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Night Of The Crabs
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Night Of The Crabs (Crabs #1)

3.31 of 5 stars 3.31  ·  rating details  ·  276 ratings  ·  52 reviews
Holidaymakers on the Welsh coast bask peacefully in the summer sunshine, blissfully unaware of the huge and evil army of giant crustaceans that lurk in the dark, off-shore waters...watching, waiting...while the police investigate a series of apparent drownings.
And when the screaming stops, the crunching of bone and munching of flesh begins...
Kindle Edition, 158 pages
Published by Ghostwriter Publications (first published 1976)
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1. This book is called “Night of the Crabs.”

2. This book is NOT called "An Meaningful Exploration into the Depth and Meaning of Classic American Literature."

3. This book's cover shows a giganto, ill-tempered CRABosaurus sporting a stool-dropping "don't come hither" look in its glowing, red eyes.

4. The publishers of this book chose for its marketing tag line to be "In The Tradition of Rats"

The above should clue you that we are dealing with a
Sep 02, 2013 David rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Welsh fishermen, crab-lovers, crab-haters, anyone who likes Doritos Locos Tacos

This is Guy N. Smith:

Guy N. Smith

I can't tell if he's trying to be serious here, but he's a very seriousprolific author who seems to be going gangbusters with the ebook rights to his out-of-print pulp paperbacks.

So, is he a sadly underrated British writer whose work deserves wider literary acclaim? You be the judge!

“I don’t, I can’t believe it!” Pat Benson was close to hysteria. “It’s just not possible! It’s a nightmare! Cliff, please tell me it isn’t real!”

“It’s real enough,
Let me preface this by saying that this book was a blast! So why am I only rating it 3 stars, you ask?

Even though this book was a lot of fun, it's not exactly well written. I wasn't expecting horror literature, so that was okay with me.

I'm not sure if it was an editing issue, or if the original text was messed up, but there are a lot of weird things going on in the Kindle edition with exclamation points, capitalized letters in the middle of sentences and other things like that.

This book was wr
I've noticed something really special about reading the "Giant Crabs" series by Guy N. Smith out of order... it doesn't matter. It means nothing. Nobody ever learns a fucking thing about these crabs and passes it to the next book. Even the main character in "Night of the Crabs" the first of the crabs books, shows up in the second crabs book and really has no information to offer. Except "guns don't work" and "they come out when the moon is full", but anyone who knows anything about crabs knows t ...more
I couldn't think of anything to write that wouldn't be better said by an lolcrab.

So it’s Memorial Day weekend, and about a thousand degrees out, and our air conditioning system is not being turned on until at least June, dammit, and so as I huddled in my bathroom occasionally sticking my whole head under the water faucet in an attempt to keep my brain from boiling… I decided it would be a good time to actually sit down and read Night of the Crabs.


This is a terrible, terrible book.

Terribly, terribly awesome!!

But no, really, also just terrible.

I recommend you read it for y
Oct 19, 2014 Pamellia rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lovers of 1970s horror
Recommended to Pamellia by: HR Group read
Shelves: 2014
Night of the Crabs
October 18, 2014 to October 19, 2014
Group Read @ Horror Readers

Review theme: Since when is sex more important than Giant Crabs!

Oh goodness gracious, this is the most fun I'm had reading a book since I don't know when. Sorry Mr. Strand, you're just going to have to bow down to the author of Night of the Crabs.

Written in the 1970s. Wow, was this what horror was like wonder I wasn't into horror back then. This is one of those stories that takes itself just a little too
Nachts kommen die Riesenkrabben - „A seafood cocktail for the strongest stomachs“

Badeurlaub? In England? Ich? Bestimmt nicht! Nicht nach Guy Smiths glaubwürdigem Bericht über das SLIME BEAST, und erst recht nicht nach seinen Enthüllungen über unkaputtbare Riesenkrabben an Wales schöner Küste. Wie sang Frank Zappa schon: „Bullets cant stop it, rockets cant stop it, we might have to use nuclear force”. Einstweilen sieht es aber nicht so aus, als ob das Militär die Bewohner und Urlauber (!) auf She
First published back in 1976, 'Night Of The Crabs' was the novel that really launched Guy N. Smith as a writer iconic pulp horror writer. Spawning four subsequent sequels and one insightful prequel, the movie production company Amicus later even bought the film rights to the 'Crabs' idea in 1976.

