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Emperor Mage (Immortals, #3)
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Emperor Mage (The Immortals #3)

4.28 of 5 stars 4.28  ·  rating details  ·  37,675 ratings  ·  433 reviews
Daine sails to Cathak as part of a peace treaty delegation from Tortall. There she is amazed by strange and wondrous sights, including rooms filled with dinosaur bones and the Emperor Mage's zoo. But she also senses a darkness beneath all the gold and glitter, a darkness that lies in wait. At the same time, Daine is discovering that her own wild magic is growing again, thi ...more
Paperback, 294 pages
Published May 13th 1997 by Random House Children's Books (first published November 17th 1994)
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I've been doing some thinking and have come to a conclusion that, I suppose, should have been obvious a long time ago: I connect to Tamora Pierce's characters better than I connect to pretty much any other characters. They get under my skin, in my blood, into my heart; I see through their eyes so easily it astounds me. I've read this series more times than I can remember, but I still feel the same intensity that I recall from the first time - and the last few chapters of this book still have a h ...more
UGGGGH YOU GUYSSSS /whine. This is actually both my favourite book in this series and the one that gives me the most "problematic!" vibes. I wish I could nut out this problem. Basically what I love about it is the evocation of Carthak, a city/country I wish Tamora Pierce would write more about, because it's a fascinating amalgam of Carthage and Rome and probably a whole bunch of other classical civs I don't know about. Wasn't Pierce meant to write that book about Numair's younger years at the un ...more
Aaaaand, we’re back. Everything that I felt was lacking in the second book (eg, my interest) was revived completely in this book. Daine is back in the land of the two-leggers and is facing the oft named but never before seen Emperor Mage Ozorne. And it turns out that Ozorne really shouldn’t have messed with our Daine. There’s a whole chapter called “Daine loses her temper” which I’m still grinning about.

Daine may seem cute with her crunchy granola, tree-hugging, “save the whales” exterior but i
Crystal Starr Light
A trip down South and a brush with death

Daine, her master, Numair, the King's Champion, Alanna, and other Tortall diplomats head to Carthak to try to negotiate peace and keep the two countries from war. Daine's mission is specifically to heal the Emperor Mage's beloved birds. But Daine sees an old slave woman who shouldn't be there and gets warnings from the Beaver God to stay away.

Let me preface this review with the note that I listened to this on audiobook and thus may grossly mispell the name
I think this is my favorite one yet! (The fact that I'm writing this review having stayed up until 4 in the morning to finish the book may be a hint.) It's pretty much FILLED WITH AWESOME. The Graveyard Hag is one of my favorite fictional gods now. Zombies and dice and rats!

In this volume, Daine goes to Carthak and finally gets to confront their power-hungry Emperor, who caused the trouble she faced in the first two books. Along the way, of course, she makes friends with new animals and experien
Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
Now, THAT'S more like it! Major major redemption for the yawnfest that was book 2. In Emperor Mage, Daine gets to pretend she's actually a girl sent from a royal envoy as diplomats into a foreign land instead of a girl who wants to be an animal and surrounded by animals all the time. Human interactions are awesome, and I'm so glad Daine isn't just talking and plotting with animals all the time now, and that she's actually solving a decent mystery and dealing with major international intrigue. It ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Daine returns in the third book of the Immortals quartet. Here she is brought on a diplomatic mission to a kingdom south of Tortall (which is strangely like Egypt. . .hmmm) where the all-powerful Emperor is plotting a war. A war with Tortall.

In order to stave off the potentially devastating consequences of war on their small kingdom, a mission of all the knights you remember from previous books in order to wage peace, as well as heal the Emperor's birds, whom he cares about more than life itself
I'm pretty sure the last time I read this book was before I started college. I have to say it was pretty cool to reread it now that I am a geology graduate student. All I can say is: dinosaurs. In a fantasy setting. I loved Tamora Pierce's description of the different types of dinosaurs. There was even a description of an Archaeopteryx, the missing link fossil between birds and dinosaurs! And they actually played a pertinent part in the storyline!

(view spoiler)
Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
This and my other reviews can be found at

Daine, Numair and Alanna journey to Carthak, in the hope that if Daine can heal the Emperor Ozorne prized birds, it will help the peace process between Carthak and Tortall. However, Daine get mixed up in both political and religious situations as the Goddess, the Graveyard Hag, gives her a power which could ruin everything. This series has everything it has magic, action, romance and a story which draws you in and y
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Fantasy Literature
The Emperor Mage is the third book in Tamora Pierce's The Immortals Quartet, and by this stage if you haven't read the previous installments (Wild Magic and Wolf Speaker) I heartily recommend that you don't start here — you'll be completely baffled. A peace delegation including Alanna the Lioness, the Gareths and other nobles from Tortall have been sent to the hot, swampy Charthak Empire in order to negotiate peace with the war-mongering Emperor Ozorne. With them is Numair, once the Emperor's be ...more
After the treason and attempted invasion that occured in Wolf-Speaker, tensions are running high between Tortall and Carthak. King Jon knows that the Carthaki have attacked his land and plotted against him, but he doesn't have enough proof, and the Carthaki army and navy far outnumbers his. There are also growing concerns about the barrier between the human and immortal realms. The immortals are coming through more and more every day, and the humans aren't prepared to deal with them.
Daine is se
Kathy Davie
Third in the Immortals fantasy adventure series for children about a young girl with the ability to speak and heal animals. This particular adventure occurs in Carthak.

My Take
All I can say is that I hope King Jon realizes what a treasure the kingdom of Tortall has in Daine! And Daine is beginning to see Numair with a different eye than that of a young girl...more that of a young woman.

