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Die Dreizehnte Stunde
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Die Dreizehnte Stunde

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  2,114 ratings  ·  509 reviews
Nicholas Quinn sitzt im Verhörraum der Polizei. Seine Frau wurde ermordet, und man hält ihn für den Täter. Doch er ist unschuldig. Ihr Tod ist mit dem Schicksal von 212 Menschen verbunden, die bei einem Flugzeugabsturz ums Leben gekommen sind - denn eigentlich sollte Nicholas Frau an Bord dieser Maschine sein. Doch aus irgendeinem Grund hat sie die Maschine in letzter Minu ...more
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Published May 29th 2010 by Lübbe Audio (first published November 1st 2009)
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Not bad for a summer beach read. But the characters were all too idealized (every good person was handsome or pretty and virtuous and wealthy, while the bad guys were all ugly, inside and out). Also, the contradictions to scientific time travel reasoning really piled up. In the end it is decided that all the misadventures were in alternate time streams, but everything is ducky in the one that matters. As a reader I have to wonder why I should have cared about any of the prior incarnations of the ...more
Athira (Reading on a Rainy Day)
Very thrilling - that's as succinct as I can say! I was glued to this book for a day and finished it quite fast.

My opinion
The 13th Hour starts with Nick and Julia having a minor disagreement, before Julia sets off to work and Nick spends his day working from home. At almost 7 pm, Julia is murdered and Nick distraught. In the background of this story, a plane has crashed causing the death of all 212 passengers. With all the police at the crash site aiding with relief efforts, only 2 are spared fo
3.5 Stars! I was excited to read this. I really liked the layout of the book. It was a very cool idea that since the story was about falling back into the past at the start of every hour and each chapter delineated the start of a new hour, why not list the chapters in reverse order? I hadn't planned to read this book immediately, but an author can get me every time when he begins his novel with a personal note to his reader.

I was intrigued enough with the plot: a distraught husband trying to sol
A memorable novel, mostly because it was told in reverse! At the opening (Chapter 12), the protagonist, Nick Quinn is being questioned at the police station as a suspect in his wife's murder. He is given the opportunity to travel back in time, in one hour increments, in order that he might save her.
A fascinating premise, it took the author only 30 days to complete the novel! Although there was a lot of repetition in the book, it was necessary due to the time travel element. I was quite surprised
Stefan Yates
The 13th Hour is a well-written, fast-paced thriller with a very interesting and well thought out concept that seems a bit hokie at first, but really draws the reader in and doesn't let go!

The cool thing about this novel is that it works basically in reverse. The main character moves backwards in time throughout the day, one hour at a time, while trying to solve a series of crimes and other circumstances that keep leading to the deaths of those that he cares about.

This is a fairly riveting nove
Read this on a recommendation of a friend even though I'd disliked another of this author's novels...I went ahead and read it because I thought the concept sounded good. Herein lies the problem...Richard Doetsch comes up with great concepts that could create a great novel, but the execution is lousy. The characters are not well rounded and dialogue is painful at times. It's a shame because there was real promise with the concept. However, if you don't care about the characters, it just doesn't m ...more
Alright. So.

What to say about this one?
Let's start with the fact that if I ever read the phrase "gun at the small of his back" one more time, I might hurt myself. And if anyone EVER describes someone else as beseechingly like, looking at the clock, or desperately wondering if there will ever be enough time to save those they love, I might vomit. This book was just RIDDLED with the same phrases over and over and over again, and had a whole lot of really horrible metaphorical and long-winded bits
I hate reading, it is not one of my interests. I find that i rarely have time for it and I could never find a good book that i can drown myself in. Well, the Thirteenth hour has done it. I could not put it down, I read it from start to finish in two days, my record i must say. The story follows Nick Quinn, a man whose wife, Julia, was brutally murdered and he has been blamed. Nick goes back in time in one hour increments in order to solve the murder and to get his wife back. This book was very o ...more
Well . . . if you're looking for a book with great characters - this isn't it. They're all very stock - perfect couple, loyal friend, evil bad guy, etc. There will be no shades of gray, no depth, no internal conflict.

