Demon Blood (The Guardians, #6)
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Demon Blood (The Guardians #6)

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In his thirst for revenge, the vampire Deacon has betrayed the demon-fighting Guardians. But Rosalia is in love with him and willing to fight by his side--even if she has to stand against her fellow Guardians to save him.
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ebook, 448 pages
Published July 6th 2010 by Berkley Books (first published July 1st 2010)
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Guardian Rosalia and Vampire Deacon take center stage in Demon’s Blood, MelJean Brook’s sixth entry in her excellent Guardians series, as the battle between good and evil is threatening the destruction of the vampire communities of the world and the Guardians, their numbers dwindling, seek to protect the humans from a powerful insane immortal player who may very well wipe out Humanity in her efforts to save humans from themselves.

Deacon and Rosalia both had significant roles in the last book,...more
Demon Blood by Meljean Brook
Paranormal Romance -July 6th, 2010
4 1/2 stars

Demon Blood is a romance filled with exhilarating imagination and sweeping fantasy. The complex story and deep characterization make this book very in depth. I would not generally recommend this book for first time readers of this author. Although not impossible, I would highly recommend reading at least one of her prior books since it will give readers a fuller and richer appreciation for this multi faceted series.

In Demon...more
*Originally Read 7/5/10 - 7/6/10*

Rosalia and Deacon play the lead in this book. If you've read the last book in the series, Demon Forged, you'll know the connection that Rosalia and Deacon have. If you haven't read Demon Forged I would not recommend you read this book. Too many things happened in the last book for you to skip it. The Guardians were fundamentally changed, and the back story for Deacon is played out in it.

I liked Rosalia and Deacon, but I think they had a hard time living up to my...more
Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
I’m going to state up front that I LOVE the Guardian series. The mythology is interesting and unique, the story lines are exciting, the romance is sizzling, and Meljean does such an amazing job with character development that I am sad to say good-bye when I finish reading each story. Demon Blood is no exception to this.

Picking up where Demon Forged ended, we find Guardian Rosalia recovered from her “abduction” and back in her own territory fighting demons. She runs into vampire (and traitor) Dea...more
Each book gets better and better. I think I love this one the most though. Deacon was the biggest jerk ( love it) so full of brooding angst. UGH! So much self loathing. Rosie was so sweet and mothering to everyone. Her son Vin pissed me off a few times.

Rose wants the demons to pay for killing her friends and family and that plan includes Deacon to help get rid of them. Deacon wants to kill them all for taking away everything that he loves as well but without Rose. He wants to go at it alone. He...more
Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
This is the sixth book in the Guardians series and probably my favourite. This is a very complex world and mythology and though a great series usually needs quite concentrated reading. After a recap in the first chapters reminding us of the Guardians world this book flows really well and the featured couple, Deacon and Rosalia are great. Unusual for this series, there is not a lot of presence of previous couples and this actually worked in this story's favour, the storyline is quite contained an...more
My Review:

The Plot:

A story of two broken and fundamentally flawed characters, DEMON BLOOD both resolves and perpetuates numerous epic plot arcs as these two shattered souls collide and eventually converge into one dynamic pairing. Driven by a vengeful purpose, a Guardian bravely reaches out to the vampire that has unknowingly held her heart for a century despite the rejection her touch is sure to face since its both very much unwanted and felt to be wholly undeserved.

A burning need for revenge...more
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Kathy Davie
Sixth in the Guardians paranormal romance series that revolves around a group of semi-angels and vampires who protect mankind. The couple focus here is on Rosalia and Deacon and is based in Rome.

My Take
A good story with some well-deserved triumphs. YES! We get quite a bit of back history on Rosalia and the hated Lorenzo as well as Deacon. There's Rosalia's crazy plan to make the world safer for Guardians, humans, and vampires. Then there's the so-very sad "courtship" between Deacon and Rosalia w...more
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Jen (Red Hot Books)
My goodness, this a is great series! Not only did I enjoy the romance, but the story was fantastic too. I loved the characters. I loved the world-building. The pacing. The dialogue. The sex. The climax. In a word… it ROCKED.

