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Dark Guardian (Carpathians, #9)
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Dark Guardian (Dark Saga #9)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  15,562 ratings  ·  285 reviews
Jaxon Montgomery is a woman hunted. Trained by the Special Forces, honed by a traumatic childhood, she is a policewoman with an undisputed reputation. She meets her match when she is set up to be murdered by an enemy. Hunted on all sides, she can only turn to the mysterious stranger who seems more dangerous than any other she has ever known.

He ran with the wolves…
ebook, 384 pages
Published June 8th 2010 by HarperCollins (first published May 2002)
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
One thing I love about these Carpathian books is they prove the adage: There is someone for everyone. Feehan sets the stage by showing Lucian as a young fledgling, seeing the devastation that his people face, and realizing his duty to his people. Then she shows Jaxon growing up and the beginning of a horrible obsession that her father's friend develops for her. Those parts were really shocking and I was surprised that Feehan didn't hesitate to show how truly crazy Drake was. My heart bled for po ...more
Did not care for this one. I didn't like the way the pov switched around. I didn't like that the millenia old European hero called the heroine "honey" even though he was European and really old.

There was too much telling for my taste. I also didn't like that the tough as nails heroine almost cries because the hero is kind to a wolf. And I didn't like the parts that read along the lines of "The wedding really was like a fairy tale" or "She realized she trusted him completely because he loved her
Dark Guardian is the story of legendary Carpathian hunter Lucian and his lifemate Jaxon.

I really liked this story. Jaxon (Jax for short) is a tough-as-nails, driven cop, and Lucian is the twin brother of Gabriel from book 8.

I really enjoyed the human element in this book. The human predator that has stalked Jax her entire life long is a former Navy SEAL. He is well-trained and fixated on Jax, and has dispatched everyone close to her. His threat is very real and continues throughout the the entir
Andrea Hussey
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Carinae L'etoile
Old world? Yet kept calling her honey on every other page?!

I shouldn't have re-read this book. It pissed me off. The heroine's name alone was jarring and irritating - almost like she was deliberately given a masculine name to offset the ridiculously stupid abuse Feehan subjected her to.

I don't know where to begin with Lucian. It is almost like she wiped the slate clean with his character from Book 8. She completely made him modern but wanted to feel old fashioned by merely using the words "old w
The power that Lucian Daratrazanoff could wield was immense, but the power he came by naturally did not help him find the one thing that could make is existence more tolerable. Finding a lifemate was not the difficult part of his newest challenge, it was to convince a human women to become a part of a new existence. Running most of her life from a monster, Jaxon Montgomery was not prepared to find out just what kind of evil creatures really were a part of her world, she had the street smart and ...more
Shannon (Giraffe Days)
It's important to read Dark Legend before reading this book, as this one is about Lucian and follows on more or less directly from the previous book.

Lucian's only reason for staying alive is Francesca's assurance that his lifemate exists in the world and needs him. He spends the next couple of years looking for her and finds her in America (surprise surprise), a police officer called Jaxson with a tragic past: her family was all murdered by her father's best friend, Tyler Drake, a fellow SEAL wh
For the first time in a Carpathian book the heroine got on my nerves. I'm not sure it is actually the character or the way the narrator portrayed her but she is so WHINY!!!! Yes she could be brave when it came to fighting but the rest of the time whine, whine, whine. I understand she had a lot of changes to make and they are by no means easy but she really was getting on my nerves when coming to grips with it. Oh and I did not care for the outcome with Drake, I agree with Jaxon, "That's it?". Al ...more
Pat Cromwell
What I loved most about this book and what makes it the best so far for the emotional impact. This is the book with the emotional tug to your heart. Both Lucian and especially Jaxon had such sad beginnings. Knowing their toubled history made their coming together so much more exciting and heart warming. Yes, I am a whimp and I cried because of Jaxon's troubles as a young girl and the sacrifice that that Lucian made for what he remembered to be LOVE for his brother ... OMG I love Lucian and Jaxon ...more

So, when I read Under the Blood Red Moon I mentioned that the plot seemed familiar: Manly Carpathian needs his soulmate. I couldn't for the life of me remember the author or books, but knew I'd read multiple of them earlier in life. I ran into this book at a humane society thrift store and thought, why not? I'll spend a buck for the animals and re-read this book and make sure it really is one of the ones I was thinking of before.

