To Tempt a Scotsman (Huntington, #1)
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To Tempt a Scotsman (Huntington #1)

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After finding herself at the center of a very public scandal that left one man dead and another on the run, Lady Alexandra Huntington has exiled herself to her brother's estate and is content to manage his affairs. But the arrival of darkly handsome Collin Blackburn awakens her curiosity and her desire--and the advantage of being a fallen woman is that she can be ruined on...more
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Published (first published January 1st 2007)
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Tammy Walton Grant
So this book started out quite well, but then the Hero went crazy and I wasn't buyin' what the author was sellin' after that point.

Let me explain. **Here there be spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the book**

The premise of the story is that the heroine was caught with a man who had his hand up her skirts. The friend who caught them challenged the man to a duel and was killed. There was a huge scandal, of course, and Alexandra was ruined. She meets the Hero, the dead man's brother, when he comes...more
Katrina Passick Lumsden
Who doesn't love a tale with a big, burly Scotsman in it? I certainly do. I do not, however, particularly relish tales where my romantic hero goes from something out of a wet dream to something out of a nightmare about middle school. This book would have been so much better if Collin actually had some kind of legitimate issue, not this raving, half-hysterical belief that his wife is a whore based on nothing more than his own insecurities. That made him less in my eyes, and reducing the handsome...more
The first word that came to mind to describe this book after finishing was "Rawr".

Lady Alexandra was caught with her skirt above her knees, leading to a duel, leading to one man's death. Collin Blackburn (hellooo MacSteamy) happens to be the dead man's half brother, and happens to be on a quest to find the man who murdered him. Who happens to have disappeared.

What I loved most about this story was Lady Alex herself. She is fiery, determined, and stays that way even though she melts when Collin k...more
Elis Madison

Alexandra Huntington is ruined.

She wasn't trying to be ruined, you understand, but, well, she didn't want the life ahead of her as a socially acceptable debutante. Tea parties, fortune-hunting suitors, and oppressive, unrelenting propriety under the eyes of an army of chaperones and society tabbies. That life was not for her. She regrets that her forays into "fast" territory ended with the death of a young man she considered a friend, but with regard to her own life, she's better off this way. E...more
5 stars.

I'm glad I didn't let the contemporary romance of Dahl's I read recently or lacklustre reviews deter me from reading this book as it was pretty bloody fabulous.

Yes there was conflict and some misunderstandings, but they weren't dragged out for the length of the novel. They were addressed rather sensibly and there was resolution of sorts.

Collin & Alexandra were a fantastic and may I say fascinating couple to read. Alex was sensible and strong without being overbearing. There were ti...more
Jan 13, 2014 Julie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Historical/Regency/Scotland Lovers
What I liked right off about this romance is the unusual, negatively tense relationship between the hero and heroine. In fact, their initial relationship borders not only on dislike, but loathing. Of course, the physical attraction or notice is there, but it plays a very small role in the beginning because it is so overshadowed by the animosity of both characters. Although the heroine is not someone to be liked or esteemed in the beginning, the reader finds themselves as misled as the hero in th...more
I can't decide if I want to give this book 3 or 4 stars since the hero upset me towards the end.
Jane Stewart
Most conflicts were based on withholding information, inaccurate assumptions & doing something stupid for the sake of the plot.

Damien arranged for John to see him with his hands under Alex’s skirt. John challenged Damien to a duel and was killed by Damien in the duel. Since dueling was a crime, Damien fled the country. He occasionally wrote to Alex asking for money which she sent. Collin was John’s half-brother. Collin has been searching for Damien to bring him to justice. Collin...more
I have mixed feelings about this book, but mostly I was just irritated. While I tried really hard to like both of the main characters, it just never happened for me. Alexandra at first seemed like a really strong character and stood up for things she wanted. Awesome. And then she became more manipulative, she tricked Colin into an illicit affair without telling him some crucial details about herself and then became upset with him after realized he was a little angry. I did like her more towards...more
So this is sort of in a series with a couple of other Dahl historicals I have read (can't quite recall the names, as they are always only vaguely related to the actual plots) and apparently I read them out of order, with the 3rd one first, then the 2nd, then this one which is the first. It doesn't really matter, they stand-alone, but they do occur in a chronological order and are about related characters who appear in all three books.

