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The acclaimed author of TYRELL and KENDRA returns to PUSH to continue Tyrell's astonishing story.

Tyrell's father is just out of jail, and Tyrell doesn't know how to deal with that. It's bad enough that his brother Troy is in foster care and that his mother is no help whatsoever. Now there's another thing up in his face, just when he's trying to settle down. Tyrell's father...more
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published September 1st 2011 by Push
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I can't tell you how excited I was to find out there was a 2nd book that followed Tyrell. And this book lives up to the first one.

Tyrell is living in the Bronxwood projects with his best friend and his best friend's brother. They sell drugs but Tyrell has always tried to make an honest living by using his jailed father's DJ equipment at parties. But when his dad gets out of prison, Tyrell has to figure out how to continue DJing on his own.

There's also a lot of other things happening in the book...more
Just back from Atlanta where he made some money DJing at parties, Tyrell returns to New York as his father is being released from jail. He immediately becomes involved in all sorts of romantic intrigue and relationship dynamics as well as economic dynamics since his two roommates, brothers of the local pot distributor, are also involved in its distribution. Although I liked the more responsible teen boy introduced in Coe Booth's earlier Tyrell and felt disheartened by the mistakes Tyrell keeps m...more
Coe Booth has been one of my very favorite storytellers ever since I read Tyrell. Kendra also was magnificent. Bronxwood blew me away. Every word coming from Tyrell's mind rings so true. I could be walking in my neighborhood, hearing 16-yr old kids talk. Coe never judges her characters. She lets them be who they are. She never preaches or tries to teach a lesson. She lets you decide for yourself whether or not the characters are on the right track. Whether or not you "like" what the characters a...more
Wow! Bronxwood is a fast-paced and entertaining read for teens. Tyrell is a funny, warm, likable, yet tough character whose conflicts with family, friends, and girls will keep this book flying off the shelves! I can't wait for book three. My one criticism is that Coe Booth easily resolves some violence-related events in the book. In real life, there probably would have been greater consequences or bloodier aftermaths.
Monica Romero
Tyrells father just got out of jail and tyrell doesn't really know how to handle that. His little brother Troy is now in foster care and tyrell is having problems with his dad. What I liked in this book was that it was very real, the things that happened in this book can happen to anyone. My favorite character was tyrell because he is a very strong teen who went through many things but is still moving forward. The whole book is very realistic. My favorite parts in the book were when tyrell would...more
Coe Booth strikes again.

BRONXWOOD is a very engaging sequel to TYRELL. Tyrell navigates through incredibly difficult circumstances that no teen should face. He is more mature than his parents and is provided with little support from the adults in his life. My only complaint about this sequel is that Tyrell is a bit of a player, which conflicted with my previous perception of him. I think this is very realistic though--I think I placed him a bit too high on the pedestal.

Read this gritty, compell...more
What would your life be like if you were a fourteen year-old boy whose mother is never around and whose dad is an ex-convict? Even though my life has no resemblance to Tyrell’s in Bronxwood, his story is fascinating and makes me thankful for what I have. Tyrell lives in the Bronx, New York, which is the opposite of Newton, Massachusetts. While most teenagers focus on school and friends, Tyrell worries about money for food and being on time in order to spend thirty minutes with his younger brothe...more
This book is about a boy named Tyrell. Tyrell lives in a project named Bronxwood and he is just trying to make it on his own, but everybody wants something from him, his Dad who’s fresh out of jail, his friends, his girls, and the dealers that he lives with constantly pushing him to get into the business. But Tyrell has his own way to make it, he’s been building up his DJ’ing career for a while now with his Dad’s DJ equipment, without his incarcerated fathers permission of course. Tyrell’s got a...more
Nov 19, 2011 Jamie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Jamie by:
I wish more authors wrote such books for teens - a REAL urban fiction title geared at the teen market. The dialogue and characters are so believable you fall right in.

