Rajmund (Vampires in America, #3)
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Rajmund (Vampires in America #3)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  2,298 ratings  ·  192 reviews
RAJMUND GREGOR is a vampire . . . and the undisputed Master of New York City. He bows to no one but his Sire, Krystof, who is the Vampire Lord for the entire Northeastern U.S. Based in Buffalo, NY, Krystof is an old vampire—-too old, it would seem, because he’s slowly losing his mind. Summoned back to Buffalo by his Sire, Rajmund finds his master out of touch and rapidly w...more
ebook, 260 pages
Published July 30th 2010 by ImaJinn Books
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Cynthia (aka Artemis)
Aug 20, 2011 Cynthia (aka Artemis) rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Vamp lovin' paranormal romance readers.

Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal Romance

There was one thing I didn’t like about RAJMUND – the cover. Out came my trusty, imaginary pencil and presto….. Chris “Thor” Helmsworth. Aahh…much better.

Raphael and Cyn make a brief appearance in the beginning to meet with Rajmund (Raj) in NYC to take care of “business”. While they are there, Cyn wants to meet up with an old friend, Sarah, who is currently living in Buffalo. It’s during this NYC get-together when Sarah and Raj first meet and the sparks st...more
La La
I would have given the book five stars if it wasn't for the fact that I found the heroine a little on the annoying side. One she kept referring to herself as being shorter than everyone and the author kept stressing her shortness but at 5'4" she is actually average height. The heroine came across as someone with self esteem issue which kind of threw me since Cyn, from Raphael was such a strong, together character. I mean I didn't want the characters to be the same but I wish the heroine had a li...more
This wasn't a bad book, I just liked the first two books better because I like the leads more. The leads in this one each annoyed me. The heroine kept secrets too long and acted TSTL sometimes, while the hero pushed the heroine away for too long. The story itself was decent.
Another fantastic installment! Rajmund, blonde hair, blue eyed vampire? GRRRRRRR! Enough said, loved it!
I didn't enjoy this book that much. I found Sarah stupid really, hiding who she was, being TSTL(too stupid to live) by going up against a vampire, blood-house and doing things when she was told it wasn't safe. I mean she acted like a child and had this attitude I'll do what I want to do. The hero was okay. Overall the story didn't work that well for me. Average.
First, I don't consider it a spoiler to warn that this book has a cliffhanger. The main story is complete, so it's not the most annoying kind, but it still leaves you hanging.

In Jabril Cyn teased her friend Sarah because she was leaving California to work as a professor in Buffalo, NY. Rajmund starts with Sarah's nightmare of a kidnapped girl. When Cyn forces her to come with her and Raphael to New York, she meets Rajmund, a powerful lieutenant of the Northeastern Vampire Lord Krystof. When she...more
Aly is so frigging bored
Joint review with Maru
My rating: 5*

Our Sarah and Raj:

Maru: Hallo Peeps! We know you can´t get enough of our reviews...so here we are yet again. Aly, you there? Ready to kick some review butt?
Aly: Yes! Maru, what did you think of Buffalo, NY?
Maru: Boring until Raj gets there. You?
Aly: Very strange name for a city :)). But as you said, when Raj gets there, interesting things start to happen
Maru: Yes, creepy things were happening, but Raj gets there and everything got SUPER interesting. What did...more
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
Right now I'm like....



Now that I got that out of my system...


This is the story of Raj...(no drooling on your screens pls):p

[image error]

And Sarah...

Sarah has been protecting her secrets her whole adult life but now they have come back to haunt her and she has to decide what is more important, keeping them or saving a young woman's life? Raj is a powerful Vampire with aspirations at becoming the Lord of his Sir's territory after the recent deterioration of Krysto...more
Love, love, loved it! This is my favorite so far of the series. I love the wit in the writing. Obviously well thought out. The writing is full and flowing, the plot is fast paced, always forward moving. Loved the characters. The characters were so real and believable I feel they could actually exist. I love the males in this series. They are the perfect alpha characters finding the one person who reaches their heart. I like that they maintain their "alphaness" without turning into soft pushovers...more
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
**3.5 stars**

God, I just love this series! D.B. Reynolds is just on point with her writing. I could read her stuff all day and all night and not get sick of her stories.

