Jan's Story: Love Lost to the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's
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Jan's Story: Love Lost to the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's

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Imagine hearing these words: "She has Alzheimer's."

Now imagine that "she" is vibrant, active, loving, healthy...and just fifty-five.

Acclaimed CBS News reporter Barry Petersen writes about hearing the unimaginable; what it meant, what it still means, what he did—and didn't do—and how this beautiful love story needs to be heard by the thousands of families who have alrea...more
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Published August 3rd 2010 by Tantor Media (first published June 15th 2010)
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مؤلم أن نفقد من نحب وهم ما زالوا معنا
قصة زوج يعاني وهو يرى زوجته تختفي بالتدريج من حياته
باري بيترسون - مراسل صحفي- يحكي عن زوجته جان وإصابتها بمرض الآلزهايمر, مرض يسلب ببطء كل ما يمتلك المريض من شخصية ومعرفة وذكريات ومهارات, لا يعاني منه المريض فقط ولكن تأثيره بيكون أكبر على عائلته والمحيطين به
يحكي "باري" عن ذكرياته وحياته مع زوجته, حبهم, أسفارهم, البهجة والسعادة التي أدخلتها "جان" في حياته, بدء ظهور أعراض المرض وتغيير الشخصية والحالة العقلية إلى الدخول في عالم النسيان
هو بيحكي أكتر عن نفسه, ا...more
Lawrence Danks
This book is the story of CBS News reporter Barry Petersen's wife Jan and their marriage and how it was impacted by her early affliction with Alzheimer's Disease. I learned about the book when the CNN Morning Show's anchor John Roberts interviewed Mr. Petersen. It was a poignant interview since Mr. Roberts' has had recent experience with Alzheimer's in his own family and that the men knew each other well from their work together on CBS.

The sub title, "Love lost to the long good-bye of Alzheimer...more
Terri Jacobson
This is a book about how a husband deals with his wife's diagnosis at age 55 of early onset Alzheimer's Disease. It's an emotional and moving book. It really gives a first-hand picture of what it's like to be a caregiver for someone with dementia. I'm a professional nurse who worked in dementia care for the last 10 years of my career, and I also was the caregiver for my grandparents when my grandmother was diagnosed with A.D. when she was 93, and my grandfather nearly killed himself trying to ta...more
Zainab Al-rifai
يتحدث باري بيترسن مراسل شبكة أخبار سي بي اس في هذا الكتاب عن قصة اصابة زوجته جان بمرض الألزهايمر والمراحل البطيئة والسيئة جدا للمرض، وعن معاناته كمانح رعاية لشخص مريض، وبكثير من التبريرات لتخليه عنها في نهاية المطاف،
هذا المرض يلتهم الدماغ ببطء وباستمرار ليفقد الشخص المريض كل ما اكتسبه منذ ولادته بداية بالعقل والذكريات والقدره على الكلام والأحلام والخيال،
الألزهايمر المرض الأسوأ على الاطلاق..
Saber Jan
ما معنى أن يكون أكثر شخص تحبه في الحياة مصاب بالازهايمر ؟ ما معنى الحياة إذا كان أحب الأشخاص إلى قلبك لا يعرف من تكون بالنسبة له؟ كيف تعيش حياتك اليومية وأنت تقدم الرعاية لشخص مصاب الازهايمر ؟
,الازهايمر ليس مرض اليوم والليلة إنما مرض يظهر خلال سنوات من المعاناة والآالآم تستحق من يكتب عنها حتى يعلم كل إنسان أن العقل نعمة قد يفقدها في يوم من الأيام
كتاب رائع وأنصح الجميع بقراءته
Barry Petersen, tv journalist, exposes us to his innermost thoughts and emotions as he tells the intimate, forthright, and open story of his journey in the marriage to the woman he deeply loved. Sadly she developed "The Disease," Early Onset Alzheimers. Emotionally painful to read, it is a revealing account of The Disease and how its progression affected him -- as husband and caregiver -- his wife Jan, and their life together, and how he is moving forward. It is of particular interest to anyone...more
This was a hard book to read - especially since my biological mother died from Alzheimers. It touched a chord in me. There were times when I felt angry while reading this book. I felt the book was too much about Barry and not enough about Jan. But when I got to the end of the book and he wrapped up the story, I could better understand where he was coming from. The ending of the book is not the normal ending one would expect from this story. In fact, it was a bit shocking. But I feel empathy for...more
Ellen Campbell
This is a heartbreaking true story of Barry Petersen's experience with his wife's early onset alzheimer's disease. Having experienced this with my father, it describes the helpless situation a loved one is in when dealing with this. Her gradual decline was so sad and what a sincere tribute to his beloved wife.
قصة جان. ورحلة وداع الألزهايمر الطويلة .
هي قصة زوجة مراسل أمريكي تصاب بمرض الألزهايمر في سن مبكر فيبدأ عقلها بالتخلي عنها ببطىء حتى تغدو جسد يهيم في الغياب بﻻ حول وﻻ قوة ..

