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The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 5: Stark Resilient,  Book 1
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The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 5: Stark Resilient, Book 1 (The Invincible Iron Man #5)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  636 ratings  ·  40 reviews
The Hammer Girls unleash DETROIT STEEL on a world hardly ready for that much metal and chrome, and God help anyone that gets in his way. Tony keeps sifting through the ashes of his old life and tries to rebuild who he is and what he does. Rhodey struggles to be a man of war in a peacetime empire. COLLECTING: Invincible Iron Man #25-28
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published September 22nd 2010 by Marvel
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Tony Stark just had his brain rebooted to get him out of a vegetative state, but he’s got a few problems to deal with. Since his back-up data was a little dated, he doesn’t remember some recent events like Marvel’s Civil War or that his company was destroyed. With the loss of his fortune, his reputation in ruins and half the superhero community pissed at him, you’d think Tony would want to go back into the coma.

Ah, but you can’t keep a good Iron Man down. Tony hits up Reed Richards for some par
In the Iron Man canon, Tony Stark has always been the good guy, but he manufactures weapons which he sells to the highest bidder. Apparently he's been doing this for the entirety of Iron Man's run. So Matt Fraction does what no other Iron Man writer has done: turn Tony Stark green.

Flat broke and depending on the loyalty of former employees, he needs to turn his empire around in less than six weeks with a prototype of an electric car fueled by the arc reactor design that also powers Iron Man. Sta
Man does Fraction know how to fire the imagination, and build up the slow tension an conflicts. I wanna work with this Tony Stark guy!! I wanna be around to see the world that he delivers! I wanna Fraction to write Iron Man until one of them is dead, yeah? This is page-turning storytelling like I haven't seen in a looong while. Art by Larroca is pretty darned good too, but it's hard to tell whether his "light on the ink" style is a stunning alternative to the thick, dark lines & shadows so p ...more
My Brief Bookshelf Overview: badass-to-the-extreme, feels-realistic-or-credible, likable-or-deep-characters, mature, sci-fi, suspenseful-or-engaging

While a strong volume for the series overall, I actually still expected more after issue #25; it set everything up nicely. There are a few notable parts I'd like to discuss here. First, Tony gives the Iron Man yet another sizable upgrade, and explains it in a thorough and exciting manner. Also, during a meeting with a fellow Avenger, Tony boldly defe
Carrying on the story of Tony Stark's rebirth - both as man and machine - Stark Resilient is, in essence, nothing more than a bit of filler in the build-up to the next big event.
Setting the scene for his new business plan, Pepper's development and a new enemy on the horizon, the book doesn't essentially go anywhere or do anything.
Yet, despite this, it is still brilliantly entertaining, well drawn and written and keeps you hooked from start to finish.
The bar has been set high with this particular
Indah Threez Lestari
I love Matt Fraction! Period. Bahan ceritanya tidak ada matinya.

So, Tony dibangkitkan lagi di Tony Stark: Disassembled, tapi satu hal pasti, back-up memori sekarang mengisi otaknya adalah memori lama banget, sebelum Civil War. Ya, rasanya seperti kalau virus menghapus isi harddisk kita dan back-up yang ada berasal dari lima tahun lalu. Ke mana semua data pekerjaanku selama lima tahun? Pasti begitu kita teriak. Dan ini bukan sekedar harddisk buat Tony. Ia harus mengingat semuanya lagi dari arsip
P Fosten
Hmmm. Okay, this one is difficult. I'd like a bit more happening in the story and...well, I'll come to that later.
Tony's broke and is trying to make amends for his years in the weapons biz by creating cheap energy products (the first prototype being a repulsar powered car). The Hammer 'girls' are out to sabotage that AND put there new corporate Iron Man Knock off, Detroit Steel, in various governmental pockets. Eventually, those two angles cross over and 'fun' ensues. Some of Tony's old support
Jeff Lanter
This is a promising start to a new story arc. A lot of the story reminds me of what is best about the first Iron Man movie, but Resilient is not trying to copy it either. Tony is unpredictable and shows that he has a conscious. His sense of humor seems to develop more and more which is obviously what fans of the movie would want to see too. There's also something kind of exciting about how this book embraces technology in ways that many of us would dream of seeing. Best of all the sort of corpor ...more
Tarique Ejaz
With Stark still reeling from a reboot and having lost his entire company, HAMMER Industries chip in with their own version of Iron Armour to put Iron Man out of business and Tony decides to make his repulsor-technology available to the mass.

This series only reaches a new high with each issue.

