Resenting the Hero (Hero Series, #1)
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Resenting the Hero (Hero #1)

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  2,677 ratings  ·  201 reviews
In a realm beset by natural disasters, only the magical abilities of the bonded Pairs--Source and Shield--make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe. The ties that bind them are far beyond the relationships between lovers or kin--and last their entire lives...Whether they like it or not.

Since she was a child, Dunleavy Mallorough has been nurturing her talents as a...more
ebook, 304 pages
Published February 1st 2006 by Ace Books
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I think this book, the first in the series, really actually deserves 3 1/2 stars, but since it compelled me to read all five books in the series in a 3 day period, I believe the extra 1/2 star is an "obsessiveness bonus".

I picked this book up on a whim from an Amazon List (honestly, I find the best books that way! Thank you Amazon contributors!) It looked to be something I wouldn't necessarily love (a bit twee from the description) but I quickly fell in love with the characters and the world. J...more
I first read about this series on Ann Aguirre's blog. She recommended it so highly and, given how much I enjoyed Grimspace, I immediately picked up a copy of the first book. By the time I cracked it open, I'd been sufficiently warned not to be deterred by the ridiculous cover and anemic title. It's difficult to get past the outside, they said, but persevere you must. The cover is truly cringe-worthy. But the contents are not. The story has its laughable parts. But they're meant to be funny. So...more
Anne Osterlund
Lee is absolutely ordinary. Well, except for the fact that she is a Shield (someone born with the unique ability to keep a Sword from dying when he or she channels the forces that cause natural disasters on Lee’s world). And the fact that Lee is particularly sensitive to music (not in a good way). And that she left her family before the age of ten to be prepared for the day, which happens to be today, that she will be bonded with a Sword.

A bond to someone she has never met. And a bond that will...more
Okay. So it turns out, I actually liked this quite a bit. I was worried at first, because I thought Lee was pretty judgmental and unfair (particularly about Taro). But she won me over.

Let's talk about how. I think the author used POV to wonderful effect here. Lee definitely doesn't always say the right things. But she's thinking them - we see that, with her internal dialogue. She's also witty, funny, and at times gut-bustingly hilarious. Definitely sarcastic. But the reason she didn't read as bi...more
Gokce ~Muslin Myst~
I can't remember how I first saw this book and added it to my to-read pile but I'm glad I did. There were parts of the story that were a bit complex to imagine but once I let go and went with the flow, it was all good and I enjoyed it very much.

The world is under threat of many random natural disasters and certain people are able to prevent these. They work in pairs, Souces and Shields; while a Source has the ability to detect and avert the disasters by channeling their powers through themselves...more
While I fell head-over-heels for the world-building in this novel, not to mention the subtle weaving of politics between Source and Shield, I was less impressed by Lee's naivety; her refusal to alter her opinions of others, despite overwhelming evidence. Resenting the Hero is full of entertaining banter between Lee and Taro, but the fact that it takes them the entire course of this novel to simply like one another, looking past reputations and pre-conceived notions, grated on me. I found the con...more
CJ - Drop Dead Cute
I waited forever to read this book finally found it in the library and grabbed it immediately.

It was completely worth it. Two unlikely people learning to live, work and like each other (think Pride and Prejudice if only Darcy and Lizzie were permanently stuck together on the day of the ball and couldn't separate because it would result in either death or uselessness. I don't think they would get along so well either). Underlying that, Source Taro - reputation: playboy, hero and adventurer- is ta...more
Haven't finished it yet, but just had to comment on a few things. The writing style is starting to bother me; there's a lot of summation of events that could have been told in a more narrative style. The dialogue has been snappy and humorous all along, but a lot of it seems unnecessary, especially when important plot points are glossed over.

I found the entire bench dancing sequence really hard to picture - the description left me imagining the dancers hopping from one foot to the other back and...more
(Ignore the cringe-worthy title and cover - this book is amazing!)

This book does such a great job of creating a fantasy world. In this world, there are Sources and Shields. A Source, typically popular with a crowd and the receiver of much glory, can stop natural disasters, such as tidal waves. However, to do so is a great trial upon their minds and bodies and could ultimately cause their deaths. This is where the Shields come in. When a Source opens their mind to stop these natural disasters, a...more
Sally Linford
UPDATE: David informs me that my review is lean on real info about the book, for example . . . "Why would I want to read it?" So, here's a bone for those of you who like more of a teaser. (Don't worry, no spoilers.)