If you're looking for a book that's well-written - this isn't it. The writing is clunky, and even the basic grammatical editing was poor. There are missing prepositions, articles, "then" was used instead of "than," etc. I can forgive a few editing errors, but this book seemed rife w
Paul Pessolano
I think all of us would like the ability to change something that has happened in our past. Nick Quinn gets that chance.

Nick and his wife, Julia, both have good jobs and are happily married. They have been saving and planning for the time that they can have children and start being a family.

All of these hopes and dreams come crashing down around them when Nick finds Julia murdered in their home.

At 9 pm on July 28th, a gray-haired gentleman gives Nick a talisman that will allow him to go back in
The worst part of this book is that it had to end!! I was pleasantly surprised by how well written and entertaining Mr Doetsch writes.

The story starts with our hero, Nicholas Quinn who is accused of murdering his wife Julia with his prints all over the gun that is in the trunk of the car. While being interrogated a mystery European man arrives and gives Nick a letter and a gold pocketwatch that allows Nick to magically relive the past 12 hours hour by hour. The story ingeniously starts at Chapte
Ronald Roseborough
Nick Quinn is in a holding cell, accused, by two hard nosed detectives, of killing his wife. Left alone for a few minutes, he can only focus on the gut twisting sight of his wife shot through the head, lying on his garage floor where he found her just hours before. Suddenly, a well dressed stranger intrudes on his thoughts, offering Nick a seemingly impossible chance to go back, one hour at a time and save his wife. Thus begins the strange 13 hour journey which turns time on it's head. What if y ...more
This novel is a fresh addition to the Time Travel Genre. The book opens with the lead character, Nick Quinn, being interrogated by the police for the brutal murder of his wife. Quinn didn't do it, most of the police force is crooked, and involved in a multi-million dollar home invasion, and the crash of a commercial jet liner is also woven into the plot. And, next we learn that Quinn is in possession of a watch which allows him to relive the last twelve hours-running backwards, one hour at a tim ...more
Giovanni Gelati
Oh, the books of summer fun. The 13th Hour is a very unique and satisfying novel for many reasons. Can I say this is a thriller, a paranormal novel, romance, who-done-it, action /adventure? Why bother to categorize it? Let’s just call it fun and imaginative. If your spouse was killed would you go back in time and save them if you could? Rarely do I like to do things backward, but Richard Doetsch has us do just that, one hour at a time.
The 13th Hour is a very unique read. The plot itself is not s
Bethany White
I thought this was the coolest concept as the story is literally told in reverse. Nick Quinn is given a talisman which allows him to go back twelve hours in time to solve his wife Julia’s murder and clear his own name in the process. This must be done by the thirteenth hour or else he will return to the present, still framed for the crime. It is during this journey that Nick realizes that Julia’s murder is not completely random; he learns the real truth about some of his supposed friends and cow ...more
Lyn (Readinghearts)
Apr 05, 2010 Lyn (Readinghearts) rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Lyn (Readinghearts) by: group read
The idea of a book told in reverse really appealed to me and this one didn't disappoint. From the first note by the author, to the last chapter, this book is full of exciting twists and colorful characters. Nick Quinn is the ultimate hero as he races against time to save his wife's life. The life starts with a hook, Nick's wife is murdered, and he is charged with the crime. From there on the crime is pealed back layer by layer as Nick tries to find out who is really behind his wife's death, for ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Tabitha Beck
I wanted to like this book.
The premise had a great deal of potential.
I started to read the first chapter.
The language, the flow, the rhythm of the writing, the flow of words, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really griping either.
It was sort of like watching someone else watching something happen, too many steps removed from what's going on rather than being actually engaged with what's going on.
I had to push myself to plough through the chapters that I read. I so wanted to like it.
I just couldn't.
Nick Quinn is being held in jail, accused of the murder of his wife, Julia. He knows she's dead; he saw her bloody corpse, shot in the head at point-blank range. The police tell him they found the murder weapon with his fingerprints on it in the trunk of his car. Nick is confused, grief-stricken -- and completely innocent.

At 9 p.m. on July 28, a gray-haired gentleman visits Nick in the police interrogation room and asks him a simple question: "If you could get out of here, if you could save her,
Dhen Dhen
I love books where I can't predict the ending.