I think the best part about this author is that she doesn't shy away from showing how vampires can be brutal. They don't release their enemies, they freakin' rip their heads off! These aren't squishy, fluffy vampires and I'm growing to love that more and more.

The only reason this isn't a solid 4 stars or higher is because Sarah...more
Joint review with Aly

Our Sarah and Raj:

Maru: Hallo Peeps! We know you can´t get enough of our reviews...so here we are yet again. Aly, you there? Ready to kick some review butt?
Aly: Yes! Maru, what did you think of Buffalo, NY?
Maru: Boring until Raj gets there. You?
Aly: Very strange name for a city :)). But as you said, when Raj gets there, interesting things start to happen
Maru: Yes, creepy things were happening, but Raj gets there and everything got SUPER interesting. What did you think of...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
To be absolutely fair to D.B. Reynolds, I am going to say upfront that I am not a fan of paranormal romance. In terms of the Vampires in America Series, we have reviewed, Raphael and Jabril. In Rajmond, the protagonist changes from Cynthia to her friend Sarah. I wish I could tell you that this improved the already disastrous series.

Sarah is haunted by her past. As a young girl, when she began dreaming about women being abused and trying to help the police, her parents thought that she was crazy,...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
While everybody liked this book the most, I found it lacking.

I'm sorry but I didn't like any of the main characters. I stilled loved the plot, the way the story was written and everything else, but Rajmund and Sarah constantly pissed me off.
Sarah was this weak heroine, a school teacher who wasn't strong enough to do anything by herself. What's worst is that she tried, several times to show everybody else she wasn't like that and she just made EVERYTHING worse, EVERY TIME. I didn't like her at al...more
2.5 Stars.

The cons - like all the others this story ends with an epilogue that is really a lame-ass cliff hanger set up for the next book, ending with the groan worthy cheese of "to be continued." I heartily recommend skipping the epilogues unless you want to immediately begin reading the next book. All these books end this way.

There were several irritating tropes used in this book, irritating to me anyway. First, while the heroine is not too stupid to live, she does spend a considerable amount...more
Duchess Nicole
Rajmund is the epitome of what a hero should be. He has such confidence in himself that there is no need for cockiness so often found in the typical alpha male hero in the majority of paranormal romance. He simply knows his abilities and cares for his people. When the book opens, he is not the master of his territory. But he and Raphael both know a showdown is looming, and they both know Rajmund will be the one to come out on top.

He meets Sarah when the two master vamps meet up. Cyn and Sarah a...more
★¸. • * ° *  Kathy,Ahmazing Book Faerie*°°*•.¸. ♥★
Love this series, Still kicking myself for not reading it back to back!!'

Rajmund and Sarah are so meant to be together, Great sexual tension all the way through, but you have totally got to be kidding me about the ending!!! It is going to take me a couple of days to get to Sophia's book and find out what the cliffhanger is about, but there is no Way I'm leaving it longer than that!

I have found a new book boyfriend in Rajmund, Sarah is one lucky girl! Jealous much!!

He returned to his perusal of...more
Liked it well enough, and would have rated higher than 3 stars but Raj just pissed me off too many times. At times, he treated Sarah rather poorly with what he'd say or push her away "for her own good" without proper groveling esp considering all she'd had been through. I hate that bullshit from heros in stories..And esp at the end- WTFever is all I gotta say...That being said I like this series alot and glad to see more of Cyn and my man Raphael(now that's a hero) in the next one. One part of t...more
I liked the first book (Raphael) and I like this one even better. Rajmund was a ‘warmer’ person than Raphael but certainly not a teddy bear. Just as alpha but less powerful than Raphael, he is still a power to be reckoned with.

The setup was interesting with converging plot lines for both the hero and the heroine. Sarah is a human friend of Cyn’s (Raphael’s mate from books one and two) who has left sunny California for a teaching position in a Buffalo, New York university. And if teaching freshma...more
I'm loving this series.

In this story the Northeast vampires take center stage. Cyn and Rafael are only in the book briefly. But the reader gets so wrapped up in these new vampires, she doesn't miss Cyn ad Rafael too much…..because Rajmund is delicious and totally lovable….powerful…..sexy. You get the idea.