This book had lots of dilemmas - should Tyrell hang with Jasmine or keep trying to get with Adonna? Or how about Novisha? More importantly, should he stay in the (admittedly problematic) apartment, or move in this his (also problematic) parents. What should a person do to get money?

Never read TYRELL and it didn't matter (it was a little slow at the front of the story, just picking up who the characters were, but that was so minor). This book was incredibly written, and Ty's got one of the best and most authentic voices I've read in a long time. A killer character with a heart of gold in a world that's anything but that.

Longer review to come.
I think Bronxwood was a great book, I enjoyed it because it was the sequel to Tyrell. My favorite part of the book was when he and Jasmine finally get into what they want, even though there are obstacles in the way. I really enjoyed the part when he stood up to his dad and became his own man. I enjoy this book because it's a realistic fiction, and talks about how real situations a teenage boy might be going through. I like how Coe Booth describes Tyrell's conflicts with Adonna in the beginning a...more
Jul 05, 2011 Tessa rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: arc, yyay
Booth's writing reminds me of S.E. Hinton - well-written stories of kids caught up in street culture, living in poverty, who narrate the ways in which they/their situations are messed up but can't find a way out of it. I was very psyched to see this arc at ALA and it didn't disappoint. But it does hurt to read about Tyrell because he's so real.
Thao Phan
Tyrell, a 16-year-old black boy,who had just moved back to Bronxwood. He does not live with neither of his parents. His father is in jail and him and his mom do not have the greatest relationship. His little brother, Troy, is in foster care because his family does not have the ability to take care of him. Tyrell works as a DJ to make money to take care of himself and his family, and he has been pretty successful at it. When Tyrell's dad is released from jail, he tries to put his family back toge...more
Despite his up-bringing, Tyrell is a pretty decent kid who stands behind his friends and tries to stay out of as much trouble as he can. This is a pretty difficult feat because he's surrounded by it most of the time. At one point or another in the story the poor kid really is faced with nearly ever bad thing you would anticipate someone living in an inner-city would struggle with. It's an interesting story, but the language is very distracting. I understand Coe Booth is trying to keep it authent...more
Rachael Moss
I am fantastically in love with Coe Booth. Previously, I read TYRELL, and this sequel, BRONXWOOD, picks back up in characters' lives a few weeks after TYRELL ended. Tyrell's father, Tyrone, comes home from jail. Tyrell's baby brother, Troy, is living in foster care. Tyrell is living with his friend, Cal, a drug dealer in a little ring run by his brother Andre. Tyrell's main conflict, among these important male influences in his life, centers around what it means, in his world, to be a man, how o...more
Plot Summary

Tyrell is a young boy who has been experiencing a lot of drama in his life. He has to balance life after his father is released out of jail. Also, he has to juggle girls in his life who decided that they want to use him for his money. He also has to deal with his brother being in foster care. He worries that his father will try to reenter his life without thinking that he did anything in the past that affected his family such as dealing drugs and leaving Tyrell, his mother, and his l...more
Bronxwood, by Coe Booth tells the story of a 16 year old teenager, Tyrell, who lives in Bronxwood. His father is out of jail now and he wants to come back into his family’s life. Tyrell has been taking care of himself and his little brother, while his father was absent. His little brother is still living in foster care,he has to support his mom,and he is still living with his friends. Tyrell and his dad do not get along with each other. His dad wants him to back of as the man of the family, and...more
 Imani ♥ ☮
Unfortunately, not as good as the first book, Tyrell. It's been awhile, but I remember liking Tyrell more in the first book than in this one. Plus, I think that I was a little...rusty.