Although I pretty much figured out what the box contained, I still wondered how it would end.

The story is technically not told in reverse even if it started with Chapter 12 since Nick is still present in the moment he is in. But that is one of the book's strong point.

You'll love it if you like playing detective.
A man finds his murdered wife in their house and is arrested as a suspect. While in the interrogation room, a strange man comes in and gives him a watch and a letter, and tells him he can go back in time and save his wife by finding the true killer, but he only has 12 hours to do so. It was an entertaining concept and the structure was as well; chapters in the book started with 13 and worked backwards to one. Nick, the main character, had admirable love and devotion to his wife. I felt like it w ...more
Jon Spoelstra
The 13th Hour starts with Chapter 12 and counts down to Chapter 1. The final chapter is 13.

In Chapter 12, we find that Nick Quinn's wife has been murdered and that the cops grab him for it.

Next is Chapter 11. Quinn is visited in jail by a stranger, purported to be his attorney, who gives him a antique watch. This watch will allow Quinn to change the past by sending him back, one hour at a time, for half a day.

I didn't know if the author could pull this off, but each trip back provides more sur
Ginger Brown
I was fortunate enough to get a hardcover advanced reader copy and let me be the first to say this book is going to be HUGE! The concept is incredibly original and it is chock full of action and suspense. The characters are rich and just when you think you know what will happen to them...well you just don't. The 13th Hour will be the talk of the town and Nick and Julia Quinn will, I predict be back for a sequel. This book,this author and these characters took me away for the first time in a lon ...more
I honestly didn't think the author was going to be able to pull this off. When dealing with time travel, there are an enormous amount of loose ends flying around that need to be tied up, as well as an infinite number of things that can go wrong (both those that have already happened in the future, as well as those unseen ones that cropped up as a result of the trip back into time) that need to be rectified. It's a complicated process that needs to be handled delicately and thoroughly, and Richar ...more
I definitely agree with other reviews - if you're a fan of The Time Traveler's Wife or of the movie Memento, you'll enjoy this book.

"A mesmerizing thriller - told in reverse, The 13th Hour is the story of a man given the chance to go back in time in one-hour increments to prevent a vicious crime from destroying his life". This quote from the book jacket is an accurate description of the book.

I gave this book 4 stars because it was an unusual conceit, carried out well, and while it was definite
Have you ever read a book you didn't want to finish because it was so good! Well this is one of them..I could not read this fast enough.
I loved the characters and the premise of this book. It is one roller coaster ride of a read. It has it all!

This is about Nick and Julia Quinn..Been together since high school. Married and living a great life. When Julia is murdered - Nick is arrested. While being interrogated by the police, Nick is visited by a grey haired men who gives him a chance of going ba
Helena (Renchi King)
Samo dvije zvijezdice..iako zaslužuje više.Tako loša ocjena je zbog mog prevelikog očekivanja.Više od godinu dana motam se oko ove knjige..kupit cu je,posudit cu je,itd...Uopće nije ono što sam zamišljala.Čak mi je pomalo i teška.Dakle,ova pomalo fantastična priča govori nam o jednom mladom paru čiji sretni život,odmah na početku knjige,tragično završava.Žena je brutalno ubijena u svom stanu a suprug bude optužen za ubojstvo.U sobi za ispitivanje upoznaje dva policajca koji će mu u budućnosti/pr ...more
Nha Vo
I really did not expect anything from this book when I picked it up at the bargain aisle at Barnes and Noble, but in the end I'm really glad that I did pick this up. This book was wonderful and I loved it from the beginning to end. This book was something new for me, the story was told in backwards! Which I thought that was a pretty cool idea. A really suspenseful and fast paced book. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a good action thriller book!
C. Clark
The concept - superb. I jumped all over this book because of the concept. I think 13 hours was a little long, though. It got old after about 8 hours, often got repetitive. Caught the characters repeating themselves. I would not have read the book in one sitting. I read it a chapter at a time because by then I needed a break from it. Good story, good writing, but I did tire of the theme halfway into it.
Jas N
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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