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Prince of Persia
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Prince of Persia

3.04 of 5 stars 3.04  ·  rating details  ·  525 ratings  ·  118 reviews
Pada dua abad yang berbeda di Marv, hiduplah dua pangeran yang terbuang dari lingkungannya. Pangeran Guiv, di abad ke-9, diusir dari istana karena konflik antar saudara yang berujung pada kematian. Sementara Ferdos, yang hidup di abad ke-13, ternyata menyimpan misteri yang baru terjawab setelah hancurnya Kota Marv akibat pemerintah yang korup dan semena-mena kepada rakyat. ...more
Paperback, 204 pages
Published July 2010 by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama (first published September 2nd 2008)
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This graphic novel had some decent art and an alright story. My main issue with it however was the juxtaposition of the two main story threads which did not aid understanding until the very end.

The essence of this novel was two stories set in different time zones which interlinked to produce one story. However the way these two stories were told did not make for one fluent story. Instead I found myself confused by which story was running at once and by which character was which. The art was a l
I picked Prince of Persia up as a fan of the games and of the general adventure genre of the Arabian Nights style.

The story was intriguing and thoughtful. It's presented as two stories set ~400 years apart with the first story creating and influencing the legend/action of the second story. The stories are presented side-by-side allowing the plot points to expose themselves gradually which leads to a feeling of mystery and intrigue. The female characters felt stronger to me than the male chara
Angie Fehl
Though I have mixed feelings about the game series, I found this graphic novel adaptation stunning. First off, the title on the cover sparkles with stars which instantly calls out to the girl in me LOL. What really got me though was the stunning color & details in the panels. The color here was done by Hilary Sycamore and I gotta say, super talent there! From the jewel tones throughout, to the details in the clothes to the Persian rug style borders on some of the pages, this is true art.

Marrie *I Only Date Fictional Boys*
Rating Clarification: 2.5 stars

I thought this book had a lot of potential. The storyline was entertaining enough to keep me engaged and I liked the conflict, action, and even a few of the characters. But the juxtaposition in this book was terrible. I didn't know what was going on or how the two stories tied together for most of the book, and not in the mysterious, engaging way, but in the confusing way. I felt that the two stories intertwining could have been handled far better and that was my
What light through wonder fluorescent breaks? It is my local Ollie's and Prince of Persia's holofoil blinds me.
Okay, so I'm no Shakespeare! But I really did like this story, even though it confused the heck out of me. I mean I'm no middle eastern lit. expert, so I have no idea if it's anything like them. That all aside, I still liked it.
It reminds me greatly of when your grandfather tells you a story. How it interconnects without you realizing it; how it seems to rabbit hop around with the stra
Jul 18, 2014 Jennifer rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: adult gamers
(adult situations, violence, scantily clad women, hinted at sex scenes) This was an okay book based on the video game theme. Like all the games in the Prince of Persia series, don't expect a connect to other storylines.

I was a little shocked to see the main characters (17 y.o.) in bed together, naked (nothing shows), especially when it didn't seem like the video games (at least until after Sands of Time - I haven't played the ones after that yet) had that in it (granted I don't look for cheat c
Dede Muharoom
Prince of persia, pertama kali hadir dalam dunia game dan sudah di filmkan.

dalam komiknya sang pangeran terbuang ini memiliki cerita yang berbeda dari game maupun film. Aku menikmati setiap perjalanan cerita pangeran terbuang ini, dan plot utama cerita terbagi dua, antara masa kini dan masa depan, yang seperti potongan puzzle, kita akan melihat secara keseluruhan yang berkaitan diakhir cerita.

Secara visual, novel grafis ini menggunakan gaya kartun, panel-panel kotak tanpa terlalu banyak efek vi
Blanca Barrios
Prince of Persia was interesting, because of the way it was set up with different times throughout the story, it was pretty confusing.
Prince of Persia would be enjoyed by a reader who comprehends quickly. If the reader doesn’t become frustrated with the different situations happening, then this book is perfect. The novel itself isn’t so bad. The more you read, the more it catches your attention. The story is demonstrating a rebellion against the current rulers. It shows lots of character, it mak
This graphic novel is part of the storyline followed by the Prince of Persia video games. However it doesn't actually tell the story from the video games; it's more of a backstory. The book tells the story of twins, a boy, Guiv, and a girl Guilan who will rule Persia and a boy, Layth that grows up with them who is the prince of an enemy their father defeated. Eventually the Layth marries the Guilan, but other's interfere in the ruling of the kingdom and all end up dead or in hiding. The story th ...more
Hadi Wijaya
I am surprised to find this book in bookstore. I think this series is only in video games and movie, but finally it appears as a book. The story is also different with one in video games and movie. In this book, it the beginning of Prince of Persia, which tell us story when the prince is born and when he knows his true identity as Prince of Persia.

