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Cross (Alex Cross, #12)
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Cross (Alex Cross #12)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  33,432 ratings  ·  1,342 reviews


Alex Cross was a rising star in the Washington, DC, Police Department when an unknown shooter gunned down his wife, Maria, in front of him. Alex's need for vengeance was placed on hold as he faced another huge challenge-raising his children without their mother.

Years later Alex is making a bold move in h...more
Paperback, 377 pages
Published November 13th 2006 by Grand Central Publishing (first published 2006)
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Christopher Jones
Being a big Patterson fan and following the character of Alex Cross through all of the his books I am sad to say that I am really beginning to get tired of him. It really pains me to say that because I have come to really like all of the characters that have been created within the Cross series but it just feels like there is very little life left in Alex Cross. The stories are beginning to sound the same and the endings are becoming very predictable. To be honest I only finished this book out o...more
James Patterson owes Hollywood a debt of gratitude. If it wasn't for the movie version of this book, I would not be writing this review. In fact, if it wasn't for this movie, I would not have read the past three Cross novels, ever. I am not a fan of James Patterson. His writing is beyond abominable. (This will come as no surprise to those of you that have read my previous reviews of Patterson's Cross series.) But Patterson does have one redeeming quality: he has a storyteller's heart. The action...more
Amanda Fashbaugh
Jan 07, 2008 Amanda Fashbaugh rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Hard Core Patterson Fans ~ not fairweather ones.
I used to love James Patterson books. (I loved Alex Cross' badass persona complemented by his squishy in the center role as a family man.) But lately I've chosen to stay away from Patterson's books. The bloom is off the rose, so to speak. I honestly believe that the sheer volume of his work has caused the stories to be diluted somewhat. I read Big Bad Wolf in September, and was incredibly disappointed. However, because I have been with this character of Alex Cross for over a decade now, and I wa...more
I like James Patterson's style and his method of story telling. The action moves along quickly and the characters, while not all that memorable, are suitably likable or villainous. It's a real page turner, as forensic psychologist Alex Cross tracks down the sadistic mafia killer known as The Butcher, the man who killed Cross's wife ten years earlier.

However,there's one thing about this book that drove me batty. Patterson has a series of Alex Cross books (most notably "Along Came A Spider", made...more
Filipe Dias
Quando vi o anúncio da publicação do livro fiquei curioso. Contudo, verifiquei que já era o 12º da série Alex Cross. Continuo a manifestar o meu total desagrado pelas editoras pegarem nas séries a meio e não publicarem depois em ordem. Mas vamos ao livro.
Conta-nos o percurso de opostos. Dum lado temos o próprio Alex Cross, e a sua vida normal, com a mulher que ama e os seus filhos. No outro oposto temos um assassino impiedoso que mata de uma forma agoniante, com um bisturi.
A vida dos dois está...more
Michelle (meshe)
I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. The Cross books are certainly better than some of the others Patterson keeps churning out with his co-authors. That being said, they aren't as good as they used to be. I think I've come to the conclusion that all good series must come to an end and this one is another that is ready.
After many years, Alex and his friend Sampson are on the trail of the person Alex thinks killed his wife Maria, 'The Butcher of Sligo'. Alex quits the FBI and goes off on...more
Jonathan Nkangabwa
James Patterson's novel, "Cross" was a great book overall. The fact that James was able to incorporate important information on all of the characters in a quick manor. You didn't seem to remember every character's story, but you were given just enough information to understand what ideas each character stands for. The fact that this book was an action packed thriller kept me even more interested into the book. I cannot stand it when authors ramble on about pointless details that do not serve a p...more
Gareth Otton
After finishing the last book I thought (and repeated that thought in my review of Mary Mary) that James Patterson was in need of shaking up the formula for Alex Cross. There had been a few too many similarities sneaking into his novels and it was starting to get in the way of the story.

I am happy to report that the author must have thought the same thing after writing Mary Mary as this one begins to mix it up a bit. Obviously there is still a murderer to be caught but for the first time Alex C...more
De leitura fácil e muito agradável, este thriller está muito bem escrito e é um absoluto prazer lê-lo. Não é com qualquer leviandade que James Patterson é considerado um dos melhores escritores do mundo.

