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Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life
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Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life

3.27 of 5 stars 3.27  ·  rating details  ·  889 ratings  ·  137 reviews
From America's most beloved comedic actress and the star of Desperate Housewives comes a personal, heartfelt, and often very funny manifesto on life, love, and the lessons we all need to learn -- and unlearn -- on the road to happinessTeri Hatcher secured her place in America's heart when she stood up to accept her Golden Globe for Best Actress and declared herself a "has- ...more
ebook, 100 pages
Published May 2nd 2006 by Hyperion (first published January 1st 1900)
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When I choose to read a book written by a celebrity author, it is usually because I am a fan and want to know more about them. But I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a “fan” of Teri Hatcher’s. Sure, I still tune into Desparate Housewives but for some reason I have a hard time separating the actor from the role and I think of Teri as Susan. Which is pretty much what I got out of this book too.

The amount of information she shares in this book is shocking; from no sex on her honeymoon to intimate mass
Jaja Borja-Laure
I classify this as unputdownable! Reading the book was a breeze for me mainly because (a) I'm a fan of Lois & Lane and Desperate Housewives and (b) c'mon, who wouldn't admire her for maintaining a goddess figure through the years?

Teri Hatcher is a heck of a funny lady! She's very natural in relating her stories with loads of humor and bits of sarcasm all throughout. I never thought that she's a practical yet classy lady, a strong person who survived two divorces, a healthy eater and a very d
I purchased this book after reading the first few pages which explain the title. The idea behind it is that if her mother was making breakfast for everyone and ended up burning some toast, she would eat that toast herself, instead of making another slice so she could have good toast. It occurerd to me that I actually do this too, not only in relation to toast, but other sacrifices for my family as well. Despite the fact I have not yet gone back to finish reading this, even if I never do, I know ...more
I finished this book because I felt like I needed to be nice to the author, who seemed to be trying really, really hard. I acknowledge that that was a pretty silly reason.
Skylar Lange
I ended up really loving this book. When I first got it, I didn't realize that it was written for women. I started reading it and by the time I realized it, I was already too into the book. It was easy for me to relate to Teri because we both have very similar styles of writing as well as interests and things that have happened to us. When she was talking about how to build yourself up and know you are with more than burnt toast, it really spoke to me. I recommend this to anybody of any gender t ...more
I loved this book! I wouldn't say I've always been a fan of Teri Hatcher, but that doesn't mean I wasn't a fan either. I saw her in things, and knew who she was, but can't say I was a follower. I picked up this book because the title caught my attention, and sometimes the "hollywood" life intrigues me. I felt like I was reading my own diary, not with life situations, but with the feelings and battle inside. Great, funny, inspiring, and uplifting book that leaves you thinking of ways to put yours ...more
This was a book club read, which I ended up liking more than I thought I would! I had to get past a few F-bombs at the beginning, and another somewhat explicit chapter, but overall it was a good book - funny, with some great advice on what it really takes to be happy and satisfied with your life. There were some great quotes to remember toward the end.
I enjoyed this book and Teri's upbeat look at life. She doesn't talk about anything too serious like how she was abused as a child.

I always think of her appearance on Seinfeld - "They're real and they are spectacular!" I think she talked about being on the show but I read this awhile ago and I don't remember for sure.
love it...
one of my favorites...
she is a simple lady who is expressing simple facts
that show that awkward moments and reaching rock bottom isn't the end of the world

I really believed her... and related to her
Let me start this off by saying I've never seen Desperate Housewives- but I grew up watching Lois & Clark in the nineties, and have seen Teri Hatcher in random hair and store commercials. I figured I had seen her enough to justify this quick tell-all of her life. First off, as others have mentioned, she uses the Burnt Toast metaphor WAY too much, to the point of silliness. She also seems to have a real self-esteem problem- so much so that she really should be saying all of this to a therapis ...more
I don’t know why I was interested in reading this book. I have never watched a show Teri Hatcher played on and she isn’t really a favorite actress of mine. I liked her on the Radio Shack commercials with Howie Long. I thought she exuded self confidence especially with someone as hunky and cool as Howie. When I saw that she wrote a book, I was intrigued. I thought maybe she was writing about her life and how she became famous with a story full of name dropping and gossip and maybe a little though ...more
Amber Koppenhofer
I first began absorbing the content of this book by listening to it on audiobook. My first impression of it was that it was cute, but corny, and that Hatcher went a bit above and beyond in the use of her food related metaphors. However, as I kept listening, I realized that the reason I was a bit on the annoyed side is because she writes like me, her quirks are like me, her philosophies are like mine, and no one really likes to listen to themselves or read their own work. Once I came to this real ...more
Burnt Toast – Teri Hatcher

Everything you wanted to know about Teri Hatcher but ... no that about says it.

I won’t leave it there. It is a very easy book to read, a fast read, and written in a very simple style. The book personifies everything I thought I knew of the author from interviews I’ve seen and her acting style.

There are life stories, morals, and courage. Mostly it is a book about a woman with low self-esteem who (even towards the end of the story) never seems to come to grips with her t
I love memoirs and biographies, so of course being a huge Desperate Housewives fan I picked up this book. I really, really, really wanted to love this book! I obviously should have realized that since part of the title is "And Other Philosophies," that it was not a memoir but more of an inspirational book. Her "philosophies" are very elementary and something I like to call common sense! I was originally going to give this book 2 stars but being a Desperate Housewives and Susan fan, I gave in and ...more
This me reading celeb memoirs thing really needs to stop. I didn't even watch Desperate Housewives after the first season. Or Lois and Clark.