The plot is a little bit difficult, it combines two stories:
1. Story of his uncle who saved him in the past
2. Story of young prince who learn his true
Garrett Zecker
This graphic novel, based on the videogame series of the same name, was a journey into the world of an alternate Persian empire ruled by a tyrannical ruler whose blood ties to the protagonist and horrendous crimes of the past are challenged by the spry magic and wits of our hero. The problem is that it was a story that was built upon a somewhat uncertain origin. I think that the book was fun to get through, and the story was masterfully told by the artists and the writers, but it seems that the ...more
Kirsten Rodning
This book is very different from any of the games. That is NOT a bad thing, however, as the separate games (and the movie) are all very different from each other. In that sense, the graphic novel really follows the spirit of the games -- that the Prince of Persia series is a collection of somewhat related stories, though the connections between the stories are vague at best.

Unfortunately, my praise pretty much stops here. The story was honestly rather hard to follow, and I found the plot to be v
Cindy Hudson
For years I’ve heard of Prince of Persia as a video game, but as I don’t play games I didn’t know much about it. When I was given the chance to review the new graphic novel inspired by the video, I knew I wanted to take a look. Graphic novels in general are something relatively new for me. I think of them as like picture books for older readers. So many times when my daughters were young we would read a picture book over and over again, and each time we would see something we missed in the illus ...more
Douglas Summers-Stay
This graphic novel (i.e. comic book) was better than it had to be-- there are two interwoven stories from different eras, each with the theme of a prince seeking his destiny. I had to reread it and decide for each page which story it was from before I really understood what had happened. Some of the imagery was striking. I liked the princess who disguises herself as a boy to escape from the palace. The art had its own style, which didn't seem particularly suited to the subject matter, but was sk ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Not being a game-player myself, I was naturally at a disadvantage when it came to the plot of this graphic novel adaptation of one of the most popular and longest-running video games. (Which, going on close to two decades now, makes realize that the early 90s really were more about the big hair of the 80s, and less the tech boom of the late 90s.)

The narrative of Prince of Persia is a bifurcated one that carries on in the tradition of The Arabian Knights (the story within a story motif) and even

(More pictures at

You probably know Prince of Persia as the video game. I've not played the game before so I can't say if this graphic novel follows the game plot.

I find the story a bit confusing as there are two stories that cuts into each other frequently. These stories happen in different time periods and the main character looks roughly the same. The use of different colour tones to differentiate the stories aren't good enough. Each story on its own seems alright but when the
Binta Diallo
Well for me I enjoyed the book prince of Persia write by Jordan mechner. But for me I want really put this book as the top 20 books I've read. Well for me in this book their were non understandable part in the book to the end. But also in the book their was an lot of action going on in some part of the book. An example of when their was non understandable part to the end was on pages 6-9. On those pages I really didn't get why was layth telling the guards to kill the prince wich was layth brothe ...more
Ryaan Basheer
The Prince of Persia graphic novel is based on the revolutionary and iconic series of video games. The book follows the theme of the game's, it tells a tale of heroism and betrayal. Destiny brings together two princes from different centuries of historic Persia in this fantastical epic graphic novel. As their city begins to fall, and everything they believe in crumbles and decays, they find that only they can stand against the twilight of their eras. The story of Prince Guiv avenging his adopted ...more
Hassan Hassan
Prince of Persia, The Graphic Novel, is created by Jordan Mechner, illustrated by LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland, and written by poet A.B. Sina. It is made up of 190 pages, and begins with a prince named Guiv, who tries to kill his brother Layth, so he flees the city of Marv and hides in wells during the 9th century. Then Shirin is introduced in the novel, who also flees the city in the 13th century. She meets up with Ferdos who is connected to Guiv through a prophecy. During her and Ferdos's ab ...more
Roxanne Hsu Feldman
This book definitely made me feel stupid for quite a while -- since I couldn't quite figure out who's who from one segment to the next -- until maybe 50 pages in when I finally realized that the two stories are just that -- two separate stories -- 4 centuries apart and with no or little connection except for the landscape and the violence -- and, maybe, a bit of the romance. After reading the author's notes, it became even more apparent that there was little effort from the creators' part to mak ...more
An Odd1
Possibly more disappointed after 5* film and visual guide.
Chiselled male faces seem to be heroes; heroines are small and smooth. A man sinks into the water has visions. 9th C pregnant princess Layth threatens to kill herself. Pool man again, sees other reincarnations.

