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Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse Mystery, #7)
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Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse Mystery #7)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  2,370 ratings  ·  179 reviews
Coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi has been hired to create a gourmet coffee and dessert bar for her ex-husband's wedding. But her main problem is bridezilla Breanne Summour. When people close to Breanne begin to suffer fatal accidents, it's Clare who may get burned.
ebook, 352 pages
Published September 30th 2008 by Berkley Books
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This series falls into my "mysteries I read and enjoy and don't know why" genre. I love coffee and can practically smell it the whole way through the books, yet sometimes Clare's constant bean-lectures and chastising about technique give me a serious case of the eye-rolls. Also, when it comes to her ex-husband she's kind of a shrew with her constant reminders of his infidelity and drug addiction. Clare is also a mega helicopter mom and I would have run away to France too if my mom poked into my ...more
Cleo Coyle's Coffee House Mysteries are among my all-time favorites in the cozy genre! I've been reading about Clare Cosi since the very first mystery came out in the early 2000's and I have never once been disappointed. Cleo's books are fast- paced and interesting, her character development is top notch and I feel as if over the years, I have really gotten to know the crew that hangs around the Village Blend...they are like old friends!

In this installment of the series, Clare's ex-husband, Matt
I like this series a lot, but had some problems with this entry. For one thing, there was hardly any coffeehouse in it at all! And for another, the mystery was a little too complicated. It just got confusing at the end with the multi-twists. I think Breanne was also made too unlikeable in the first few books to really make us sympathize with her in any way, or to feel happy about the happy ending in this one. Still, I'm glad that Clare's with Mike and that all seems to be working out.
Diane ~Firefly~
It had been a while since I read the last book in the series and I was taken off guard by Matt being engaged as he has always been such a playboy. On the plus side, that ends the triangle and I hate love triangles in cozy mysteries. As for the plot, Matt thinks someone is trying to hurt his fiancee, so he asks Cleo to watch over her, figure it out.

What I enjoyed:
* The interesting characters and situations Clare encounters. The underground restaurant, the sleazy tabloid reporter, etc.
* Even thou
I enjoyed reading this frothy mystery as change of pace. I liked the characters, although the endless discussions about coffee (where the beans come from, how the coffee is made, where to get the best coffee, why we should all drink better coffee, etc., etc., etc.) did eventually get a bit overwhelming. Oh, and the heroine is always running into super hunky men who are hitting on her and trying to tempt her with their bedroom eyes. It's amusing, actually.

So, this was a fun read, and I would put
This installment in the Coffeehouse Mystery series was pretty good, with more emphasis on plot and a little less coffee talk than the earlier ones. Some scenes could have come right out of "The Devil Wears Prada," others showed different (lower income) quirky sides of New York. I enjoy the digressions into the history of various neighborhoods.

I went back to this series after a 6 month or so break since they get a little much for me if read too close together. As usual the gourmet meals and coffe
Another installment in the Coffeehouse Mysteries, in which Clare Cosi has to figure out who is trying to kill her ex-husband's fiance only a couple of days before the wedding. And as the person who is providing the coffee and specialty beverages for the reception, along with her friend who has started a pastry bakery, Clare has plenty to do without having to investigate anything.

This was the usual fun, light read that these books usually are. With one exception. And that is, that the person who
Clare and Matteo co-run the Village Coffee Shop in Manhattan. They also parent 20 something daughter, Joy. They have been divorced, friends, and bantering back and forth for six books now. Finally, in book seven, Matteo has become engaged to the less than kind and friendly editor, Breanne Summour, of the top fashion magazine, "Trend".

But Clare's detecting skills are called upon when someone seems to have decided that Breanne should not make it to the alter. After Matteo's bachelor party, the you
At first I was a bit nervous to read this book, with my disappointment of French Pressed, but I am glad that I decided to read this. A bit longer than the other editions in this series, this book didn't disappoint.

This book made Breanne a much more 3D character. She wasn't the typical jealous second girlfriend now, she was a person who'd been through a lot in her life. This book also made me like Mike tons more. Of course I had liked him before, but in this book he was always there for Clare, he
Clare Cosi has been roped into creating a gourmet coffee and dessert bar at the wedding of her ex-husband and business partner Matteo to his beautiful ice queen fiance Breanne Summour. When Breanne has a near miss with a hit-and-run driver, and people around her begin to die Matt becomes concerned that his wife-to-be is the target of a deranged killer. Clare is reluctant to get involved, but when her boyfriend Quinn urges her to take the case she jumps in to action and discovers things about Bre ...more
Warning! The coffee descriptions in this book are disturbingly heavenly, do yourself a favor and read this in your favorite coffee shop.