يكتب زوجها - باري - عن الحب الذي جمعهما .. وبعض الذكريات عن الأماكن التي كان مراسل فيها بعيدا عن زوجته ..
محاولاته في محاربة المرض وانكاره لكل مايحدث لها. ثم عن فقدانها بالتدريج حتى النهاية ..

غالبا ﻻ افضل الكتب المترجمة لأنها تفتقد المشاعر حين تترجم ..
لكن في هذا الكتاب، أغدق بالمشاعر والعبارات الأدبية !
انه من تلك الكتب التي ح...more
This book was very thought provoking and sobering. So many will get Alzheimer's and so many caretakers of Alzheimer's victims will be walking Barry Petersen's path. I am not sure which would be worse. To lose myself, to lose what makes me who I am, or have to watch a loved one slip away like that. My heart goes out to Barry and Jan. For anyone interested in Alzheimer's and the effects on the family, and for anyone just interested in the ways in which individual people cope with the heartbreak of...more
Lucy Wightman
Jan 07, 2014 Lucy Wightman rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who suspects they might brush up against Alzheimer's
Recommended to Lucy by: My own searching
Shelves: non-fiction, memoir
Barry Petersen is a CBS News correspondent who lost his wife, Jan Chorlton Petersen, a former foreign correspondent for CBS television and radio, at age 63 to Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. His brave and personal reporting chronicles the evisceration of Alzheimer's Disease not only on his stunning young wife, Jan, the patient, but on him, and all those connected to their lives.

The beautiful twist comes in the later sections of his book where he openly moves towards forming a new relationship...more
Drew Danko
This is a book I would not voluntarily read, but a family member asked me to and I'm glad he did. If you want to learn what it would really be like to lose the love of your life while being totally powerless to defend him or her read this book. If you want to learn more about Alzheimer's destructive, unrelenting march through someone's life, whether the victim or the caregiver read this book. If you want to learn what it really requires to be a long term caregiver read this book. And if you know...more
I found this book to be fascinating. There's been a lot of discussion about Alzheimer's and the hereditary chances of getting it. My mom is reaching the age where it could start to show up if she has it. I think my understanding of the disease has been a lot more rosy than perhaps it should be, and this book gave me an interesting perspective into someone's life as they deal with the changes in their loved one.

I think the biggest thing I took from this book was that I have an opportunity right n...more
The sub-title of Jan's Story says it all: "Love lost to the long goodbye of Alzheimer's."

It seems inevitable that at some point almost every one will have their life impacted by Alzheimer's. The statistics in the book make that very clear: "At the moment, about 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer's. Of those, an estimated 10 percent, or half a million, suffer Early Onset or other forms of dementia, which means those diagnosed with Alzheimer's who are under sixty-five. And projections from the...more
Nour El-Shehry
قصة جان هي قصة المرض الذي يسرق الشخص من حياته وحياة من يحب وهو على قيد الحياة. الوداع صعب ولكن الأصعب أن ترى من تحب يذهب إلى عالم آخر. ينتقل مريض الأزهايمر من دور الحكيم الراعي إلى دور الضعيف الذي يحتاج رعاية طفل وهو يعيش في جسد كهل، حتى أن المرض يحول نظرة المريض من نظرة وقار إلى نظرة خالية من أي معنى.
أثارني كثيراً تساؤل باري ووالدة جان. لمذا علينا أن نحافظ على حياة مريض الأزهايمر؟ أليس من الأفضل أن نترك هذه الروح ترحل عن هذا الجسد؟ بالتأكيد من الصعب جداً أن نترك من نحب يرحل حتى لو كان مجرد جسد...more
I read the book, but it won't let me select that version...

A true story of a man whose wife developed Early Onset Alzheimer's at 55. I enjoyed hearing about the history of their relationship and his desire to take care of her. His honesty and courage in talking about hard things are commendable. However, I believe marriage is a lifetime commitment, and I was saddened by his choice to pursue another relationship. I know I have no idea how difficult his situation is, nor how much he might long for...more
CBS correspondent Barry Petersen begins losing his wife to early onset Alzheimer's when she is only 55.