What I mean is, it's been awhile since I've read any black, urban, street literature. For the past year and a half now, I've been trying to branch out to other kinds of books. I've even gone as far as having read Sarah Dessen novels, when two years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead reading them. So, when I went...more
Larenzo Anderson
In the book, Bronxwood, Coe Booth further discuss the life of Tyrell. Being the sequel of the books Kendra and Tyrell, the story continues the saga of Tyrell as he moves in with his friend, Cal. Things become complicated, however, as Cal participates in the act of drug-trafficking, Tyrell’s father is just released from jail, and his friends and family are in turmoil. Coe summarizes that story well stating that “Tyrell’s got too much pressure, too many choices. He’s got to figure out fast what he...more
Nichole Hurst
The sequell to Tyrell, Coe Booth continues the amazing story of a young African American male whom continues to find himself in tough situations that are out of his control. In this follow up novel, Tyrell's father is out of jail after a year, and he wants to come home and play family. Except, one thing is missing- the family. Tyrell's brother Troy is in foster care, his mother his living in a studio across town, and Tyrell has been staying with his best friend and his brothers who are involved...more
I read this book with my 'teacher hat' and realized on page 2 there was no way we could use the book as a required assignment. Booth has the courage to let her characters speak authentically, in their own words. The level of profanity surprised even me, a 37-year teacher. BUT I get it, and I absolutely believe this is Tyrell's voice, and Cal's voice. These kids are not offended by each other's language.

I also noticed that Booth changes her language register in dialogue to help characterize her p...more
The strength of this book is also its weakness - the realist portrayal of the book's narrator Tyrell and his life. While Tyrell is facing many difficult decisions, he seems to be making too many of the wrong choices. While this a book my own students would read because they seem their own lives in it, that may be a reason for them not to read it. It does not show an alternative to the lives they are faced with, only more of the same, but maybe that changes in the rest of the series.
Ty's life is pretty complicated: his moms lost custody of Troy (his younger brother, now in the foster care system and with a family he doesn't like), his pops is in jail for the third time (but getting out soon), he lives with two drug dealers (even though he's not involved with that), and he's trying to get Adonna to go out with him... or is it really Jasmine he's interested in? Over the course of the summer of his 16th year, Ty will deal with all the above, not necessarily in the "happily eve...more
Ebony Wilkins
Tyrell is still holding it down in his project building in the Bronx all alone–holding it down for himself, his younger brother who has to live in foster care, and his friends who are more like family to him. In Bronxwood we follow the teen through every challenge, struggle, and joy while he tries to survive on the streets day to day. His father gets out of prison and immediately expects Ty to revert back to childhood. But Ty has been filling the void for over a year, playing the role while his...more
This book was memorable...

Very touching, yet very frustrating. Bleak and despairing. My heart went out to this poor kid, and wondered where he'd end up. He's trying to swim upstream in downward flowing current.
His 'voice' was well written, and haunts you long after you finish the book. The author allowed Tyrell to be the person he was; she didn't try to mold him into a character, but let him lead the story. I loved the kid.

*Contains: strong language, sexual scenes.

Disclosure of Material Connec...more
Patsy Leo
For me, a good book is one that leaves you thinking about it long after you finished reading it. This is one of those books. When I started reading it, I didn't think I was going to like it, because of the bad grammar and poor punctuation. The reason for that is because the narrator is the main character in the book, Tyrell, and it's written the way he speaks. I can't help but to think that this won't help improve literacy, especially for young readers.
By the third chapter, I got used to the way...more
Kelly Bennett
So good I had to share it with my nephew!
When it comes to Voice, realistic characters, setting, situations--and teen readability, Coe Booth is Amazing! It is not one for adults who bury their heads in the sand, or think "our kids don't do/think/deal with these issues... This is an honest, gritty book. Tyrell is trying...finding his way and we are rooting for him. The end is definitely not tied up in a neat bow, but it's hopeful!
This was another intense book. Tyrell is working so hard to be a man. He is up against difficult circumstances and he just keeps trying to do the best that he can to be a man he can respect. Booth made me really care about Tyrell ans his family. I am hoping for another book to hear more of his story.
Greg Perry jr.
I think this was a good book, i like the way they put all the characters from the other books. This book was really good, they could have keep makingthe rest of these books because at the end i really wanted to know what happen after they ranway
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