The tale begins when Professor Cliff Davenport, marine biologist and an all round stand-up guy, travels to a small piece of land known as Shell Island on the Welsh coast, to investigate the strange disap
Dustin Reade
MAn was this ever a stupid book!
I mean, sure, I knew it wasn't going to be great based on the title, plot line, cover-art and all, but boy howdy did it turn out to be stupid!

I mean, at one point, the author refers to the main characters genitalia as "his warm moistness" and, later, he writes about sex in a sort of creepy uncle elbowing you in the ribs sort of way, complete with a goofy ass exclamation point!

I have read one other Guy N. Smith book, and it was really hard to get through. I mean
Thomas Strömquist
Horribly funny mid-70's shocker with all the ingredients; mutated creatures (perhaps due to nuclear testing!) on the rampage, gore, sex, odd dialog and inexplicable actions by the characters.

While in no way great literature, there is no surprise whatsoever that the book and author has a real cult following.

And for me there's really no pity that no-one made this into a microbudget b-horror in the 80's; I've seen it scene-by-scene in my head already!

Recommended to all that know what to expect and
Forward By J.F. Gonzalez Introduction by Guy N. Smith. This may have started the Crab migration. Today we have "Clickers" and "Crustations" by other authors. This book is as close to a 50's horror movie as you can get. How can you not love a bunch of hungry Crabs out for a quick bite.
I purchased this book from the author at his Black Hill Books bookstore, where, the last time I looked , he had almost fourty of his books for sale (which he will gladly sign if asked).
Rhys Thomas
This was one of the first books I ever read and it's a pretty good place to start in the pantheon of the world's finest literature. It's about giant crabs coming out of the sea to attack Wales.

Exciting, poetic and bristling with tension, this is the finest book to have ever been written about giant crabs, bar none.

I wish books like this still got published
Mark McLaughlin
I usually don't tell people they should get CRABS, but in this case I'll make an exception! ;-) These are crabs you'll be sure to enjoy.
When I was younger, I remember seeing Guy N. Smith's Night of the Crabs on my brother's nightstand. At the time, I was only reading high fantasy, but I remember thinking that it looked awesome. It looked like it would be as much fun as the movies I loved to watch. Of course, by the time I turned my attention to horror fiction, the book was nowhere to be found in the house, not in the house and not in the stores, which is why I got so excited when I saw it had been released on Amazon for the Kind ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I should begin by saying this is the worst book I have ever read in my life. It would be impossible for me to list all the ways in which it is awful; I just don't have time. The book is only 144 pages long but the mistakes, discrepancies and examples of bad writing are so numerous that I couldn't list them all without re-reading the book which I never intend to do!

When a book is this bad it is hard to know where to begin to pull it apart, I suppose the most obvious place is the basic story itse
Roddy Williams
When Professor Cliff Davenport’s nephew takes his girlfriend for a dirty weekend in Barmouth the last thing he expects is fir the two of them to get chopped up and eaten by giant crabs.
When a search can find no trace of the pair, the Professor sets off for Wales to investigate. It isn’t long before the somewhat mature Professor discovers claw marks in the sand that can only have been made by a crab the size of a cow.
More disappearances are reported along the coast between Barmouth and Rhyl. The
Don Massi
A rollicking, drive-in movie of a novel! Monstrous, blood thirsty, nigh invulnerable giant crabs attacking the English coast! The armed forces are useless, machine gun fire, mortars, tanks, all have no effect on the sea creatures. And they've developed a taste for human flesh! The brave, handsome biologist is mankind's only hope! Throw in a little tawdry sex and this is the perfect book to read at the beach. I thoroughly enjoyed this short, fast paced novel.
Die drei Sterne sind übrigens breit grinsend vergeben. Rein qualitativ ist nicht mehr drin, aber der Spaßfaktor ist (unfreiwillig?) hoch:

"She was glad of Cliff Davenport's comforting arm. Together they vomited into the spiky grass of the sand-dunes."
"His loins were fully charged with emotion"

