Second Form at Malory Towers (Malory Towers, #2)
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Second Form at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #2)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  5,348 ratings  ·  84 reviews
Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, Mary-Lou and all the other girls from the First Term at Malory Towers are now in the second form and they are as lively as ever. Mam'zelle Dupont is still trying to be strict, Alicia plays a terrible trick with invisible chalk and Gwendoline and Daphne inevitably get into trouble.
Hardcover, 146 pages
Published October 30th 1988 by Egmont (first published 1947)
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Lisa Vegan
At the beginning I was feeling ornery at the frequent use of the word sensible as an adjective to describe a few of the girls. While this story (the second in a series of six books) is rather formulaic, I was pleasantly surprised by its psychological mindedness, and I must say I most enjoyed the girls when they were behaving somewhat badly rather than being perfect. It took me a little while to become engaged with this one but I ended up staying up until the early hours of the morning to finish...more
Vickie Ramage
Reviews also on posted on my blog - Under The Mountain

Darrell is back in school for her second year and there's plenty happening - new students, new pranks and new secrets to unveil. Two of the girls even find themselves in serious danger later down the line. This another cute, simple read from Enid Blyton that continues the Malory Towers series.

I like Darrell, as we have similar tempers (explosive). However I was hoping we'd have a different main character this time. The other girls do get a...more
Feb 21, 2013 Kim rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
A trip back to my childhood. I grew up reading every Enid Blyton that I could find. This was one of my favourite series!
baca bareng gara2 ngomongin crita asrama di tret

sperti biasa ada anak baru di buku kedua ini, ad dua, ada ellen anak praih beasiswa yg kayak petasan, sundut dikit mledak, dan ada daphne, cantik, angkuh, n slalu cerita soal pesta, kapal pesiar, mobil n macem2 lagi milik keluarganya..
langsung deh si gwen nempel :))

n pasti leluconnya dong, OY! hwahahaha
OY! warna merah muda di pantat mam'zelle yg bgerak2 riang setiap dia...more
Emily A.
I read the book Mallory Towers by Enid Blyton. In this book, Ellen wants to keep her academic scholarship to Mallory Towers because her parents can’t afford it so, she tries to cheat on a test that if she does well on, will keep her grades up. The plan doesn’t work though, and as a consequence for the lying, the whole dorm finds out. Ellen is terrified she’ll be sent home from the school that she worked so hard to get into. I think that this book's strengths, were that the author really captured...more
Charlotte Stevenson
Always a joy to return to, these books were some of my favourite escapes throughout childhood. During the day I would attend real primary school, then return home to escape to the beautiful Cornish boarding school dreamed up by the wonderful Blyton. The characters are such that they truly become your friends. Although I never enjoy the rest of the series quite as much as I enjoy reading the first of the books after several months of having forgotten it, the moments of laughter I have found withi...more
Vina Crystelline
Dibuku ke 2 ini, Darrell mendapat beberapa teman baru, Daphne, anak bangsawan yang luar biasa cantik tapi sombong, Ellen, anak pindahan dari sekolah lain yang memenangkan beasiswa untuk bersekolah di Malory Towers, dan Belinda, si jenius dalam menggambar, tapi memiliki sifat pelupa yang persis sama seperti Irene.

Sally terpilih menjadi ketua kelas semester ini. Tapi Alicia jadi cemburu dan selalu bersikap sinis sm Sally, dia menganggap seharusnya dia lah yang menjadi ketua kelas, bukannya Sally....more
I have recently re-read these books, as they used to be my favorite when I was younger. I found them the other day behind my mass of books now, and after reading them again I understood the magic behind the series, of growing up in a world where things may be under pressure but you can still have loads of fun, and that's what Malory Towers is all about Taking those small chances in life and make a huge difference with them.
Private school abroad was a threat used to keep me in line as a child and did this book make that threat truly scary! However, this series was very apropos to social and scholarly woes, trials, and tribulations, faced by me as a pre-teen in a local school. I now truly appreciate how Blyton helped inculcate morality quietly and aided by offering solutions to those problems only a pre-teen faces -- especially a girl!
Sara Gonçalves
Neste segundo ano entram novas alunas que vão trazer novas peripécias e interacções para a vida das alunas já conhecidas. Neste novo ano, as estudantes devem ter mais responsabilidade, mas enquanto umas o demonstram, outras nem por isso! Mas é sempre possível mudar e aprender, perdoar e esquecer. E é isso que é mostrado neste livro.
Embora juvenil, é uma boa leitura para todos.
Spiral-python Schnzrpunk
I loved this as a bedtime story for Girl. The characters are a bit overly English upper class, but for my Asper-daughter, the details about facial expressions, parts (& styles) of speech has really helped her in her social interactions. But what I really liked was that unlike lots of contemporary girl stories where bitchiness and princessery rules, at Malory Towers, girls who behave unwisely, cruelly or underhandedly get their comeuppance! And I believe exposing Girl to the old fashioned lan...more
Sol  Gonzalez
La serie de Torres de Malory es recomendable para niñas de unos 12 a 16 años, o tal vez un poco menores.

En mi caso tan solo falto un viaje de trabajo para leer de corrido todo lo que pude encontrar de estas niñas que viven en un internado. Es un libro sin complejidades de ningún tipo, con aventuras simples y proyectos. Tal vez con la planeación de algunas travesuras extrañas, un poco infantiles, pero que le hacen recapacitar a uno en la simplicidad de las cosas.

Durante toda la serie es recurrent...more
Buku ini menceritakan kisah Darrel ketika ia berada di kelas dua. Darrel mulai semakin tertarik untuk ikut-ikut ulah Alicia. Namun kini ia sudah mulai bersahabat dengan Sally. Disini ia juga mencoba menyelami karakter teman-temannya khususnya yang sekamar dengannya di menara utara.