The rogue vampire investigation and Sarah's involvement in it kept the plot moving along and the impressive showdown between Raj and Krystof is gratifying. New vampires are introduced, most no...more
Is it just me or this series just went down to ****. Again. First book - ok, I can survive some silly aspects. Second - wow, that was great! Thrid - wtf is this? I didn't pay for this!! I want my money back! Agrh!!

Why such high ranking I'm asking? What is it with you, people??
Paranormal Haven
4.5 Stars

Krystof is the Vampire Lord of Northeast. He is losing his mind and his dragging his terriotory down with him. Rajmund Gregor is the master of New York City and the only one capable of taking the power and control from the ailing Krystof. But before he can do that, Rajmund will need to find out who is kidnapping and murdering human woman in the Buffalo area. Police are saying there is a vampire behind it all and it's up to Rajmund to find out who is responsible and stop them before it t...more
originally reviewed at http://prufreads.blogspot.com/

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I see you need to learn your place, little one. And that is beneath your master."


My absolute favorite of the series thus far! I do have to say, I was confused a bit by the introduction of Sarah. Since when did Cyn really have gal pals? Even though Sarah literally came out of nowhere, I'm glad she did. I really like her character and if creating her is what it took to give me Raj, you won't hear a complaint from...more
Nina Ridyananda
I'm shoving Raphael out of his throne. He's clearly overthrown by Rajmund. Hey, Raph, move over, please. I got my new lord in the series!

My first impression of Rajmund (spelled RYE-mund or just Raj to his friends) was, oh my God, help me. He's a total hottie! He has the lady-killer look with his blond hair, icy blue eyes the kind of eyes that will forever be my personal favorite color, nice sense of humor, and he's not an old-fashioned guy like Raphael is. He has this bad-boy and regal attitude,...more
Ugh. This book was a fail. Never really got a handle on either of the characters. Sarah thinks of Raj as an arrogant ladies man and he thinks of her as a sweet girl next door but that's not how either of them think of themselves. Or how they act.

Even the premise of this book was odd. Cyn specifically talked about how she didn't have many friends, but suddenly this Sarah girl comes up out of nowhere. So many questions are left unanswered, everything from why/how Sarah sees things in her dreams to...more
This is the third installment of the lesser known Vampires in America series. It is an "indie" in the midst of mainstream pnr romance novels and deserves attention and accolades. While it is a vampire romance novel, there is a strong crime and mystery component. But the underlying theme throughout these books is vampire politics. In D.B. Reynold's vampire world, humans are aware of the existence of the supernatural and the response is mixed as would be expected. There are those who embrace it, t...more
3.5 Stars

A nice addition to the series. This one centres around Rajmund and Sarah, though we do get to see a bit of Cyn and Raphael as well. The author really knows how to write a great alpha male, but I have to say with all the books I find that sometimes they border on controlling, which can be a turn off. I also like strong heroines that shine equally bright alongside their partners, and I find that the heroines here sometimes lose themselves in their lovers. I'd prefer to see the H/h more as...more
Denise~The Procrastinating Book Diva~

2.5 ~ 3 not so enamored stars

Loved Raj....Sarah not so much. Rajmund suffered from a case of the right hero, wrong heroine blues. Sarah was a university professor who whined, pouted, and stuck her tongue out at Raj when she didn't get her way. Her stubborn defiance read more like a petulant child's tantrum than a grown woman putting her foot down. The story was predictable and had too much emotional ping pong between the couple for my taste. The best secondary character here was Raj's lieutena...more
I am pretty flexible in my heroines in the books that I read, I can handle a lot of types (within reason) however Sarah irked me - moan, lie, cry was Sarah's way. It was also bizarre that she has a supposedly good friend in Cyn, who would be more than supportive, and yet never confided her "secret" to her, please! After Cyn Sarah pales into the ether, however I may be biased as Cyn is one of my top 10 fictional favourite women. Having said that Rajmund could be a tad annoying too in his denial o...more
Very good! The focus of this book brings us to the east coast and to Lord Kyrstof’s territory and his very powerful second in command Rajmund. MMMMM…Rajmund! This very yummy vampire is what made this book for me. He meets Sarah, a friend of Cyn’s, when Raphael and Cyn invite her to join them at a club run by Rajmund. This book in the series is about Rajmund’s push to rule and his relationship with Sarah. It takes a while for the passion to kick in because of the reluctant Sarah. After loving Cyn...more
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