Jetzt stelle man sich dazu noch ackergaulgroß mutierte Monsterkrabben im Blutrausch vor und hat dann einen ungefähren Eindruck, wie unterhaltsam Schundliteratur doch sein kann *gg*
John Patrick
That rating might seem disingenuous: this is a badly written book,poorly structured and sloppily rendered. The characters are barely drawn, a serious of posturing cut-outs going through the motions until it's time for them to be skewered by an angry arthropod. IS pretty great. Unapologetically trashy and vulgar, it remains the only novel I've read (and you can read this in about half an hour and miss nothing)that has inspired me to write a musical. (currently a work in progr ...more
Harley Jackson
The title says it all, this book is about killer crabs, and no not that kind of crabs. Unlike other killer crab books these crabs are the size of cows. Night of the Crabs starts out just like the more well known and loved Jaws. While night swimming a couple of oversexed young adults get torn to shreds by the villainous crustaceans. That's pretty much where the similarities stop. The crabs are not only large but they are extremely intelligent. I know, I know this seems like the coolest B-movie mo ...more
With a title like Night of the Crabs you really know what you're getting. And no, it's not a harrowing tale of the perils of sexual promiscuity. There are crabs. It's at night. Well, except that it isn't, taking place as it does over the course of many days and often in the daytime. I guess Indeterminate Period of the Crabs wasn't catchy enough. From the first page it's blindingly obvious that we're a far cry from serious literature here; overwrought description and stilted dialogue abound. Admi ...more
I registered a book at!

Professor Cliff Davenport goes to investigate the disappearance of his nephew and fiance. He sees evidence of the giant crabs, but has a difficult time convincing the authorities that they exist. Of course there is an attractive woman staying in the same hotel as him who immediately trusts him, resulting in sex scenes in a similar way that a James Herbert horror story must contain the obligatory sex.

Do not an int
J.R. Park
This was the book that started my love for Guy N Smith's work, as I'm sure it is for many people. Certainly this was his break out title back in a summer before even I was born, yes really that long ago.

This sets up for me what to expect of a Guy book. Sex, gore and some quirky off beat humour just to show that even the author isn't taking his tale too seriously.

This is great entertainment. It reads like a golden age exploitation movie and can be finished in one evening sitting. Just the way pul
Christopher Fulbright
I went into this knowing exactly what to expect, and getting little more. It was a fast, enjoyable read -- no doubt serving as the template for the current rash of SiFi (SyFy) Channel movies that have been foisted upon us for years now.

The characterization was thin, and there were a few ludicrous moments, but let no one point their finger at me and say "You DID read the title of the book and know how this was going to go, right?"

That said, the writing was very smooth, the pace very fast, and the
David Bonesteel
Bloodthirsty crabs arise from the depths of the sea to feast on human flesh.

Ignore the naysayers who denigrate this book as trash. If Herman Melville had decided to write about crabs instead of a whale, this is undoubtedly the book he would have produced. Author Guy N. Smith is to be commended rather than scorned. He catches a lot a flack on this site for writing awkward sex scenes, but I think his characters should be applauded for being able to have any kind of sex when there are monster crust
David B
Bloodthirsty crabs arise from the depths of the sea to feast on human flesh.

Ignore the naysayers who denigrate this book as trash. If Herman Melville had decided to write about crabs instead of a whale, this is undoubtedly the book he would have produced. Author Guy N. Smith is to be commended rather than scorned. He catches a lot a flack on this site for writing awkward sex scenes, but I think his characters should be applauded for being able to have any kind of sex when there are monster crust
Is this book mankind's greatest literary achievement? Clearly, the answer is "yes".

A book in which giant crabs, invincible to bullets, tanks, bombs etc storm the Welsh coast to snip limbs off swimmers, feast upon army guys and wreck trains. Villain King Crab is described as the most cunning opponent in the entire history of human warfare. Protagonist Cliff Davenport is hailed as a crab expert despite being a botanist, and will proceed to display no emotion other than curiosity and the desire for
Well when your 15 it's bloody brilliant!
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I was born on November 21, 1939, in the small village of Hopwas, near Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. My mother was a pre-war historical novelist (E. M. Weale) and she always encouraged me to write.
I was first published at the age of 12 in The Tettenhall Observer, a local weekly newspaper. Between 1952-57 I wrote 56 stories for them, many serialized. In 1990 I collated these into a book entitled
More about Guy N. Smith...

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