Mal o livro saiu fui de imediato comprá-lo. Em parte por ser Patterson. Em parte pela sinopse espetacular. Em parte pelo trailer do filme baseado neste livro que estreia a 3 de janeiro de 2013 e que eu tenho todas as intenções de ir ver.

Mas também tenho de referir o bom trabalho que esta nova edi...more
Heather Closet
I picked this up at a yard sale and I'm really glad I didn't have to pay full price for this crap. I have no idea why James Patterson is so popular. I had never read one of his books so I thought for a quarter why not, I'll try it out, I like crime books. The ideas are good, the characters are relatable but the writing is terrible. Instead of creating suspense he tells you 'I'm in suspense', he goes off on tangents to create the vision of what he wants you to see but again instead of actually ma...more
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1. The main character in the book is Alex Cross and...more
I sometimes can't believe what gets published these days. Cross is like a hot-air balloon - a big volume of air contained in fabric which, comparatively, has a much smaller volume than the air. To make things more tragic, the whole thing floats, though I can't understand why.

There was little substance spread on all those pages. The story was so-so. But we all know that even premises done to death can yield great stories. Cross, however, is not an example of how that is done. The story could hav...more
Book Addict Shaun
I have to say that this is the best Alex Cross book I have read so far. I've never been a massive fan of this character, instead preferring the characters from the Women's Murder Club and the character of Michael Bennett. I just found Cross to be too perfect. He is portrayed as a Supercop. And he constantly abandons his kids whilst at the same time telling us how precious they are. And he loves his dead wife Maria, and says he wants to get over her yet in nearly every book he has a new love inte...more
André Nuno
Alex Cross é o personagem principal do livro com o mesmo título de James Patterson. Neste policial/thriller narra-se mais uma história deste personagem que é psicólogo de formação e trabalha para a polícia na resolução de crimes violentos, muitas vezes perpetrados por assassinos em série.
Cross deixa escapar um criminoso, um assassino a soldo que soma aos seus atributos, para além da frieza e astúcia, uma maldade e psicose incomparáveis e quase inqualificáveis. Para além de homicida, Michael Sull...more
Não sou menina de policiais, muito pelo contrário, mas o maldito Patterson tem uma escrita e um modo de envolver as pessoas que é bastante cativante e não consegui ficar indiferente. O que me dá bastante raiva, pois este senhor não pára de escrever livros e como se isso não bastasse, os malditos livros são sempre de sagas gigantescas -.-''' angrey photo: DIE BUNNY lol.gif

Indo à história, gostei mais do Sullivan do que propriamente do Cross xD. O Cross é fixe e tal, mas foi o Sullivan que deu rumo à história e que nos faz que...more
Lisa Fischbach
This latest installment in the Cross series may have you thinking it's the last as Alex turns in his resignation to the FBI and settles into private practice as a psychologist. However, instead of spending more time with his kids and Nana Mama, he's being recruited by the DC police and his long time friend John Sampson.
Sampson for his part, doesn't really want to involve Alex because the murderer might just be the man who killed Crosses own wife Maria, more than 10 years earlier. This rapist an...more
*sigh* James Patterson has been one of my favorite writers for a long long time. But this book just makes me sad. Sure I read the whole thing. I mean, it was an easy read. But that's really the best thing I can say about it. The Alex Cross series has also been my favorite of his to read on a regular basis, but it has just gotten to the point that he doesn't put any effort into his books anymore. Sometimes he has some good ones (You've Been Warned that came out a few months ago was good, definate...more
Elesa Labanz
I'm giving this one star because...well...I guess someone sat down and wrote it although I'm not 100% convinced of that. I wish I knew how to make a shorthand symbol for a big fat raspberry. Boring. Without any substance whatsoever, but not in a guilty pleasure way. Almost like the author woke up one morning and thought "Hmm...guess it's time to crank out another Alex Cross novel." Alex Cross deserves so much better than that. I mean - he was portrayed by Morgan Freeman, for pete's sake!
Adriana Fogaça
Alex Cross 12
Um Desafio Para Cross
James Patterson

"Um Desafio Para Cross" é o segundo livro que leio da série Alex Cross. Apesar de não poder ler a série na seqüência estou amando. É claro que há coisinhas que ficam sem explicações, mas como estamos falando de uma série é normal deixar, propositalmente, algumas resposta para os próximos livros.

