Powerless (Daniel Corrigan, #1)
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Powerless (Daniel Corrigan #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  1,739 ratings  ·  285 reviews
Superheroes soar in this promising debut—and they’re kids!

Twelve-year-old Daniel, the new kid in town, soon learns the truth about his nice—but odd—new friends: one can fly, another can turn invisible, yet another controls electricity. Incredible. The superkids use their powers to secretly do good in the town, but they’re haunted by the fact that the moment they turn thirt...more
Kindle Edition, 290 pages
Published October 27th 2009 by Knopf Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2009)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.com

Daniel can't help noticing some of the kids in his new town are a little... unusual. The girl across the street sometimes moves faster than he can see. The school bully can throw kids twelve feet in the air. And his classmate, Eric, always seems to know where there's trouble.

After a near fatal fall, Daniel's friends let him in on their secret - they have superpowers. It's been happening in the town for generations, a fact carefully kept secret thanks to...more
Aidan Hardekopf
How would it be to have a superpower? Flying would sure be pretty cool, right? In Powerless by Matthew Cody, I'd recommend flying past this bland, predictable fiction text.

This book, set in modern-day, follows the normal Daniel Corrigan and his move to the town of Noble Green, "The Safest Town on Earth." When Daniel's younger brother, Georgie, is stuck in a road, Daniel is left surprised when enighbor Mollie Lee was able to rescue Georgie in a heartbeat. It's not long until he notices how pow...more
Edward Wohlt
This book was about a family who had just moved to noble Green to take care of their sick grandmother. The main character is Daniel, who is 12, and he meets some new friends at school and later finds out that they are some kind of superheroes. They each have different ability’s like controlling electricity, controlling water, and flying. However, they also loose there super powers when they change 13. So there new friend Daniel he helps them to take down the villain who steels there powers. Also...more
Pamela Kramer
"Powerless" by Matthew Cody is an easy book to overlook. Superheroes -- been done before, especially for middle grade readers. But to overlook this little gem would be a mistake. Cody really takes what is not a novel idea and makes it his own.

Perhaps what makes the story so compelling to read is that the main character, Daniel, has no superpowers. He moves to a town where many of the kids his age (twelve) have really cool powers. Some can fly. Others are really strong. Some of the kids are good,...more
Superhero chapter books for kids. They're out there. Sure they are. Still, I kind of feel like the wizarding trend Harry Potter started sort of took the steam out of any superhero tales we might have been privy to. Generally speaking, if a kid has magical powers in a book then there's a lot of mysticism or magic surrounding the discovery. The plain old I-woke-up-and-could-lift-a-bus method of everyday powers is more popular in comics, but not so hot in written literature for young `uns. I do won...more
This book, was pretty disappointing for me. First of all, it had an obvious story outline. Everyone has superpowers, now they start to lose their superpowers, and no surprise, the kid with no superpowers magically destroy the Evil. Second of all, the powers that the characters do have, is nothing extraordinary. All of these powers are things everyone has heard of, including the ability to fly (oh my gosh this is absolutely jaw-dropping *said in sarcastic voice*), the ability to turn invisible, a...more
Marit Thostenson
Jul 19, 2014 Marit Thostenson rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Superhereos, Superhero fans, tweens, mature older elementary readers, middle schoolers
Recommended to Marit by: Sara Lundeen
Shelves: favorites, fantasy
Children who are secret super heroes, meet a normal, twelve year old kid.