I don't know that Hatcher is particularly relatable. She's 10 feet tall, pin thin without trying and has really nice hair. And in spite of her insistence that she suffers from the same insecurities as the rest of us, how many of the rest of us have had our breasts immortalized for all eternity in the phrase, "They're real and they're spectacular"? Um, none
I was curious about this book because of the title. I too am an Type A personality and could certainly relate to many of Teri Hatcher's stories thinking of various points of my life.

It was a long read because there was no dialogue, just the recounting of her many experiences and the journey she has made while reflecting on and learning from these experiences. It did make me laugh at times and at times it was a bit long.

What I did like, was the honesty with which she wrote her book. As an actress
Antoaneta Mitrusheva
Подходих към тази книга доста лекомислено - мислех си как ще я прочета за час-два, без да се задълбочавам особено. Сигурна бях, че няма да ме впечатли. Пък и ми беше любопитно що за четиво ще сътвори една симпатична актриса от "Отчаяни съпруги". Е, оказа се, че съм подценила и актрисата в качеството й на писател, и книгата.
Всъщност четивото освен приятно, се оказа и хубаво. Тери Хачър е много открита, честна и непосредствена в книгата. Почти всяка жена може да открие в лутанията й и частица от с
Jai Dee
I never thought I'd ever read anything written by a former Lois Lane. But strangely, this book showed a side of celebrities that I've always known: they're just people. People with problems, hang-ups, insecurities, and blotched pasts. Duh. But in the current wave of celebrity worship, this was a refreshing change from the usual "woe-is-me-I'm-so-talented-that-I-can't-even-go-out-of-my-door, and-my-poor-relations-take-advantage-of-me" memoir. She talks about her difficulty being a single mom, why ...more
Valerie F
I did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. This is part memoir (but not salacious tell-all) and part self-help. I'm grateful to have read this now since I recently underwent a big breakup and could relate to Teri's feelings about her divorce. In addition, I think many women suffer from insecurity and feelings of phoniness when they are successful. In college they had a seminar for women students about it, but I foolishly didn't attend, thinking it wouldn't affect me. This focuses ...more
Anne-Marie Hodge
I have to admit I just couldn't finish this book--something that is incredibly, extremely rare for me. I got the Kindle version on sale, and thought it looked sort of Bossypants-ish and worth giving a try. Really it's a bunch of lamenting how hard her life is, with seemingly total oblivion to the gross overprivilege that is worked into most of her anecdotes. It's supposed to be an advice book but the advice is banal and repeats itself over and over without regard to the ostensible theme of a giv ...more
The beginning and middle of the book was really interesting. Getting to know little facts about the Desperate Housewives star that I have come to love and watch every Sunday night was interesting to me. However, the last few chapters seemed to lag on and on and I had trouble concentrating. I like how Hatcher used intimate details of her life and actually wrote the truth. Most autobiographies don't seem to be as truthful as this one. Overall this book was filled with good life lessons but like I ...more
I definitely read this... but cannot for the life of me remember what I thought of it.
This girl is a scatterbrain, no question! Filled with lots of fun (and not so fun) anecdotes from Teri's life, I'm not sure this book knows what it wants to be. It's part self-help, part biography, part advice column...and lots of rambling.

The rambling was funny because it reminded me of my grandmother. She could start of telling one story, go on 20 different tangents, and somehow work her way back to the original story! But man, was it hard to keep up with her sometimes!

Overall, an interesting
Michele Conn
I had my doubts when I began reading this book. I honestly didn't expect to get much out of it but typical Hollywood fluff from another actress. Don't get me wrong - I like Teri Hatcher as a character in television, she was good in Lois and Clark, etc. What I really enjoyed about her book was her honesty and what a sincere, loving mother she is. I am impressed by her views on how we should treat each other and appreciate that her celebrity seems not to have changed her core values.
I actually enj
Alona Perlin
While I find some parts of the book amusing, most of the advice in this book is not life-changing. Teri Hatcher appears relatable, but I find it hard to believe that she has the same problems with loneliness that the rest of us do. It is mind-boggling that such a smart and beautiful woman can be so self-deprecating. After reading the book, I feel that I know her better, but she did not come to any deep revelations about life, in general. Sorry Teri, I still like you!
I love Teri Hatcher, so I was naturally interested in her life. However... I didn't really feel like there was a point to this book. Outside of the normal Hollywood life... there wasn't anything that inspired me, impressed me, or made me FEEL something, you know? I guess the one thing to learn from this book is that if life hands you burnt toast... just scrape off the bad parts and make the most of what you got. I think it's a twist on the lemon/lemonade theme.
This is not an autobiography at all - but rather comments and anecdotes from a certain period in Teri Hatcher's life. It was whimsical, amusing and insightful in many parts, but verging occasionally on 'self-help' and a little preachy especially towards the final few chapters. I think I read this book about 10 years too early, and it's something perhaps I'd come back to in years to come when I'm at a comparable stage in my life.
Disclaimer - I picked this up for free, so don't judge me.

This isn't really a celebrity memoir (which was what I expected). It's more of a string of female empowerment/self-help advice thrown haphazardly into a book. It jumps around a lot and was very hard to follow. If it had been better edited and organized, I might have enjoyed it more.

She comes across as very sweet and insecure, which makes her relateable and appealing.
Shannon Mitrovich
First off I would just like to say I think Teri Hatcher is a nice lady who means well. If this book is for real then I give her props. However, I think in about 20 years her daughter is going to write a book titled, "My Lying Mother". Now after all that, I was annoyed the entire book. I cannot imagine anyone being this way. I cant even explain or write a proper review. Just read it and judge yourself. It was only 3 discs.
This book reveals too much about her insecurities and inadequacies at age 40. It has funny life stories mixed in, but the rest is just an account of how inadqeuate she feels and has always felt. Its sad. I think those thoughts would be better shared with a therapist. I checked this book out at the library. Would not buy or read a second time. It was mostly a dull book with very few funny stories.
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