Alex Cross é um ex-agente do FBI e psicólogo em Washington DC, mas que também faz consultória para polícia, principalmente para o departamento de...more
Nancy Bandusky
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kasia S.
I'm rather fond of the series, it's a comfort to sink into so you won't find any harsh lashings about it not being perfect, it's another ride in the body of Alex Cross, reading these books takes me into his skin and makes me live his life through his character and book twelve is a snakes eating its own tail but in a good way. Alex is on the trail of a killer who has haunted him for the past eleven years, the man who took Maria's life, the one who extinguished the existence of the perfect wife an...more
Parker M.
2nd Review (due 4/22/08)- Mrs. Turnbow
Alex Cross, a detective, is looking into murder/rape cases that coincide, when his wife (Maria) is shot and killed. He does everything that he can to find her killer but comes up short when the cases drop out of the area. 10 years later, after a career change, Cross is called up by a former partner. The murder/rape cases were back in the area. After long examination into the case and many days later, they find out who murdered Maria. In a twisted and unexpec...more
Vanessa Jones
Though this type of fiction has always been one of my favorites, I had not read a mystery/crime/detective story in awhile. Picked this up last year. From page one: Did not care for how the author brought me into the story. After reading a few more pages I was able to get into it. Overall it felt forced and simplified.

The characters were interesting but I felt like I was watching a movie on TV because there was nothing better on the other stations.

It did have some great moments when I actually f...more
I love Alex Cross. I do. I love his family - the children and Nana Mama. I feel really caught up in his life and I really think he is one of the best characters in the thriller genre. So I get really upset when Patterson sells Alex short. Throughout the series, the unsolved murder of Alex's wife Maria has been a major problem for Alex - affecting his relationships and driving him to his workaholic lifestyle. So when the murder is going to be solved, it should be an epic case, leaving both Alex a...more
Enzo Gorlomi
This book is definitely a lot to take in and a lot going on but at no point is there something in here for nothing. Every chapter has something that is part of the plot. Even when you think there is dead space, it turns out later that it wasn't. There are some great characters and the plot line is great throughout the book.
Jan 28, 2008 Donna rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: James Patterson fans
Shelves: mystery-suspense
Before Cross, I read two or three of the Alex Cross novels, so others are more qualified than I to comment on the series as a whole.

Alex Cross and his family are likable characters. Their creator, James Patterson, seems to know just where the line is drawn in terms of placing the good folks in danger and also depicting the despicable crimes of the antagonists. Just a few more details of torture by the evil Butcher of Sligo would have put me over the edge.

My rating of the book is based on its suc...more
Out of all the awesome James Patterson novels, THIS is the one that they choose to make into a movie?

To me, this book dragged from beginning to end. It got marginally better at about the 66% mark, but it was more of a "this is your life and how are you going to change it, Dr. Cross?" than a thriller. Usually when I read JP, I'm like, "omg, what's going to happen next?" and with this one, not so much.

I did find it VERY funny however that the book had a reference to Morgan Freeman in it (who play...more
I have read many of Patterson's books. Some are quite good and some are not. This os of the latter.

I find the character of Cross to be annoying. His high handed morals, his perfect family and his way of falling in love with every woman in his life becomes draining.

The cop stuff has been done better by many others. Patterson spends too much time talking about Cross than he does the back story.

Plus his best mate and man mountain Sampson calls him "Sugar". What's all that about?

As for the story wel...more
Dani Meier
Maybe I've just outgrown the excitment of the Alex Cross series, but ive been noticing how these books are just not very well written. Such short sentences, which is being used to evoke a mood, yet I cant help but question if theyre also being used for lack of knowing how to do otherwise! I had very high expectations for this book in the series for it addressed the wife's murderer and retirement from the FBI, and yet ultimately felt unfulfilled... Hopefully the next in the series will do more ju...more
Teena Reid

This is an amazing book! The beauty of it is you don't have to read the series to understand what's happening in it. It starts out about his wife being murdered and they have no idea who did it. Alex Cross has three children, at the time of his wife's death on is just a infant. He ends up getting his mother to live with them, after the tragedy to help with the children as she did before all of that happened. Only now, she's living with them, as opposed to coming over during the day...more
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