Clair and Matt have been divorced for years, but together run a pretty good business, her as the coffee shop manager, him as the coffee buyer. Matt has recently proposed to his girlfriend and has asked Claire to create a gourmet coffee bar for their celebrity-filled wedding reception. It is no secret that Claire dislikes the wealthy socialite snob whom her husb
Julie H.
Espresso Shot centers on Clare's ex, Matteo and his snotty girlfriend Bree's upcoming wedding. Someone appears to be trying to kill Bree, both Matt and Quinn think Clare should investigate, and this particular reader just couldn't really care too much whether Bree made it to the altar or not. Her backstory is interesting, but comes as no surprise whatsoever. The highlight was getting little glimpses at the assorted folks with whom Madame, Matt and Clare have done business over the years--many of ...more
This is the seventh in the Coffeehouse Mystery series about Clare Cosi who manages a gourmet coffee house in New York City. I remember enjoying the first books in the series and finding both the New York setting and the background of coffee bean growing and fancy coffee concoctions interesting but finding the stories a bit lightweight. Perhaps I remembered wrong though, because this one had more depth and thought in it than I was expecting. Someone seems to be trying to stop the wedding of Brean ...more
Joyce Lagow
Seventh in the Coffeehouse Mystery series.

Matt has given up the idea--finally--that he and Claire are going to get back together. So, he has proposed to Breanne Summour, beautiful (and predatory) editor-in-chief of Trend magazine, a style-setting publication. Matt’s mother, Madame Dubois, is dead-set against the idea and has performed a number of not-so-subtle and unsuccessful actions to try to get the wedding called off. But someone else seems averse to the marriage--so much so that he or she i
Roxann Maples-Stokes
This is the latest in the Coffeehouse Mysteries and it is a good cup of joe. The only thing I don't like about this series is how hungry it makes me feel! Clare Cosi, the main character and coffee expert, goes all over New York making and eating yummy food-especially coffee and dessert. Even though I have never been to New York, I feel I have been there from the vivid descriptions of its different parts by author Cleo Coyle. (Also-her website is full of recipes and great tips, too!)
This book ce
Cleo Coyle is just one pseudonym for this author, who also writes as Alice Kimberly. Espresso Shot is the seventh book in Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse series featuring main heroine and barista Clare Cosi.

Just days away from when the elite, beautiful, and successful Breanne Summour is about to marry Clare's ex-husband Matteo Allegro, people close to Breanne are starting to wind up dead. Out of concern for her daughter's father and business partner, Clare hones in on her inner-sleuth and begins to in
Listened for Fun (Libray Book)
Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.25

Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: I am totally reading these out of order but they are each so much fun!

Story Thoughts: Fun, Spunky, Engaging, and a little sexy are words that I would use to describe The Coffeehouse Mysteries. I just flat out have a fun time while listening to them. This one wasn't my favorite in the series (not a huge fan of M) but it was still
I started reading this series because the premise of the mysteries takes place around coffee. I loved coffee, but can't drink it these days. Still love the location of the series. It's Greenwich Village in a wonderful coffeehouse called The Grind. It's managed by Clare Cosi, who has found herself in the middle of solving murders. This is #7 and the best of the Coffeehouse Mystery series yet!
Clare is busy running The Grind and prepping her part in Matteo's, her ex-husband, upcoming wedding to Bre
I started this series about 8 years ago and stopped keeping up with it at this book. SO I thought what the heck I am going to pick this up and give it another go. While I didn't dislike the book I think my issue is Claire. I am just not in love with her. I don't feel any connection with her. I am not sure if its her constant meddling, or the way that every one fawns all over her for large parts of the book. I guess I just want a little more realism from characters. A little more struggle. I gues ...more
I really do like soft mysteries that involve cooking. An this one was fun. the wonderful thing about these types of mysteries is that the first chapters are a set up and the murder occurs right away. Then the rest of the book involves the amateur detective trying to solve the mystery. Furthermore, the protagonists are always involved in some type of culinary profession or business, has a love interest (who is never the murderer), and there is always a clear set of potential suspects.