This is Deacon and Rosalie’s book, and it was set up beautifully in Demon Forged. Rosalie was the Guardian who was tortured by the nephalim. Deacon was the vampire forced to betray Irena in order to save his partners. Only, they were already dead. Now he is a pariah among his...more
My first impression of Demon Blood was that the story was all about the love. Rosalia and Deacon's love for their communities, love for the human race, love for vampire communities, mother love, and love for each other -- and of course sacrifice. Both characters, but particularly Rosalia, are willing to sacrifice a lot for those they love. But don't get me wrong, it's not all about love and sacrifice, this story is also quite sexy! Meljean Brook knows how to create sexual tension and chemistry b...more
Brenda Chan
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After the thrilling plot of Demon Forged, this book left me feeling a little underwhelmed. Probably because I read them so close together. One hallmark of a good PNR series, to me, is the balance between the inevitable two plot lines: 1) the plot of the immediate novel, and 2) the plot of the overall series. The author has to find the balance between the two and keep the reader engaged in both. Anything less, to me, is just not satisfying! I have a relentlessly big picture brain. :)

That being sa...more
Rosalia, a Guardian, was raised by a demon and has known great heartache and great evil, but she continues to fight the good fight. Rosalia has a plan, which if successful, will result in the demise of many demons and all of the nephilim, who are responsible for the deaths of many vampires. However, the main person in Rosalia's plan is Deacon, a vampire, who betrayed the Guardians, in an attempt to save his people. Convincing Deacon to go along with her plans and keeping her heart safe seem like...more
Jill Dunlop
Demon Blood is the 6th book in Meljean Brook's Guardian Series. Deacon is a vampire out for revenge after having lost his people and was cruelly tortured by Demons. Rosalia sees an opportunity to help Deacon with his revenge that will also benefit the guardians as well. Laying out a complicated plan, with Deacon the key player, Rosalia hopes to tip the tables between the battle of good and evil.

I am probably simplifying the plot with the above summary. If any readers have read Meljean Brooks bef...more
Arc review. 7th Book in the ongoing series.

Being a fan of Meljeans previous Guardian series this Book I found to be my most favourite of the series. I really enjoyed the introduction it gave me an insite to the begining of all. I have read all to date in the series and I personally wouldnt recomended anyone that has not at least read a few to read this one. I find that there are characters you will not relate to. Decon is not as easily liked as the former guardians eg Michael and Jake or Drifte...more
Tori  smexys_sidekick
4.5 stars
Favorite Quote:
"I've forced a good man onto a path with me. I cannot win without his help. But he has not offered it. I am using him."
"So you are no better then the demons."
"I'd like to think I have better intentions..."
"I imagine you do like to think that. But if the suffering of even one good man is needed to gain victory, it is not a true victory."

Once upon time there was a beautiful princess who greatly loved her family. Her mother, father, and brother all lived in peace and harmon...more
Patricia BookExhibitionism
Ah, Taylor and Micheal. It's so hard to focus on the real story when the bigger picture keeps lulling me in. "Patricia," it says, "Look. Some Michael-scenes." And, needy dumbhead (<- um..) that I am, I bookmark every scene. Talk about pathetic.

I don't know how I'd rate the book if I hadn't read the others. Probably not as good as I do now, but everything the characters say and do has much more meaning to it when you know their history, right? (So, I guess.. 3-3.5 for the main part and 4.5 for...more
Deacon's had a rough year. Demons blackmailed him and then killed his entire vampire group in Demon Forged. Now he set on death by demon, taking out as many with him when he goes. Rosalia sees the bigger picture, both the good in Deacon and a way to wipe out demons. Now she just has to convince Deacon to go along with her plan.

