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Last Watch (Night Watch, #4)
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Last Watch (Дозоры #4)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  8,024 ratings  ·  315 reviews
The fourth novel in the blockbuster series from one of Russia's most popular authors, Last Watch returns us to the hyper-imaginative world of Sergei Lukyanenko, where the endless battle between good and evil is about to reach its climax.

Anton Gorodetsky is just getting a feel for his new powers when his boss, Gesar, sends him to assist the Scottish Night Watch in Edinburgh
Kindle Edition, 402 pages
Published (first published 2005)
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This review is acceptable to the forces of Light. - The Night Watch

This review is acceptable to the forces of Darkness. - The Day Watch

When I finished The Twilight Watch a couple of years ago, I thought that was it. Night, Day, Twilight, done. But when I announced that I would be doing the Night Watch trilogy as my end-of-month podcast, I got several emails from listeners who were quick to correct me. The series is not a trilogy, they said, but rather a tetralogy (okay, no one actually used this
I am an utter, unapologetic Anton fangirl. I will not deny it. And when I finally managed to find a copy of The Last Watch at Borders, I did not hold back my squeal of joy.

Though not as good as the first three, this remains one of my favorite fantasy series. At times the writing seemed lazy, the humor was a little more base than what I had come to expect, and certain parts were more self-aware (of the popularity of the books/movies, at times a not-so-subtle *nudgewink* to the reader without any
I love the Night Watch series by Lukyanenko. He has such a wonderfully Russian (by way of Kazakhstan) view point, where good and evil really do not look very different but are all shades of grey. All 4 books in this series grabbed me from page 1 and did not let go. The Last Watch was no exception. At first I was annoyed at some of the Anglo/Celtic themes in this 4th installment, but they were handled very well and did not become cheesy. I highly recommend this whole series. Read them in order (N ...more
Noah Stacy
Not as much to my liking as the earlier books in the series--this lacked the deep intrigue and scheming between the Light and Dark (or perhaps as much between Gesar and Zabulon as individuals) that made the earlier novels such fun. Still, a good read, and hopefully NOT the last of the Watches--there are still stories to be told, and I'd love to see what comes of little Nadya, and to find out why Zabulon seems to take such a personal interest in Anton...
So this is the fourth and, as far as I know, final book in the Night Watch series. Once again, Anton is our main character and narrator. Some time has passed since the events of Twilight Watch and Anton has continued getting accustomed to his new powers as a Great One. The book starts with a murder in Scotland that will see Anton traveling, meeting a number of other Watches, and coming face to face with the dead.

Simply put, if you liked the other Night Watch novels, you’ll probably dig this one
This book is a late follow up to the "Watch" trilogy and if you haven't read those books you might want to skip this review, because I'm going to refer to it and hence there will be spoilers.

The Last Watch picks up on Moscow's Nightwatch several years after the closing events of The Twilight Watch. It's a new millenium, Anton Gorodetsky, principle protagonist of the trilogy, is using an mp3 player on his mobile phone instead of a mini-disc player, his stupendously magically talented daughter is
Dec 22, 2011 Φλεγύας rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone into urban fiction
The Watch series started off with a wimp, base level wizard and expanded to depths and lengths that IMHO no one could anticipate. I can't say much more without revealing too much. The reason I'm bringing this up however is because the fourth book only had one way to go. It had to push the envelop further. And it does.
Some of the other reviewers said that the book feels less polished than the previous ones. I don't know if I agree with that. I still feel the good vs evil war, excessively so as a
I had an interesting discussion about this book with one of my coworkers, who read it in it's original Russian form. He felt that the first two books were great, but that it went downhill when the power levels of the Leads (Anton, Sveta, etc) went up to high. I didn't have an issue with this type of escalation, as it tends to happen in Fantasy series in general, but I would agree that there may not be much further to take any of these characters. That's sad, in a way, because his world of two ba ...more
I think I've said this before but might as well say it again. I love this series. Absolutely. The writing style, the characters, the universe created is so vivid and alive. I had been putting off reading this installment, sad because it's the last book. Although I do hold out hope, like many fans, that there will be more to come.