In this world of extremes, the population is constantly threatened by violent atmospheric events (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis). A few gifted people "Sources" are able to channel their mental resources to dispel these events, but left undefended, they die in the process without prot...more
Apr 09, 2008 Sarai rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fantasy lovers
Recommended to Sarai by: Em and Ann from the blog world~
Shelves: fantasy-sci-fi, dnf
Okay I am half way through this book and couldn't put my finger on what i disliked about it until I came across this review which hits it on the head:
"I don't understand Dunleavy's continued resentment and dislike of Karish. Throughout most of the book, although there is a lot of evidence that Karish is a good, responsible Source despite his partying ways, she continually sees him as irresponsible and overbearing. Dunleavy herself came across as a stuffy stick-in-the-mud. Maybe the author meant...more
Wow. this read is a real gem. I am not a great fan of reads falling in the "young adult" bracket, but the growth of the MC throughout this book is worth the read. Oh, and did I mention the "Hero" mentioned in the title? The relationship between these 2 characters is a joy to watch develop.

Not 5-star just because of some niggling repetitiveness that bugged me. Oh, and PLEASE ignore the cover. Overall, a very satisfactory read. Looking forward to more, 'cause it's a series! =)
Summary: Dunleavy or Lee has been training to be a Shield her whole life. All she wants is to be bonded with a nice reliable Source. Instead she gets Lord Shintaro Karish (Taro), the Stallion of Triple S. They are assigned to the most high profile area in the land where an inexplicable disaster strikes down all of the other Pairs. Lee and Taro must work together to save everyone.

Thoughts: I was really excited about this; I'd seen good reviews and I liked the covers of the series (yes, I judge bo...more
Ok yes, totally cringe-worthy cover, but I really enjoyed this! It's been a while since a book so engaged me that I stole any spare moment I could to read a few pages. The plot isn't particularly strong, nor is the world building. But the two main characters make the book. The magic system is unique ... the environment of the world is extremely volatile and cursed with natural disasters like tornadoes and floods that would threaten to destroy all humanity. However, certain people, known as Sourc...more
I was looking for something fluffy and easy to read that wasn't terrible, and I was intrigued by Resenting the Hero since it was on both a Kirkus review list, "Top 10 Fantasy Novels by Female Authors," and the Goodreads list for "Wonderful books with Awful Covers." (In my opinion, the title is awful as well...) Clearly, the cover for this book is awful, combining the worst of cheesy fantasy covers with the suggestion of romance, but at least the guy on the cover isn't shirtless with an oily ches...more
Janice (Janicu)
This is a light fantasy set in a world that was populated by colonists which does not let technology thrive. So some humans have evolved certain powers to protect themselves from nature. Sources can channel the energy from natural disasters (floods, tornados..) harmlessly away, but to do so they often die unless they have a Shield - someone to watch and regulate their body (heartrate, breathing) while they channel. Sources and Shields pair up in a bonding ritual which makes them paired for life...more
Dunleavy Mallorough has prepared for years to be a Shield, and it's finally the big day, when she will be Chosen (hopefully) by the Source she will be paired with for life. Together Source and Shield are a bonded Pair, who work together to keep their world safe from the natural disasters that beset it.

To Dunleavy's chagrin, she is Chosen by the Source she finds unbearable: the fabled Shintaro Karish, who is not only handsome and noble-born, but popular, self-assured and heroic. Lee wants to do...more
I really liked the fantasy world created in the story and there was always something going on to keep it interesting. Dunleavy just drove me so freaking nuts!!! She was so completely stubborn about Karish, but I can see that as trying to protect this little world she created for herself, because if she was wrong about him then she might have rethink everything. (And she really wanted to avoid falling for him.) But the thing that REALLY got to me is how she goes on and on about hurting the one gu...more
Cami B
In a bookstore, the cover art would have sent me running as far away as possible. It is beyond bad. But this story was fun and a solid read! I love the two main characters, and it's an interesting world.

My thanks to Felicia Day for the recommendation. I also appreciate that my kindle doesn't show me the cover art, so I was able to enjoy this story without being aware of that cover. I have now looked at the covers for all six of the published books in this series, and I don't get it. When did Ace...more
Gail Carriger
This is the first in the Source & Shield series of books (the Hero Strikes Back, Heroes Adrift, Heroes at Risk, Heroes Return, Heroes Reward). I read them all, one after another so I'm afraid they all blur together in my head but I certainly enjoyed them. The main character is a tough practical Shield with some odd ideas about how the world works and her own feeling on the matter. Much to her disgust, she is bonded to an outrageous overly-emotional Source. Together they form one of the few m...more
Prior to reading:

Shield and swords as people who are bound together. Interesting premise however, after reading some of the user reviews I am toning down my expectations. The mention of dancing on benches in one the reviews makes me keep thinking of musicals, not the type of book I want to be reading.