Why I picked this book up: I love this series! Brook knows how to build believable characters. It's most impressive because she creates characters with hundreds of years o...more
I'm an avid fan of Meljean Brook's Guardian series, and although I've enjoyed all the books in this series so far, I have to say that Demon Blood was definitely one of my favourites. The plot is so beautifully intricate and clever, always keeping you in a state of wonderment as to how Brook plans to get the main characters out of the elaborate web she's weaving. It definitely has you sitting on the edge of your seat!
The dynamics between our two protagonists, Rosalia and Deacon, are also incredi...more
I started this book more excited about the romance than the main plot, but I ended the other way around. Rosalia and Deacon are both very damaged people, and they both have to change in order to find happiness with themselves and each other. However, I thought Brook treaded a little to heavily on the wrong side of the "neither character believes the other could really love him/her" line. It's a fine line, to be sure. And given that Rosalia is a master manipulator and Deacon has lots of good reas...more
After a re-read of this book, this is still my favorite book so far and my favorite couple of the series. Rosalia's goodness and self-sacrifice make her a perfect Guardian, and I love how she gently mothers all of her friends and family. She's not overbearing, if anything, she doesn't stand up for herself enough. Normally, this kind of softness is unappealing, but Rosalia is so kick-ass in other ways that you can't see her as weak, even though she is emotionally vulnerable.... all the time.

Ahhhh, I really did like the OTP of this one. Rosalia is a very smart, meticulous Guardian who plans to protect the vampire communities of Europe and to wipe a bunch of demons at once. And then there is Deacon, once the leader of the Prague vampire community, now a man with nothing to live for but revenge against demons.

This has a good OTP and a good plot, but I confess my favorite thing was still the whole fucked up fucked-uppedness that is Michael-Taylor 'relationship' - the whole 'he has vol...more
Well-written characters, as always, set in a well-written world. The plot, though, seriously tested my ability to suspend belief. This woman--the heroine--is written as a beautiful, sexy, ultra-giving door mat, with the mind of a super-computer and a strong whiff of the submissive to her sexuality. The hero, made cynical by a recent trauma, rejects her again and again and again. And again.

I typically like how Ms. Brook's characters usually fall in love with the goodness in each other's souls (de...more
I would have rated this one a little higher, but I got tired, very fast, with the woe is me attitude of the hero/heroine. Both seem to enjoy playing the martyr, and thought that every bad thing that happened was their fault. So I guess it is good that they are able to get together in the end as this way they would only drive each other nuts.

One thing that I really liked about Rosie was her love of her family. I think having them around her made her seem more human than some of the other Guardian...more
I totally loved this book. Story was great, didn't make me make fantastical leaps in belief (outside the initial: there are angels, etc.) wasn't silly, had a great romantic portion of the story. But I was totally invested in these characters. Not like those shitty Harlequin books where "He could never share his dark secret..." or "She could never share her inner demon...". I always ended up thinking: why don't you just fricking tell him/her!!!!!! You are driving me crazy! I love MJB because she...more
Jill Myles
Okay, so I really really really loved this book. I've always been a big fan of Meljean's stuff, and this one hits all my favorite tropes - big wounded alpha male vampire, soft and feminine (but still strong!) Guardian woman. Quite possibly the sexiest Meljean Brook book in the series to date.

I wasn't too on-board with Deacon as a hero by the end of DEMON FORGED but this totally, totally worked for me. I'm a sucker for the 'broken heroine' storyline, and this book has it in spades. Rosalia is str...more
Roselia and Deacon. I liked this book. Lots of things going on in the overall plot.
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Book info: I am the author of the Iron Seas steampunk romance series. I've written a guide to the world (including a map) on my website.

I also write a paranormal romance series, the Guardians. That series guide is also on my website, including a "The Story So Far" feature, which allows you to catch up on all of the books that previously released in the series if you start after the first installm...more
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“Sunset was only thirty minutes gone when some pissant vampire waylaid Deacon on his way to Theriault's. One of those younger shits who wrote poetry to Mother Darkness and thought becoming a vampire would make him sparkle.” 6 likes
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