. I really like how the new little Wynvern, Zoe, is developing. Looking forward to the next book and Rafferty's story!
I enjoyed this book- I really did. But... I think the author might have tried to make the heroine of the story, Rox, a little bit too complex. She was a little confusing at times. I liked the whole "opposites attract" theme and the development of the new wyvern intrigues me. Still on the auto-buy list.

Side rant~ Why the HELL won't goodreads let me use half star rankings?!
3,5 stars

Hmmm... there were some pretty interesting developments in the plot. I'm anxious to read Darfkfire Kiss because I do want to follow some theories of mine but mostly because it's about damned time to see Rafferty's firestorm! Oh my god, finally!!
Niall Talbot and Rox's romance was cute but Erik's still my all-time favourite. There's no one like him, sista.
Awilk -never sleeps-
Another good story in the dragonfire series. I enjoyed this story very much. The pace was fast and the characters well-written. The world building was wonderful as usual, and all the characters from previous books were here. The old enemies came back, along with some new ones.
This series isn't one of my favourites, but is interesting enough to keep me coming back for more.
One of the best books I've read in a while, this installment of the Dragonfire series combined great storytelling with fascinating insights into the characters. Niall and Rox were interesting characters who remained dynamic and changing throughout the story. As they grow and learn together, I found myself rooting for this couple even more than I had the others in the series.
I can agree now that this book as the third one were the best in the series so far. Definitely better than the rest, a bit more complex and with much more interesting main characters. I still believe this series will never be a fav. of mine, but I do enjoy reading he books in it if there's nothing better to read.
La La
This is one of those series that gets better with time. I totally loved Naill and Roxy together. The battles in this story was amazing. I so looked forward to the next installment and I can't wait till the Pyr who has never had a firestorm finally gets his and the author creates a woman truly worthy of him.
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Deborah Cooke also writes under the names Claire Delacroix and Claire Cross.

Deborah makes her home in Canada with her husband. When she isn't writing, she can be found knitting, sewing or hunting for vintage patterns. Deborah Cooke has always been fascinated with dragons, although she has never understood why they have to be the bad guys. She has an honors degree in history, with a focus on mediev
More about Deborah Cooke...
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