The Gospel According To The Son
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The Gospel According To The Son

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A literary event: one of the world's greatest novelists confronts the greatest story ever told - and in the first person
Published August 6th 1998 by Time Warner Books UK (first published January 1st 1997)
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D.R. Haney
An ex-girlfriend, now dead, gave me this book at least a dozen years ago. I started it, put it down, and didn't pick it up again until a few weeks ago, wanting to read something by Mailer. At times I didn't think I'd ever finish, particularly during the book's middle section, when Jesus embarks on a serious healing spree. I was reminded of a friend's remark about À la recherche du temps perdu: "If that man goes to one more party..." That's how I felt about Jesus in The Gospel According to the So...more
Book Project: Fictional Portrayals of Jesus
King Jesus by Robert Graves read
The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín read
The Gospel According to the Son by Norman Mailer read
The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis
According to Mary Magdalene by Marianne Fredricksson
The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by Jose Saramago
Quarantine by Jim Crace

This is the third book I've read in my project of novels about Jesus of Nazareth and it's the most unexpected. My first read was of Robert Graves' King J...more
I must first admit that it is the height of pretention to write a fictional autobiography of Jesus Christ, but this is Norman Mailer we're talking about. And in this case, it's Mailer at his creative and witty best. He takes the gospel story and tells it like Christ might tell it over s'mores sitting around a camp fire. He doesn't downplay the supernatural elements of Christ's being, but he does temper it with a great deal of humanity, in thought, in living (after all, Jesus had to pee in the mo...more
A fictionalized account of Jesus' life from Jesus' point of view. Maye I've listened to too much Jesus Christ Superstar in my life, but Mailer wrote the flattest, least engaging portrayal of Jesus I've ever read. The book was dry and uninspired, completely lacking any passion.
Just finished "The Gospel According To the Son" by Norman Mailer - it fits perfectly with my curiosity about the man behind the myth and I have already stumbled upon several interesting interpretations - however, this is by far the most original point of view, because Mailer actually talks trough Jesus as main protagonist. The writing style is excellent - very, very slim, basic and occasionally close to Haiku poetry. Almost anybody can write long-winded and elaborated, Mailer went to completely...more
Ted Burke

Norman Mailer has had a radical trajectory through the course of his career, and now, at age 75 with fifty years as a professional writer behind him, a summary collection is the fashion, and The Time of Our Time is the door stopper through which posterity should judge either his ascension, or decline in our literary Olympus. It's amazing, actually, how Mailer has controlled the course of criticism of his work, as he did with "Advertisements for Myself" and later with the Prisoner of Sex, both bo...more
I came upon my copy of Norman Mailer's The Gospel According to the Son much like I came upon my copy of the Bible. The Bible I found on a heap of trash in an alley in my youth. I took it home with me. Mailer's account of the events I found on a nighttime walk i had through the streets of Wicker Park, and it happened to be on top a heap of other books, like someone had moved out of this apartment earlier today, and had decided that there was no more room for these books now in his life, but he di...more
Evan Snyder
I stopped after 40 pages. It was on par with reading my 6th grade religion text book again. I usually think educational is a good thing, but this was written like it was trying to baby explain the ancient Jewish family and social system and I've had enough watered-down, try-to-teach-you-without-you-realizing-it-by-using-a-story religious texts in 12 years of Catholic school to bother with one more, thank you very much.
يقول في أول فصول الرواية:
ولهذا فإنني أطلع بروايتي، والذين يسألون عن كلامي، كيف جاء إلى هذه الصفحات،أقول لهم أن ينظروا في ذلك معجزة صغيرة.(فإنجيلي يتكلم، في الحق ،عن معجزات) ورجائي أن أكون أقرب إلى الحق من مرقس، ومتى، ولوقا، ويوحنا ،فقد كان دأبهم أن يزيدوا من خراف قطيعهم. وهذا ما يصح كذلك على أناجيل أخرىكتبها غيرهم.فبعض هؤلاء الكتبة لم يخاطب سوى اليهود ممن تبعوني بعد موتي.وبعضهم لم يكرز إلا بين الأممغير المختونة ممن كانوا يكرهون اليهود لكنهم آمنوا بي. فكيف للحق،إذا، ألا يختلط بغير الحق، ما دامكل...more
Gina Sirois
Sep 12, 2011 Gina Sirois rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with a christian background
Recommended to Gina by: nobody
I picked this up at Red Letter, never having read anything by Mailer. I read it during my short immobile recovery from an abdominal surgery, during mud season. I remember the day I finished the book there was an incredible downpour with lightning, wind and nickle-sized hail.

