El Juego de la Vida y Como Jugarlo
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El Juego de la Vida y Como Jugarlo

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In a down-to-earth style filled with anecdotes, the audiobook covers such topics as prosperity, healing, forgiveness, faith, and Divine Design. "Most people consider life a battle -- but it is not a battle, it is a game," writes Florence Shinn -- a "great game of Giving and Receiving.." 1 CD
Audio CD, Abridged, 0 pages
Published March 1st 2009 by Audiolibro (first published November 30th 1926)
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Dec 05, 2007 Morteza rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: arian_behshad2003@yahoo.com
چهار اثر فوق العاده شگفت انگیز از خانم شین (شین مقدس به عقیدهء من)
اولین اتفاقی که در شروع خواندن کتاب رخ میدهد این است که متوجه میشوید نمیتوانید کتاب را به زمین بگذارید.
اثر مملو است از آموزه های ذهنی فوق العاده به همراه تعداد بیشماری از مثالهای واقعی.
پس از خواندن کتاب حس میکنید هیچ چیزی در این دنیا نمیتواند شما را از پا در آورد.
My Mom originally found this book at a random restaurant. She fell in love with and gave a copy to many people. Fifteen years later life was kicking me in the pants and I saw the book on her shelf and read it for the first time. For me this book is life transforming. I continue to read it as I need to and I have memorized specific mediations. I hope this book will bring the same peace to you as it brought to me.
Remember The Secret? Oprah made a big thing about it a few years ago, and it become an international bestseller. This book came out in the 1920’s, but makes the same claims. Both are about how your thoughts and words will manifest themselves in your life. If you constantly worry about being hit by a bus, you will manifest yourself into getting hit by a bus. These books claim that the opposite is also true, and can therefore imagine your way to wealth, true love, and happiness.

I started reading T...more
Titilayo Ogunmakinwa
The book offers a very positive perspective. A very easy read that can be read time and time again for consistent motivation and in order to help stay focused.
Everyone should read this book at least once in their life time. I have red this book and re read this book a dozen times. Food for thought!!
Fatima Al Sairafi
“The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.” This quote practically sums up the purpose of the book. Although Shinn uses a lot of biblical references to prove her arguments, I believe that her philosophies can be applied to all people with different faiths. She uses a lot of real life examples to prove her points which I loved since most people can relate to the examples she referred to.

Shinn mentions that throu...more
at first blush, i didn't like this book b/c i totally do not agree with the "manifestation" belief system so prevalent today. it is a very small god, made in our own self-serving image, who can be made to do the bidding of our petty desires: the gimmee-gimmee god.

however, i do believe in grace and in being open to grace and goodness; and i certainly believe in right behavior, esp. as zen buddhism defines it.

this book, on first blush, seemed to focus totally on the power of an individual -- thro...more
Sara Parsi
گزیده ای از کتاب :
ایمان بدون شهامت محکوم به فنا است . قوی باش نترس ! ترس دشمن انسان است .وقتی شکست میخورید که به دل تان ترس راه بدهید . ترس از فقر ! ترس از ناکامی ! ترس از فردا ! ترس از ضرر ! ترس از انتقاد ! این ترس ها با قطع ارتباط شما با پروردگار عالم , همه قدرت شما را غارت میکنند . " آه ای کم ایمانان ! از چه رو هراسانید ؟" ترس همان ایمان منحرف شده است , ایمانی وارونه . وقتی میترسید , چیزهای که در
دلتان وحشت پدید آورده اند را به خود جذب میکنید .......
اکنون با گفتارم هر پندار نادرست حک شده بر...more
Chamique Holdsclaw
I still can't believe this book was written 80 years ago. Shinn was definitely before her time. I love the fact she used examples to help you grasp the biblical content. This book reinforced fearless faith, opening ones heart, an allowing the superconscious mind to lead us.

It is easy to view this book as a precursor to positive thinking or NLP movements on the surface, but what it is really doing is delivering a universal message using Christian metaphors.

The keystone of Florence Scovel's book are: Faith, Nonresistance (to Fortune or Divine purpose) and Love. These are elucidated with anecdotes, but these are more for the purpose of illustration than as evidence.