After king orders her handsome dancing teacher away, young Princess Shirin sneaks out alone disguised as boy. Prince Yaahr (I thought name was scream
Tässä sarjakuva, jota en tajunnut alkuunsakaan. Tarina oli vähintäänkin sekava..siis kirjan nimi on Prince of Persia, mutta päähenkilö on kyllä ihan prinsessa...tai kaksi prinssiä..tai jotain. Kerronta hyppää menneeseen ja "nykyiseen" aivan varoittamatta ja juoni, niin, mikä juoni. Kirjassa kulkee kaksi tarinaa rinnakkain, tai siis luulen niin. Miksi meille kerrotaan jonkun ummetuksesta? Filosofiriikinkukko, legendaa syntyvästä poikalapsesta, joka tulee ja tappaa, taistelua vedestä, eriparisilmi ...more
While this graphic novel is based on the video game line of the same name - the original game's creator, Jordan Mechner, was the sponsor behind this creative effort - it is a stand-alone story that doesn't require any previous knowledge of the games. A.B. Sina weaves a uniquely Persian-flavored tale that echoes the storytelling style of the 1001 Nights, and LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland's brushwork and coloring convey this flavor expertly while remaining accessible to readers (such as myself) n ...more
i just finished this graphic novel (after getting it from b&n for $4) and was pleasantly surprised! this was a very good graphic novel that tells the story of two separate princes that are tied together by the sands of time (those who know the games will understand this reference) and bound together by fate. sina does a fantastic job of taking the original game reference and turning it into a completely new world and characters but keeping the feel of the old and really making it seem as if ...more
Sandeep Mathias
I am a fan of the classic DOS game, but this book did not live up to the expectations that I had for it. The book could have been better, by focussing on a single thread, rather than two threads separated by some centuries.
Jan 06, 2014 Samantha rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Prince of Persia fans, Graphic Novel fans
The main problem I had with this graphic novel was that I didn't understand what was going on. I just bought this book because it was a dollar. I have no previous experience except seeing the recent movie. Some other problems I had were the switching between several story lines. It wasn't always clear when it was switching. I think there should have been more dialogue that helped the reader understand more. Also, it was a little gruesome for my taste.

However, the art is pretty good and it was an
Lars Guthrie
I've been on a graphic novel kick recently and am really beginning to be impressed by the output of the First Second publishing company ("Journey into Mohawk Country"). I had to read this twice to really get the parallel plot lines, but did not ever find it so confusing that I wasn't propelled quickly through its panels, many wordless. Jordan Mechner, whose video game is the basis for this work, adds a fascinating afterword with an analysis the differences between "the Western, Nordic epic-trilo ...more
I bought this book because I saw a lot of younger kids reading it at B&N and it was on super sale for $3.99. I glanced it over, read the first couple pages, and decided to buy it. Upon reading it, I was a little disappointed but perhaps the genre was just not my cup of tea. Definitely not a book I would read twice but if you are in to graphic novels and remember playing the video game on Nintendo (or was it on Sega?), then maybe you'll want to pick this one up. The story reminds me of Aladdi ...more
This graphic novel was created by Jordan Mechner who also created the first Prince of Persia video game in the 1980's and subsequent recreation of the sequel in 2003, Sands of Time. Merchner also wrote the screenplay for the Disney version of the movie. The story isn't exactly the same as game or movie, but does get its inspiration from the many incarnations of Prince of Persia. If you haven't read a story with two plot lines, this is a good way to get introduced to the way this can work in a st ...more
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