This book wouldn't appeal to everyone. I'm a lapsed Catholic (atheist actually) with plenty of the virus latent in my blood. What the book did do was help me empathize with Jesus a little bit, in a way sixteen years in the ch...more
mai ahmd
لوحة الغلاف كانت من الأسباب التي جذبتني للرواية وددت أن أعرف ماذا سيقول الكاتب في إنجيل الإبن حسنا يتناول الكاتب الأمريكي نورمان ميلر سيرة يسوع وما الجديد في هذه الرواية !
إنه يقدمها كسيرة ذاتية يحكيها يسوع بنفسه ، الكاتب يقرّب ما بين بطل الرواية ومابين القارىء من خلال آراء المسيح الذي افترضها حتى أنه يعترض على بعض الأناجيل التي كتبت بعد وفاته بسنوات طويلة ولذلك فأن الكتاب بلاشك صادم لمن يدينون بالديانة المسيحية

( وإنجيل مرقس ليس بالكاذب، لكن فيه مبالغة كثيرة، وأكثر منها في أناجيل متى، ولوقا، ويوح...more
I liked it, although in the beginning I was afraid I wouldn't (I know, never make assumptions ....). Being a person of faith, I had thought this one might be too daring, too "Saramago like" (i.e. he wrote "The Gospel according to Jesus"; the Vatican fumes even now, after Saramago's death).

This one, though, is something else, well written, easy to read, endearing yet not obscene, asks one to think (which was never a sin) and invites him/her to love too (i.e. brings Jesus closer to one's heart, ma...more
My first experience with Norman Mailer is far removed for the hard-drinking, womanizing, sailor-mouthed vision I had of the late author. In fact, The Gospel According to the Son is a stately, brief, and theologically sound exploration of Jesus' imagined gospel. Mailer writes with a deft, Biblical hand, and manages to bring surprise and beauty into "The Greatest Story Ever Told", exploring Christ's life through his own two holy-eyes. While it was disappointing that The Son of Man wasn't beating u...more
عبدالله أبازيد

و ذلك دون أنّ أنسى بيلاطس البنطى, الّذي قال : حيث يكون الحقّ لا يكون السلام ,وحيث يثبت السلام لا تجد حقّاً. و لهذا فإنّني لست ألقي سلاماً بل سيفاً . أشنُّ حرباً على كلّ ما يجعلنا أقلّ مما ينبغي لنا أنْ نكون , أقل كرماً . ولا أريد للشيطان أن يدخل في روعي أنَّ طرائد طمعنا حفرة نبيلة و أنّه هو روح الحريّة . و من سوى الشيطان لديه رغبة في أنْ يقول لنا إنّ دربنا ينبغي أنْ تكون سهلة يسيرة ؟ فالمحبّة ليست السبيل الناجح الّذي يفضي بنا إلى الغاية الصالحة , بل هي الجزاء الّذي نتلقّاه في نهاية الدرب العسي

I hadn't read Mailer before, and I'm not sure if this book is indicative of his style. I really liked it though. It went quickly and I had finished within a day. He wrote it in a way as to infuse the words with a kind of Biblical gravitas, but also very colloquially. I just happened to pick this up and start reading- I was out sick with a flu last week and couldn't really do anything but read. Not sure if it was the feverish state I was in, but Mailer's words gave the temptation in the desert a...more
Gilgamesh  Nabeel
كتاب رائع


الكلمة كان يعيش في الماء عند البدء شأن النفس الحلمل لكلامنا والذي يخرج في سحابة في صباح شتوي بارد. وقلت لهم أيضا إنّ الكلمة يعيش في ماء نفسنا كما المطر الذي يعيش في السحاب.

كان مفعما برائحة الإنسان الهالك. رائحة ما كان من الممكن فصلها عن الجسد ولو غسل المرء حلقه بالماء ألف مرّة.

الشيطان أجمل مخلوق صوّره الله.