You will either agree or disagree. Each person will judge the message for themselves, but I wil...more
If Rhonda Byrne's THE SECRET had been written with a Christian bent, in a primarily Christian age and culture like the 20's, and contained only author anecdotes about people rather than by the people themselves, you would have this book: THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT.

The author, Florence Scovel-Shinn, centers her book on the basic premise of the "law of attraction," which is also set forth by other famous authors/presenters such as Ester and Jerry Hicks. The idea, supported by many exampl...more
بسياري اين كتاب ها را آموزنده و نشان دهنده راهي براي خوشبختي مي دانند من نمي پذيرم به سه دليل.
1-آن چه كه براي يكي خوشبختي است نمي تواند براي ديگران هم خوشبختي باشد به ديگر سخن خوشبختي و مفهوم آن براي مردم متفاوت است چون نگاه ان ها به زنده گي متفاوت است.
2-طي راه و كشف دشواري ها و تصميمات زنده گي همه در خوشبختي و خوشبخت شدن موثر است.زنده گي كتاب كنكور نيست كه با يك جزوه از پس همه چيزش بر آمد.
3-تعاليمي كه در اين كتاب ها هست چندان هم خوشبخت كننده نيست و يا اين كه خيلي پيش پا افتاده است مثلا اين كه آ...more
Danijel Brestovac
The game of life and how to play it

ch 1- Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle it is a game. It is a game however it can not be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law.

Ch 5- the law of carma and the law of forgiveness : man recieve only that which he gives. The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Man thoughts, deeds and words return to him sooner or latery with outstandings accuracy.

Ch 7- if you fear a lion, you must run toward him, because the fear...more
in ketab kheyli fogholadast.
darvaghe be noi mikhahad begoyad har anche dar zehne nime hoshyare ma begzarad va harche az khod darbareye ayande tasavor konim haman khahim shod!
yek jomlash kheyli ziba bod ke albate jaye tozih dadan nadard magar anke khodetan an r bekhanid
"خداوند میفرمایید آنگاه که اثری از باد و باران نمی بینید، این دره را ازگودالها پر کنید"
yani hengami ke ensan kochektarin neshanei az anche talabide nemibinad bayad baraye an tadarok bebinad.
I don't know what I was expecting, but not this.

I don't even believe in God really, and I wouldn't ask Jesus for stuff.

But when I read this book, all I could think was YES. YES. THIS IS HOW IT IS.

Amazing stuff, I will be reading this over and over. This little book has some really profound answers and I wish I'd learned these lessons a little earlier. No matter, I'm learning them now.

I believe in the Universe.
Wow this book was a timely gift to myself, read it in exactly 24 hrs and feel reborn. Loved it, it just makes sense. Read with open heart and mind.

"Divine love dissolves and dissipates all wrong conditions in my mind, body and affairs, Divine love is the most powerful chemical in the universe..."
Repeat after me “I will do wonderful work for wonderful pay.” And within just a few weeks of saying and believing this, you will get a big fat raise. This is the divine right.

If only it was that easy.

این کتاب دو سال تو کتابخونه م بود تا بخونمش..از سر وجدان درد شروع به خوندش کردم و میتونم بگم کلن زندگی م رو تو اون مقطع تغییر داد..کمک میکنه کمی آگاهانه فکر کنیم، حرف بزنیم و بطلبیم
Robin Donnelly
I believe our minds are very powerful and it believes what we tell it. I know people who have a lack mentality and therefore will never have enough and I believe their focus perpetuates more of the same for them. I also know people who are consumed with a diagnosis until they are the walking talking billboard for that diagnosis and they can't focus on anything else. I've never been one into denial but I am certainly willing to circumvent negative emotions and thoughts to manifest something bette...more
♥ Ibrahim ♥
Florence wrote her book in 1925 and I didn't know how lucid or practical the book would be and I was indeed in for a lovely surprise. The book reads so well, easily understood, lucid in style, practical and applicable in every way. It feels as if a compassionate mother is sitting with me and taking me by the hand and instructing me in order to apply my faith. Most important lesson Momma Florence has taught me is that God is my supply, and there is a supply for every demand. I have to confess tha...more
Jo Ledamun
What a load of old tosh!

I know many people may disagree & I DO NOT MEAN TO INSULT, but.......

I did not like this book at all - admittedly I was a bit skeptical about it from the beginning, but I wanted to give it a go, so I gave it my best shot!