So, in the context of those other 2, I think this was my least...more
This book came in a bundle with Dahl's latest historical novel, A LITTLE BIT WILD, and after I read it, I knew why. Both heroines are out of the ordinary in their historical era, both of them embroiled in scandal.

In TO TEMPT A SCOTSMAN, the heroine is the sister of a duke who's retreated to her brother's estate after a nasty scandal. A young man was killed defending her honor, after walking in on her with another man. While she's hiding, the brother of the murdered man (the villain orchestrated...more
I have mixed feeling about this story, that for the most part the author resolved, but I have a lingering sense of "I'm not sure I'm completely over it". Now this might not seem congruent with my rating of four stars. But I will attempt to explain myself and hope that what I say doesn't dissuade others from giving this book a try.

I am not really sure a synopsis is necessary as you have no doubt read the publisher's version. Suffice it to say that our hero sets out to right a wrong that the hero...more
I loved this book! The characters were strong and the chemistry was fantastic. I did have to suspend a bit of disbelief at how independent Alex was but Ms. Dahl does a good job of explaining her unusual personality for this time period. I thought the romance between Alex and Colin flowed very well and developed naturally and believably. I thought that the stormy nature of their relationship was realistic and fit the quick nature of their marriage. Colin fit the jealous, uncommunicative male ster...more
I decided to read this book because I'd heard such praise for Victoria Dahl, but was decidely disappointed with the contemporary romance novel of hers that I read. This book drew me in from the start and held my interest. One of those where I was disappointed for it to end. I may not have liked her contemporary, but will definitely read another Victoria Dahl Historical.

A couple of comments:
I have no idea whether it is historically accurate, but I loved the scottish burr of the hero and other c...more
A bit of a hot mess. The book doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, and there is a clear split between the first and second halves. Almost like two books awkwardly stitched together. We have:

Alexandra, younger sister of the wealthy and powerful Duke of Somerhart; caught in a compromising position during her first season, she is considered a "ruined" woman and now spends her time managing her brother's country estate while wearing scandalous boy's clothing. Passionate nature, sexually curious...more
If you're expecting a traditional romance, you'll be very disappointed. Alexandra may be young, but she knows she wants more than stifling society. She wants to explore life. Unfortunately, she explores her budding sexuality with the wrong man and the ensuing scandal leaves her in her brother's home with no prospects. She's okay with that until Collin Blackburn shows up looking for the man who killed his brother over a duel over her. It doesn't take Collin long to figure out Alex isn't the harlo...more
Susan (susayq ~)
I was already a Victoria Dahl fan before reading this. This pushed her up on my list of favorite authors. She has a way of mixing in subtle humor that I love. I mean, honestly, who wouldn't giggle when the heroine, Alex, says, "You-are-far-to-big-and-I-think-you-should-go-home." (in case you're wondering, this was AFTER they'd had sex for the first time at a secluded cottage that she invited him to ;) )

I have to say, Collin made me mad towards the end of the book. Even though Alex was a ruined l...more
This is the first historical romance I've read by Victoria Dahl. I really like her voice. There was humor, sweetness, a little angst, a wise French maid ;), Scotland, and fiesty women and the men who loved them. I could have handled (and somehow expected?) a few more smexy times. Several were summarized/mentioned that we never got to read.

I really liked how Alex owned her "scandalousness." She was stronger and wiser than most gave her credit but I think there are a few ways to view her. Still,...more
Victoria Dahl has long been one of my favorite romance authors since she wowed me with her Tumble Creek series. From that moment on I have been trying to get my hands on every books that Ms. Dahl has written and Paperbackswap has been a huge friend in this. I got this book and read it almost immediately.