Daniel and his family move to Noble's Green into his grandmother's house. Daniel is less than enthusiastic and just wants to go back to Philadelphia, but Gram needs family to support her during her chemo.
His whole start in a new town is anything but great when he almost lets his little brother get hit by a car when the neighbor girl comes to the rescue. Or did she? Where did she come from? Before he knows it, Daniel's whole...more
Yet another reminder to appreciate what you have while you have it. This novel combines mystery with fantasy in a somewhat suspenseful story of how Daniel, the protagonist, is powerless in a community of kids with super powers. After wishing he were more like them, he comes to realize that he is the only one who can help them discover why they are losing their super powers. The characters are solid and the story moves quickly enough that I think kids will like it.
Colby L
This book kept me wanting to read more and more of it. But I wish it had a better ending. This book is about a normal boy, who comes to live with his grandma, in normal town. Or so he thought. It turns out that a few kids in his "normal" neighborhood have superpowers. But once they turn 13 they lose their superpowers, and have no memories of ever having superpowers. This is a really good book and I would recommend Powerless to anyone who likes mysteries.
Denise Weintraut
I had low expectations for this book, given the juvenile cover art, but this one proved that you can't judge a book by its cover! Inside, I found an engaging tale that twisted standard superhero tropes into a new outlook of what it means to be powerful. Combined with an emphasis on mystery-solving, much like the protagonist's fondness for Sherlock Holmes, the tale unwound in an appropriately suspenseful manner, with surprises at every turn.

Daniel moves to "The Safest Town on Earth" and finds ne...more
Teri Smith
On a recommendation of a friend, my husband read this book, then passed it to my son, who devoured it in two evenings. They both enjoyed it, and I wanted in on the fun. I quickly became invested in the characters' struggles and couldn't wait to see what happened next. I'm looking forward to the sequel, once Jesse is done with it!
Rj Matney
The book "Powerless" by Matthew Cody is a great book that you can't put down. "A fantastic story, thrillingly told. This book has a superpower- you can't put it down." I agree with that! The book is about a kid named Daniel Corrigan and he is moving to a little town called Noble's Green. He meets a group of kids and one tells him to meet him outside at 9 p.m. on the first day for Daniel. The kids he met were very nice but had a secret. Daniel was going to be the first one they have ever told. Er...more
Young adult book about a town of kids with super powers that they lose on their 13th birthday. I liked this book because it is different. In a sea of so many predictable books written for young adults, this one is definitely one that stands out.
Apr 06, 2014 Connie marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Powerless, by Matthew Cody, is a Virginia Readers' Choice award winner. It is also a modern fantasy genre since the characters in the town of Nobel's Green under the age of 13 all have super powers. Daniel Corrigan and his family moved to Nobel Green to be with his dying grandmother. Only problem is that when they turn 13, all super powers end and they have no memory of what happened during their childhood. It is a foggy memory. The major themes in this story are making friends and friendship, c...more
I absolutely adored this book!!!!! At first I didn't want to pick it up cause the first page kinda sucked but THEN just GET FREAKIN PAST THE FIRST CHAPTER!!!!! Cause it gets so good! I literally finished this book in one night and I couldn't stop reading it. You should definitely read this book because its amazing. So first it's about this dude named Daniel and he moves in to this town called noble green and all of the FREAKIN KIDS have super powers! (Pretty sick right!) So Daniel is freaked out...more
Jesse Smith
This is one of the best books that I have read this year. After reading it, I passed it to my son who read it, and then my wife read it. We all thought that it was a great read. Full of suspense, plot twists and just plain fun.
In the small town of Noble's Green some of the kids are born with superpowers. These "Supers" have been around for generations teaching each other the rules of being a Super. One of the rules: It ends at 13. For some reason on the morning of a Super's 13th birthday they wake up without powers or even the memory of having powers. Most of their childhood is a foggy memory and their former friends not thought of any more. Into this mysterious magical mix steps Daniel, a kid without superpowers but...more
I really was hoping for all of the characters to just die off at the end, I got really sick of them, but I enjoyed the premise of the book a lot.
weakest part was cover... a little predictable but a great superhero fantasy with an interesting twist or two...
Noah Kellstedt
Powerless was about a twelve year old boy named Daniel who moves to a new neighborhood called Noble's Green. He meets some friends along the Way but they are very strange. Soon Daniel finds out why they're so weird. they all have superpowers! But on their thirteenth birthday all of their powers have gone away and their memories of having them. Daniel finds out that he is the key to saving his friends by beating the super villian Clay and got his friens poers back including his own powers. I enjo...more
On the 6th grade summer reading list. Great story for girls and boys alike. Boy moves with his family from the city in Philly to a small PA town. Family moves in with his grandmother who is very ill. Makes very interesting friends, friends that have real super powers! theres a catch tho, when they turn 13 both the powers and any memory of the powers are GONE!

