The Visitation
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The Visitation

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The sleepy, eastern Washington wheat town of Antioch has become a gateway for the supernatural--from sightings of angels and a weeping crucifix to a self-proclaimed prophet with an astounding message.

The national media and the curious all flock to the little town--a great boon for local business but not for Travis Jordan. The burned-out former pastor has been trying to hid...more
Paperback, 528 pages
Published September 18th 2003 by Thomas Nelson Publishers (first published January 1st 1999)
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Mike (the Paladin)
Peretti can run hot and cold but here he's in top form as we follow the twin stories that make up this book. Good drama with just enough humor.

There are some efforts by Peretti that haven't...well, haven't been my cup of tea. I like his attitude and his point of view, but sometimes his storytelling (in my opinion of course) leaves a little to be desired. In this case however I found myself getting involved with the injured minister and the people around him. To say too much about "what I like" w...more
As a Christian author myself, I'm interested in the genre, especially the fiction side. Peretti is the dean of Christian supernatural fiction, and this book another of his fine entries, but it seems whenever anyone tries to make spiritual "battles" into physical ones, the result is strangely anti-climactic and unsatisfying, perhaps because the greatest conflicts exist in the human heart, and when you try to put those conflicts into the workaday world, they seem somehow less compelling. Neverthel...more
Anne Hawn Smith
Peretti presents an interesting topic. How many of us know what the Bible says about Jesus' return? How will we know him? How can we be sure?

A prophet who seems to be Jesus appears in Antioch. He works miracles and inspires people all over the nation to come to the small town and worship him. Members of the Ministerial society don't know what to think about him, so how can the expect their members to?

Formal Pentecostal Minister, Travis Jordan, is skeptical from the beginning, even though he is...more
"The Visitation" was an interesting Christian supernatural suspense novel. The world-building was excellent, with the details about the place and people bringing the story alive in my imagination. The characters were engaging and even the minor characters were realistic. There were so many reoccurring characters to keep track of that I occasionally had to stop and think to remember who a character was, but overall it wasn't a problem. The pacing was generally very good, but the (important) back...more
Before I dive in I think its only fair to say that a big part of why I could enjoy this book so much was that I could relate so easily to the main character. Being a "preacher's kid" myself, I've struggled with the same spiritual/mental/moral dilemmas as Travis Jordan seems to be going through, and of course its being able to relate to a book that makes it really resonate with you.
With that in mind I have to applaud the fact that Peretti is a "Christian author" who can actually write: so many...more
First time I've read a religious novel like this one. I had put off reading a Frank Peretti for the obvious reasons but glad I did it.

I originally purchased a hardback copy for 25c in a charity shop in Florida recently on vacation. I left it behind due to luggage restrictions blah blah. Anyway I just had to buy it again but it cost me a lot more !

As I say it is definitely a religious story about a town which appears to have been visited by Jesus and how the town react and behave.
Twinned with the...more
When I first picked up The Visitation, I had one question that I desperately wanted to know the answer to. How would Frank Peretti depict the man known as the Antichrist? Would he use biblical allusions or create a fictional character? These questions were clearly answered in the book.

The book takes place in the small sleepy town of Antioch, Washington. The last thing this town would ever expect is the supernatural. There are sightings of angles and messianic images, and a crucifix cries liqu...more
I can't review a Peretti novel without dragging out my dusty copy of his last book and giving you a quick rundown.

The Visitation happens in a little eastern Washington town called Antioch, where nothing ever happens. Overnight, it became the centre of the supernatural - with sighting of angels, messianic images in the sky and a weeping crucifix that heals.