إنّ شيئا من التمرّد وبعضا من الغدر هما من متع الحياة، وينبغي أن نعدّهما من بين مغانمها وليس شرورها.

إنّ الخطاة الذين صادفوا الروح الشرّير، قد يشعرون بمقت تجاه شهواتهم القديمة...more
Nick Black
This was just plain stupid. I grabbed a copy at work back at Media Play while on the NYT Paperback Best Sellers, and accidently walked out to my smoke break with it; dicunt ei Caesaris tunc ait illis reddite ergo quae sunt Caesaris Caesari et quae sunt Dei Deo, I thought to myself, and into the Toyota Corolla 'twas it thrown, liberated. Later that evening, having completed it, I regretted ever allowing it into my house. As my buddy Geebs would comment, "tawdry and salacious!"
The Gospel According to the Son is a deeply moving account of Jesus' life and ministry. Christ points out deviations in the four gospels we are so familiar with today. Mainly, though, this narrative is an inner dialogue; a peek at the thoughts of Christ. His struggles in faith and his many temptations reflect his humanity, while his miracles and the strength of his words echo his Father. Mailer's poignant and honest book is a must-read for everyone, regardless of faith.
I was puzzled by this book. I expected a more creative, more provocative approach (something like The Autobiography of God by Franco Ferucci). It followed the text of the Gospels very closely, except in a few cases, where Jesus as narrator claims that the Gospel narrators stretched the truth.
Erik Graff
Aug 21, 2011 Erik Graff rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Mailer fans
Recommended to Erik by: no one
Shelves: literature
The greatest virtue of this fictional biography is that it is short, a quick read. The Jesus portrayed is a lifeless figure. There is no evidence that Mailer did much research. Instead, it seems that he simply worked rather uncritically from the gospels.
this crap reads like the fucking bible! i thought i was gonna read some new shit, but...i knew the whole damn story from being forced to sit in a pew in a catholic church for 18 years. no stars!
Michael Zaki
الرواية تحكي قصة يسوع ابن الله (كما يؤكد الكاتب) من وجهة نظر يسوع نفسه ... الكاتب يحاول جاهداً تقمص دور يسوع يحكي عن البيئة التي نشأ بها و كيف وصل الي ما وصل اليه من تقديس من جانب اتباعه و الاعتقاد بأنه المسيح

يتميز الكاتب بأنه يقرأ ما بين السطور في قصة يسوع يحاول ان يقص ما لم تأتي به الاناجيل في قصة يسوع ... فهو يعيد قرأة الاحداث بعين جديدة و بعمق اخر و بجراءة اكثر ... قد يخيل اليك انك تعرف ما هي الاحداث في البداية لكن سرعان ما تتأكد بأنها قصة جديدة

يعيب الكاتب بعض التناقضات .. فمثلا في بداية ال...more
Very bland writing style, which was surprising since Mailer won 2 Pulitzers for other works.
historical fiction:Jesus' life-----------boring, not illuminating
Like the New Testament, but the writing is even worse.
شادي  عبد العزيز
نفس المكان الحائر المعتاد بين 3 نجوم و4 نجوم

May 15, 2011 Jake rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Jake by: Norman Mailer
Shelves: fiction, religion
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
When I started reading this book-- after maybe the first few chapters--I thought it would end up being a dud. The writing didn't impress me, and the premise seemed goofy. Norman Mailer writing a first-person narrative of Jesus' life? I mean, I know Norman Mailer thought of highly of himself as God, or at least a god, but still it seemed like it would spell disaster before I reached the end. But now that I've finally finished, what I assumed would be a two-star (three-star at best) affair has tur...more
I first read this book in February 1998. I just finished rereading the book so I could discuss with a goodreads friend.

The "Jesus Story" is always compelling as the main character suffers physical and emotional pain yet remains true to the ideals of love to all, turn the other cheek, etc. This version is especially compelling as Jesus is the narrator so we get a glimpse of the conflict between Jesus the man and Jesus the son of God, as imagined by Mailer. Mailer also portrays a God with limitat...more
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Norman Kingsley Mailer was an American novelist, journalist, essayist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, and film director.

Along with Truman Capote, Joan Didion, and Tom Wolfe, Mailer is considered an innovator of creative nonfiction, a genre sometimes called New Journalism, but which covers the essay to the nonfiction novel. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize twice and the National Book Award once....more
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