And it's terrible. It's
I'm simply glad that my neighbor lent this series to me--because I had such a difficult time connecting to the author's writing style when I read "Dark Prince". Thusfar, I've read 13 of the 15 Dark books...I can honestly say I enjoyed 4 of them. Next time someone that lives very close to me gives me books that come highly recommended, I'm going to remember this experience and just say "no thanks".

I find Mrs. Feehan's writing style difficult to embrace and extremely inconsistant. It's almost as t
Will the real Lucian please stand up

It was a somewhat disappointing read , Lucian's character in the last book was much more compelling and had an air of menace and darkness not to mention he was incredibly smart , in this book he completely changed 180 degrees to something much more tame and different , he didn't seem like the same character that was in Dark Legend , yes I realize that in Dark legend there was a lot of pretense from his part but that doesn't mean he'd be completely different
Oleta Blaylock
Lucian has always been one of my favorite Carpathians. He is the first that lets his lifemate take on a vampire which is a huge jump for this bunch of very protective, alpha males. He has also hung on for so long and worked so hard to save his brother that I was really hoping that he would find someone that would respect him and love him as much as he deserved. Jaxon is that woman. She has had so much death, misery and betrayal in her life I am surprised that she has stayed sane. While she hides ...more
T.J. Shaw
Ahhhh, this was such a great read! Lucian is a fantastic hero and virtually unstoppable. He’s an ancient protector of his race who sacrificed the latter part of his existence to save his brother, Gabriel. I also read, DARK LEGEND, the previous book in the Carpathian series, which is mainly about Gabriel. But Ms. Feehan devoted so much attention to Lucian that by the time I finished it, I couldn’t wait to read Lucian’s story in DARK GUARDIAN. Lucian is probably one of my favorite Carpathians, alt ...more
This was a great entry into the Dark series by Christine Feehan. This is the story of Lucian, and his police-officer lifemate, Jaxon. Tormented by a psychotic man from her childhood, Jaxon is afraid to let anyone close to her. Lucian, fighting his dark nature for 2000 years, cannot stay away. When Jaxon is mortally wounded, only Lucian can save her and stop her pain.

Dark Guardian was for me much better than the previous entry, Dark Legend with Lucian's twin Gabriel and his lifemate Francesca. Wh
Okay. I am now officially stating my intent to stop reading the Carpathians series. By declaring it like this, I hope to finally give up all hope on the series.

I believe I enjoyed the first book, but the rest, not so much. I get so tired of the "he could do no other" phrase. It is in every book on just about every 10 pages.

Those Carpathians have so much power and few limitations. It makes it hard for them to find any enemies that can best them which is kinda boring. The struggle in each book is
Book 9. Online library MP3 download to my cellphone. This book is Part 2 (after Book 8) and involves the other twin, Lucian Daratrazanoff (brother of Gabriel). I really liked this one! Of course that means a more complicated plot, character development and of course, moral dilemmas! Lucian and Jaxon Montgomery are the main characters. Jaxon is haunted by a sick and abusive stepfather who has killed everyone close to Jaxon. Lucian has had to convince his twin that he had 'turned.' It was all a ru ...more
13.51 :I am on page 200.... soooo slow and a weakling whining annoying heroine.I don't know if I want to finish it.
Love Carpathians :)amazing how they can shape shift & almost seem invincible at times.
Jan 17, 2009 Nymphsin rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of the series...
Recommended to Nymphsin by: I've been a long time fan.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I get my cop!!!

Remember way back in Dark Prince I gave some things I wanted to see? I think I listed 4 separate things, but they were kind of a conglomerate. I wanted a Carpathian woman, and I've gotten that in Francesca - though I had more intended a woman converting a male.

Another thing I wanted was a cop. I had imagined it as part of this really vivacious woman, and Jaxon is definitely all that. She's spunky and driven, and mother fucking cop!!