The adventure begins when they try to find a way how to KEEP these powers, solving where they came from and who is trying to take them awa...more
Age: 3rd-6th
Fantasy: Superheroes
First sentence: "The safest town on Earth?" thought Daniel. "Couldn't sound lamer."

A fun delve into superpowers that isn't awash with silliness. We start out with a really intriguing prologue of Michael's 13th birthday. His friends are distant and his room is covered in pictures of a flying boy that say "You can fly." His mind is foggy until finally the confusion blows away and a little voice in his head tells him that it is time to put away childish things. And h...more
Daniel is an average junior high kid who moves with his family to a small town called Noble Green. The town looks innocent but it harbors a secret that Daniel uncovers when he makes friends with six of his fellow classmates. You see, all of them have a superpower. Some can fly, some can control electricity and others are super-strong. And they are not the first ones with these mysterious powers. There have been others before them but for some reason, everone seems to lose their powers when they...more
Read after a strong recomendation from Lynn. This is a superhero story told from the perspective of the kid without super powers - kind of like that issue of Superman that features Jimmy Olson as the hero who saves the Man of Steel. Solid themes of power, heroism, and friendship. Overall the various elements of the story are woven together pretty well, and I enjoyed the way that the story unfolded. I was very intrigued from chapter to chapter to see where things would go. This is a page-turner a...more
Putting aside my bias of young-adult fiction (I don't know why I continue to read them, I guess every once and awhile I find one that I really like), this book still fell short. It wasn't terrible, but it was definitely nothing special.

There was some good potential there with a good premise (although not very original)--a kid moves to a town where there are super-powered children, who follow a set of "mysterious rules" (which ARE in fact cheesy--don't go to the abandoned quarry ever!). When they...more
Daniel has just moved to a new town, but before long, he discovers that there is a group of kids that have incredible superpowers. Some can fly, some have super-enhanced senses, and some have superstrength. He has just been plunged into a new world! However, there is a tense undertone to the kids' excitement. The moment they turn 13, they lose their powers and any memories associated with those powers. Ordinary Daniel must help the kids find out what is wrong in their town.

This is my new favorit...more
Grades 4-7
When Daniel moves to the little town of Noble's Green, PA so that his parents can help care for his sick grandmother, he quickly realizes there's something a little odd about the kids he meets: a secretiveness, and evidence of skills that far surpass normal human abilities. After one of his new friends saves Daniel from a terrible multi-story fall, the group admits that they have superhero powers. But on their 13th birthday, they lose those powers and any memory of them, not even remem...more
Jun 28, 2013 Maria rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: reluctant readers, fans of superheroes
I read this book with my son as part of his summer reading. He really enjoyed the mystery that the main character, Daniel, needs to solve. He appreciated that Daniel isn't a perfect hero--he has no superpowers and he makes many mistakes over the course of the story--but he's still able to reason his way to the truth at the end. I appreciated that there are strong female characters in the narrative, like headstrong Mollie and thoughtful Louisa.

There are bigger questions within the book with rega...more
Cody, Matthew POWERLESS R 5-8

Not only is 12-year old Daniel the new kid in town, trying to fit in, but he soon discovers that his new friends have secret superpowers such as superhuman strength, senses, and the ability to turn invisible or fly. Is there any use for Daniel’s normal, human talents? An avid Sherlock Holmes fan, he soon finds himself investigating why the “supers” lose their powers, and any memory of them, when they turn thirteen. Inspired by classic superhero comics, the plot incl...more
If you could have a superpower what would it be? What would you use the powers for? In "Powerless", the small town of Noble Green, PA is lucky to be the place of residence to a few special children who are born with superpowers – the ability to fly, become invisible, manipulate electricity, have super strength and heightened senses, and even super stench! Some of these children use their powers for good, and a few use them for bad. But what if these powers were suddenly taken away from you on yo...more
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Originally from the Midwest, Matthew Cody now lives in New York City with his wife and son. When not writing books or goofing off with his family, he teaches creative writing to kids of all ages.
More about Matthew Cody...
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