Selain itu dalam buku ini pun banyak anak-anak baru yang langsung masuk di kelas dua. Ada Ellen yang selalu sibuk belajar namun selalu mendapat nilai jelek. Juga ada Daphne yang cantik jelita dan sangat disayangi oleh...more
Milly Sibson
I love the Malory towers books and I loved the whole series! Enid blyton is one of my favourite authors. I would recommend this to lots of people! However it is written in quite a sexist way
I loved these when I was younger and it was fun to re-read them. I don't know if they would appeal to younger readers today.

Darell returns for her second year at boarding school. As well as her old friends some new girls bring some excitement to the class.
Aug 18, 2009 Rebecca rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Rebecca by:
In this classic British girls’ boarding school series, impetuous and large-hearted Darrell Rivers spends six years at her beloved Malory Towers on the Cornish coast. In this episode, the girls deal with a rash of stealing, a new girl caught cheating, and a prank with invisible chalk.

Blyton’s boarding school books are period pieces: didactic, simply written, and laden with sterotypes and cliches. For those who like that sort of thing, however, they’re comforting and fun, and give the reader a tas...more
Another brilliant installment in the Malory Towers series. This time, the girls are a little bit older, but really none the wiser. There is cheating, theivery, boastful and downright jealous behaviour from the second years at Malory Towers. This book goes about cementing the friendships made in the first year and introducing new characters each with their own backstory and issues to contend with as the plot progresses. THe perfect thing about these stories is that they always end happily, whatev...more
Jenna Mills
Fab fab fab. I just love them!
Ratna savitri
Disini dikisahkan kegembiraan mereka belajar, bermain....
Sebuah cerita tentang kehidupan sekolah berasrama, dengan kisah-kisah lucu dan pribadi-pribadi menarik.

Para pemerannya :
Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, Mary- Lou

Buku ini yang membuat aku bisa mengerti hasanah bahasa dan alur cerita sehingga bisa menulis secara lancar..
walau belum aku bulikan ke halayak luas..

Belum berani.. masih perlu diasah dan diasah lagi

Buat semua pendukkung aku yang telah banyak meminjamkan buku dan karya2nya.
Noel Saga
pendidikan yang baik adalah pendidikan yg membuat manusia terdidik menjadi siap untuk menghadapi hidupnya, bukan hanya hal dalam keterampilan saja atau kepintaran dalam mata ajar, tapi juga bisa membuat manusia jadi bisa bersikap dan menempatkan diri.

pendidikan pada dasarnya mengubah sesuatu yg tidak tahu menjadi tahu dan menjadi lebih baik bukan menjadi buruk.

Enid blyton tidak pernah bisa diragukan lagi seorang penulis yg juga guru dan benar-benar menguasai keduanya.

Very typical and book about a boarding school. I would recommend it to those who love teenage mischief and typical trouble with friends.

I haven't seen this book in a while and have only just remembered it. I think lot of this series.

If you want tell me anything, discuss anything with me, ask me anything about any of my books or any random question, please do! Comment or send me a private message if you'd rather. I really don't mind and i love hearing from people! :)
Fadhil Ihsan
Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, dan Mary-Lou kini telah naik ke kelas dua. Di samping belajar, bermain, dan ulangan bersama, mereka juga sering bertengkar dan bercanda di sekolah berasrama Malory Towers. Banyak kisah lucu dan pribadi menarik: Mam'zelle Dupont yang selalu mencoba bertindak tegas, Alicia tampil dengan muslihat kapur ajaibnya, Gwendoline dan Daphne terlibat keruwetan. Secara keseluruhan, semester ini sungguh penuh gairah kegembiraan!
I really am enjoying this series, recommended by my niece. After the first few pages of the first book, I thought it was going to be a very dry, old-fashioned British boarding school book. In reality, although the dialogue sounds somewhat stilted to modern American ears, the girls' characters are fun and their interactions are entertaining. It's a very light read, but definitely good to pass the time on a rainy day.
After reading the first book in the series, my daughter passes me the second. I think this one is slightly better then the first. The characters are engaging, each with their own story and a it ups the ante in the climax. (I think my daughter is using Belinda's absent-mindedness as a reason for her own forgetfulness...)
Summary: The girls of Malory Towers are back, along with their usual mix of mischief and secrets. This year, there are new faces (and personalities) for Darrell and her friends to contend with.

Things I liked: The charming, aptly developed characters and fun adventures. The incredibly fast and light pace.

Things I didn't like: Ms. Blyton's writing can at times feel overly didactic and predictable.
Second Form at Malory Towers proves even more exciting than the First Term; four terms later Darrel has to witness the new arrival of three new girls; there is the ever-forgetful artist Belinda, the snappy Ellen, and the boastfully rich Daphne. This term; the girls have to deal with the prospect that a thief is amongst them when many of their personal belongings mysteriously disappear.
Sulis Peri Hutan
ada murid baru, si pelupa, si pembual dan si pencemas.
walau ngeselin, ada sifat Gwendolin yg ak suka, dia tidak mau berhutang jika uangnya habis, lebih baik mengirim surat ke ibu dan minta dikirimi uang.
pelajaran yg dapat diambil: jangan suka menuduh orang jika belum ada bukti, belajar memaafkan dan memberi kesempatan kedua.
ganti bacaan dulu ah sebelum lanjut buku ketiga :))
I read it overnight so I can give it back to my niece. It's easy to see why she enjoys them so much. Enid makes being at boarding school sound like so much fun - especially the idea of a swimming pool filled with sea water with the tide. I like the way the girls are encouraged to be honest and admit their mistakes. Maybe after a gap to read some adult books I'll finish the series!
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Born in 1897 in South London, Enid Mary Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had tw...more
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