Fraction and Larroca have given Iron Man an exuberant makeover. One that shall always remain etched in the glorious history of the Iron Avenger.
Tony Stark is back! And then nothing happens for 5 issues. It's a shame because in the continuity these stories would be poignant and they lay the framework for some amazing stories to come but as a standalone volume there's nothing worth seeing
Tony Stark is still getting his shit back together after erasing his brain, and losing his company. He's still got Pepper and Rhodey in his corner, and also the support of the Norse God of Thunder! Tony plans to rebuild Stark Industries as Stark Resilient (hence the name) and be an energy company out to change the world for the better. Nice positive idea, change from the usual weaponry of Stark. However, Justine Hammer is trying to fill the void with her Detroit Steel project and that seems a bi ...more
I am really enjoying Matt Fraction's run on Iron Man. Yes, people whine about how there isn't enough Iron Man action, but that doesn't bother me. Yes, this "crisis of conscience" type of story has also been done before, but so what? Fraction writes the characters so that they're interesting, possessing their own personalities, and then works them into the larger narrative (which has been woven through all 5 volumes so far). I actually like that this is a very long form story that's been taking p ...more
Tony re-hiring all the people he was a jerk to-- which is EVERYONE-- was excellent. The older lady who managed supply chains and now does HR is my favourite.
I did not care for the artwork in this one, because they made Stark look exactly like Sawyer from Lost, which was extremely distracting.
Stark is back, though he's got some big gaps in his memory, which is causing some difficulties with those around him, since he doesn't remember what he's said or done recently. He's also decided to switch from weapons to free energy using repulsor technology. Of course, his company is gone and he's broke, so he can't afford to actually start production yet, but since when has Iron Man let anything get in his way?
I loooooved the story but, again, was not a fan of the art.
Fraction continues to meld the action adventure of science fiction superheroics with the social science fiction around the questions of what economic and business changes would be affected by all the advanced technology running around in a superhero universe. The political and competitive basis for conflict between Stark and his industrial rivals has often been used in the past, but Fraction is more sophisticated in his plotting and understanding of technology. This is another great installment ...more
Feb 14, 2011 Cami rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
This was only my second Iron Man comic.
This was my first: Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1 written by Orson Scott Card.

So, the premise was interesting (the volume I read contained volumes 1-5).
The writing was okay.
The art was clear and uncluttered, if a bit uninteresting.
I just didn't care for it.
2.5 stars
Karl Kindt
Boring. No Iron Man in action at all. Ridiculous. Oh, Tony Stark has a case of conscience and decides to use his tech ability to create non-weapon stuff. Real original. Real boring. Seriously, cannot just one Marvel super hero not turn into a simplistic leftist? Can't there be just one who kicks butt? If not Iron Man, then who?
Pat Shand
Fun and clever; while Matt Fraction is clearly embracing Movie!Stark's mannerisms and dialogue (which is fine and even appreciated), the plot in this cleverly treads brand new ground while building on the old as well. As every single character in this book loves to say, this storyline is "bleeding edge."
Noah Soudrette
A definite improvement over the somewhat disappointing volume four, volume five sees Tony doing what he does best, coping, adapting, and thinking in ways no one else can. As for the "villain" of the piece, they don't really come into the story in a significant way yet, so I'll save my judgment for later.
Khairul H.
The rebuilding phase. Stark is broke and he's leaving the weapons business. Now he's going green-tech. But this is a superhero comic so of course there's a bad guy (bad girls actually in this case). A chatty book that might turn off some of the BAM! KA-POW! fans of superhero comic book. Screw them.
This volume is mainly set-up for the future of this series, I'm assuming. There's very little action and it's mainly Tony Stark discussing the future of Stark Industries, rather than much Iron Man action. So, while this felt like a bit of a filler volume, hopefully that'll mean some good things for volume 6.
Koen Claeys
Stark rebuilds his life, his company with a greener, cleaner philosophy, no more weapons dealing. Meanwhile there's a new arms dealer ready to take the the place of Stark Industries....but this one has less conscience and more potential clients.
AHHH yess to all of this but especially to Pepper Potts's continued badassery.

Oh yeah and the part where Thor offers to fund Stark Resilient and Tony doesn't get it and then is like nope I want the challenge of being broke, bye.
Matt Thomas
Haven read an "Iron Man" comic in a while. Good to catch up a bit. The new liquid suit reminds me of XO Man-o-war (sp?). It's also good to see some of the story behind the action: the business, the people, the other heroes.
This is the first real arc I've read with plenty of Tony and Rhodey in it, and the ridiculous decisions might still be going on, but the insane ones have stopped. For now. But, Tony, you're such a man whore. Stop breaking hearts.
I like where Fraction is taking this version of Tony. I don't like that Marvel released the Stark Resilient story as TWO collected editions. This first volume only contains FOUR issues!
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"How he got started in comics: In 1983, when Fraction was 7 years old and growing up in Kansas City, Mo., he became fascinated by the U.S. invasion of Grenada and created his own newspaper to explain the event. "I've always been story-driven, telling stories with pictures and words," he said.

Education and first job: Fraction never graduated from college. He stopped half a semester short of an art
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