The 3 best things about this book is that it's short and sweet, well written & the authors viewpoint/argument is easy to comprehend! But in MY OPINION, I think what Florence Scovel-Shinn suggests & argues about in her book about wealth, happin...more
واقعا عالي بود و هست و خواهد بود!
تو برهه زماني كه اين كتاب رو خوندم به جرات مي تونم بگم كه روحم رو تازه كرد! معني واقعي ايمان داشتن رو بهم نشون داد هيچ وقت يادم نميره اين كتاب رو و گيلدا محمدي عزيز كه خيلي براي خوندن اين كتاب بهم اصرار كرد! من شديدا به هر كسي كه احيانا گذرش به اين صفحه مي افته توصيه مي كنم كه حتما حتما بخوندش! كه نه يكبار بكله چندين بار! اينم از اون كتابهايي هست كه هر بار خوندنش دنياي جديد رو در پيش روي آدم به نمايش ميذاره! هنوز هم هر وقت كم ميارم از سختيهاي روزگار به مدد اين كت...more
I read this book recently as it was a gift from a friend and found I enjoyed it very much. It was written in the 1920s and yet it still has a lot of relevance today. I believe its philosophy, though I don't entirely agree with it, is positive and helpful to many who may have found themselves in a rut or a negative state of mind. One thing that struck me about this book was how similar it was to a more recent self-help book -- 'The Secret.' After reading this book, it's pretty obvious that 'The S...more
Jul 09, 2008 Samin rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to Samin by: my teacher
kheilia migan in ketab gheire vaghei va gheire amalie.vali man in soal ra daram ke aia shoma be tosiehaie ketab amal kardid va natije nagereftid?! hatta agar kasi doost nadashte bashe karaei ke ketab mige ra anjam bede,khoondane sadeie in ketab ham,be nazare man,taesire khoobi rooie fard mizare.noktei ke darbare in ketab baraie man jaleb bood sale neveshte shodaneshe.hamin hala ham afrade ziadi hastand ke in tarze fekr ra maskhare mikonand.hala hesab konid ke dar zamane nashre in ketab che ghogh...more
With all of mylengthy reviews thus far, I think it is time to make one short and sweet, well at least short and not bitter=;0)

Written in 1925, by one of the few females in the New Thought/New Age/Self-Help genre at the time, Florence Scovel Shinn’s first book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It” made for an informative read. Certainly, some of the examples and societal norms have changed in the 90 years since it was written; however, the wisdom contained on the pages of the aforementioned titl...more
Awesome book! Centers on the flow of the energies of the universe and woman's spirituality , but it applies to everybody. It has a lot of the ideas found in 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which comes to show that you don't have to read all the books ever written to get a lot of knowledge, you just have to pick the right ones, because many ancient ideas are still recycled in today's books
Saman Kashi
كتاب قشنگي است. از چيزهاي خوب صحبت مي‌كند. هشدار مي‌دهد كه مواظب صحبت‌هايتان باشيد. مواظب نگاه‌هايتان باشيد. مواظب زندگي كردنتان باشيد، چرا كه مي‌توان به گونه‌ي ديگري هم اين افعال را انجام داد به اضافه‌ي عشق و ياد و نام نيكي از خود بر جاي گذاشت
خواندنش را توصيه مي‌كنم
It gives me the ideas how to live in hope and peace that also open my mind to step back and look at situations with calmness. However, in order to make a long term life transformation, I must stick with and keep reminding myself with these ideas everyday.
Annie J
I just heard the audio version of this book two days ago! WOW! Amazing! I will be getting a hard copy of this book as this is a timeless treasure! I see everything so different now! I love the scriptural references! Love love love! WOW!!
Maurynne  Maxwell
A good example of the genre with a lot of real-life examples a la Catherine Ponder, and more of a scripture-based approach. I recently re-read it, I'm sure I read it at some point in my 20s, because I internalized some of it.
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Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn: "Game of Life and How to Play It", "Your Word Is Your Wand", "Power of the Spoken Word" & ... of the Spoken Word, Secret Door to Success Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn Your Word is Your Wand: A Sequel to the Game of Life and How to Play It The Secret Door to Success Power of the Spoken Word

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“Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.” 7 likes
“Bills should be paid cheerfully, all money should be sent forth fearlessly and with a blessing.” 0 likes
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