It's another moral tale, the kind that Pierce does so very well, cloaking it in a fascinating story full of ad
Since the first book in this series was good, and the second was okay, I wasn't really sure what to think when I started reading Emperor Mage. In my opinion, this book was amazing.

At first I thought it was a little strange that this book didn't take place in Tortall, and I did miss Cloud because of how wonderfully she differs from Daine, but the setting was really fantastic. The tension and the politics really kept me interested and dying to know what was going to happen next.

The villain was

Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Candace Cunard for

EMPEROR MAGE follows the story of Daine, now fifteen years old, a girl with the rare power of "wild magic" that gives her an extraordinary affinity with animals. With her wild magic, Daine can communicate with animals, see the world through their senses, and even transform herself into one, all skills that the first two books of THE IMMORTALS series have shown her develop.

In this third book, the stakes are raised as Daine accompanies an ambassadoria
More like 3.5 stars than four, really, but this was a better book than the first two, so rounding up to four. Also, I read this in one evening, which doesn't happen very often these days (okay, it's a reasonably short book, but even so), so that counts for something, too.

Daine's getting more and more super-powered was a little annoying, but at least there were good reasons for it, but I do wish the other characters existed for more than props for Daine to interact with when needed. It's been thr
What I liked:
-Daine. She has full control of her powers in this book, aside from the temporary power granted to her by the graveyard hag, and Daine has become a young woman in this book. She’s matured and grown and she’s become respected by her peers. She’s not my favorite heroine in the Realm of Tortall, but she’s still pretty cool. I’m envious of her bond with animals and her ability to make friends everywhere she goes.
-Palace life. There was fancy clothing, beautiful banquets, dancing, and po
Anna Mari
Dane has accompanied the diplomatic entourage to Carthac because the King's birds are getting sick. The mystery of what is sickening the birds is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in the kingdom. As the peace talks begin to break down, Dane finds that things are not always what they seem. Given an odd gift from the gods, she must find out how to put things to right when all is going terribly wrong.

It took me a bit to get into this book (a theme for the summer maybe). We listened to
Stephanie Jobe
The book opens with a group of familiar heroes headed to Carthak on a diplomatic mission. Young Daine is there to help with the Emperor’s sick birds, but her role of course becomes much more than that. I like that this book gives you a whole new culture. In other books you travel but not to somewhere so different. Of course there are new animal friends but there are also new human friends too and some of them from very unexpected places. Daine also gets to learn more about her origins. I think o ...more
Nicole Field
Another reread and I'll be finishing it off with a rereading of the fourth book in the series next month.

I think I loved this one more because some genuine emotions are mixed in with this young adult plot. The characters that are specific only to this novel are interested (special mention goes to Kaddar) but especially the development of the already established characters in this book deserves a real thumbs up.

Stormwings aren't pleasant characters in this series, but I very much like how Rikash
Dinosaurs are awesome, and I liked that the paleontology was explained by magic. Yes, people who can look back into the past with a magic mirror or whatever would obviously be able to learn about dinosaurs without modern methods like carbon dating, radar, and earth-movers. And once they were there, well, it was obvious that we would get zombie dinosaurs, which are my favorite kind of zombie.

So that was all fun, as was the plot of the book. Daine goes with a peace delegation to Carthak and we ge
Herman Gigglethorpe
I don't like the Immortals series as much as the Song of the Lioness. It seems more focused on Daine's immense powers than on character development. Alanna has to "learn the sword" after a series of humiliating defeats in training, but Daine can send legions of animals to tear down a palace by herself. Still, zombie dinosaurs make for good pulpy fun. :)

One problem I have with the book may come from me reading too many authors who don't realize the implications of what they've written, so I may t
Feels like the author has divided the world between North and South as "Anglo Saxons" and well...non Anglo Saxons. I have yet to dig Pierce's commentary on non-white civilizations/peoples but this book REALLLLYYYYY irked me. Sure, if put in historical contexts, non-European civilizations had slaves and they weren't always treated the best, but the treatment was far from homogeneous.

I'm giving it a "like" rating because I don't mind Daine herself. Shrug. I guess she's ok. I don't know. There are
This is a series angst book memory trigger for me.
Oh, I remember waiting for this one desperately - UK release was all I even knew back in 1994, being a mere 13, and not even about! The stress was insane I tell you, having to special order from my local WHSmiths, and then there was bloody school getting in the way, AND the day I finally got it I had a swimming gala too! The crazed and frenzied reading on the coach to the pool....the unbelievable trauma of finishing it and realising
Loren Weaver
Emperor Mage is book three of the Immortals Quartet and follows Daine and Numair as they set sail for the Carthaki Islands on a diplomacy mission.

But Daine soon finds that she's got some new powers, and she doesn't really want to flash them for the Carthaki. But she can't really control them. And there might be a plot underfoot that she's got to reveal to the rest of the world.

Warning, this is a YA novel. That said, I found it well written and intriguing. I wanted to follow Daine through the min
Elaine Shipley-pope
The third in the Immortals quartet. It's full of all sorts of wonder. Daniel's magic grows in great leaps and bounds with the help of the graveyard hag. There are lots of return characters and the addition of new ones. Like the Emperor who is the cause of all the growing chaos.
Third book in the Immortals series with our beloved Daine who is now fifteen.
Daine is sent with other nobles to negotiate a peace treaty with Carthak (southern country that has been trying to conquer Tortall for the past two books).
We get a glimpse at a different culture that seemed very similar to ancient Egypt with its slaves and very powerful Emperor Mage who kept everyone under his thumb and tries to make a god of himself which is really dangerous at a time that Gods still visit the world re
*sioler alert* i love this one to adn i just reallised all my books someone thinks somes dead and they go the destoying of a palace
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