I sadly, saw the movies before reading the books, but I still feel that both (the movies and the books) are very well written in their own right, and even though they v
Book Review: 1 Treasure Box

The stories all comprise the missing, hidden artifact of the great and famous Merlin, known as the Crown of All Things. Someone is searching for this artifact and will do almost anything to find it including murder. It is up to Anton, using his magical skills as well as his detective reasoning to discover what the artifact is, who is looking for it and why they want it. We also learn more about the world that Anton lives in, including all the levels of the Twilight and
I really look forward to these books and wait patiently for them to come out. This one was no exception and it provided just what is always promised with his books. They are a bit formulaic in format which is fine, because he weaves a good story. Let me say this first, I love this series, and I get sucked into them, however, they are no great literary works. I also finally put my finger on what has bothered me for all four books. They move along a a great easy pace he lays the groundwork in two ...more
The russians definitely do not think the same way we do - it's interesting to see how much culture can influence basic beliefs, and how much basic beliefs will resist cultural influences.

The 4th of 4 books in a series exploring a war between - not good and evil. The dark and the light, or the yin and the yang. In the beginning of the series, it was clear one side was good and the other was evil. In the middle, it became a question of priorities - one side thought society was more important than
Unlike the other books in the series, the three acts of this book all focus very clearly around a singular story. This may have been a choice by the other to reflect Anton's newfound awareness after the events of Twilight Watch.

In Act one Anton is on loan to the Edinburgh Nightwatch to pursue the murderer of a young man whose father is well connected. The story becomes complicated when mortals armed with magical weaponry attack Anton and his allies, and it becomes apparent that the site of the m
Irina Paley
A very nice series that sets up an interesting and intricate urban fantasy world. As a native Russian speaker, I found the translation severely lacking, but that is, of course, not the author's fault. English speakers might get bogged down with the names (for example, the alternate use of names like Nadezhda - Nadya - Nadyushka, or Valeria - Lera, or Victor - Vitya, and so on, presents a bit of a cognitive hump for those Readers who are not familiar with Russian names and nicknames). Overall, th ...more
While I adore the world that Luky has created, I believe there's much that is lost in translation. and then there are parts that just don't make sense. I guess the issue I have is that this world has great magicians that are extremely powerful so how do some things get by them? How did Geser & Zabulon not know that Anton was kidnapped? Or were they aware and this was part of the plan? WE NEVER FIND OUT.

that's an issue. You can't have these all-powerful magicians and then have them be so fuc
Dark Matter
Nalini Haynes reviewed this book; for more reviews by Nalini, see Nalini Haynes on Dark Matter Zine.

A stranger dies in a horror dungeon experience, attracting the attention of the Night Watch. Gesar sends Anton to Scotland to investigate. Inevitably the threat is far more dire than it, at first, appears. The Last Watch is an Other extremist group, just what every newly-minted higher magician needs for professional development.

Night Watch, Day Watch and Twilight Watch are the first three books i
Yet another brilliant installment of the Watch series. I still have the feeling that Anton has been through enough, and it's about time to let him relax. However, he seems just as happy to be in the action as I am to read about it.

This book still has the same theme of the question of are the dark ones really more evil than the light ones and are the light ones really good. This is a theme throughout the series, however since it's a question that can't really ever be answered...
Jeff Miller
Wow, this has just been a great series that kept me enthralled throughout - certainly going on my long list of favorite series. Just loved the way it combined mystery, fantasy, espionage, and cold war tensions. Though the moral relativity between the Night Watch and the Day Watch could be annoying at times - but still a great read.
Matteo Pellegrini

Dopo millenni di lotta senza vincitori né vinti, le forze delle Tenebre e quelle della Luce decisero di stringere un patto che le avrebbe obbligate a non prevalere mai l'una sull'altra. Custodi di questa tregua sarebbero stati gli altri: streghe, maghi, mutantropi, demoni e vampiri, votati a sorvegliare la notte se appartenenti alla Luce, o il giorno, se adepti delle Tenebre. Gli altri sono gli unici che possono entrare nel crepuscolo, un limbo da cui traggono poteri soprannaturali, in cui guard

Kelly Flanagan
so another readig of the watch has ended. It's called the last watch, but don't let that bring ya down, there's one more, but it's yet to be published in English. this book continues the story arc, and like it's predecessors it reads in three parts. And just like the others I did thoroughly enjoy it.
Really wonderful book in a wonderful series. If you like sf, magic, mysteries, shape-changers, witches and fiercely protective mothers this book is for you. ;-) A lot of it requires knowledge from earlier books for full understanding and enjoyment.
The Last Watch I'm really enjoying these books. In case you're not familiar, the series is (mostly) set in Moscow, and follows the struggle between the Night Watch, who are magic users on the side of the light, and the Day Watch, who are on the side of darkness. They're full of intrigue, twists and turns as the machinations of those in power blur the lines between the light and the dark. There's no black and white, just shades of grey.

