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F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way
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F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

3.45 of 5 stars 3.45  ·  rating details  ·  1,658 ratings  ·  146 reviews
To say F**k It feels good. To stop struggling and finally do what you wish . . . to ignore what everyone is telling you and just go your own way . . . feels really great.
In this inspiring and humorous book, John C. Parkin suggests that saying F**k It is the perfect Western expression of the Eastern spiritual concept of letting go, giving up, and finding real freedom by rea
Paperback, 224 pages
Published July 1st 2010 by Hay House (first published 2007)
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This is one of the most inspirational books I have read this year. It manages to explain a lot of Eastern philosophy so simply; something that many hundreds of thousands pages in many different books have tried to go into so much detail about.

When you say fuck it, you are giving up your tension in whatever you are saying it to, and replacing it with a mind open to whatever happens next. And as your psychological tensions weaken, your physical ones start to disappear too.

However, what John Parkin
While I agree (generally) with the sentiment of this book, you really don’t have to read any of it to know and understand its content. The title is pretty self-explanatory: just fuck it. All that stuff you’re worrying about? Fuck it. Those people that piss you off? Fuck it. Fuck it all and live your life in a way that feels good for you.

That’s it.

It’s a wonderful and effective life philosophy (for me, anyway), but it’s truly not very complex— it definitely doesn’t require 200+ pages of explana

The Ultimate Waste-of-time.
F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way definitely has shock value, if for no other reason than for its title and provocative word choice. Mr. Parkin stresses that by saying "f**k it," we can learn to let go, relax and simply give in to the flow of life. Saying these two little words can alleviate most of the stress and stressors in our lives because we will no longer take things so seriously, especially those things we cannot change.

In some ways I can understand why saying "f**k it" is equated to t
Cath Duncan
Agile Living is about creating a multi-dimensional, flexible and resourceful mindset and lifestyle that welcomes variety, change and uncertainty. Like an agile dancer that moves and changes easily, to create something beautiful, Agile Living is about having a mind that moves and changes easily to create something beautiful. So I’m always interested to find out more about what makes us stiffen up, go rigid, hold back or get stuck in our dance, and how we can dissolve that and go back to our natur ...more
Very simplistic and annoying read.
Admittedly, the book's basic idea can be adequately gathered from the title and from reading the first and last 10 pages. Indeed, its probably only necessary to read half the book unless you are seriously neurotic. I enjoyed it quite a bit though. 4 stars worth anyway. Its always good to get a reminder that most things don't really matter that much.

The "Fuck it" notion is a simplification and popularization of Eastern (Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist) concepts of non-attachment. The title might imply an
I love snark, also called sarcasm. I tend to use it frequently, much to everyone else's chagrin. When I saw this title on NetGalley, I thought I would be getting a wonderfully funny, irreverent book with a tongue-in-cheek presentation of philosophy. In a way, F*** It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way is indeed that but so much more.

Touted as akin to Taoism and other spiritual beliefs, the main premise of the F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way philosophy is letting go. Indeed, there is merit in this i
Türkiye'de ilk yayımlandığı zamanlar bir arkadaştan alıp okumuştum kitabı, daha şimdi aklıma geliyor. O zamanlar herkes kitabın ne ile ilgili olduğunu dahi bilmeden, sadece ismi "Siktir Et" olduğu için almıştı. Ben de "neden herkes bu kitabı okuyor?" diyerek başlamıştım. Adam siktir et sözünü bir yere sıkıştıracağım diye ölmüş bitmişti sanki, kendime yararlı bulmadığım gibi sevmemiştim de. Belki içinde gerçekten stresten kurtaracak şeyler vardır ama kitabı okurken bitsin artık diye ekstradan str ...more
Ellen Bard
A "light" spiritual-type book, with lots of bits taken from Buddhism and many others. The five key techniques are: relaxing, letting go, accepting, watching impartially, and conscious breathing. All very reasonable and helpful! The message gets a bit repetitive (imagine the title, and then just apply it to everything!) but there's useful message in there. And something fun to say inside your head...
James Norbury
I did not get on well with this book. I appreciate the idea but it is a very simplistic view of a complicated idea which could end up with negative consequences if read by someone in the wrong mindstate. I would not recommend it.
Hank Mishkoff
I gave this book one star, but that's only because a zero-star rating was not available.
Ana Mardoll
F**k It / 978-1-401-92759-2

I really like the philosophy behind this book - the idea contained herein is that we need to stop stressing so much over everything ("Am I good enough? Holy enough? Peaceful enough? Loving enough? A good enough spouse, child, parent, employee, person, citizen?") and just say "f--- it" to things that we can't control (and even quite a few things that we can) and learn to relax a little. It's the Total Perspective Vortex of books - you're not important, and you never wil
Charlotte (Buried in Books)
As others reviewers have pointed out, the title really does say it all.

The basis of this book is to say that our lives are full of meaning, or misplaced meaning. If we can let go of things (basically say f**k it), we relax and let go of the tension that makes us ill/neurotic/general basket cases.