Might update this review after the reading...wouldn't count on it because I am that lazy.

After reading
The dancing on the bench thing, definitely not a musical. It's "dancing the benches" as appos...more
This was an fun read, light and simple without being boring (even considering some of the banal city names: High Scape, Middle Reach, Erstwhile). The story was not overly complex; it had about the complexity of a young adult novel, I'd say. But neither was it so simple as to be skimmed over. Some of the Source and Shield explanations in the beginning seemed a little like info dumps that didn't quite connect fully with what Sources and Shields became in practice, but it worked out anyways. I also...more
I'd read this book ages ago and couldn't really remember much about it. After reading it a second time I found it to be entertaining. If a bit slow and towards the end it felt a little muddled. I skimmed a bit in places but I like the characters and world enough that I'll be giving the sequel a try.
Jun 22, 2014 Nichol rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fantasy fans interested in new fantasy worlds/rules
I originally bought the first book because of the cover. It seemed like it might be a humorous take on the Hero/Damsel dynamic, and the blurb on the back didn't disabuse me of that idea. And yes, it does have an interesting take on the relationship between the two main characters, but the story is about so much more than that.

This is easily one of my favorite books to introduce one to a new fantasy world. I enjoy the series as a whole, and to be honest my only issue with the series has been the...more
Maureen E
he cover led me to expect a different book (the cover is sunny; the book is not) but once I got over that, I enjoyed this one a lot. The worldbuilding was interesting and the relationship between the two main characters was unusual enough to be fun. [Oct. 2011]
I was on the fence about this one for much of the time I was reading it, the protagonist (and first-person POV character) irritated me so very much. It's hard to create a character who's both monumentally blind to herself and others, and also pleasant to spend an entire book with. This is not that character. Though I did like her better as the tale went on, enough to finish the book, in the end it felt like too little, too late. I wish there'd been something from the point of view of Karish. Eve...more
This book started out really good. It's a really good, pretty new and interesting premise. The problem started about 100 pages in. The author took everything that was good and creative and new about the story and pretty much put it by the wayside. It become an incidental part of the story. And whereas in the beginning when the story is cool the personalities of the main characters were something that you could deal with, the worse the story gets, the more it resembles a lot of other things that...more
It was okay. Not as amusing/humorous as the title (and cover, which is horrible) lead me to believe. It isn't until the second half of the book that the main character, Dunleavy Mallorough (Lee), develops any personality. She's like a robot for the entire first half of the book!

The premise is what kept me going-- the Shield and Source concept is really intriguing. I'm glad I held out as long as I did; the book got MUCH better starting around chapter 23. The next book in the series is MUCH bette...more
Kelly *that's me*
4.5 stars.

I had been looking for a book to capture my interest, as nothing really was grabbing and holding my attention. This book grabbed me from it's first few pages, and it didn't stop until I was done. I had read in a previous review of this book about not letting the cover fool you into thinking this was not the great book that it is. Get past it, and read!

I loved the premise of the Source and the Shield, the world building was great - and I like Lee. Even as she acts like the shield she is...more
A delightful little book, Resenting the Hero takes what might be considered a few fantasy conventions, turns a few of them on their head, and makes a clever commentary on issues of power, reputation and celebrity that goes a bit beyond it's clever little title.

In short: The book takes place in a world beset with random physical disasters: Earthquakes, Floods, Tidal Waves, etc. The 'Sources' are people gifted with the ability to channel the energy from these disasters, thus preventing them, but t...more
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“In time I could move, though my body wasn't thrilled about it. I moved from the floor to the sofa I had fallen off of, which was all the progress I was going to demand from myself right then. Karish was much more ambitious, moving from the floor by the table to the sofa. He sat beside me and without the slightest hesitation or diffidence wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, and I bonelessly complied. Pain eased, muscles loosened, and the beating of his heart helped to drive disturbing images from my mind. For the moment not giving a damn about how it looked or whether it was a bad idea, I curled around him and flattened my palm against his chest so I could feel the blood pulsing around him.” 1 likes
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