This book is a story about an individual couple dealing with a medical tragedy, yet it raises interesting questions for any couple in a committed relationship. When, if ever, is okay to find fulfillment outside the relationship if one party cannot interact and react and make decisions in the relationship? When is the caregiver supposed to turn the brunt of the care to another party? After all,...more
Bayan  Al ghannam
قصة يرويها ضحية الألزهايمر، باري صحفي أعتاد أن يكتب قصص حول العامل لكن هذه المره أختارة القدر أن يكتب مأساة إصابة زوجته جان في المرض.
في رأيي هو الضحية، نعم جان من اصابها المرض ولكنه هو من عانى فقدان الزوجة والصديقة بالموت البطيء، ليس هذا فقط بل فقد الروح والذكريات بينما لا يزال جسدها موجود.
يروي كيف دخل في مرحلهة إنكار لما تمر به جان في مراحل المرض الأولية ، ومن ثم المتاعب اليومية
التي عانى منها، مرورا بإطراره الى ادخالها مصحة وشعورة بالذنب تجاه المسألة بالكامل ، ولوم بعض الأصدقاء له تجاه بعض ال...more
Angela Livingston
Jan's Story is as much a love story as it is a chronicle of the progression of Alzheimer's. This was one of the hardest books for me to read, not because it's difficult to read but because it just rips at your heart. Reading about Jan and Barry's life together before The Disease and the slow destruction of that life with its progression is gut-wrenching. Jan's Story reminds us to cherish each day and not take even the small moments we have with loved ones for granted. I highly recommend this boo...more
This is a book that everyone should read. At the rate Alzheimers is taking over, we all will know someone, be someone, or be the caretaker of someone with Alzheimers.

Ironically, the chapters were slightly redundant, but still very powerful. Barry and Jan's story hit me very hard. All the things you'll do someday, but that someday never came for them. She was only 55 when diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheirmers. All the life, vitality, and everything that made her Jan slowly drifted away. It is n...more
The second half of the book was definitely better than the first half. I found the book initially difficult to get into. It seemed to be more about Barry coping, rather than Jan's coping with this dreadful disease. However, as he walked through the various stages of a person with Alzheimer's, I found I could relate more to the book (especially since it mirrors much of what I am going through with a close relative.) Sometimes it was hard to understand why Barry chose to keep moving Jan from place...more
Anne Buck
I just finished reading this book for the 2nd time. I admire how much Barry did to try to help his wife with this debilitating disease. I found it just as moving the second time I read the book as I did the first time. Probably a good book for someone who is experiencing early on-set Alzheimer's with a spouse, loved one or friend.
I first heard of this book on CBS Sunday Morning when Barry Peterson (the author) did a story on his wife, Jan. My grandfather had Alzheimer's Disease at a time when I was too young to know what was going on. This is made me curious about the disease.

I really enjoyed this book. It's a frank account of a woman's descent into early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Though, I would say this was more Barry's story than it was Jan's story, which is perfectly acceptable, just different. I mean, by the time J...more
This book was more about what the writer was going through, rather than what his wife was. At times I questioned his decisions (hauling her back and forth from Tokyo to Beijing?!) as her disease progressed.

It is definately written from a man's perspective, which is to say it was all about HIS loss, HIS Jan, HIS ordeal, what was to become of HIM. But as he's written, I am not one to judge because I have not been through it myself.

Worth the read, tho. I wish I could have given it 3.5 stars. 3 is...more
Michelle Sawyer
Loved reading this book! Since my father is on his journey with Alzheimer's some was very painful to read, but it was equally insightful and inspiring. My dad was older than Jan when he received his diagnosis, so some of it is a little different experience, but still as painful. It is so hard to watch someone deteriorate, but still be in the same body, just not that same person you knew and shared memories that are no longer there (for them). Thank you Barry for sharing Jan's story with us! So m...more
Jami Dube
I love the book... i thought it was well wrote. I've never heard of Barry Petersen but i was looking around a book store and came across this. I liked the way hey outlined his relationship leading up to the disease. it had lots of interesting facts about Alzheimer's and dementia i never knew. it may be no "the notebook" story. i thought it was good. I'm a caregiver and i work with Alzheimer's patients and it gave me a understanding of what my patients went or currently going through. I WOULD rec...more
Donna Frasor
This was an enlightening and honest book written by journalist Barry Petersen whose wife Jan was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at age 55. Not only do we see Jan's deterioration as she advances through the different stages of Alzheimer's, we are given a window to observe the difficult role, both physical and emotional, of the caretaker. A must read for anyone who knows or takes care of someone with this terrible disease.
I know there are many who condemn Peterson for how he has handled this situation. I'm not one of them. Life is a continuum; his beautiful wife, Jan has all but slipped away due to early-onset Alzheimers. While they remain legally married, the true connections of marriage are no longer in place. He has not abandoned her; rather he has strengthened his ability to care for her as long as she remains physically present in the world. I would likely have had a different opinion on all of this if this...more
I was interested in reading this book as soon as I saw the "60 Minutes" piece on it. I have also always been fond of Barry Peterson as a television anchor/journalist.

Initially, I thought the book should be thicker. I think my initial reaction was on point. While what is there is well written, a little more detail would have been helpful. It is obvious that Barry had a close relationship with his wife and at points the book gets quite emotional. Expect to shed a tear or two.

Would recommend to an...more
Jan's Story is an affecting, poignant exposition of what it's like to lose someone slowly to this debilitating disease that robs you of everything. Jan's Story was as much Barry's story as it was Jan's, which is appropriate in its way. This story comes from the perspective of the caretaker and explains how The Disease in its sinister way takes everything away from not just the person who has it, but the people around them. You can't help but come away hoping that more work is done around Early O...more
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