They're good stories set in a fully realised and well thought
Dan Harvey
So......what happened? I sort of understand the ending, sort of don't...ah well, that is what Wikipedia is for. I feel like the ending must be clever, because of all the set-up and everything becoming clear to Anton, but the authour does not feel it necessary to explain the final puzzle in detail, which come to think of it comes across as strange because there is so much detail in the build-up. I suppose in a world of strange powers it is not 100% necessary for things to all make sense, and ther ...more
I am not going to talk about the philosophy in this book and all that stuff..although I must admit I loved the setting in Uzbekistan. :) I will talk about my two favourite characters.
The last chapter in “The last watch”, when Anton meets Kostja in his burned space suit. When he is the only one he wants to see so badly. ugh. This friendship is killing me. To Anton Kostja will be always this little innocent vampire boy who wants to become human by all means. I mean Konstantin is perfect in his own
So, I spent a really unreasonable amount of time waiting for and then looking for the Harper paperback release of Last Watch. I waited so long that the fifth book in the series was published stateside and my copy actually started to gather dust on my shelf. Eventually I contacted Harper Collins which prompted a very curt autoreply informing me that they didn’t have the publication rights. Although the Random House imprint they directed me to doesn’t seem to have the U.S. rights either, so…

Last W
Okay I have been growing into a big fan of Sergei Lukyanenko's book series starting with Night Watch and continuing through until the fourth entry (I know there's a fifth, I'll get to that when I get to that) and unlike the other books where I felt they went better and better here he kind of went into a little slump. I mean don't get me wrong - It's a good book but maybe I had too high expectations for it or something else entirely.

The plot is less like three divided stories and more like a flow
La mia recensione completa la trovate qua

Ammetto che il primo libro mi aveva lasciato un po' perplessa, così come il secondo.
In pratica lì vengono presentati, tramite 4 storie che si intrinsecano tra loro, gli Altri della Luce come i buoni, e gli Altri della Notte come i cattivi. La differenza fondamentale sta nel loro modo di pensare: i buoni mettono davanti a tutto gli altri, e quindi le loro azioni sono guidate dall'altruismo. I cattivi mettono davanti
Бранимир Събев
Поредния Патрул, остава още един за четене само. Лукяненко е както винаги на ниво и не сваля гарда. Отново е на ход роман, разделен на три части или три новели, свързани.

1. Общо дело - нещо става в Единбург и Антон е изпратен на проверка. Убийство, намеса на вампир... и не само. Древен и могъщ артефакт, към който се стремят всички. В случая Антон си сътрудничи освен с Единбургския Нощен, така и с Московския Дневен Патрул. Няма как иначе, когато хората са въоръжени с артефакти, амулети и омагьоса
Just finished this fourth volume in the Night Watch series. (The title is Last Watch, not The Last Watch, whatever the goodreads icon says.) It would be fairly confusing to anyone who hadn't read Night Watch, Day Watch, and Twilight Watch. Even though I've read and enjoyed the whole series, I had a little trouble remembering who was who among the minor characters; details of what happened in the earlier books, often mentioned in this one, were also a bit fuzzy. Still, I enjoyed this a lot. The p ...more
Mason Jones
I'll be curious to see if this is really the last book in the series, since there's clearly more that Lukyanenko could say using the milieu he's created. I enjoyed this one as much as the previous volumes; I'd say that "Twilight Watch" might remain my favorite, but we'll see how this one settles after I give it more thought. As with the others, a very fun, quick read. The books have to be read in order to make any sense, as each builds on the previous volumes: characters return and past events e ...more
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Сергей Лукьяненко
Sergej Lukianenko (German)
Szergej Lukjanyenko (Hungarian)
Sergey Lukyanenko
Sergej Luk'janenko (Italian)
Сергей Лукяненко (Bulgarian)
Siergiej Łukanienko
Sergei Lukjanenko

Sergei Lukyanenko (as his name appears on books and films in U.S. markets) is a science-fiction and fantasy author, writing in Russian, and is arguably the most popular contemporary Russian sci-fi writer. His works o
More about Sergei Lukyanenko...

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