But that's only the beginning. A self-proclaimed prophet appears at a local ranch and the people of Antioch accepted him as the Messiah of the...more
This book captivated me, not for the story itself, but for the flashbacks within the story.
Travis Jordan, the protagonist, is fed-up and disillusioned with church, despite-- or perhaps because of-- having been raised in the church his whole life and pastoring for 15 years. As he wades through tangled memories of his past, we see what has brought him to this point, and also come to realize that God is not done with him yet.
Having been through a ringer of church-experiences myself, I resonated wit...more
Chris French
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were alive during the 1st century and had the opportunity to follow Jesus? Would you follow Him or would your hypocrisy, pride and preconceived notions get in your way? What about if you someone who claimed to be Jesus and backed it up with miracles today? In The Visitation Peretti brings this story to life only his name isn’t Jesus, it’s Brandon. He can heal the sick, return lame hands to new, give the nearsighted 20/20 vision and make the paraple...more
HERE is my all-time favorite Peretti novel!

Now, about thrillers... They have a very natural tendency to be extremely plot-driven. Granted, a good thriller requires a tight, unexpected plot in order to be a page-turner. A lot of thriller authors, however, construct this awesome, mind-blowing plot, but give little or not attention to the painting of their characters. Peretti handles this masterfully! He populates his exciting stories with characters that are rounded out with style and quirks.
BY FAR my favorite book by Peretti!!! Every time I read this book, I get something new out of it! It is fast paced, creative, thrilling, scary, and beautiful all at the same time.

- Minimal Spoilers Ahead -

This is not as much a book about a young man claiming to be Jesus, as it is about a middle aged man who has been run through the ringer of ministry, and lost everything. If you only get a false prophet, "end times" theme from this book, then I think you may be missing the point.

I relate so co...more
I loved this book, and I think the one thing I loved most was how it evoked such a response from me. As the main character describes all the hypocritical people he's encountered, most especially in the church, I could relate so well, that as I was reading it I felt SO FRUSTRATED. Frank Peretti writes well, and he makes it feel real. The entire plot was very good as well, and i would totally recomend this book.
I actually enjoyed the first part of this book. I found the story relevant and appropriate to Christianity today. However, the ending was such a disappointment! To me it seemed as if the author said, "enough written, time to end this," and then found the quickest most "blockbuster movie" ending he could come up with and tacked it on.
Dorothy Bandusky
The Visitation is a very engrossing novel; the pages turn almost too quickly! It is very thought-provoking with just a sprinkling of laugh-out-loud moments. Highly recommended!
Violet Findlay
Frank Peretti writes about the supernatural much like Stephen King. The Visitation and other books by Peretti usually include battles between good and evil. This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness and The Oath had creatures that came alive in my mind. In the 1990’s they would have made great horror/fantasy movies. Of course since then Hollywood has gone overboard with movies depicting a plethora of horrific creatures, but not with the type of message Peretti brings to his novels. The Visita...more
Rated PG-13
This is my favorite Frank Peretti book. The characters are three dimensional, funny and entertaining, the story captivating. Considering my own church background, it's a no wonder I can relate to Travis Jordan and all he went through and goes through in this story.
A strange visitor comes to small town Antioch and begins to draw national attention with his Messiah like abilities. Is he Christ in the flesh returned? It's up to Travis Jordan, a depressed, former Pastor and Preacher, to...more
Vote: 3,25
Class: L-B1 (FP)

(a Christian Fiction novel)

This the first contemporary Christian Fiction I've read and I can't say I've really liked it: I've always thought that in a Fiction book, whatever the specific genre, the most important parts of the novel are the character, who are to be convincing, deep, someone you can care for, and the plot itself (which is to be intriguing and well built) and least of all the message.

Obviously the message is important, but only secondarily (or you would ha...more
Looking back, I think this might be my all-time favorite of Peretti's books. Frank Peretti nearly always manages to be an engaging and entertaining writer, but this story really got to me. There's really two stories going on here. The first story is a relatively familiar supernatural thriller featuring a false Christ, and it manages to be entertaining, even if not the best he's done. The second story, however, is where Peretti transcends his genre. It is a raw, brutally honest satire of what may...more
Antioch, WA is what you'd call a typical small farm town. It's got its main street, electronics store, general store, and representation of denominational churches there to serve the community. Antioch hits the headlines when Jesus shows up in town and begins to perform miracles in the lives of the people living there—and soon people who don't live there. The coming of Jesus to Antioch doesn't sit so well with everyone. Travis Jordan, ex-pastor of one of the churches, for one. Business booms as...more
Anne Hawn Smith
What would it be like if Jesus came to our town and started doing miracles right and left? It sounds nice, but this fascinating book shows what kind of things could happen. First, how many people would know how to tell if he truly was Jesus? Just because someone does miracles doesn't mean that they are from God. The Bible is very clear about a time in our future when people will do miracles in Jesus' name and they won't be from God.