I love Ms. Dahl but this book didn't feel like her, I am assuming it is only because she was still maturing as a writer and this book is historical romance as all the other books I have read by h...more
I really enjoyed this. The heroine is fantastic! Independent, feisty, motivated and willing to take her future into her own hands. The hero is a dour, jealous idiot, really lacking in self-esteem, but fundamentally decent and just terrified of happiness. Some reviewers have commented on the undercurrent of violence, and it is there, but, for me, only served to emphasize the angst of the hero. It's a great story which flows beautifully with excellent secondary characters, which play vital parts i...more
I really enjoyed this book! It made me laugh, and cry, and even attack my computer in frustration. It also made me think. I have always been nervous about marriage, and though it is still far off for me I worry about it. Sure, I'll most likely be in love but what if that isn't enough? What if we start to hate and resent each other? Parts of this book really fueled that fear. I almost stopped reading because I was so scared of my reaction, but I kept going. Thank, God. The ending really did reass...more
The ending is abrupt but the epilogue was nice. The hero was an ass and groveled at the end (not enough in my opinion). The heroine was awesome (strong, independent) and small. Small, tiny was constantly mentioned.
After 3 chapters, the unclear and muddy dialogue, passive descriptions, and snail's story pace wore me down and I put the book aside.

The characters are painted in broad strokes, which makes it difficult to envision them. Alex's past scandal is mentioned, but never truly given an intriguing hook to keep a reader interested.

Also, a point of contention regarding accents: It is clearly stated that Collin is Scottish and living in Scotland, however, his accent is only displayed through 2 words: "aye"...more
Ugh. What rubbish was this.
This started out good enough. I was enjoying it and then half way thru we take a long jump off a short peer. What happened?? I really liked Collin the first half of the book, then he decided to go all crazy jealous and I lost respect for him. Granted he did apologize but I just couldn't understand why he went that route in the first place. He just continued to do the same thing over and over. huh? Yes they end up with their hea, but it just didn't feel the same anymore. Not bad, but not great ei...more
Alexandra is young and reckless. The year of her coming out she decides to rendezvous with a young man for some flirtation and maybe some kissing. She is discovered in a compromising situation and decides to "hide" at her brother's estate. She becomes comfortable with the simple life. She decides to seduce Collin, a Scotsman looking for his brother's killer. Caught again she is forced into a marriage that she is wants but isn't sure if Collin is.
Max Bolongaita
No spoilers here but it pretty much started out cringe worthy and then it kinda got better but not really that much but it was funny. In the end I kept staring at the cover trying to do the secy position of Alex there and man was it hard. So y'all can read this book but don't get your hopes too high..its a fun read but like a typical romance novel, not for heavy thinking.
This one was a big disappointment considering how much I liked her other two historical romances. While I'd find myself liking Alex and Collin, their constant tug-of-war with themselves and each other was annoying to read after the third or fourth squabble and needless to say my patience was worn out by the gazillionth time came around. I wouldn't recommend this one.
This was a decent book, but nothing exceptional. It seemed like the author tried to throw every tried and true mishap into one book. I liked Collin a lot, although his mistrust of Alex was unwarranted. I liked Alex as well, and liked how she tried to make the best of whatever situation she found herself in, without making apologies for herself.
I always enjoy my Victoria Dahl. She writes beautifully, the eroticism of her work lies in her ability to tap into real emotion with an understanding of many a woman's nature and complex relationship dynamics. Particularly interesting here is the exploration of a man's jealousy and mate guarding, its consequences and the insecurities beneath it.
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I have my mother to thank for my passion for writing. My mom is an avid reader of popular fiction, and I began reading highly inappropriate books around the age of eleven, I think. (Thanks, Mom, for always leaving those delicious books strewn about!)

To Tempt a Scotsman, a Golden Heart winning historical, was my first published book. Here I am signing the cover! A Rake's Guide to Pleasure (which w...more
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