Staying True
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Staying True

3.29 of 5 stars 3.29  ·  rating details  ·  506 ratings  ·  97 reviews
In this candid and compelling memoir, the first lady of South Carolina reveals the private ordeal behind her very public betrayal—and offers inspiration for anyone struggling to keep faith during life’s most trying times.

She’s been a successful investment banker, a mother of four, and the campaign manager for one of American politics’ rising stars—her husband, Mark Sanford...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published October 19th 2010 by Ballantine Books (first published January 1st 2010)
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Vickie T
Hmmm never did much care for Mark Sanford's politics but thought him an honorable man until last year. After hearing Jenny's story, I find him appallingly selfish and self-centered. He actually asked her for permission to see his mistress so he could get closure and babbled about the soul mate thing to her. I found him just so self-absorbed. And cheap, not frugal. The book was interesting and Jenny Sanford told it well. It is the story of their meeting and marriage till it all fell apart so publ...more
Poignant story from a faith fulled lady. The only way to describe her is CLASSY. She doesn't judge, hold grudges or seek revenge. Her description of the way she wants to be honest and set an example for her children is inspirational. I appreciate her dedication very much and look forward to hearing from her more in the future. Great writing!
i love bios, and i certainly cannot fault ms. sanford for writing hers. i applaud her courage in light of her husband's failings. however, not only does this book plod like a turtle, it makes you want to scream and shake the young jenny sanford. so many signs, so easily seen, that mark sanford is not a keeper. and yet she continued.
She's trying to give a fair accounting, but I don't think she gives herself enough credit.
The Sandford's was a mismatched marriage to begin with. How could this smart woman, she was one of the first women to work in investment banking, marry this hick who treated her like a woman from the 19th century? Because she let it happen and didn't think the disrespectful, cold, sexist way he treated her was wrong until he fucked another woman. She keeps quoting the Bible throughout; and even though it brings her comfort when he starts seeing the girlfriend, her reliance on it for guidance dur...more
This is the true story about a senator who cheats on his wife and how she and their 4 boys deal with it. It just reminds me that most politicians are so full of themselves and their power. The book starts when they first meet right out of college and how she saw some things then that she didn't like but overlooked. Maybe she should have trusted herself then. Luckily she has a great family, friends and her faith to help get her through. I admired her for not standing by her man after he pledged...more
I read this book to find out what kind of a man Mark Sanford really is and to explain to myself what kind of man would slash education in SC, just about the worst state for schools. Well, he's frugal to a fault even in his own life--he was so cheap he slept on a futon in his office in D.C. and took back a necklace he had given his wife. His behavior with his Argentine lover was beyond bizarre--he actually asked his wife's PERMISSION to see her. Pretty scary to think that somebody like this was i...more
Rating: 1.5 - 2 stars

I could not connect to Jenny Sanford’s story. It was missing something. From the beginning, the love between Jenny and her husband never felt authentic (at least by the way it was portrayed in this book). The relationship seemed very one-sided. The author did not do a good job depicting their relationship and love in a way which would make the reader feel like it was ever real and worth saving. Its possible the author wrote this book too soon. Maybe the pain, betrayal and ag...more
She come across as a strong, grounded, caring woman who has a good head, a lot of faith, a positive attitude, and makes good choices. I loved that one of her very top priorities is her 4 children. I also loved the last chapter of the book, where she seems to have come to terms with her divorce and seems at peace with herself and her life.

I'd actually give this book 3-1/2 stars- not quite 4 but also better than a 3.
A quick read, most of the content was covered in the numerous television and print interviews that Jenny Sanford made to promote the book. She is best known because she was a wronged political wife who didn't stand by her man when he publicly confessed his indiscretions. I appreciate her willingness to pick up and move on rather than try to save a marriage her husband is clearly no longer interested in.
Kate SouthernBelleSimple
I read this in a couple of hours and enjoyed it so much. I was curious to see exactly what she is made of and after reading this book, I feel that her faith is astounding. That's obviously the only way she dealt with all of the drama that her husbands decisions created in their lives. Easy read, good book.
V.K. Sansone
Very good book and this lady is one in a million! She has the patience of Job and such a forgiving nature in her. A worthy read for ladies.
I liked Jenny Sanford, but man, she was married to a selfish jerk. His behavior was crazy, and tainted how I felt about the book.
More about her husband's life than about hers, but it does explain much about Sanford's demons.
Jean Brown
I liked this book much better than I expected to..Very good...
Quick, easy, interesting read. She's a strong woman.
The book begins with Jenny Sanford recounting her husband Mark's infamous news conference where he confessed his Argentinian affair to the world. As you're reading, you immediately feel terrible for Jenny and are definitely on her side. Then Jenny starts from the beginning of her courtship with Mark, explaining how she came to fall in love with him, get married, and have children. I don't know if she purposely picked out bad memories of him, or if he really always was a giant douche...but some o...more
Though the focus is the marriage and what went wrong, this is an excellent book to learn about adversity and determining what is important to you. The woman has courage and common sense. I literally read the book in one sitting. I started reading for the same reason drivers slow down and gawk at an accident. Though Mrs. Sanford's background and politics are very different from my own, I'd want her in my corner any day of the week. I found the book life-affirming in the subtlest way possible. If...more
Jenny is a woman of character. I loved hearing about the behind the scenes of a political spouse - - - she was married to Mark Sanford, governor of S'Carolina. She chose to leave him when he chose to have an affair. I love this quote from the back cover: "And then there's the simple truth that I had come to understand and that I wanted to model for my four kids: What matters most is how you live your life, not what you have to show for it. I ask myself if I have tried my best to love my family,...more
Vannessagrace Vannessagrace
Staying True was well written and with some honesty.