Frank Peretti is great at creating characters who are flawed, bu...more
Strange things are going on in the small town of Antioch, Washington. First mysterious messengers appear, then the shape of Jesus’ face is seen in the clouds.

When a man matching the usual portrayal of Jesus visits their town with good cheer and “miracles,” many become his followers. Their praise and obedience to him leads to fellowship and good deeds, but will the ultimate end be disaster?

During all the publicity and acclaim of this so-called Jesus, Travis Jordan struggles with his memories of t...more
I did enjoy this book. I found myself identifying with the main character Travis who was burned out from all the "stuff" that bogs down Christianity and takes away from the relationship with Jesus. I liked that the author explored what can happen to people who obsess over the religion rather than ever actually knowing Jesus personally. It had a good message, like all of his books, good triumphs over evil, despite where you feel you're at spiritually, Jesus never left you. If I was a teen again,...more
Jeff Tufano
This story is about conflict and struggle, mainly between two men but told in the heavy handed prose of good and evil. A small town is besieged at first by miracles but then by a stranger who has no qualms about taking credit for them. Eventually the mysterious stranger enthralls most of the townfolk to the point where chaos ensues and the ex-pastor of one of the local churches, Travis Jordan makes it his crusade to put an end to it. That’s about the story in a nutshell. I don’t think I have a w...more
Despite its slow start, this book really turned out to be quite exciting by the end! Probably the last book that I read of Peretti’s was The Oath - and that was probably ten years ago, at least. But when I saw this title, and read the description, I thought it sounded worth reading. This one had a decidedly more “preachy” tone than The Oath. And Peretii included some rather random tangents, off-shoots and rants that gave much of the book a surprisingly negative air (and not in a dramatic tension...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This isn't a book that I read twice and I wouldn't even want to read more of the same thing... but I'm glad I did finally get around to reading it (it's been sitting on my bookshelf for at least 6 years)
The Visitation has two story lines that weave perfectly together, both tracking different stages of a ex-pastors life. One stage tracks his development from boyhood to the early stages of his life and the other when the small town he lives in receives a visitor who seems to be claiming to be Jesu...more
Deanna Johnson
My favorite thing about Frank Peretti is his ability to write a love story, whether it's the focus of the book or just a footnote.

This book got off to a slow start compared to his others, but it picked up, and the suspense lasted until the very end. There were so many characters in this book that it was difficult to keep them all straight, but he did a great job of intertwining all their stories and pulling it all together. Another fantastic book by Peretti.
Peretti is a great story teller. I was looking for a page turner and got exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed all of the characters and the colorful descriptions of religiosity. I laughed out loud as I pictured many people that I "recognized" - including myself described in the various chapters and situations. Is there spiritual warfare in "The Visitation"? Absolutely - and it will scare the daylights out of you - but as we know - the LORD prevails.
Rhonda Walker
Perretti is a great story teller. He uses comedy to lightly poke fun at "church stuff" while emphasizing the importance of having a relationship with God and knowing His Word to avoid deception. The author does address spiritual warfare but goes light on the demonic stuff, mostly focusing on how the Christians of all denominations band together to deal with it.
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With more than 12 million novels in print, Frank Peretti is nothing short of a publishing phenomenon and has been called “America’s hottest Christian novelist.”

Peretti is a natural storyteller who, as a youngster in Seattle, regularly gathered the neighborhood children for animated storytelling sessions. After graduating from high school, he began playing banjo with a local blueg...more
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