Not at all the wait at home kinda gal that puts C
I had such high hopes for this one. I spent more than half of it just being disgusted with the female protagonist's commitment to denial. It's been done to death in this series, it makes her insipid and jejune, and it's seriously beneath appropriate behavior for the lifemate of the oldest and fiercest living Carpathian hunter. It's like reading Dark Gold all over. It was like watching Scarlet O'Hara doing "I can't think about that right now, I'll just think about that tomorrow" punctuated with c ...more
Review 2008:
Honestly, I'm having a bit of a had time getting through this book. Feehan has tried in this book to be different to the previous books in this series. But I feel she's trying to hard, and it's not quite working out. What really bugs, is that she's taken a suppsedly strong heroine, and turned her to a weakling. Why? To what end?? This book really blows, unless it picks up for 2nd half, I'm going to stick with my 1/5 star review.

This was a very hard book to get through. Thank goodness
Alex is The Romance Fox
This is the story of the legendary ancient Carpathian Lucian, twin brother to Gabriel (whose story was book 8) who had given up ever finding his lifemate. Last minute hope given by his brother’s wife Francesca, who tells him that his lifemate exists and he will find her, he goes to America where he meets her…Jaxon Montgomery, a hard working, tough cop with a traumatic child and is now being stalked by an evil serial killer
Lucian, gorgeous and seductive begins helping her overcome her trauma and
Rebecca Osborne
Like all the other Christine Feehan "Carpathian" novels this book is entertaining without having a lot of depth to it. The Carpathian novels are cookie cutter books that are loaded with a lot of sex. Not on the scale of Anita Blake as there are only two individuals involved. The Male character (who's name is Lucian) is extremely jealous, domineering individual who forces the compliance of his lifemate (Jaxxon) to keep her safe. What always (and I do mean always) infuriates me when reading these ...more
I re-read this book today 05-03-2012 because I had forgotten the story. I found it interesting, much better than Dark Legend because Feehan doesn't leave the comforts of America, thus not falling into the annoying habit she has of thinking the rest of the world is exactly the same as the US.
However, I still found the book very repetetive. The same ground is covered over and over again, the same conversation takes place between Lucien and Jaxon as if talking the situation over and over again woul
Vannessagrace Vannessagrace
Jaxon’s father, mother and younger brother were murdered by her father’s, supposedly, best friend, Tyler Drake. Tyler Drake also murdered every man Jaxon showed interest in and any man who showed interest in her because Tyler Drake had been fixated on Jaxon since she was three years old. Lucian found his life-mate in Jaxon and though Jaxon was in love with Lucian, she feared for his life and was dedicated to protecting him since Lucian refused to leave her.

Author Christine Feehan is a pro at bl
I just finished Lucien's book, Dark Guardian. The major problem with this book was the heroine's name, Jaxon. Every time I read her name I kept thinking of "Jax" from Sons of Anarchy. It was really not a good name for a heroine.

Lucien calls her "little one" a few times and Jaxon calls him on it. "I am not small or little or whatever else you were going to say" She says something like that. So I found that line very entertaining.

Overall, it was a good story. I justfeel like the romance is lackin
Once again, Feehan fell into what I already dubbed the 'Gary Stu Trap'. I do think she has potential awesome characters. She just tends to go overboard when she gets excited about writing a certain character. Lucian's one of them. Sadly, I found him more fascinating as a supporting character than as a main lead. Nothing about Jaxon grabbed my attention either. I couldn't wait to finish the book because I just wanted to move on to the next one.

Also, Lucian using modern endearments like 'honey' an
3.5-4 stars.

I've liked meeting the lost twins (Gabriel and Lucien) quite a bit. This one is Lucien's story. He meets up with a female police officer who has spent her life losing loved ones because of a psycho father-wannabe who has been obsessed with her since childhood. So glad Feehan didn't make the villain a child molester, because I just couldn't have taken that on top of everything else this monster put Jaxon through. I can only take so much suffering when it comes to kids and animals eve
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Christine Feehan is a #1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 50 published novels, including five series; Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, & the Sisters of the Heart Series. All five series hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paran ...more
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It is faster this way. Your legs are short.”
They are not!”
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