Staying True makes South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sandford look like a narcissistic raving manic and Jenny Sandford like a women so desperate for his affections that she sold her soul to be with him.

Jenny Sandford was a woman who chose to lived in denial to keep a man who only wanted her for the things she could provide him to help further his political career and to make his home life comfortable, and, of course, to give birth to his sons.

In Jenny Sanford's memoir about being married to the philandering governor of South Carolina, you get a sense of her as an intelligent, grounded, and independent woman. It's a portrait of her marriage, and perhaps how it devolved over time to the point of her husband blathering on about his Argentinian soul mate during a press conference.

But you don't get a real sense of Mark Sanford as much of a person. He comes across as a cardboard cut out, distant and removed. Whether she's writing this book...more
Jenny Sanford writes of her marriage and public betrayal recently by her husband, South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, now famous for his claim to have been "hiking the Appalachian Trail" when questioned about his disappearance for several days.

Jenny writes how her marriage came to be, the strong faith they both had, their strong convictions to each other and to God, and their 4 sons. Then she shares the heartbreak, disappointment and anguish she felt when she learned, just shortly before the...more
This book was "in transit" for me for about 2 months. I didn't really care as I have loads of other stuff to read, but I didn't want it to finally come around for me and I not live in the area anymore and then I get charged for THEIR mistake! I asked about it every few weeks and it sucked, because no one could do anything about it. I even asked for them to delete me and add me to the bottom of the list, just to like "unstick" my request. And they couldn't! So annoying. Anyway, so like nearly 3 m...more
Interesting read. I learned a lot about the political process from the people living it. At times it felt very, I don't know, almost trite. Like, "This is what happened, I should have seen it coming, I probably did, but we're through it now. With God all things are possible." And while that makes a great summary of life, and I agree with everything being possible with God, it just seemed to neat and tidy for the horrible experience that she (and her boys) went through. I also would have loved to...more
This was another book that was very therapeutic for me. Although, my situation is different, I found a lot of similarities in how Jenny dealt with the unraveling of her marriage. I really appreciated how she shared her faith and what it meant to her. I also saw several similarities between her husband and mine.

I think Jenny was more than gracious in how she treated her husband in the book. She gave a great account of the good and bad in their marriage. I was struck by how hard it is for a family...more
I got this as an ebook through my library (i just discovered i could get books for my Nook from the library- YEAH!)

What she went through she handled pretty well, she seemd very grounded and definitely someone you could imagine being friends with. From her story- the supportive political wife. it's not what she wanted but she could see it ws what her husband wanted. Some of her political stories were good also.
When I heard of her story in the press- there seemed something different about her, she...more
John Kennedy
I hoped this book would offer advice to couples not to allow work or other relationships to derail their marriage. Instead, Jenny Sanford spends most of the 214 pages revealing a lot of mundane details about her life that aren't very interesting as well as trying to justify her own spot as the woman done wrong by South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. The only culpability she admits is for failing to see early enough that her husband was straying. The book is misnamed, as she takes little about faith...more
Jun 01, 2011 Juliet rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Juliet by: Saw it at the library
After finishing my last audio book, this book called to me from the libraries audio section, in the wake of Arnold's love child. Having read the book, I do have respect for Jenny Sanford. It appears that Mark Sanford did have a good woman behind him (she was his unpaid/free campaign manager for all of his congressional & gubernatorial elections.) She seems really smart & devoted to their kids. This is a sad book in the sense that it appears that Mark Sanford had a wife who was willing to...more
I know...I know...but I passed it in the library where they had FIVE copies...WOW (big time for Beaufort!) and I figure if I get the time I will read it. Stay tuned!!

Well, I read it, and fast too. For some reason life stories really interest me and I can't put them down. I even took it to the pool today and never once opened it, but I suppose I was planning on getting in a page or two?? Anyway, I rather liked it. Gave some insight into their relationship and it was a bit weird seeing the photos...more
Dec 01, 2010 Vivian rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: wives who need a backbone
Recommended to Vivian by: borrowed digital edition from Calgary Public LIbrary. Read it on my new Kobo.
It was interesting to hear her perspective after hearing all about her "husband's" perspective through the media. She should have kicked his a** way earlier in the marriage. I was shocked at how badly she allowed him to treat her and to take her for granted through-out the marriage. Made it easy for him to ruin his life and his career at the end. Reading this book was a way of helping her get back at her husband (increase his humiliation) and for some reason, that was gratifying to me and made i...more
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