Coyle sets
This 7th book in the coffeehouse mystery series might be the best one yet. Coyle has tempered down Claire's usual tendency to madly rush into villains' lairs, where armed tactical teams fear to tread. Now if only Claire stopped being sexually irrestistable to every single man, woman or furry animal she encounters, we could finally have a heroine we could relate to.

Coyle's affection for New York and her genuine fascination with the minutiae of the world of coffee production come through in her wr
This one bored me. I found it too predictable. And I didn't like that Clare didn't feel like solving this one. Even once she was on the case it didn't feel at all like the way she was with the other mysteries. I enjoyed Roman. I wish he hadn't dropped out of the book. Was he even at the wedding? If so, I missed him. But at least Clare and Breanne are getting along now. That was cool. But then there's the fact that Clare's life was threatened with a knife at one point and I felt really disconnect ...more
Fun mystery -- but if you want a cozy mystery - the series is starting to move to more romance -- and routine -- there's now always at least one very hunky guy (in addition to Claire's ex) who has the hots for Claire. Even the non-hunky ones want to get into her pants....and if I was drinking 6 shots of espresso want right after the other I'd hope someone was getting a little concerned about my addiction.
I thought I'd stopped reading these because I ran out, but once I started this one, I realized I'd stopped reading them because I cannot stand the main character. She is the worst. She's petty and condescending and self-righteous and controlling and I hate her. The problem is I like pretty much everything ELSE about the books. And yet this horrible person is the first-person narrator. ARGH. I need better books to read, stat.

Been a while since I read about Clare Cosi. Serviceable story, dialogue. But somehow less interesting than I'd remembered.

Her ex Matteo gets married. Clare is ok w. it. She's got a steady bed partner in Mike Quinn. Somehow between the last book and this, a whole new level of intimacy arose -- don't remember in the last book that she and Quinn were an item, tho attracted to each other.

Main mystery is who's trying to kill Matteo's fiancee, Breanne. Could be aany nymber of peop
Book #7 in the Coffee House Mystery series. Tight plots and strong characters drive this story along without too much hang time between events. Strong romantic relationship as well as a few love-hate battles between the main character and her ex husband and the new bride to be for the ex-husband. A great read as a cozy mystery or just something different for a person to read. While I would recommend to start at the beginning of the Coffee House Mystery series. There is enough coverage in each no ...more
I enjoy the coffee house mysteries, but this installment was a bit off. In part, this was because the "coffee-talk" was a lot less and that's part of why I read these. They were barely in the Village Blend. Another reason was that I don't care for the romance angle of the story that much. Mike is usually an interesting character, but here he was kind of flat as the great-kissing boyfriend. All in all, this was a fun read but it just didn't add much to the overall series.
Gaynor Baker
I actually picked this up from the local library while I was recovering from an unknown bug, so wasn't exactly "with it"! But it looked interesting and I needed to sit down. When I got home I was glad I took it.
Cleo's characters are interesting and beliveable, her writing style is much like my own when I was writing fan fiction as a hobby and when I read I feel like getting back to doing that. Anyway--I like her descriptions of the New York areas, although I usually pick books set in Britain. He
In this seventh book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series, Clare is preparing for a coffee/dessert bar at a wedding to be featured in a major magazine. The twist is that this is for her ex and his bride to be Breanne, who she finds to be a bit difficult. When a Breanne look-alike is murdered and other attempts are made on Breanne's life, Clare begins to investigate at Matteo's request. Digging into the past, including her own with Matteo leads to a plethora of suspects. Additionally, Madame (Matteo ...more
Karen Christino
Light, lively and fun, a nicely-paced catering mystery set against the backdrop of Greenwich Village and other vivid NYC spots. I don't understand how the characters can keep imbibing high caffeine drinks at late hours and enjoy a great night's sleep. Perhaps it's part of the fantasy?
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Cleo Coyle is the pseudonym for Alice Alfonsi, writing in collaboration with her husband, Marc Cerasini. Under the name Cleo Coyle, they've written 14 Coffeehouse Mystery titles, including the latest, ONCE UPON A GRIND, which was honored with a "Top Pick" by RT Book Reviews; a "Fresh Pick" by Fresh Fiction; a Best of the Year reviewers choice by KRL; and chosen as a featured selection of the Myste ...more
More about Cleo Coyle...

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