But it then goes onto say, that if you do that, you'll get everything you want. Your health will be better, more money will come to you and that's the bit I'm struggling with. In a couple of areas there
Stephen Redwood
There is undoubtedly an attraction to the notion that the response to anything in life that is troubling you can be just "f**k it", but it wouldn't take too many responses like that to serious life events for one to be really and truly f**ked. Skim off the top of the abundant self help literature that's out there, add in a bit of 'do what I tell you and your life will get better', give it a catchy label and you have this book. It's fun but trite, curiously occasionally relying on laddish humor f ...more
Heidi Ward
I'm not usually a reader of "self-help" books, and I'm not going to damn this charming book with the epithet, though it is quite helpful. In a series of cleverly focused, easy-to-digest chapters, Parkin brings perhaps the key element of Eastern philosophy -- the concept of letting go in order to find freedom -- to a busy Western audience that just doesn't know how. And by reclaiming the titular phrase as a joyous affirmation in service of shucking off the psychological and societal pressures tha ...more
If Eckhart Tolle and a rowdy, four-letter loving sailor/bartender/badass had a child (go with it), this would be the result. This is for the anti-"new age" person. The person who is a little more rough around the edges, the person who doesn't want to hear about Jesus, and "Being" and everything in between. It is more for someone who wants a little more straightforward way of thinking about this whole concept of letting go and not caring. I think the process he suggests (um...f*ck it to just abou ...more
Probably my favorite book so far on the subject of letting go. It's not completely LOA friendly, but there are parts perfectly in alignment with the principles of conscious creation. (Other parts not so much.)

I found it a valuable read, though, and am already enjoying the practice of it so I'll be making permanent room for it on my shelf. :)
Alican Bozkurt
Çok çok çok önceden okumuştum. Okuduğum en saçma kitaplardan birisiydi. :S
Alexandra Loobeensky
As a result of many different life experiences and circumstances I ended up being a spoiled, violent, stubborn, addicted brat and after many failures I've decided at least to try doing something about myself and my life. Self-control, changing behavioral patterns, you know, that boring kind of stuff (I still believe it's the best way however it's not easy and certainly not fast). But I've found this book just in time!

Guess what, all those incredibly bad things you want to do feel exactly the sam

I seem to have a weakness, or maybe just a yen, for semi-obscenities in book titles. Oh well, as Parkin would say, f**k it!

A very sloppily constructed book, consequently slightly boring to read, chock full of padding and of course a gimmicky title. Actually, in my limited but still extensive experience, books in the spirituality / self-help zone are never exactly unputdownable. In fact I didn't put this one down much mainly because I wanted to squeeze out whatever juice it contained as quickly a
I liked the premise of this and wanted so much to like the book. I didn't even finish it.

What this book is, is nothing more than journey into one man's rambling thoughts about society and spiritually. It's a constant contradiction - if things don't matter to you, they can't bother you. You can be free if nothing matters to you. While I appreciate this is a spiritual concept that works for many, I actually think a lot of things matter.

I found some of his writing quite offensive. "If you want to s
Jonathan-David Jackson
The message of this book is essentially the same as many other things you've probably read or heard. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, parts of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Sane New World, Song of Solomon; it's all there. Those are all great works, and it doesn't do the message any harm to hear it again in a different way - rather, it reinforces it. If there's anything in your life bothering you, it can't hurt to read this. The message, by the way, is be mindful of what you're doing, brea ...more
Alright, this book wasn't truly profound, but it came at a time when I needed the friendly reminder on why the powerful words of "fuck it" can drastically improve one's life at times. I think even my last words will be fuck it, I'm sure. I've used this phrase many, many times in my life, but never really been aware of its usefulness, and power, until I read this book. The book just made me be more aware of it's usefulness and how it can be used. Do you need to read it to gain huge insight? No. B ...more
This book has you take a look into a holistic way of healing and living. It teaches about awareness, relaxation, radical acceptance... But with a fun language twist, making it easier for people like me who generally don't want to read a whole book about those things.

"Fuck it is a most profane way of saying the most profound thing: that when we relax and give in to the simple flow of life, we will experience the ultimate freedom."

Yet another awesome book idea I wish I would have gotten to first
I love the "philosophy" behind this and have to say that I totally agree with it! Still you dont neeed to buy or even read the book...just read the title.

The book tells you how ,to say "F**k it!" feels really good at times and that you will be much happier and soooo much more relaxed if you stop bothering about every little yeah, the book basically repeats the title and expresses it in many many maaaany different ways ,over and over again.

sanırım bu kitap tembellerin eline geçerse durum çok vahim olabilir. bu kitabı sadece kontrol bağımlısı aşırı çalışkan kimselere tavsiye edebilirim...

çünkü; kitabın amacı biraz olsun stresten kurtulmak...

I think may be fatal if this book commes in lazy humans hands.I can recommend this book just only extremely hard-working people who addict for control.

becous; the books aim is to lose a littel bit stress...
3.5 stars

This book can basically be summarized by quotes from Tyler Durden in Fight Club (see: but here are some of my favorite parts:

"Accepting everything, just as it is, is a beautiful state to get to."

...when you lose your desire for something, that's when you start to get it.

What tends to happen is that the more you value yourself the more the rest of the world tends to value you, too.

"To complain about the weather is the most absurd example of not accepti
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and found it helpful. It has helped me to gain perspective! What is truly important? The books contains careful insights into what motivates us.
Chris Nielsen
I found a few good points in this book, and the writing is very entertaining, but I found much of the advice to just be wrong-headed.
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